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by Warlock

As Tommy watched Lord Zedd blow up a million thoughts flew through his mind: Finally! We killed Lord Zedd, now I can lead a normal life again. Tommy seemed happy with his life, but secretly he was sick with it. As he sat their in the seat of the Ninja Megazord he couldn't believe it was finally over, soon there after they all teleported back to the Command Center.

"I am very proud of you Rangers, this is a great day for the side of good," Zordon boomed, smiling, and looking down at the Power Rangers, "but while I am proud I'm sorry to say that without the threat of evil I must strip you of your powers."

"I can't believe it's over," Kimberly said, "I mean we've been doing this for so long that it's going to be strange not expecting my communicator to start beeping."

"I know, it's weird knowing that it's all over," Billy said.

"I can't believe we finally succeeded," Rocky said looking at the ground, knowing that it he wished that he wished it really wasn't over, he even secretly wished that Lord Zedd had lived because he had grown to love the thrill of battle.

"Yeah, but no more bad guys," Aisha said, and everybody had to smile at that.

"Rangers please hand over your morphers and communicators to Alpha," Zordon instructed.

"Ayi yi yi yi yi, I hope to see you again Rangers," Alpha said collecting their morphers and communicators in sorrow.

"It has been a wonderful experience knowing all of you Rangers and it's sad to say goodbye, but it must be so," Zordon said, "Alpha please send the Rangers back to Angel Grove."

"All right Zordon," Alpha said and walked over to the control panel.

"Bye Zordon, bye Alpha, We'll always remember you," Kimberly said and Alpha pushed a button on the control panel and as they were waving goodbye they all melted into streaks of light and flew back to Angel Grove.

Part 2

It had been about a week since the Rangers had defeated Lord Zedd as Tommy and Kimberly sat a top the highest hill in Angel Grove Park.

"So what are you going to do now?" Tommy asked, "I mean are you going to move to France with you're mom?"

"No, I told I didn't want to and that I could make it on my own here, she sends me money every so often," Kimberly said as she starred at the sun floating down beyond the trees, "Do you plan to do anything?"

"I really don't know, but I do know that I can't stay here," Tommy said.

"Why?" Kim asked turning to face Tommy.

"To many bad memories I guess," Tommy said, "I found this little city, it's not in California, but my uncle moved there last summer and he told me it was very peaceful."

"What's it called?" Kim asked.

"Uh, I don't remember, I've got it written down, I think it starts with an S," Tommy said trying to think of the name of the city.

"Maybe, I don't know, I should go with you?" Kim asked more Tommy than herself.

"Yeah, we could finish out our senior year together, and then we could go on to collage together too, that would be great," Tommy said with his warm smile that made Kim feel welcome.

"OK, then it's decided, I'll go with you to this mystery city," Kim said as Tommy took her hand. As she laid Kim her head on Tommy's shoulder the last of the sun fell behind the trees.


Rocky laid on his bed starring at the ceiling as a single thought repeated itself over and over in his head.

-It's gone, the rush, the thrill, the power, it's all gone- Rocky had been in a bad depression since he lost his powers. He deeply missed his powers, he had so enjoyed the rush of a battle, the thrill that he could die in a moment, but now it was all gone. He had tried sparring, but their was no way it could compete. He needed the trill back because without it he was incomplete. Then he got an idea, he jumped up from his bed, walked across his messy room, and sat down at his laptop. He got onto the web and looked up any mysterious attacks in the last week. He first looked up Angel Grove, but had no success, soon he came along a series of mysterious attacks where victims had been drained of all there blood, and attacks where men and women had demon like faces. He tried find a certain area where the attacks occured, but it seemed to focus in a whole city. Rocky scrolled down on the screen and found the name of the city.


Tommy and Kim were in Tommy's truck driving along the highway. It was three days since they had decided to leave Angel Grove together, they had packed up there stuff, told everyone they were leaving, and they were on their way.

"Hey were here," Kimberly said pointing at the sign that read, "Welcome to Sunnydale: A Great Place to Live!"

"It feels good knowing that we're getting away from all the action," Tommy said with a grin.

Part 3

Rocky felt guilty, but he was driven. He was sneaking out of his house in the middle of the night. He had prepped his jeep and got packed before hand. He grabbed his red sweater, put it on, and walked out of his room. He walked down the hall and heard his sister, Marianne, sifting in her sleep. He would miss her the most, he loved his father and mother, but he adored his little sister. In his whole life he had never fought with her, and best of all she was always there, but this was something he had to do. Finally he walked down to the basement to get what he had inherited from his grandmother after her death. He opened his father's safe and was greeted with the sight of about twenty silver bars. He knew his father could report them stolen, and just might, but he knew he needed money, so he loaded the silver bars into a small duffel bag. He walked back up stairs, thankfully not waking anyone. He went outside, threw the duffel bag into the jeep, and jumped in. He grabbed the map from the passenger seat, skimmed it over, and put it back down.

He started the jeep and pulled away from the curb just as he whispered to himself, "Sunnydale here I come."


Buffy Summers walked a long the soft, dew covered, grass very slowly, always looking about her. It had been a long night, very cold, she hadn't gotten really anything done, but she knew that she had to finish. Then from behind, a dark figure appeared from nowhere and grabbed her. She flipped it onto the ground, she pulled, from her jacket pocket, a stake, and then kneeled down and shoved it into the man's heart. Oddly enough the dark figured turned to dust and blew away.

"One Vampy all night, something's up," she said to herself and walked away only to be approached again from behind by another dark figure. She turned around and tried to stake the dark figure, but he grabbed her hand.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you," the dark man said.

"Oh, Angel sorry. It's been a weird night," she told Angel.

"Yeah, that's what I came to talk to you about. It's been really quiet on the streets lately. I mean really quiet. It has never been like this, I'm scared something really big is going to happen," he finished.

"That would explain my very little success tonight," she answered looking to her rear, "we should probably go talk to Giles."

"You should talk to Giles. I haven't used up all my resources just yet. I'll let you know if I find out anything, "Angel said and walked away.

"See you," she said to her leaving friend and turned walked away.

She kept walking through the graveyard for about an hour more and then made her way to her high school, Sunnydale High. Unlike most people her age, she went straight for the library where she found her long time friend and mentor, Mr. Giles, as he usually was, skimming through books.

"Angel says things have been extremely quiet lately," she said as she walked into the library.

"Well that is not that uncommon around this time of year," Giles said in his thick English accent.

"I know, but Angel seems really worried, and said that something big could happen real soon," she said. Giles answered with a puzzled look and went to fetch a book from his personal library.

He soon came back and said, "Well, the only thing I could think that could possibly be happening is what the Vampires call 'The Dead's Justice.' It's believed that in a time when good forces gather together in one place that the Vampires will grow in great numbers secretly and then over throw good, but I believe that this is highly unlikely. The book I found this in has a belief that sliver can kill Vampires as well. Of all the silly things I've heard of, SILVER! That's hysterical!" Giles walked over to Buffy and handed her the book, still laughing.

"Well the thing seems right so far. If this 'Justice' theory turns out to be true we may want to start trying silver," Buffy said handing the book back to Giles after skimming through a couple pages, "Well I'm going to head home. Chemistry test tomorrow."

"Yes I suggest you get some sleep," Giles said with a grin, "but come on! Silver! What possible importance could that have!" Giles was still laughing as Buffy walked out of the library and to her house.

*** "HEY! Uncle John! How's it been?" Tommy asked the man in his mid-thirties.

"It's been great! Oh it's good to see you Tommy!" Uncle John exclaimed, "and this has to be the lovely Kimberly you told me about!"

"Hi," Kimberly said with a touch of shyness.

"So you're Tommy's soul mate huh?" Uncle John asked Kimberly as he shook her hand.

"What?" Kimberly said puzzled.

"Well that's what Tommy told me. Right Tommy?"

"OH! So we're soul mates now?" Kimberly said as Tommy blushed.

"Well anyway, Uncle John have you got the garage set up?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah, I even gave you my old couch," Uncle John said.

"Great then let's start unpacking," Tommy said as he went around to the back of his truck and opened the door to the bed of the truck. They moved everything into the garage, and then unpacked it all. By the time the were done it was about dusk, and Tommy and Kimberly decided to take a drive around town.

"This place is really nice Tommy, I'm so glad we moved here," Kimberly said as Tommy stopped the car at a light.

"Yeah, it's really peaceful, I hope we can lead some normal lives here," Tommy wished.

"Yeah me too," Kimberly said as she looked out of the car and saw someone being attacked in an alley, "Tommy look! Someone is in trouble!" She pointed at the two struggling figures and Tommy looked toward them.

"At least this is semi-normal. Let's go!" Tommy turned off the truck and the two ran toward the other two in the alley. Tommy pulled the attacker from the other person and pushed him up against the wall. Tommy got a long, hard look at his face. He starred at the dark, deformed face with it's hideous, yellow, cat-like eyes.

"What the fu........" Tommy was caught off guard by the attacker and was pushed to the ground, and the attacker fled. Tommy saw that Kim had the victim and so he took off after the deformed attacker. Tommy caught up to him easily and jumped into the air. When Tommy came back toward the ground he tackled the attacker. The attacker got quickly back up and this time decided to stay and fight. Tommy quickly got back up and was greeted with a right swing, he ducked and then pushed the attacker against the wall yet again, but this time there was a stack of old, broken, wooden, crates, and the attack was shoved back into a pointed piece of wood and burst into dust and blew away with the light wind.

"What the hell was that?" Tommy asked himself just before he heard Kim scream.

"TOMMY COME HERE!" and without halt Tommy ran over to his girlfriend's side.

"Tommy, look," Kim said and pointed at the bite marks on the victim's neck.

"My God!" Tommy exclaimed and the victim shot back up, now with a similar deformed face to that of the attacker's. Kim screamed and got to her feet with Tommy.

"Kim I think it's a vampire," Tommy whispered to Kimberly.

To be continued....