Disclaimer: The Cosmic power which you will encounter in this fic is my creation. And Warlord Gothar, his wife Tarfaria, their son Menacis, Villirin, and Stoop are the creation of my friend MachneEmp@aol.com, who happened to lend them for my use.

Power of Cosmic
by: AstroPurple

"So you are saying that Kalika's mechanical army is covered with the Silver Titanium?" Cassie asked. "Exactly what is that? What does it do? Basically the whole package here is what I'm asking."

"Silver Titanium is the universe's strongest metal. Nothing can penetrate it except for Silver Titanium. It comes in a liquid form that you paint on and it enhances your weapons, armor, etc." Andros explained.

Sirena frowned. "So where did Kalika get it? It's not like you can just waltz into a metalsmith shop or any shop and just ask for it. Believe me, I tried."

"The Silver Titanium is only found on three planets in the whole universe and they're protected by Trillium painted buildings, the second strongest metal in the universe. Not even Kalika could get into those." Karone murmured.

"Now Trillium, you can waltz in and ask for." Sirena jumped in lightheartedly. "So what do we do if we can't do anything?"

Daurius had been sitting and listening quietly. "There is not much you can do but hope the alliance can equip you with Silver Titanium armor and weapons. But even that isn't one hundred percent."

"Ahem!" ACTOM interrupted. "Yes there is something you guys can do. Well, Sirena and Karone. They're weapons are coated with Silver Titanium somehow and that explained how they could destroy those Stormwings. As for the Purple Fire Staff, it's powered by an unknown energy source that's probably a gazillion times more powerful than any source found in this universe."

"So next time the Megaship runs out of fuel, we know who to approach to power the ship." Ashley grinned patting Sirena on the shoulder.

"That's not funny." Sirena glared.

"I was just kidding."

"Aw man! Now this sucks. I hate sitting around and not doing anything when I could probably do something." TJ groaned. "Is there anyway we could get the alliance to equip just our weapons with Silver Titanium?"

Zhane shrugged. "I hope so. I really would like to be useful for something other than being a museum ranger. I hate that."

"Museum ranger? What's that?" Carlos asked making a face since he hated museums. "Is that another one of the terms other rangers use?"

"Actually, Zhane made that one up. To him, if you're a ranger and you have an evil to oppose but can't oppose it cause she/he is too power, you're a museum ranger. People can look at you and the girls can sigh over the fact that you wear a ranger outfit, but they don't sigh when they find out you just wear the suit but aren't really a ranger in action." Andros explained.

Zhane tried to look defensive. "And that's exactly what we are right now minus Sirena and Karone. Museum rangers. We are rangers, but we can't fight Kalika cause her army's too powerful and as will her future monsters be."

"For once Zhane is right about something." Ashley muttered. "I don't like being a museum ranger either from the sound of it. It makes me feel...well, helpless. For once in my life being a ranger seems to make no difference."

"Come on you guys, don't talk like that." Karone said cheerfully. "I'm sure we'll figure out something or else the alliance'll equip us with titanium. Don't loose hope right now. We're power rangers and we aren't helpless."

TJ nodded. He moved over to the one of the stations. "Let's get to work and we'll crush those Stormwings next time we meet them." He said confidently. "I'll have DECA monitor movement on her ship. Maybe that'll give us an idea on what she's planning to do."

"That's a good idea." Andros agreed. "I'll put in a call to Tideus and let him know our situation. The rest of you try and see if those Stormwings have any weaknesses our regular weapons and penetrate."

* * *

"So...." Queen Tarfaria mused. "Our dear daughter Kalika doesn't trust us." She clenched her right hand into a fist diminishing the small ball of magic. "I'll teach her one way or another to think of her own family as outsiders." She released another wave of aquamarine magic. It slowly formed together into another ball and disappeared out of the room.

Warlord Gothar finally set his sword down. "Dear, do you think it's safe to spy on Kalika like that? If she were to discover it...things would not look too good for my dear darling wife."

Queen Tarfaria shook her head. "Kalika knows when to stop before she crosses the line and does something drastic. I myself taught her that." She reached down and stroked Menacis' head while cooing to him.

Menacis rested idly next to her his head on her lap. "Why not just work some magic and turn her own army against her?" He asked hoping his mother would take his advice so he himself could kill his sister.

"No, the only one whom Kalika has ever trusted was Binah." Queen Tarfaria paused. "I believe Kalika said she was residing on Earth when Dark Specter found her and exiled her for consulting with a ranger. She was exiled but not killed. There might still be a chance Binah is still alive. She after all inherited some of my power." Tarfaria mused.

"My dear, do not change your pretty looks in such a way. Thinking gives you lines of age. There is only a slim chance that Binah is still alive, but we mustn't put all our plans into her." Gothar continued to polish and shine his sword.

Queen Tarfaria gave a tinkling laugh. "I won't put all our plans into Binah. Now all we have to do is find her." She snapped her fingers summoning forth a trusted messenger that had been in a deep sleep for some time. "Stoop, remember, I was the one who created you. This next mission is very vital, if anything shall go wrong...." Tarfaria paused. "I needn't finish that."

"Yes Queen Tarfaria. Nothing will go wrong. I, Stoop shall see to it." Stoop gave a low bow before disappeared in a shine of aquamarine magic. "Never fear my Queen, I shall not fail you."

Menacis continued to rest his head in her lap like a puppy dog begging for attention. "Mother, I want to become a great warrior like father. I want to help you two reclaim your rights to our empire. Teach me some magic, and let father teach me the nature of being a warrior, please."

Queen Tarfaria smiled. "My dear son... you are my eldest and heir to the throne yes, but you mustn't worry yourself about things your father can take care of himself. Everything shall be fine for us and you will one day rule as your father did."

"Mother please, make me strong...."

Tarfaria looked at Gothar who nodded. "All right dear, stand up..... 'Life born from bloody heart, coming forth through my worthless self, let my spell flow into you and give you what you wish..... become as strong and powerful as a god so you may do well in creating terror, open up Menacis and allow my magic in...." Ribbons of aquamarine magic flowed from Tarfaria's finger tips and penetrated into Menacis' body before her. A dull shine spread from Menacis eyes to all over his body completing the spell.

"Thank you mother, I feel well, and strong." To prove his point, he picked up one of the Stormwings standing in the doorway and tossed it into another. "Yes!"

* * *

Kalika tapped her fingers against her throne as she listened to Villirin explain what caused the disturbance, and Menacis' sudden strength. "Rats!" She tightened her hold on the arm rest of her throne crumbling it to dust. "Humph... Menacis might very well think him strong enough to over-throw me which is not possible."

"My Empress..... no harm shall come to your empire as long as I am alive. I will crush those who even dare to think such thoughts." Villirin said passionately. "You gave me life, and I will give my life to your service."

Kalika allowed a small smiled to spread across her face. "Villirin, you may go now, I have some studying to do." He backed out of the room. Kalika reached out a hand bringing a certain book to her with telekinesis. "Let's see..... the Cosmic Staff of Power..." She trailed off reading about the legendary staff.

"Zera!" She yelled raising her head with controlled excitement. "Zera, I mean now!" She slammed shut the book standing up.

"My Empress....." Zera, captain of the Stormwings flew in. "You called..." She said breathless.

Kalika sat down again. "Yes..." She telekinetically returned the book to its place on the shelf. "What do you know about the Cosmic Staff?" She asked her eyes gleaming with anticipation. "Well?" She asked waiting.

Zera shuffled uncomfortably. "The Cosmic Staff? Well.... it's the source of extreme power in the universe. Anyone worth their life knows about it. Cosmia, Lady of the Cosmos, holds it. It's said that she used the staff to create our known universe. Anyone who holds even a portion of the cosmic power can do things beyond the boundaries that everyone else is held by."

"Yes, think of what I could do with such power...." Kalika's voice dripped with hunger. "I must have the Cosmic Staff no matter what it takes." She clenched her fist again letting her fingernails dig into her palm. "That last known place the Cosmic Staff was seen at was Aquitar. Set our course for there."

"Yes my empress...." Zera flew out to give the orders.

"The Cosmic Staff....." Kalika closed her eyes. "The power I would hold. Nobody will be able to stand against me. Cosmia....you've held the staff long enough and aren't using it, soon it will be mine and there is nothing you can do."

* * *

In her lair nestled between dimensions, a pair of watchful eyes glistened with intrigue. They belonged to Cosmia, Lady of the Cosmos. Her viewing crystal misted between the image of the power rangers and Kalika. One clear image came through of the end of Kalika's thought. "Cosmia....you've held the staff long enough and aren't using it, soon it will be mine and there is nothing you can do."

"Nothing I can do....?" Cosmia turned away from her viewing crystal. "Against me Kalika, you are nothing." Cosmia sat in front of a fire. She was aged beyond time, her dark hair piled high and glistening with streaks of silver and gold. She spread out her heavy robe of white and sat the legendary staff of power across her lap. "To teach you a lesson, I will show you a small portion of what you'll be up against." She closed her eyes to concentrate.

"Beyond the reaches of time, and beyond the touch of age. I am suspended in time, I am Cosmia, lady of the cosmos, holder of the Cosmic Staff." A silver glow soon covered her entire body giving her a heavenly glow. "Astral...... image...." A transparent image of her emerged from her own self disappeared.

* * *

Sirena closed her eyes to rest. The day had been tough. No activity could be detected on Kalika's ship for the day. Andros had DECA and ACTOM continue their scans and keeping their sensors on high alert. He had sent all of them to their rooms to get some rest for the next day. She turned over trying to get comfortable.

A silver blue projection appeared in the middle of her room. The image of Cosmia cleared and grew brighter. "Sirena...."

"Who's there?" Sirena sat up, shading her eyes from the light. "Mmm........" She blinked getting use to the bright light. "Who are you? How do you know my name? And how'd you get on the ship?"

"I am an astral being currently. Capable of traveling anywhere and anyplace I please. Whether it is a high security facility, or a private home." The image raised a hand causing a staff to appear. "I am Cosmia, Lady of the Cosmos."

Sirena blinked. "What do you want? Assuming you really are Cosmia." She asked. Bits of news had always been able to pass through to others about Cosmia's comings and goings. A chance of actually meeting her was one in a million.

"Get your team together on the bridge and I will reveal my true intentions." The astral being pointed to the door. "What I have to say will affect all of you."

"O-kay." Sirena got up. "ACTOM, wake the others up and tell them to assemble on the bridge. I've got someone for them to meet." A green light came on blinking twice in acknowledgment. "Let's go meet the others than." Sirena gestured towards the door. "Can astral beings walk through doors or walls?"

The being actually smiled. "There will be no need to walk at all." Cosmia reached out a hand and grabbed Sirena's arm. A cold feeling swept through her body teleporting them both to their destination.

Most of the rangers were still half asleep or just actually waking up when the two of them appeared out of nowhere. The blinding entrance from the silverish blue light caused them all to wake up instantly.

"Sirena?" Cassie asked yawning. "What's going on?"

Daurius was un-morphed and without his helmet, the light had also blinded him for a second. "And this would be...?" He asked recovering.

Sirena yanked her arm free rubbing herself to try and get feeling back. "I'm freezing!" Was all she could say. "Astral beings may not have feeling, but I do! So why did you want me to bring them all together?"

"I am the Lady Cosmia, holder of the Cosmic Staff. I have called you all together here is because Empress Kalika has decided to take the Staff of Power for herself. And to teach her a lesson, I have chosen you to weld a small portion of the power to show her what she will be up against." The astral image grabbed her staff with both hands. "Do you choose to hold the power cosmic?" Cosmia asked.

Karone glanced around. She was dying to ask a question and was just waiting for a chance. "So what would the power bring us?" She blurted out seeing no one else was going to start talking.

Cosmia smiled. "I was hoping you'd ask that. The Cosmic Power itself is very powerful. I wouldn't dream of letting you each hold more than five percent. But it can cut through and destroy Silver Titanium if that's what you're wondering. Take the Purple Fire Staff for example." The staff appeared in her hands the gem on top glowing a pale purple. "It is powered by the Cosmic power. I myself chose to send it into this universe to help against fight against evil." She tossed it to Sirena who caught it trying not to drop it. "Work a little more with the staff and you'll discover the full extent of its power Sirena. So, will you take the power from me?"

Andros looked to each of his team mates who nodded. Last at Daurius who also nodded after considering the aspect. "All right, we'll do it. Not for you, but for everyone who'll come into contact with Kalika."

"Good. Hold out your morphin hand." Cosmia commanded.

They each set their left hands close together in a half circle. Daurius his ruby from its place in his chest and held it alongside the morphers. Cosmia held her staff out above the morphers. A silver light began covering the morphers and the ruby to be absorbed into them. A strange feeling of power circulated through the bodies of the rangers energizing and refreshing them. The light faded with each morpher emitting it's own energy. Cosmia smiled her thanks and disappeared.

"Um......." Ashley said studying her morpher. "They aren't any different. How do we use her power?" She asked.

Zhane shrugged. "Beats me. You think that was all just a joint hallucination or dream? Caused by, lack of sleep or something?" He offered stressing the sleep word raising an eyebrow at Sirena.

"Kalika's ship is moving." DECA informed them. "Shall we follow her?"

"Forget sleep, Kalika's leaving. We can always catch up on it later." Cassie jumping into her sleep. "As for the power, we'll figure it out." She said confidently awaiting orders.

Andros just shrugged half agreeing with Cassie. "Start the engine and let's follow her, keep shields up, and weapons powered. Just in case." They all took their stations putting sleep behind them. "ACTOM, DECA, keep a course plotted and see around which parts we're headed."

"Got it." ACTOM disappeared to let DECA takeover.

* * *

Cosmia opened her eyes again. She smiled. Like the past, if she wanted something to happen, it did. Nothing could surpass her power. She got up once more to move to her viewing crystal. A silver light emitted from it showing the space ranger's ship following Kalika's vessel. The scene grew brighter and everything was replaced with another. This one showed a place full of heavy mists. Like a dream.

"Ahhhh.... Lady Mystica." Cosmia smiled seeing her old friend.

A mass of mists began to collect in the crystal forming the shape of a woman. She had no solid body or being, but everything blended with her. "Lady Cosmia," Her voice echoed. Everything about her looked and sounded like a dream. "You have used power from the staff have you not?" Her figure floated in the air occasionally shifting a little from a breeze or something.

"Yes I have. Why do you ask?"

"Why have you used its power? You haven't before, only to create weapons to play with. Are you trying to shape the future of the universe to your wish?" Mystica faded and reappeared. Almost as if struggling to keep her form.

Cosmia sighed. "I am not trying to shape the future." She said firmly. "Merely trying to teach this mortal not to challenge me." She proceeded to explain what she had done and the measures she had taken. "Trust me, I am not just playing with their lives for fun. The staff warned me never to."

The form of Mystica began to separate before pulling itself back together. "Good, I wish we could talk longer, but I must go." She finally lost her form completely, the viewing crystal clouded to change scenes.

"I have done enough today." Cosmia announced the crystal loosing its color. "I will finish my work tomorrow." Her staff disappeared as she stepped away and retreated to her chambers for rest.

* * *

TJ yawned as they continued to follow Kalika. "This is getting boring, and tiring." He said announcing his views as well as those of his teammate's aloud. "Can't we just set the Megaship on auto-pilot?"

No one answered for ACTOM cut in. "Stormwings approaching us. And they don't look like they're inviting us to a meeting with her highness." He sneered.

"Let's go out on the galaxy gliders. We'll also be able to see if Cosmia had done anything to change or strengthen our powers." Andros stood up to lead the way to the jump bay. "Let's Rocket!" The rangers began their usual sequence of morphin until the very end. New information was inserted into their brains as well as advances on their weapons occurred. "So that wasn't just dream." Andros commented as they headed out on their galaxy gliders.

Daurius also had his usual transformation as well as his cruiser's weapons increased in power. His plain black armor was outlined in gold and his ruby surging with a different kind of power. He launched his cruiser with no difficulty activating his cloaking to confuse the Stormwings.

Sirena branched off from her friends destroying the Stormwings around her with no difficulty. She paused to study her staff. What had Cosmia meant when she said, 'Work a little more with the staff and you'll discover the full extent of its power Sirena.'? The Amethyst crystal on top glowed its usual purple light with something else added. Or was it trying to tell her something?

A blast sounded behind her and she turned sharply. Andros pulled his glider down next to her. "What's wrong?" He asked concerned.

"Well, do you remember what Cosmia said to me? 'Work a little more with the staff and you'll discover the full extent of its power.' I wonder what she meant." Sirena held her staff out studying it.

"You can practice and experiment with its powers later, we've got some wings to clip." Andros interrupted firing at a couple of on-coming Stormwings.

Sirena nodded. "Sorry. Let's kick some butt then." She moved off a little to be able to maneuver. "Lightning!" She called out a new command unconsciously. Silver streaks of light extracted from her staff seemingly to fry the Stormwings as several of them began to smoke and then blowing up. "Wow."

Karone was next to Zhane as they saw Andros move off closer to Sirena. "Well, figures....." She muttered. "Planet Plates!" A new thing clicked into her mind from the new information inserted. "Well, might as well give it a try." She thought. "Freeze, Arrow!" From somewhere on her plates, tiny icy arrowheads flew out. The Stormwings they hit, turned into ice and cracked.

"Hey that's awesome!" Zhane yelled from where he was. "These new advanced are great. Watch mine." He called on his Silverizer. "Silver Blade!" The blade popped out and seemed to be glowing extra. "Hyah!" Zhane swiped at several Stormwings that would originally have been out of range. Several transparent blades flew out hitting the them and blowing them up. "Cool huh?"

Karone nodded.

"Flare Web!" From Cassie's Satellite Stunner, small webs of a foreign substance flew out. "Did you guys see that?" She asked as the Stormwings incased in the webs were crushed.

"Yeah, these new powers are awesome!" TJ called from his small area. "My Cyclone chopped those Stormwings up like paper! What about you Ashley? Carlos? What do yours do?"

Ashley held up her Star Slinger. "Those Stormwings were toast when I called on my Nova!"

"You think yours is awesome, you should see mine!" Carlos flew in closer. "I wonder why Cosmia didn't hand us these powers a lot sooner. We could have used them in the first attack Kalika threw at us."

The Stormwings were dispersing seeing the rangers had the advantage of new weapons. They flew cawing back to Kalika's fortress.

* * *

Kalika fumed as she watched her army retreat. "The rangers have new powers.... now where did those come from? They couldn't have appeared overnight." She clenched her fist. "Nothing could have destroyed my Stormwings! Unless.... Cosmia... she must be helping them." Kalika fingered one of her necklaces. "Oh well, that just goes to show she's too weak to fight her own battles."

"My Empress..... the rangers' powers are too advanced to have been created by them...." Zera said silently coming in. "Some other source must be helping them. Their weapons cut through the Stormwings too easily... My Empress? Are you listening?"

Kalika turned. "Don't worry Zera. I already know why. Cosmia must be helping them. She has to be. If she can hear me now, she will know that I won't give up anytime soon in getting her staff. I'll destroy the rangers to show her she can't stop me... because she can't. I have the power......."

Zera nodded silently leaving the room.

"If she wants to play the hard way, I'll give her a fight." Kalika headed towards her study. "I'll bring back the most feared warrior ever, then we'll see what she'll do about that....."

* * *

"Hyah!" The rangers, including Phantom, were on the simu-deck training and testing out their new powers. They were all there except for Sirena who made some excuse that she had to go do something.

They stopped breifly for a rest after defeating simulation thirty-five. Andros planned to move on to some of the simulation stored in ACTOM's memory banks as a test to see if the powers really did enhance their skill and fire-power.

"So what do you guys think Sirena is up to?" Karone asked worried. "I know she's not gonna kill herself or anything like that, but I hope she's alright."

Ashley shrugged. "She said something about being busy, but I didn't know she had anything planned. She might just be working on a new simulation or something."

Phantom's visor darkened even though it didn't seem to be able to get any bit darker than it was. "I shall go check on her." He said quietly. "I will be back shortly."

Andros nodded. "I'm gonna come with you." He de-morphed. "You guys can continue training with DECA's memory banks, or move on to ACTOM's."

"ACTOM's? You're kidding right? We're not going past simulation three or even moving onto single combat. Do you know how tough ACTOM's are?" TJ asked. "Even Sirena stopped using them a long time ago."

"Don't worry Teej. We've got this new power, we can take on some of the simulation ACTOM's got stored. It'll get us ready for anything Kalika sends since she's like, so powerful." Karone smiled behind her helmet. "I'm sure we can protect you if you get into any trouble."

Andros shook his head. "C'mon Karone, quit joking like that. Even you've never used ACTOM's simulations before." He grinned. "Me and Phantom will be back." He led the way as the two left the simu-deck.

TJ turned his attention back to the training as Andros and Phantom left. "Well?" He asked. "Who has the guts to try these new powers out on some of ACTOM's simulation? Zhane? Karone?"

"I don't see what you guys are so scared about. I'll try one of ACTOM's." Zhane walked over to the center. "ACTOM, load one of your simulation for me, but leave out the others. And the harder the better." He flashed them a toothy smile.

"He's gonna get it." Ashley shook her head. "ACTOM, load simulation forty-five, the Jungle of Zega."

"Loading...." The scenery changed to one full of trees and really humid. "Jungle of Zega active." For a while, nothing seemed to happen. Zhane waved to them to show that nothing seemed wrong. That was.... until they began appearing. They were the native habitants Sirena had created to live in the jungle. Most were camouflaged and could not be seen until they attacked. Zhane took a hard hit in the back sending him face first into a tree.

"Ouch...!" Cassie winced. "I hope he learns or else this will be a very common occurrence."

"Stop simulation....!" Zhane yelled a few minutes into it. The scene disappeared as Zhane collapsed. "Forget it, I ain't fighting these things...." He trudged over to them tired. "Karone, your turn to make a fool out of yourself."

Karone just laughed. "After seeing yourself get beaten like that, I think I'll stick to something easier. What's the easiest simulation in ACTOM's banks?" She asked moving out into the center. "Nothing like what Zhane went through please."

ACTOM's light blinked on. "Loading simulation one, the Swamps of Mephis." The scene changed again as Karone sank ankle-deep in mud. The Earth rangers remembered this simulation really well.

"Ick...!" Karone made a face under her helmet. "Alright, what's suppose to happen now?" She inquired.

"You wait until the things that live here show up." Carlos tried to keep a straight face. "You won't like them one bit, that I can tell you."

Karone nodded. She pulled out her blaster to be ready. But it was returned to its holder when she saw what the 'things' were....

* * *

Lady Cosmia wrapped herself in her usual garbs as she readied herself for a long trip. She was traveling to see her friend, Lady Mystica first. A troublesome dream had disturbed her about the Land of the Mists and many other places. A great power seemed to be growing on the side of the darkness and off-setting the balance of good and evil in all dimensions and universes.

She, herself being a Lady of the Light, and also the Lady of the Cosmos, was sworn to keep such things from happening. The balance was, and always had been equal with her being the power of good, and Kharla, the Dark Sorceress, being the power of evil. Each time the side of good or evil fell, a new power would take its place, continuing and keeping the balance in order. This would continue until eternity or when Kharla is destroyed forever.

Cosmia closed her eyes. She could sense that the Dark Sorceress had received the dream too. "It is now a race against time to see who can reach this power first...." She whispered to herself. The balance will be off-set forever if she didn't reach it first and destroyed it. "Time be on my side...." She whispered before opening a dimensional door and stepping through to the other side.

* * *

Andros led Daurius, who was now un-morphed, along to the hallways. "DECA, can you locate Sirena?" He asked seeing she was not in any of the usual places.

"Located. She is on MegaDeck six, chamber four."

"Thanks." Andros stepped onto the MegaLift followed by Daurius. "I wonder what she's up to in the chamber. We've never actually used those before."

Daurius looked confused. "What are the chambers for? Are they not the rooms you use to sleep in?"

"Oh no, the chambers are used when we want to meditate or just be by ourselves and share some quiet time. There's only four of them, and everything you want to do in the chambers, can be done in our own rooms or on the simu-deck plus more. Three of them were part of the Galaxy Megaship." Andros explained.

Daurius nodded. They stepped off the lift reaching a long hallway. There were two doors on each side. By the side above the keypads were a number. They paused at the one labeled four as Andros knocked. They waited patiently as no one answered.

"Sirena?" Andros called. Still nothing. "DECA, is Sirena still in this room or not?"


"Sirena?" He called louder knocking again. "DECA open this door."

"I'm afraid I can't. ACTOM has it on lavender lock. I shall ask for permission."

"Lavender lock?" Daurius looked questionably.

Andros leaned against the wall. "We have several different locks on this ship. We use color lock to each other know who's in there and so forth. Sirena has lavender lock meaning only she can open the door unless she turns it off. If we use ranger lock, it means only those who was mentioned can open the door. We set it for privacy issues. Cassie and Ashley argued over it since they like spending quiet days in their room."

"Permission has been granted. Although ACTOM requests that you remain quiet inside." The door in front of them slid open revealing a dark room.

"Thanks DECA." Andros said stepping in.

"Thank you." Daurius echoed.

The door closed behind them, shutting out all light from the hallway. The room was pitch black until the two stepped into the inner chamber. Sirena was kneeling in the middle with her eyes closed and her hands held in front of her on either side of the Purple Fire Staff. The staff itself levitated in front of her radiating a silvery-blue light. The only light in the room.

"Si?" Andros called quietly to her.

Sirena remained motionless not giving a single hint that she heard him or them walk in. Her body remained rigid as the light slowly spread through her arms and covering her body. A light breeze blew through the room even though there was no way that could have happened.

Daurius felt himself tense. Something wasn't right. He always recieved that feeling right before trouble came looking. "Sirena? Can you hear us?" He called again keeping his voice soft and smooth hoping nothing was wrong.

"We're gonna have to wait until she comes out of it." Andros sighed quietly. He ran a hand through his hair nervously. "I hate waiting..." He muttered to no one in particular.

In a corner of the room, unknown to them, a small dimensional slit appeared and two lavender eyes opened. They took in the three people in the room seeing their features clearly even though it was dark. The eyes swepted across someone familiar, someone they hadn't seen in a long long time.

* * *

"Daurius...." A low voice whispered to herself. "We meet again, but on worse terms than before.... You will have answers for me on why you did what you did.... I shall see to that......" She closed the dimensional slit her eyes seeing all that she needed to know and not wanting to wait any longer when the lights come on. For she had been a dweller of the darkness for a very long time.