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Setting the Stage
by: AstroPurple

"Carnes? Is that an earthling last name?" Mike asked curious.

Allyson nodded. "Yeah… it was one my father would use…" She looked off towards the sunset feeling a light breeze ruffle her hair. "So… are you and Leo the only ones on Terra Venture? I mean by family ways."

Mike nodded. "Our mom died years ago. About year after our sister disappeared, the doctors said she died of grief. And then dad, he left us, leaving some of our closest relatives to watch over us. Me and Leo were always close."

"Oh… I'm.. sorry I brought it up." Allyson made a mental note to herself on never touching base on that subject again. Better they didn't know anything.

"It's alright. So what about you? Have any other family that aren't gone?"

Allyson shrugged. "I don't know. Everyone's so scattered. And with my father, even blood was too far to be counted as family. You needed to prove yourself to his cause first. I guess I got off lucky. My older brother… he left after hearing what Dark Specter proposed he do to prove himself."

Mike nodded understanding. He opened the door to the pads taking her down a long hallway. "Here, this is Kendrix and Maya's room. Kai, Damon, and Leo's are just down around the corner and mine is up a level. If you need anything just ask one of us. I mean… is this okay? Or would you rather prefer the Megaship?"

Allyson shook her head stepping inside. She snapped her fingers, a light purple fog rising to cling to the walls making a light covering before sparkling and then disappearing. "It's to shield off anyone from detecting me or my magic whenever I use it. The net's still there; you just can't see it. One of the virtues on being powerful." She explained to Mike. A billow of lilac petals circled her, cleansing her clothes and hair.

Mike nodded. "Do you need anything? Kendrix should be off from her shift soon, and Maya will be back from the Megaship with Karone any time now."

"No, thank you." She waited for him to leave before a flash appearing in her hand and a small bracelet that was too small for her wrist now materialized. She brought it up to the light, letting it sparkle and shine as she looked at each and every silver link.

* * *

"Syphila, my child… Why do you think she sent you after me? Cause I betrayed her and her father? What makes you believe that? Just cause she calls Dark Specter father does not mean they are family… I for one know the truth…"

"What?! And what would you know? Deikena and I grew up together. If there was anything about her not being Dark Specter's, I would know about it. And as for her sending me after you… according to her, you were the one who orchestrated Dark Specter's downfall, and then physically attacked her! Is that not true?" Syphila demanded.

Allepsatsac raised an eyebrow. "I suppose you could say that was true. But I did not orchestrate Dark Specter's downfall! As for attacking Deikena… that is true. Only cause I was angry at her." She lied. "As should you be…"

Syphila frowned. "Really? And why would I be?" She hissed.

"Time my child… time will tell you…" Allepsatsac's astral plane form disappeared leaving the Syphil to herself. "Trust your own good judgement." She smiled to herself back in the safety of her hole. "I'm starting to sound like Zordon…" She mused silently.

Her physical body began to wake up. An outlash of dark energy from the book called for her attention. It had something to tell her, to show her, to encourage her for its own good. It levitated up floating to her side before flipping to a page somewhere in the middle. Allepsatsac's interest was perked. She'd been through the book many times but had never seen this page before. It was written in the old language, long forgotten by most in this universe. Lucky for her, she had had a teacher whom had taken the time and pains to train her in it.

"A time will come when all will end, for things to start fresh, a fully evil… When even the most evil ones in the universe will tremble before her, making this universe completely evil. It shall join her other reigns, and become evil itself…" Allepsatsac stopped reading. The rest of the page had been torn and some of the words that were still there made no sense to her or were too faded away to be read. "Book, tell your mistress what this means." She ordered.

As Allepsatsac set her hand on it's pages allowing some power to flow into the book, giving speech. While the book itself thought… who is the real mistress here? Finally the book was ready to relate the entire scripture. "This scripture is about the coming of the one, true monarch of all evil. Her power will bring about the end of everything, leaving on those who are completely and utterly loyal to her living… to bring the age of darkness and fear to this universe. She is the essence of evil, the hand of evil itself. For she alone is the only ever, from the history of this universe to all other parallel ones, to be the child of evil… born in the dark Dimension of Evil with no birth parents but evil. She is your Queen, the only true monarch of evil…"

Allepsatsac's eyes gleamed with anticipation. "Her coming… when is it?"

"It is predicted to be in the dawn of the new Festival. But beware Allepsatsac, if you do wish to unlock the gateway and call her forth… you will be needing a lot of power… and the sacrifice of an eternal life…"

She sighed frustrated. "That's still too faraway! The dawn of the new Festival is still a millennium away! How do I speed it up? Like in a few days?"

"The conditions must be perfect. A full moon is required; along with the attendance of several evil beings, the more evil the better; a high ordinance of power; an eternal life; Terra Venture must also be at the Nexus; and the current monarch of evil…" The Book glowed with the thought of seeing the destruction that would happen.

"Perfect! A little change in course and Terra Venture will be at the Nexus in a week. Deikena's presence here is atleast some good to my use. We already have Astronema, Scorpius, and Barbarous here. Horrendous, Pernicia, Diablerie, Detrimenta… they can all be called here. And the high ordinance of power… it will be established… with me at the head of course…" Allepsatsac got up to pace. "An eternal life… Syphila has one. I'm sure she wouldn't mind lending it for a good use. As for the full moon… there won't be one at the Nexus for atleast five weeks…"

"Allepsatsac, these things cannot be pushed. Otherwise the cross of the one and only monarch of evil will not be perfect. She will be insulted… and you will be destroyed."

An eyebrow was raised. "You're right. I suppose I can wait…"

* * *

Trakeena sat starring at her mirror as Kegler paced back and forth in the background. Lightning and thunder sounded as a swirling vortex appeared in the middle of the room and Villamax tumbled out. Kegler was immediately there to assist him up.

"Trakeena, here is your warrior, returned to you in one piece. But I warn you never to cross me if we meet." A voice echoed throughout the room.

Trakeena stood up her eyes darting to and fro around the room. "W-who are you? Show yourself!" Her staff appeared as she testingly stepped to the middle of the room.

A flash appeared before her and a pure black crystal appeared. Whoever it was seemed to talk through it. "Fool! You have not inherited your father's wisdom that's apparent. But I will warn you, learn wisely or else you'll be sorry. I have work here to be done… and you're not helping it at all!"

Trakeena has a moment of speechlessness taken back from the rude comment. "Excuse me? How dare you talk to me in such a way!"

"Now see who's talking. But our paths shall cross again Trakeena." The black crystal lost its glow and dropped to the floor colorless.

Trakeena poked at it with her staff before instructing a StingWinger to pick it up and set it on her shelf. "Villamax, I want you to go down to Terra Venture and find Dark Specter's daughter, Deikena. If she seems to be working with the power rangers against us, then of course destroy her and her companions."

* * *

Allyson sat perched at the top of a high tree in the repaired Forest Dome. It had just been repaired and opened to the public earlier that day. Damon and his crew had worked hard and efficiently knowing that too much pressure exerting on both sides of the dome for a long time would collapse it and destroy the Forest Dome entirely.

A chirp of several bright blue-colored songbirds caught her attention, as their melody seemed to carry one similar to a childhood lullaby that was once sung to her. She raised the small bracelet of silver links and studied them closely as she hummed along. Hidden in the deepest corners of her memory was a fuzzy remembrance from when she was around two. She remembered looking up at the exact bracelet now in her hand being held up by a strange woman; it was from her lips that the song was sung. She could remember the stranger clasping the silver chain onto her right wrist and jingling three small bells that were hung on the chain. Regrettably, now as Allyson looked at it, there were only two well-kept silver bells remaining.

The sound of a teleportation signal appeared a few branches below where she sat. From the landing and how the tree shook, Allyson knew for a fact that it wasn't Karone, as she had hoped. She clenched her fist, the silver bracelet returned to its treasured vault elsewhere.

"Your highness…" Barbarous' voice floated up. "You've lingered here for long enough… it's time to return to Malignance." A firm hand grasped her left foot.

Allyson looked down glaring at him. "You obviously don't understand. I'm not going anywhere. Whether you kindly wish me to, or not! Now let go!" She commanded trying to pull her foot out of his hold.

"Princess, I've given you time to reconsider your decision. Besides, there is nothing you can do. You have nowhere to retreat up here besides teleport and your signal is easily traceable. The ship waits and we have not a lot of time. The League waits for your arrival back at the palace on Malignance." Barbarous reached up lifting her out of her seat and setting her down next to him, only to receive a foot in his stomach.

The ground was far away, so leaping down was out of the question. She'd either have to climb down herself, or go down the way she came up. Teleporting. But Barbarous was right, her signal could be traced easily. No one else had a signal as strong as hers. Except for maybe Karone, Syphila, Allepsatsac, and Trakeena and her monsters. Plus the aura she carried was powerful. Karone, Syphila, and any monsters would be immediately eliminated. Trakeena probably also. That leaving only Allepsatsac and herself.

Allyson suddenly felt light-headed as a teleportation signal picked them up. The feeling lasted for only a moment before she found herself standing in the middle of a large room furnished extravagantly. The large picture window showed she was in space.

Barbarous released her stepping back. "Your highness, I regret forcing you here, but you left me no choice. This room is shield protected. You won't be able to teleport, nor will anyone be able to detect your presence. I hope your momentary stay will be comfortable. We shall orbit Malignance within a few hours." He turned, passing out of the room through what seemed to her like a solid wall. Which obviously wasn't.

She tried to follow, only finding the wall was completely solid to her, the hard way. As she picked herself up from the floor, the ship began its voyage. She attempted to teleport herself off, but failed. Even using her power to blast through the wall. Allyson now knew what it felt like to be completely helpless.

"Karone…?" She tried a telepathic connection, and even that was blocked.

* * *

"Has anybody seen Allyson?" Karone asked later that day while they were at the park. "I haven't seen her since this morning. She said she was going to get some fresh air."

The large dome like covers above them began to open as it did once in a while to allow the citizens to enjoy the starscape around them. Today, the scene around them was breathtaking. To the left, they could see what astronomers called a nursery. Inside it, baby stars were being formed. And the dust and cloud particles swirling around there scattered the light that stars gave off so that it was a wonderful pale glow that illuminated the night sky. As they watched, a large ship passed by over-head. It was not the Scorpion Stinger nor one they'd seen before.

"What in the world was that?" Damon asked as it moved away heading off in another direction opposite to the one that they were traveling.

Karone narrowed her eyes. "I've seen that ship before… on Malignance, back when I was Astronema. And it's leaving… oh no…" She gasped as a thought dawned on her.

"What?" Maya asked.

"Allyson… that's probably the ship Barbarous came on… the only reason for it to be leaving is… is if they have Allyson…!" Karone turned and started running.

"Hey! Wait up!" Leo called after her as he and the rest of the rangers followed after her to the Megaship. "What are you thinking of doing?"

Karone shrugged. "DECA, scan and see if Allyson is still on Terra Venture. Alpha, start the Megaship and head after that ship that passed by a minute ago."

"Scanning…" DECA came on-line as the computers started up. "Her presence is not detected on Terra Venture."

Damon took his place steering the Megaship out of the docking bay and after the fast leaving ship. "I've got this Alpha. You try to see if we can connect with that ship. We don't know for certain it's the one you know on Malignance, Karone."

Kendrix nodded. She walked over to stand next to Karone setting a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry. If Allyson is on that ship, we'll get her back."

Alpha sighed, turning back to them. "I'm sorry. The ship's communication sequence is blocked from it. It's rigged to accept no transmissions from un-registered ships in their memory banks. Only to send."

Leo nodded. He turned to the viewing screen. "Damon! The ship's turning towards us!"

"Hey, I don't know a lot about alien gestures… but I do know when a high intensity laser is powering up…" Kai commented. "I wouldn't take that as a friendly gesture."

"DECA, defenses up!" Damon typed in a few commands on the computer console. "This is gonna hurt the Megaship…" He commented moments before a bright white light exploded in their eyes from the large ship. The Megaship shook from the impact and the red alarm lights came on. All lights flashed several times before going out. "Damage report?"

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi! Hull breaches on MegaDecks 7 and 8, and our power is gone. And that's not the worse thing, the gravitation force of the planet Yokiton is pulling us in. We don't have the power to escape the pull!"

"There's nothing we can do?" Mike asked heading towards the closest console. His voyage was cut short as the Megaship entered Yokiton's atmosphere speeding up. "DECA! Try and boost all power left to the engines! We have to try atleast to soften our impact!" DECA remained quiet. "DECA?"

Alpha spoke up. "Mike, there is no power left. DECA's no longer on-line. We're on our own…!"

((Kids, don't try this at home. You're not Astronema, and if you are… you're not this Astronema.)) Karone reached for the nearest outlet near her. "I have an idea…" She pulled out a small wire from somewhere and inserted it into the outlet. Silver streaks circulated through her body as they all gathered in her hand and crossed into the outlet through the wire she held in her hand. The lights flickered before finally staying on and the light on DECA's camera grew bright once again. The roar of the engine could be heard as it started up.

"Power rerouted to the engine…" DECA's voice said rather shakingly.

Damon grabbed the steering sticks and pulled them as far up as he could. Their view on the screen changed slowly… moving from a large ocean that they were heading straight for and slowly rising so they could see a long stretch of brown sand. Expertly, Damon steered towards it letting the Megaship descend slowly before coming to a rather bumpy stop after skidding across the sand for a mile or two.

"Now that wasn't too bad if I do say so myself…" Damon congratulated himself.

Karone released the wire dropping down onto her knees. "I did it… Now we still have to reach that ship…"

Kendrix reached over, now daring to touch her. "You're staying here. Leave getting to that ship to us."

Maya nodded. "You need to be checked out to make sure there was no external as well as internal injuries."

Leo nodded to Alpha. "Let's go guys, we can still catch up with that ship on the Jet Jammers! And teach them a lesson on manners…" He clenched his fist. Karone was left in Alpha's care as they headed towards the cargo bay. "Go, Galactic!"

* * *

There was exactly 625 wavy gold lines woven on the purple cloth that was the canopy to the bed in the room. She'd spent the last fifteen minutes or so counting the gold lines. She'd seen the Megaship from her scenic view more than twenty minutes ago, but apparently Barbarous had fired at it… she hoped everyone on it were all right. She'd watch it being pulled towards Yokiton and no one who'd know something had been there since then to tell her anything. Only a few younger girls had been walking in and out bringing her different food and asking if she needed anything, along with offering to help her "freshen" herself up for the arrival at Malignance. She still had no desire to return there and spent a minute or so everything five minutes using her power to search the holding that 'protected' where she was. So far no weaknesses in it.

"Your highness, might I suggest you allow the girls to help you change. If I'd thought they'd be incompetent I wouldn't have brought them along." Barbarous was standing at what she supposed was the door.

Allyson lifted her head off the pillow for a few seconds, just to glare at him. "Who said anything about changing??? I'm just find the way I am…"

Barbarous frowned. "After living almost your entire life on Malignance, you should know what is presentable in front of the League, and what is not. Now, you have a wardrobe full of presentable attires and I would choose one if I were you in the next five minutes. Nadya will be in, in a few minutes to help you dress." He turned, leaving.

The pillow that was behind her head suddenly flew through the air, passing through the wall easily to the other side. Less than a second later, Barbarous returned holding the pillow, an angry scowl on his face.

"Oh I'm sorry, Prince Barbarous… did it hit you? I didn't mean to." Allyson asked trying to keep the amusement out of her voice. He tossed the plush pillow back to her before backing out of the room once again. "I suppose it didn't…" Allyson muttered to herself.

Barbarous walked down the hallway towards the control room. "Did it hit you?" He mimicked angrily. He stopped in the doorway slamming a fist against the wall. "What's our course?" He demanded of a quantron. "How many hours until Malignance?" The quantron uttered some sounds that would have made no sense to any outsider. "Speed us up! I want to be rid of the brat as soon as possible!" He shoved a quantron out of its seat, choosing to sit down there himself.

"Barbarous… Barbarous… now what would your father think of you speaking about the princess in that tone?" A low voice asked behind him.

He spun around facing a complete stranger. "Who are you?!" He demanded.

"No one that you would know. Heard of… perhaps. Seen… no." The stranger set his large sword down against the wall. The quantrons paid him no heed, going about their business and apparently knowing who he was.

Barbarous glared at him. "You!" He pointed to a quantron. "Who is he?!"

The quantron irked a few sounds telling him not to ask anymore, for this stranger's identify would stay a mystery until he chooses to tell him himself. Each of the other quantrons, when asked, answered the same thing.

"Don't worry, I'm no one you should be concerned about. I'll mind my own business, believe me, I will. You carry yours on, I shall leave you when this ship reaches Malignance."

Barbarous stood up. "I have the right to know who barges onto my ship without me knowing who they are. This is not an ordinary commuter, you seem to know who is on-board…"

The stranger paused. "Yes, I do know who is on-board. I'm crystal clear on that. It's her highness Deikena, anyone in the universe knows her."

"Then I would suggest you leave. Do you have that crystal clear?" A red laser blast streaked past destroying the controls. "Huh? What? Oh no!"

From the doorway, in leaped the rangers. "Hey Barbarous! Nice place you got! Too bad we can't stay long! Tell us where Allyson is!"

"Allyson? Oh yes… Deikena's earthling name… I'm sorry, you don't have the privilege of knowing." Calmly, Barbarous pulled out his sword. "I don't know how you got on-board, but allow me to help you off!"

The stranger backed off into the shadows to watch as more quantrons appeared in the doorway trying to squeeze in. They finally managed to get themselves in and surround the six rangers holding their crescent-moon shaped weapons.

"Quasar Sabres!" The rangers pulled out their sabres and got to work.

Allyson sat suddenly looking wide-eyed. She turned to look where the door was feeling it with her power. It wasn't lying to her. She felt the force field weaken before shut down completely. Power failure? She doubted Barbarous was that stupid to abide without a back up. She stood up walking over to it feeling the area learning from her mistake last time. Her hand penetrated to the other side before she followed with the rest of her body.

The hallway outside was dark and the red lights lining the ceiling flashed red, signaling an alert. Curious as to what was causing it as well as the force field to deactivate, she headed towards the control room to find out what was going on. She ended up hiding several times as groups of quantrons passed by her heading towards the control room also. As she neared, her hearing sharpened to take in sounds of what seemed like fighting.

"Intruders???" She thought to herself. Her pace quickened as she headed closer and closer. The wall in front of her suddenly dented outward as if something had been thrown against it full force. "Ouch…" She murmured. Allyson shuffled closer to the other side of the wall as she walked past. Suddenly the full view of the room was in front of her.

"Allyson!" The Yellow Ranger was suddenly by her side. "Are you alright?"

Allyson nodded. "I'm fine…" She shoved Maya out of the way suddenly sliding her right foot into a spare quantron part that was probably part of a whole one at one time, kicking it up and into the face of one oncoming. The force sending it falling back into another. "It's not nice to attack someone that I'm talking with."

The other rangers gathered around, their sabres drawn. "Hey Barbarous, we'll be taking that invitation to leave now…" Damon said jokingly. "C'ya around sometime." He saluted, being the last to leave the room.

The scattered quantron forces that could still walk gathered around Barbarous waiting for his next orders. He pushed them out of the way, kicking a quantron shell that would go on the chest out of the way. "Well don't just stand there! Go after them!" As the quantrons scattered streaming out of the room, he turned heaving his sword into the large screen. He watched as the glass shattered, loose pieces of glass raining down on the console and floor before he walked over and pulled it out.

"A rather unwilling princess you have on-board." The stranger once again caught his attention again as he stepped out into view. "Does that mean we won't be making it to Malignance anytime soon?"

Barbarous glared. "Mind your own business!"

"Oh, but this is my business…." He smiled.

"Then the least you could have done, was lent a hand…" Barbarous stalked out hoping to hear some good news from the quantrons.

* * *

"Thanks you guys… I really didn't want to go back. But then… I could've gotten free by myself. I just needed some time." Allyson shrugged. "But thanks for the help anyways."

Kai nodded knowingly. "I'm sure. Just… how long would it have taken you?"

Maya smiled. "Yeah, you know, I hope it wouldn't take you until Malignance to order them to let you go…"

"Well…. I could've."

Karone hooked her arm through Allyson's. She'd checked out fine except for being a little tired. "Next time Barbarous returns, it'll be the two of us that teaches him a lesson...!"

"So, anybody hungry? We can head to the guys' pad and Kai can whip us up something to eat." Kendrix offered.

"Yeah, you know… I could…" Kai straightened up. "Right after my shift which starts in like…." He glances at his watch. "Two minutes."

"I could whip us up something…." Damon commented. "Really!" He protested when they started giving him looks. "I can make…. sandwiches that don't involve cooking, toss a salad, heat up canned items, and uh…. that's about it."

Leo nodded. "Yeah… okay then chef Damon, you can make us dinner. Make sure it's hot, tasty, and isn't burned."

Kai patted Damon on the shoulder. "Don't ask me for help. I'll catch you guys later since my shift's gonna start. Oh and uh… make sure the fire stays away from my stuff. I don't want any of it burned."

Damon started to protest but Kai was already gone. "Mike?" He asked. "You can cook right? I'll need an assistant."

"Yeah right. Like Kai said, you're on your own. We'll be standing by waiting with the fire extinguisher." Mike assured.

Allyson looked confused. "Is he really that awful?" She asked. "I mean, he's so good with building and fixing things, shouldn't cooking be a cinch?"

Damon shook his head. "It's harder. Hey, why don't you give it a try. I'll bet you've never cooked before with all those people to serve you. There's always a first time… and if you run into any trouble, we'll be right by to help."

Karone couldn't help giggling. "Sorry Damon. Allyson's never even been in a kitchen before. She doesn't know the difference between a pan and a pot. She doesn't even know how to boil water. No offense."

"None taken… I think. The cook tried to teach me, but he got caught by Aegis and was uh… hurt pretty badly." Allyson made a face. "It wasn't very proper to teach me servant skills or even for me to observe them… Just like you'll never see Trakeena fight her own battle."

Damon frowned. "Well thanks for the warning. I'll make sure no one catches me whenever I try to teach you something that a princess isn't suppose to do. Better yet, I won't attempt to teach you anything."

* * *

Allepsatsac paced back and forth. So far her plan was coming out well… there was just one would-be problem she detected with her magic. A slight disturbance in the field of magic. It could mean nothing at all, just some fool doing some powerful magic elsewhere, or it could mean trouble and the end of her plans. Her probing had done no good, and her foresight was shadowed by a darkness. As for now, she could only guess at what it was. And there was a chance she could be wrong.

Frustrated, she turned sharply snapping her fingers as she transformed her body in to a brilliant ribbon of energy leaving her haven, and leaving Terra Venture. The ribbon of energy penetrated a large ship orbiting faraway. Barbarous' ship to be exact. It was still under massive repairs from the damage it had gotten earlier. Her presence was detected as she zoomed through the hallways, her energy and magic repairing the ship instantly.

"Lady Allepsatsac… what do you want?" Barbarous demanded. He no longer wanted anymore visitors to annoy him. And Allepsatsac was one he detested the most. "Your latest game has the League fuming. You're signing your own death by it."

Allepsatsac's gaze wasn't on him. Whether it was on the person standing behind him. She remembered that face. Only she remembered it to be much younger. It had been stuck upon a small body that always ran up to her, hugging her tightly each time she'd visited. She tore her gaze away resting them once again on Barbarous. "I was only playing with her." She lied through clenched teeth. "I wasn't actually trying to kill her. Besides, no one's positive she's still evil. You yourself saw Zordon's wave pass through her and her Spirit of Evil leaving her. I have something planned in the future to see once and for all if Deikena's still evil. It'll be coming soon and if she doesn't pass, then the universe will know she's not Dark Specter's daughter. Surprised Barbarous? Well Dark Specter made the mistake of confiding me in Deikena's origin. It's not in Dark Specter himself that's for sure…" Allepsatsac turned watching the shadowed person from the corner of her eye. He seemed to look confused about what she'd just said and she was glad that he was playing right into her little scheme. Her body disintegrated into energy once again tearing through the ship and leaving for her haven on Terra Venture.

After Allepsatsac's exit, Barbarous eyed the stranger behind him remembering how Allepsatsac had been surprised to see him, and how she seemed to be familiar with him. He was rising up his own curiosity also. Everyone but him seemed to know this man, and yet won't tell or even mention his name. That's what was angering him. But he supposed he should be careful since it might just be his bad luck this man was a spy for the League. For those who didn't think he could do the job. Like Saven, Pernicia, Diablerie, and Detrimenta.

* * *

Scorpius sighed as one of the StingWingers informed him that the ship was securely landed on his planet. He couldn't believe he was doing this. This was something only cowards did. But he had no choice. The battle that was going on now did not involve him and nor did he wish it too. Allepsatsac was strong and powerful, a battle with her could be devastating. And then there was Barbarous, the entire League of Evil backed him. As for Deikena, he just didn't want to face her. The power rangers were caught up in it, that he knew from what he himself knew. He didn't care who destroyed them, as long as they were destroyed. If not, weakened enough so that he could see to it himself on finishing them off.

Trakeena stomped in angrily. "Father why? Why are you pulling us out and letting those… those others do what we are suppose to be doing? I wanna destroy the rangers!"

"Trakeena, if you wish, you can still create havoc, as long as you have someone with you to protect you. Those which are now in our territory are strong, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. I am old now, plus, I've learned when I'm outmatched. They will destroy themselves saving me the trouble of doing it myself and destroying my own troops in the process." He no longer could stop her from doing what she wanted, but he prayed that she would gain some knowledge in this and use it in the future when he was gone.

* * *

Mike tossed and turned restlessly as he tried to sleep. But each time he fell into a deep enough sleep, this dream would come bothering him. The message it carried scared him, as well as lifting his spirits. The dream brought both good news and bad news. It showed how Terra Venture would find the planet it was searching for and be able to reside there and gain more and more knowledge on the universe. But on the dark side, it showed a black storm brewing close somewhere. Now and then, parts of this storm would leave, the dark mass emitting lightning and energy lashes that made it completely unstable to get close to. The dream would then move on to show it settle, and a bright light pierce through. From it, a dark shadow would walk forth, and from there the dream would end only to start all over.

He finally gave up turning on a desk light to sit down. He slumped trying to think and clear his head. Finally, he opened the middle drawer of the desk pushed a small hidden spring. A small section of the wood on the desk lifted and slid out of the way revealing a small metal box sealed in the wood. From around his neck, Mike lifted a small golden key that he slid into a keyhole. The top rose with a click and he removed a small purple box. He gazed at it for a while before lifting the top. A small, perfectly kept silver bell lay nestled between the purple velvet folds shining against the dark backdrop. He sighed shutting the lid and storing it away again. He didn't know why he chose to still keep it around. Even if it brought such bad memories to mind again. Leo had long since chosen not to ask to see it anymore or even bring it up. He'd been able to move on. But some how Mike felt it was apart of him that couldn't be left alone. Since it'd been his fault. Mother had left him in charge when it happened. He still felt responsible. Even thought everyone had always told him there was nothing he could have done to avoid it.

Mike got up and strolled towards the large window in his room looking out at the starscape trying to decide. He couldn't keep the secret forever. And he knew that Leo had a hint too, but just wouldn't admit it. As for her, she might also atleast have some kind of idea. So far atleast twice that he knew of, she'd been on the verge of revealing something that seemed important to her. If only he knew what it was that stopped her from saying it each time. Maya had made it clear that they were friends and secrets could be shared and kept within the group, but Allyson had still resisted telling them. It made him extremely curious to find out what it was she kept from them that was so important.

* * *

Allyson sat down in the large whicker chair in front of the window crossing her legs. She held out her hands, palms up, as a staff appeared in her hand. It was the one that she'd taken in the Vortex. It had disappeared after she emerged and she'd forgotten about it for some time. But now as she held it in her hand, she could clearly see the strange patterns weaving on the smooth metallic surface. Her eyes squinted as she attempted to make out some of the weavings and their meanings. Their imprint was light enough that she was forced to light a small light at her fingertips and hold them close to the patterns. In the end, she could only make out that it was some kind of spell. Several to be more exact intertwined into another to enforce the power and protect its user. She guessed not knowing for sure.

Next, she turned the staff to look at its tip. The crystal at the top was crystal clear and extremely hard. A small test told her it was diamond, one of the hardest objects in the universe and full of power. She winced remembering how a monster was destroyed by a sorcerer, who's only weapon was a shard of diamond. The dark crystal in the center was unmistakingly an Amethyst stone. Her favorite above all others. It had been cut into a perfect tear-shaped and embedded in the center.

Lastly, she took a look at the sharp bottom. The spiral end reminded her of the Drillster's head. A monster who took pride in its head which was spiraled into a pointy tip and could drill through anything it came in contact with. She had no doubt that the bottom of her staff was just as powerful. Wherever it was made, she could tell the craftsmen had done an excellent job with designing everything for a superior warrior. And the weavings of spells show that no ordinary magic user had done it. Neither was there only one too, several had spooled their talents to create the magical weavings. A lot of time and effort had been put in. She found herself wondering if it wasn't chance that this staff had fallen into her hands. Or that her father just had it designed for her. To him, any staff that served well in battle was a good staff. This one however showed extensive planning and overseeing in the production. Sighing, she held the staff away from her as it disappeared, lavender lines running through her arm and disappearing into her body.

"Allyson?" Kendrix walked in then looking tired. "There you are. What are you doing out here all alone? You know it's not safe."

Allyson turned her chair so it faced the one Kendrix sunk into. "Oh hey. I wasn't tired and I just felt like I needed to get outside. Besides, it's a beautiful night and the stars are just wonderful. I couldn't resist coming out here."

Kendrix smiled. "Yeah. I just wish my parents were here to see this…"

"Why aren't they here?"

"They didn't want to leave Earth. I think no matter what new planet we found and how wonderful it is, they'd still love Earth. I guess when you grow up somewhere, you have a tie to it that you just can't cut." Kendrix looked off into space thinking.

Allyson nodded understanding. "I'd like to see Earth. Maybe when Allepsatsac is gone Karone and I can return to earth and she can show me around Angel Grove and all the places she's told me about. Or maybe even KO-35."

"You're gonna be leaving us?" Kendrix asked surprised.

She shrugged in return. "I don't know where I want to be now. Look around a few planets and see where I want to settle I guess. But I promise you if I don't find any that strike my fancy, I'll come back to Terra Venture."

Kendrix nodded. "Good. I'd hate to think we went to all that trouble of bringing you back from Barbarous' ship only to have you leave again."

Allyson smiled. "It won't be that soon. If I am gonna leave some day, it's gonna be after I spend enough time on Terra Venture that I get sick of it. Then I wanna go someplace new and explore the rest of this universe."

* * *

The ship of Barbarous was deathly quiet as the stranger walked through the hallways towards the newly fixed control room. No one was in sight and any quantron that would happen to discover him wouldn't say nor do anything. After all, they obey him whether or not Barbarous knew of this. But even for a lackey he had to have some idea. The sound of a sword being drawn caused him to turn.

"For someone new here, you sure believe you have absolute power to go where you wish. I don't know where you were intended on heading, but I suggest you return to the quarters you were assigned to and stay there. Less my hospitality runs to its end." Barbarous said rather coolly making a point with twirling his sword.

"Hmmm… but you have no power to throw me off Prince Barbarous." The stranger mused stroking his chin. "I'd love to see you try."

Barbarous straightened up a serious looking in his eyes. "Look, I don't know who you are and I personally right now don't care. Even if Pernicia or Saven or someone sent you to observe my skills. I'm getting fed up with you! You act like you're in charge here but you're not. I'm the one who controls this ship!"

"Barbarous, here is where you're getting things wrong… Allow me to correct you. Yes, you would care about who I am if you knew. And also, I am in charge here. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't even be here attempting to persuade Princess Deikena to return to Malignance. Yes, I would like her by my side but she obviously doesn't feel like returning now. Which is why from now on, you will follow my orders. She is returning whether she feels like it or not."

Barbarous' mouth dropped wide open. "Saven…" He gasped in a whisper.

"That would be my name and close your mouth. I hate it when people gape at who I am. And why is everyone here asleep? Quantrons don't need rest and you are expected not to rest until Deikena is secure on this ship and it has a course set for Malignance."

"Y-yes sir." Barbarous sheathed his sword turning. "Quantrons! To Terra Venture!"