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Foreboding Shadow
by: AstroPurple

Kai ducked and rolled as Leo's quasar sabre flew by over his head. "C'mon Leo! Maybe you are slowing down!" Kai grinned. "Or maybe it's just me getting better. Cause I have been practicing…"

"Not in your life…" Leo took a step back surveying the moves he could make. "I've come a long way since we first became rangers, Kai. I think I know how good I am now." He winked at Kendrix who stood to the side watching. He raised his sword with his right hand taking a quick moment to survey one last time before he moved, leaping high into the air, he lashed out with his sabre intent on catch Kai from above him.

Kai looked up blocking Leo's sabre with his own before flipping backwards and landing a kick on his back. Kai landed once again on his feet turning to look at Leo who was picking himself off the ground. "Yep, and I was saying?" Kai asked leaning back to look at what his latest move had done.

Leo got up slightly embarrassed. "Okay you got me. Now you have to teach me that move. It's like awesome! Where'd you learn it? Did Mike teach it to you? Or Damon?" He asked expecting to hear it was from one of those two.

Kai shook his head. "Actually, Allyson taught it to me yesterday. I still haven't perfected it, but she says I'm doing okay for a 'beginner.' And Leo, once you get over the fact that she's a girl, you really could learn a few things from her." Kai added on a more serious note. "I mean, her martial arts ability is amazing. We could all learn a few things from her to improve our own fighting techniques."

"Me? Learn lessons from a her?" Leo asked. "You're joking, right?"

"And what's wrong with her?" Kendrix asked taking some steps closer. "For your information, she's just as good as you are at martial arts and most likely even better!"

Kai nodded. "Kendrix should know, she was there and sparred with her. How about this Leo, since you don't believe us… you and Allyson can have a sort of match-like competition and see who wins… My bet's on that she'll beat you so badly you won't have the guts to face her again."

Leo crossed his arms. "Okay, if I win, you cook the best dinner you can every single day for the next month for me. And if I lose… I'll wash the dishes for an entire month… no, make that two months. Every single day after we eat."

"Two entire months?" Kai asked not believing him. Leo nodded. "You swear?" He nodded again. "Alright then, deal. If you lose, you wash the dishes for two months, if you win… I don't think I have to go there. But for your sake, I'll cook the best dinner I can for you ever single day for a month."

Kendrix laughed shaking her head. "You two are unbelievable. Leo, are you sure you want to bet that? And Kai, you should know better!"

Kai shrugged. "Like Leo usually says, 'seize the moment while you can!' I was just following his 'good' example." He laughed but was cut short when Leo's communicator beeped rather urgently.

* * *

"These guys just don't quit!" The yellow ranger pulled out her quasar sabre. "Allyson! What are they?"

Allyson turned towards her. "They're enhanced quantrons. Not like the normal ones that you guys saw attack Earth earlier on and during those last two days of massive attack. They're stronger, and like you said, they don't quit until the job's done. I didn't even know Barbarous had the power to have them built or modified! I don't know how to stop them, but try destroying their bio-circuits first… those are the black chips inside their head. Just disconnect the black wire running from the back of their head and down their back. I think those are the connectors and if they malfunction…" She shrugged. "I don't know what would happen afterwards."

The green ranger ran up. "Black wire? Are you sure?" Allyson nodded hesitantly. "Okay…" He raised his sabre. "Maya, ready?" The yellow ranger nodded. "Let's do it!"

The two rangers charged using their swords to block the blows from the half circle shaped weapons while reaching behind to snag the wires. A handful of the quantrons dropped, dark sparks flying from them before they blew up. The two rangers nodded to each other before continuing their assault.

"This is all my fault…" Allyson thought as she stayed to the side, watching. "If only they hadn't insisted on following… Oh Karone… please get here soon…" She clenched her fists as a wave of purple fire rose up around her. For the first time since she'd discovered this, she found herself able to call upon her sword. She raised it watching a light glow cross over it. It took her only a split second to decide before swinging the sword at a group of newly, arrived quantrons. A flash could be seen and then the ground beneath them blew up taking the quantrons with. Everything suddenly stopped as all eyes were turned on her. "I suppose this is where I say, oops…" She let her voice trail off before throwing her sword up into the air, allowing it to land amongst the feet of the quantrons.

A bright light flashed, and ripple effect could be seen as everyone with a thinking brain ducked behind something and covered their ears. A loud echoing boom sounded and when they rose to look around, quantron parts were scattered amongst them.

"Oops… did I do that?" Allyson asked innocently.

The green ranger shook his head amused. "Now that was one big boom…" He walked over tugging the sword out. "So where'd you get this thing? It's awesome! I've never seen anything like it before."

Allyson shrugged. "I think it was a present. I'm not really sure. Only that I've had it for a very long time."

"And the calvary arrives late as usual." The yellow ranger said as the others arrived. "What took you so long? We could have used your help like five… ten minutes ago!"

"Whoa, what happened here?" The red ranger asked kicked a spare part aside. "Looks like the wrecking crew went through. Some people are in for a major clean up job."

The blue ranger looked around at the scattered pieces. "I guess you didn't need our help in the end then. What were these things called again? Quantrons?"

Karone bent pulling a piece of wire from the rubble. "No, these weren't the regular quantrons, they were computer programmed. Sort of like when I had that computer chip installed down the side of my face…" She muttered fingering the area it had been in.

"If it wasn't for Allyson, we'd have been history. Thanks for your help." The green ranger said.

"Come on, let's get to the Megaship. Damon you're needed in fixing the computers. We would have gotten here earlier, but the computers send us the wrong coordinates and we were teleported to the Mountain Dome, then the Ocean Dome. We had to get here on foot." The pink ranger explained. "So it wasn't our fault."

The red ranger nodded as he reached for his communicator. "Leaving so soon? We were just getting started. This is the beginning of the end of Terra Venture! Scorpius was weak, now you'll feel the full force of Dark Specter!" Barbarous materialized in the midst of the rubble with a few more quantrons each with the black wire. He snapped his fingers and a fully rebuilt cyber-Eclipter appeared.

"Oh no…! Eclipter!" Karone took a step forward but Kendrix's hand suddenly gripped her arm stopping her. "What has he done…?"

Allyson felt anger fill her. "Karone, don't worry. I'll stop him and bring Eclipter back to you." She took the sword Damon handed her.

"No… Remember what I said earlier? We fight together…" Karone grabbed Allyson's arm. "You're not doing anything without me..!" She said firmly.

The cyber-Eclipter laughed. "How sweet Astronema. I don't remember that in you. I suppose Zordon's changed you a lot. Deikena, we only need you to return with us, then maybe we'll decide to spare Terra Venture."

Allyson glared at them. She knew from personal experiences that promises were never kept and they only said things to get what they wanted. Leo stepped forward next to her giving her a little push backwards. "Karone… Allyson, get back to the Megaship. We'll take care of things here."


"He's right Karone. You and Allyson get out of here." Maya said.

Allyson shook her head. "No, we're fighting with you. It's not fair to draw you all into this just because of my selfishness." She brushed past Leo getting a better grip on her sword. "This is between you and me, Barbarous. Nobody else. I wanna see you raise a hand against me and win, in a fair fight." She watched as Barbarous' hand reached for his sword, and then hesitated as if rethinking his move. "Don't be afraid, after all, I'm only a girl."

Barbarous' face tensed behind his mask. He could hear the taunting in her voice, daring him to hurt her. *Bring her to me. Hurt her too badly, and you will pay…* He heard Saven's voice in his mind, communicating telepathically. From the corner of his eye, he saw Eclipter raise his sword a little, as if ready to attack. "No!" He thrust out a hand shoving him aside. "If a fair fight is what you wish, princess, then it is what you shall get."

Allyson nodded. "I do hope you keep your word… It'd be a shame for a warrior or even a prince like you to lose your honor." She lightly bounced the light off the blade of her sword to showcase its' strength and power. It took a second for her to determine her first move before acting upon it. She had no wish to continue the fight for too long, lest she began to tire and missed a move. The light flashed on her blade as she lifted it up and slammed it into the ground before her. The ground around them blew up and debris and dust flew into the air blinding them all. Allyson took that momentary lapse of blackness to send her first strike as she leaped into the air and brought her blade down upon Barbarous, intending on her sword finding its' home in his metallic armor.

The clang of metal against metal resounded as Barbarous brought his sword up anticipating her move. His hand reached out grabbing the wrist that held the sword. "Your highness, I am sorry, you must come with me…" He said softly as his fingers found the spots and applied several pressure points through her arm.

"Wha--?" Allyson's arm was suddenly numb as her grip was lost and the sword dropped to the ground. She planted her foot firmly against his stomach and kicked him away. "Sorry my foot!" Her left foot kicked the hand upwards as her left hand caught it. She wasn't about to give up that easily, even if her techniques weren't well polished with her left hand.

Barbarous furrowed his brows in concentration. Thank goodness their parents had been close and he'd been to the palace on Malignance enough to see her practice fighting. She wasn't very good with her left hand, but she wasn't that bad either. If his sword hit hers' too hard, he'd hurt her, strike too lightly and she'd have an advantage on him. A winning advantage. A bright light burst off to his left blinding him. He tightened his hold on his sword in case it was another one of Deikena's tricks. However, a familiar friend stepped forth when the light died away. "Syphila?" He frowned.

Syphila's large black eyes took in the scene around her before coming to a rest on Deikena. She'd thought about what Allepsatsac had said, and contrary to belief that the Syphil were empty-minded, she'd researched. Those present that day when most of Dark Specter's empire was destroyed spoke how they'd seen Deikena's Spirit of Evil leave her. It had always been a symbol to her, that if one's evil left, they were therefor dubbed unworthy by their inner-selves to retain their evil persona. "Deikena…" She hissed the name. Barbarous had always been a loving son of King Horrendous, following his father's every wish and command in gaining Dark Specter's favor. And Horrendous himself had been an ever-so-loyal spawn of Dark Specter from the day he was first brought in. Gaining himself the title of Dark Specter's personal counsel, and closest friend. Not to mention being trusted with the care of the only daughter of the Monarch of All Evil, errr… once daughter, was a high honor.

"Syphila…!" Allyson exclaimed surprised. "I'm surprised to see you here."

Syphila reached behind her back bowing her head a little. "I go where… those traitor to Dark Specter are!" From behind her back she whipped out her own sword throwing it full force at Deikena. "Allepsatsac is no traitor! You are!"

Allyson stepped back raising her own sword to block. Thus being her weak left hand, Syphila's force was stronger, knocking her own blade out of her hand. She saw it land and skid to about twenty feet away to her right. But it was too far for her to reach before Syphila retrieved her own sword. "Now Syphila, it's not the time to be throwing wild tantrums… What would my father think? And where did you ever get the idea that I was the traitor?"

"I don't need a reason!" Syphila raised her arms as if calling something. "Battle Lasher!"

Allyson turned on her heels and ran. "Let's get out of here! Run!"

Leo pressed something on his communicator. "Now Alpha now!" His hand reached out and snatched Allyson's just as Alpha teleported them off the Industrial Dome. They landed on the Megaship's bridge and were just in time to see the entire Industrial Dome blow up. "Whoa… glad we weren't there. What was that?"

"The Battle Lasher? It's Syphila's strongest attack. But it's also her weakness. If she'd not fully charged to attack with that, then it'll destroy herself. So what'd going to happen to the dome now?" Karone asked hesitantly. "It's completely gone."

Damon raised his eyebrows. "There goes half our power supply. Most of the heat, electricity, and power generators were located on that dome. Thank goodness everyone was evacuated before that thing went kaboom."

Mike sighed as he demorphed. "I should be getting to the Control Tower now. They'll need Kai Kendrix, any extra hands, and me for this. The manual never said anything about 'destruction of dome.' Nor even anything close to that. I guess we're gonna have to play this one by ear."

Allyson looked down. "You guys, I'm sorry. I didn't think anything like this would ever happen. I think it'd be safer for you and Terra Venture if I left. They'll destroy Terra Venture if I stay. Bit by bit."

Leo shook his head. "Oh no! Even if you leave, they'll destroy Terra Venture one way or another. And besides, with you on-board, they don't dare blow it up unless they're sure you're not on that certain dome. If you leave, one or two more of Syphila's Battle Lashers or weapons powerful enough and Terra Venture is history."

"But Syphila wants to destroy Allyson, so the logical thing to do would be to destroy Terra Venture as a whole. But Leo still has a point. We just have to make sure Syphila doesn't know she's still on Terra Venture." Kendrix pointed out. "So will you stay?" She directed the last question at Allyson.


Mike cut in after some thought. "How about this, Kai and I are gonna be going around to the different teams throughout Terra Venture and checking up on their progress and work. We can take her along with us if something is set to block their scanners from detecting her. That way she won't be in one certain place for them to find and me and Kai can take turns keeping an eye on her."

"What do I need? A babysitter?" Allyson cut in demanding.

"Allyson, we just have to make sure you're safe. While the Megaship can sent a signal similar to Allyson's away from Terra Venture to another planet that's several systems away or something. Just something to send Syphila off."

Damon snapped his fingers. "DECA has a signal strong enough to do that. All I have to do is configure it to match Allyson's energy signal. And I have just the thing to keep her from being detected. Alpha and I were working on a new device that scrambles scanners, teleportation signals, and basically anything you name. It has a strap so she can wear it around her arm or leg or something. Plus it's not noticeable, small, and compact. We're not sure if it works, but she can wear it this once as a tester. If they show up, then I'll know it needs some more work." He walked over to a small vault and opened it, pulling out a small pack. "Here it is." He handed it to Allyson. He was right about the size; it was no bigger than the palm of her hand and light enough that it wouldn't weigh her down.

"But what if Commander Stanton or somebody asks?" Maya asked. "I mean, it's not really normal for a civilian to be following GSA around. Unless she's one of the 'special' people, if you know what I mean. They're going to catch on pretty quickly."

Kendrix shook her head. "We're not going to let it happen. She's about my size; I can borrow one of the extra blue GSA uniforms. That way she'll blend in."

"Allyson?" Karone asked. "They've made some great points."

Allyson looked at each of their faces. "I guess. But if any of you or someone is hurt, I'm leaving. Cause it's all going to be my fault."

Kendrix nodded. "I understand. I'd do the same if I were you. Now if you guys can wait a minute or so, I'll go grab one of the spare uniforms."

Maya turned to Karone. "You can come with me to the greenhouse. We could use an extra hand since most of the GSA hired keepers will be out helping to clean up debris and other stuff. I know you'll be worried, but Mike and Kai'll be there watching her."

Karone nodded. "Damon, do you have a spare scrambler?"

"Yep. Luckily I made two prototypes." Damon handed her the second little package he pulled out of the vault.

"Here." Kendrix returned handing Allyson the extra uniform. "You can change in any of the many rooms the Megaship has. I'll make sure there's no peeping Toms."

"Hey!" Damon protested. "We're not all whacked out here! Actually, I don't think any of us would think of it." He added as an afterthought.

"Don't worry Kendrix. No need to." Allyson held out the uniform before her. She held out a hand a soft glow appearing and then disappearing. The uniform on the hanger disappeared and was replaced by her present clothes as the GSA uniform appeared on her. "This way, I put it on right, and not backwards or anything." She said with a grin.

Damon handed her the pack. "Here. You strap it on like this, and you turn it on with the red button. Now that stays on until I turn it off since I'm the only one who knows how. And also try not to fall on it, that'll also turn it off."

Allyson nodded. "I got it. And I promise I'll try not to jump or anything." She said as she strapped it on her upper right arm. She pressed the red button and a whirling sound could be heard. They watched, as a spherical field appeared around her then disappeared.

"It's still there. You just can't see it." Damon explained.

"Isn't that the point of these things?" Karone asked as she strapped hers' on.

Damon rolled his eyes. "Nevermind."

Mike smiled. "Let's go then. We'll soon find out if it works or not." The rest of them nodded as they split up. Maya and Karone headed off to the greenhouse. Damon left for the Industrial Dome skywalk. He had to make sure the doors there would be able to stay shut and withstand the pressures of space until some solution could be thought up. Leo trailed behind, following him hoping to see if he could help.

"I'll be in the Science department if you need me. They need all the brains they can get to think up something to reinforce the doors. We're not sure how long before the pull of space gets too strong that they collapse." Kendrix soon left them heading back into the GSA building where the Science center was located.

* * *

"We've rerouted all the power around the Control Tower to this generator here. But it can't take much more. I'm afraid the tech department needs to get more installed and connected, otherwise these'll overheat and more sections will be without power, sir."

They were at the last of one of the many sites in which mechanics and GSA soldiers alike were working together to restore power, heat, and electricity as fast as they could. But still with precautions so no one got hurt. They couldn't afford to lose anymore generators since the main ones were located on the Industrial Dome which was now gone. Still, the scientists and technicians that had designed Terra Venture hadn't overlooked a single problem that might occur. Each dome but the City Dome had a central generator that worked to produce heat, electricity, and power to its own dome. The City Dome however had two main generators. But they were all connected with the generator in the Industrial Dome, or had to go through it. The teams were now working on that connection so in the future, each generator powered its own dome.

Allyson fidgeted impatiently as she sat in one of the small transportation vehicles. So far Damon's scrambler seemed to be working. It's been almost two hours since they'd left the Megaship and so far there hadn't been any trouble. Yet.

"Ma'am…" A voice behind said. Allyson turned seeing one of the GSA soldiers. "Sorry for the inconvenience, but you'll have to move the vehicle. One of the electrical wires runs right underneath." He said apologetically.

"Uhh… sure." She moved to the front seat as the soldier left. "Great… now which button starts this thing?" She closed her eyes trying to remember how Kai had started it. Since she'd been in the back, she hadn't bothered to pay much of an attention. Her hand suddenly flew to the little spot next to the steering wheel where she'd remembered Kai had inserted something. "Oh… great." She looked to where Kai and Mike were still talking. Or rather listening. "Kai!" She yelled gesturing with her hand for him to come over.

"Ma'am! You need to move the vehicle…" The soldier called again rather impatient.

Allyson nodded holding up a finger signaling for him to wait. "Kai!"

"Yeah? What is it?" Kai asked.

"They want you to move this thing." Allyson moved over for him to take over.

Kai looked to where a soldier was impatiently waiting. "Sorry. New recruit. She still has to learn how to drive." He started it and then pulled ahead parking elsewhere. This time Allyson made sure to pay attention and learn.

"Hey, what was going on?" Mike asked as he approached them.

Kai got out pointing to where the GSA was already tearing up the section of the street that they had parked on. "I'm guessing rerouting a cable there or something. Are we done here?" He asked.

"Yeah." Mike nodded. "You guys wanna go pick up dinner before heading back to the Control Tower and reporting to Commander Stanton? It's almost our normal time to eat anyways and I doubt the others will be free anytime tonight to eat with us."

Allyson shrugged not caring. "I don't care. What do you guys want to do first?"

"Look out!" The cry alerted them and they looked to see a small boy of about 3, wander into a danger area. A loud snap caught their attention a cable above snapped and the platform, ten feet above the ground, in which ten steel rods were stacked together begin to slid off.

A frantic woman ran into the area. "Scotty no!" She screamed yelling for the boy.

Before either Kai or Mike could react, Allyson had turned and ran off. She ducked under the first rod that fell and grabbed the boy diving to the ground and out of the way as the rest came tumbling off to hit the ground with loud vibrations that could be felt through their feet. Allyson stood up behind the stack of steel rods picking up the little boy and then began making her way over the long rods to where the mother had reached the area.

"Oh Scotty!" The mother held the child close to her bosom crying after Allyson transferred him over. "Don't you ever leave my side again…" Her anger was overshadowed by her emotions and it came out a weak sob. "Thank you. Thank you so much…"

Allyson smiled as she walked over to where Mike and Kai were. She checked the scrambler remember how'd she accidentally landed on it with the child in her arms. It looked okay but she couldn't be sure.

"Is it broken?" Mike asked in a low voice.

She shrugged. "I can't tell. It looks fine… but then it could be a loose wire inside or something and I'd have no way of telling until either Damon takes a look, or Barbarous or Syphila arrives to cause some trouble."

Kai looked worried. "Well we shouldn't take any dangerous chances. Not at this time when any strenuous activity could cause the seal doors over where the Industrial Dome should be, to break. We better head back to the Megaship, just in case…" He said leading the way back to their transport vehicle.

* * *

"Boy were you lucky." Damon muttered. "That fall you had wasn't hard enough to break this, but one of the circuit wires got loose. See? It's only hanging on by this one measly wire. It could have broken anytime from where you were, to here."

Allyson nodded. "You can fix it right?"

Damon nodded. "Yeah. Now I know which areas need to be strengthen."

Kai and Mike walked in. "Well?"

"It's okay. I just need to fix it and make some parts sturdier since this was only a prototype to begin with." Damon turned setting the small packet on a table to begin work. "It might take me a day or two."

"Well you better do it fast." Mike said. "Commander Stanton now thinks Allyson's a new recruit to the GSA. Even though he hasn't seen the test scores she's suppose to have to enter, I think he wants those pretty soon."

Allyson shrugged. "So what are you gonna do?"

Kai stepped forward handing her a manual. "Give you the tests. What else? They're not that hard. The written part you'll have to have some instructions on, but the target shooting I think you can get."

"Well you guys can get started right now. Cause I think I can get this thing fixed by the end of the day. How soon does the Commander want the scores?" Damon asked his back still to them.

Mike shrugged. "Well judging by what I know of him most of the time, he wants them pretty soon. If you can get it fixed tonight, Allyson can take the target shooting this night, and the written part tomorrow morning."

Damon nodded. "If you swing by before dinner, I'll have the scrambler ready."

"Okay." Kai gestured. "Come on Allyson. There are quite a few things you have to know to pass the test. And the higher you score, the more time you'll have extra instead of spending the entire day at the Control Tower or having someone order you around."

Allyson frowned. "I'm not very good at following orders. It's normally the other way around."

"Which is why the you had better score higher than most do. Commander Stanton might just decide to let one of us train you." Mike led the way to one of the many side rooms that was hardly ever used. "Read the quick intro in the manual which'll give you some idea as to how the GSA operates on a regular basis. Then we'll get into the defensive and offensive procedures and how certain situations are handled."

"Oh goody. I never was a big fan of reading…" Allyson commented dryly. "Can't you just tell me? I'm a good listener, really I am. I'm just not a reader."

Kai sighed and shook her head. "This brings back those memories of training Leo after he got into the GSA. Okay, I'm just gonna outline out of the manual and you should probably memorize this stuff." Kai cleared his throat as he flipped open to the first page.

"So basically, GSA officials are the ones who operate and run this ship and keep everything in tip top shape. We have civilian help, but they're mechanics like Damon, or gardeners like Maya. But they're still not official GSA. Kendrix can tell you more about the Science Department, but I don't think you need to know anything about that department." Mike finished just as Leo, Maya, and Karone walked in.

Leo turned heading out of the doorway again. "Sounds like a lecture, I'm out of here."

Allyson jumped up from her seat. "So Leo, what do you do around here? I mean, besides just wander around and spending your days in front of a TV."

Leo shrugged. "I help Damon. Volunteer time with the kids at the neighboring elementary schools. And sometimes Maya manages to drag me into helping her down at the greenhouse. Why?"

"Oh nothing. Just wondering."

"So what are you guys up to?" Maya asked sitting down. She took a glance at the manual Mike held in his hands. "A GSA manual? What for?"

Allyson plopped down next to her. "I've been recruited." She explained.

"Allyson, are you sure you're up to this?" Karone asked sitting down also.

Allyson shrugged. "It was their big idea."

"It'll be easy for us to keep an eye on her. That way you guys won't have to worry about who's with her or not." Kai shrugged. "Besides, that was the only way to let Commander Stanton agree to let her follow us."

Leo walked over next to Kai. "Well? Is she GSA material? Can she stand up to all the pressure that's gonna come her way, or is she gonna crack?"

Kai shook his head. "Leo, she's more GSA material than you ever was."

* * *

Barbarous pounded his fist against the bureau in frustration. He's just gotten another report from a quantron. It had no better news than the last one. From the corner of his eye, he watched as Saven continued to take sips from his glass not even fazed by the last report. "Well Saven, what do you propose us to do now? Her signature is nowhere on Terra Venture. Atleast not that we can detect. How can we even be sure that signal that left was not hers?"

Saven set his glass down, uncrossing his legs to stand up. "From the report, the rangers must have something strong enough to hide her signal from us. As for that signal not being hers, I know. You forget who I am. I know she's somewhere on Terra Venture. Besides, do you think the rangers would be stupid enough to have her leave? They know that as long as we don't know where she is, we don't dare destroy Terra Venture. That's what they're aiming at." He turned to stare out the window at the large ship before them. "Continue with your scans. But I also want you to go to Terra Venture, in a human form. Try and get onto their Megaship if possible. That's probably where she is."

Barbarous nodded. "You're right as always Saven."

"By the way, Barbarous. What's Syphila's status? Destroyed… injured…?"

"Destroyed most likely. Even she couldn't have survived her Battle Lasher." Barbarous replied.

Saven nodded. "Now where is this Lord Scorpius, you've been telling me so much about, hiding at? From your description, his daughter sounds interesting. I really should meet her, and her father." He asked.

Barbarous frowned. "He's already pulled away, leaving Terra Venture to us. Really, you shouldn't worry yourself about him or Trakeena. Neither of them could even get onto the ship if they really wanted to. And there's always the communication channel if they ever want to become apart of your League of Evil. But I highly doubt it."

"Hmmm… yes." Saven continued to stare out the window. "Go on now and leave for Terra Venture. Remember we don't have forever to find Deikena." He said in a shooing voice as if to a small child.

Barbarous gritted his teeth. "Yes my lord."

* * *

Trakeena landed on Terra Venture's City Dome with Villamax and an army of her father's StingWingers. "Well this is interesting…" She muttered as the people began to scatter. She pointed a finger at a tall high-rise firing and reducing it to pieces. "It was blocking my view." She muttered angrily as explanation. "Along with that one, and that one, and that one." Each one she pointed at, was blown to shreds.

"Trakeena! Stop!" The power rangers ran around the corner.

"Well, it's the power rangers. How I've missed them… not! Villamax, StingWingers! Destroy them, and Terra Venture!" Trakeena turned teleporting herself away.

Villamax slapped his sword against his other hand. "Well, we meet again rangers. And hopefully this time, we won't have any unwanted interruptions. StingWingers! You heard Trakeena, attack!"

"Quasar Sabres!" The rangers attacked, keeping most of the StingWingers at bay while the last of the civilians left the area for safety.

"Villamax, you and Trakeena picked a bad time to butt in! Let me show you the way off and maybe let you know of a better time to come!" Leo crossed swords with Villamax once more, this time knowing his strength and skill.

Villamax broke the connection between their swords landing a kick at the red ranger's stomach. "Oh really red ranger? Well we pick when we want to attack. And this, I promise you will be the last fight you and your friends see."

"Oh please." Damon muttered from behind as Villamax turned to a sword in his face. "Don't you guys ever say things that come true? I mean, isn't it always you who ends up running away?"

"Oh, but it'll be different this time, ranger." Villamax snarled. "For instance, we know about the Industrial Dome seal doors. It's to our advantage that Terra Venture be destroyed." From some hidden pocket, he pulled out a small vial. "Don’t ask what this is…" He heaved it into the air. "StingWingers! Let's go!" He yelled as they teleported away.

Mike watched as the small black vial flew into the air. "Leo! Grab the vial but don't let it break! I have a feeling it's something really bad." He yelled.

Leo nodded for he was the closest. He leaped into the air catching it easily. "Got it! Let's get to the Megaship guys. Alpha'll find out what's in here."

* * *

Allyson yawned as she emerged from the building. She'd just somehow gotten through the two hour written test without suffocating. From what she knew, Kai had requested that her test be the first to be scored and brought to him. Now where was Mike? She wondered as she looked around. Kai said he would be waiting to take her to the target area when he'd dropped her off earlier. She tugged on the strap around her arm to loosen it. Damon had spent most of the night fixing the scrambler and making modifications. He'd mention making a few modifications on the break proof outer box, but she hadn't paid that much attention. She now took the time to take a closer look. The black pack it was lodged in looked the same but once she unzipped it and took a closer look at the insides, she noticed a new coating, and more gizmos.

"Where is he?" She muttered to herself. "Boy he sure knows how to keep someone waiting…" She settled down on a bench to wait.

"Ride not here also?" One of the other test takers asked as she settled herself down also.

Allyson nodded. "Yeah. He's suppose to take me to the target place soon since my test time is in a few minutes."

She nodded understanding. "I had my target test before this one. The building is over by the KJ Dojo. I could give you directions if you decide to get there yourself."

"Really?" The girl nodded. "Thanks, I'd appreciate that."

The girl smiled. "It's almost on the other side of the dome but it's not a long walk. About ten minutes. But you see the Control Tower there? Well it's on the other side and if you pass this red bricked building, you'll be able to see it. It's the one three down to the right of the KJ Dojo."

"Thanks…" Allyson got up. "I'll see you around then."

The girl nodded. "You too."

Allyson walked around the corner before down an alley. "Like I'm gonna walk. And even if I did, I wouldn't make it…" She muttered. She took a deep breath and looked around to make sure no one was watching. Allyson raised her right hand teleporting herself.

Mike steered the transport vehicle into a spot and looked around. He knew he was late but he'd left the battle scene right after the others had left for the Megaship. His fingers drummed on the wheel as he scanned the area and waited. Sighing he got out and walked to the front of the building taking a look inside.

"Excuse me…" He caught the attention of a girl sitting next to the entrance. "Have you seen a girl about this tall with brown hair a little past her shoulders? She was dressed in a blue GSA uniform, with a black arm band on her right arm."

"Oh sure. She was here a few minutes ago, if you'd been a bit earlier; you would have caught her. She already left."

Left? The world echoed in his mind. "Do you happen to know where she was heading or which direction she went off in?" Mike asked.

"Yeah. She was complaining about having to get to the target-shooting center on time, and since I'd already been there, I gave her the directions. If you hurry, you might still be able to catch her and give her a ride." The girl smiled pleasantly. "Oh! My ride's here. C'ya." She ran off leaving Mike alone.

Mike sighed. He had a feeling even if he hurried; he wouldn't be able to catch her. He might as well head towards the target-shooting center and wait for her to finish and come out. "I didn't think I'd be this late…" He muttered absently.

* * *

Barbarous groaned as he stopped to rest. Saven had sent him off the ship with walking instructions. He'd normally be able to travel faster and easier if he'd been allowed some flying vehicle. Eclipter and another cybernetically built android warrior, followed behind, also in human form, reaching out to help him. "No!" He whispered hoarsely. "You'll draw attention." He nodded towards a bench. "We'll sit there for a while." No sooner had he rested, when he caught site of several of the rangers walk by laughing and talking. It was the red, green, and yellow ranger. Joy oh joy, and who was with them? Astronema or the now called Karone. "Eclipter, follow them." He ordered silently as the warrior stood up. "If you see Deikena, alert me as soon as possible." Barbarous watched from the corners of his eyes as they disappeared amongst the large crowds.

"Another ranger…" Cyrax, the android muttered gesturing with a flick of his hand towards the other side of the street. A transporter had pulled up on the curb and parked. Sitting in the drivers' seat was the Magna Defender.

Barbarous' eyes darkened. "Let's go have a nice chat with the Defender…" He said in a low voice suddenly feeling refreshed.

"Wait!" Cyrax held out a hand stopping him. He had his gaze trained to the sky and Barbarous followed. Something that looked like a shooting star flew through the sky colliding with the ground in front of them sending a wave of dust and debris high into the air clouding the area and dimming the lighting. "She's back….."

Allyson looked up at the collision sound from where she was signing out. It didn't sound like an ordinary meteor or asteroid. And she doubted it was one. With Terra Venture moving, there was an one in a billion chance of one striking them; and she didn't think they'd just gotten lucky. She handed the pen back flashing a smile before hurrying outside. It took her a moment to get a clear view of things. The majority of the civilians were heading away to safety, but a few of the braver and courageous ones had stayed forming a small crowd around what appeared to be a crater, waiting for the dust to clear so they could see. She saw Mike somewhere near the edge in the front of the crowd. "Excuse me… excuse me… excuse me…" She finally made it to his side.

"What do you think it is?" Mike asked in a low voice. There was still a lot of dust that needed to settle, and the light was returning.

Allyson shook her head. "I don’t know." And something inside her, call it women's intuition, told her she didn't want to know. Her left hand nervously played with the silver bracelet she'd manage to get on this morning with a little help from Maya and a thin silver chain she had stashed away somewhere.

From deep within the crater formed, a low growl sounded that echoed and hung in the air scaring most over half of the crowd away. A few of the younger teens in the crowd, that believed themselves safe and that the rangers would show up when things got rough stayed. A few even ventured closer, laughing and yelling at their friends. A few cars zoom into the area, GSA soldiers got off and immediately began trying to usher the youngsters away.

A shadow suddenly whizzed out of the deep crater dashing past several GSA ripping their armor and destroying their weapons. It returned to the dusty abyss it had come from leaving everything in utter chaos. Two of the GSA were wounded in the chest where claws had seemed to penetrate right through to their flesh.

"Get all the kids and civilians out of here!" Mike yelled. "Get those GSA to the hospital ward and stay away from the crater! Keep your eyes peeled and be careful!" He ordered a large fire truck to be brought in and soon the area was soaked, the dust and particles setting for them to see the large gaping hole, with a ten-foot diameter, in the ground. Mike grabbed one of the guns, inching closer slowly, as if expecting whatever it was that had come out earlier to appear again. He finally reached the edge and dared a look over. The hole before him reached down and down and down until he finally could not see where it headed or ended.

Allyson followed behind taking a peek down the hole. "You're gonna need a very, very, very large flashlight for this…." She commented dryly.

Mike waved a hand to one of the soldiers. "I want a spotlight brought in now! Along with several harnesses and cables!" He ordered. "And keep this area clear!"

A frown creased Allyson's face. "What are you gonna do with a harness and a cable? Don't tell me you're not really considering having someone go down there… It's suicide!" She added in a hoarse whisper.

"Exactly. That's why I'm going down… And I won't be alone. I have a Kai's gonna come and Leo won't need any persuading. I'm not having any defenseless soldier go down."

"And the other rangers?" Allyson asked.

"Kendrix, Maya, and Damon are gonna stay up here in case trouble brews and we can't make it back in time. I see Kai and the others heading here already." He nodded for the GSA to let them into the secure area. "Kai, Leo… you two ready to go down with me?" They both nodded just as the items Mike had requested earlier were brought in. "Good. Let's suit up. The rest of you stay in case there's trouble." The three each grabbed a full body suit and a harness before heading off to suit up.

Damon stretched. "Well, I'd better go see if they need my help with the equipment. I'll let you know if there's anything wrong."

Kendrix nodded. She'd already pulled out a notebook and was beginning to head off towards where the science department was already setting up a temporarily station. "Come on, we won't be much help here." Maya and Karone followed her away.

Allyson took another look down the hole before going in the opposite direction to find Mike, Kai, and Leo. "Can I come with?" She asked as they exited a trailer. "I promise I won't be much trouble." Kai shook his head no. "Please? There's nothing up here for me to do anyways, and I might be helpful. Damon has his engineering to do, Kendrix has her science thing, Maya has her plant-life to look after, and Karone's been spending time at the preschool."

Mike shook his head. "Sorry Allyson. Who knows what could be down there. We don't even have the slightest clue except that whatever attacked causes harm."

"Exactly why I'd be more useful. I can't do anything to help up here. Atleast down with you guys I can see and feel. I--I have some idea of who or what it might be, but I'm not sure. You're gonna need my help whether it be now or later."

Mike frowned thoughtfully. "Alright, go suit up. We'll wait for you."

Allyson broke into a grin. "Really?"

Leo nodded towards the trailer. "I'd hurry in case Mike changes his mind."

"Be right back!" Allyson disappeared into the trailer, stepping out a few seconds later fully changed. "Done!"

Kai laughed. "Let's go. He strapped his helmet on as they approached the deep chasm.

The large spotlight had been set up hanging over the edge, the light shining down into the darkness. A pulley system had been constructed with Damon at the head holding a screwdriver. He looked over towards them opening his mouth to shout something that died in his throat when he caught sight of Allyson. He leaped from his platform to the ground near them.

"Of all the people to pick to go along, you choose her?" He asked in disbelief.

Mike shrugged helplessly as Allyson began attaching herself to the cable ignoring Damon's comment. "Couldn't be helped." He mouthed as he joined the others. "So how long is the cable? Do you think it should be enough to get us to the bottom of this gorge? It can't be that deep."

Damon nodded. "It should. The cable's long enough to wind around Terra Venture. Let alone reach the deepest this hole can be. Besides, nothing's gonna break or delay your descent. Not with me operating, so have a good trip. And attempt to come back in one piece."

"Don't we always?" Leo asked grinning.

Damon shook his head with a wave of his hand. "You guys ready to go?"

Allyson tugged on the cable that would lower and pull her up. "Ready to go…" She took a step before launching herself into the now illuminated hole.

Kai grabbed the cable jerking her to a rough stop. "I swear, she's gonna get herself killed one of these days…" He muttered as Damon worked to tighten the cable again. "You're suppose to go down slowly." He called to her.

Mike only nodded as he began his descent also. Leo followed and last was Kai.

Leo set a timid foot on the ground beneath them before lowering his full weight holding tight to the cable in case the ground wasn't too solid. "So far so good." He muttered as Mike's flashlight shined around. Down there, the powerful light of the spotlight was weaker than a moonlight's beam.

"Well, no pieces of space rock… what does that leave us?" Kai asked shining his flashlight around the ground.

"What were you expecting?" Allyson asked.

Kai shrugged. "Maybe something to tell us anything…?"

"This way!" Leo called from a corner. "Whatever it was that attacked probably left through here." He moved aside to show them a large gaping hole. The light of his flashlight shone in, but the beam wasn't strong enough and so died into the darkness. "Now we just need a brighter light?" He added.

"Move." Allyson stepped into the entrance of the tunnel. "Cover me, they might see the light out there." She turned her back to face the darkness of the tunnel. She extended her hands and her staff appeared. The amethyst jewel within its clear casing suddenly blazed to life blinding them. Allyson held the staff out before her, using her will to force the light into one steady beam onward. "That bright enough?" She asked.

Mike nodded. "You lead then."

Allyson nodded moving forward shining her light ahead. After walking a while, they all noticed the elevation begin to rise. First gradually with a small slope before becoming a full steep climb upward. Allyson was forced to set her staff upright and use it to help her along while the others followed as fast, at her heels, as they could. They finally emerged out into a warehouse somewhere at the edge of the City Dome. Their trail ended there and there was nothing to provide a clue as to where the culprit was now.

"Well that was a waste of time…" Leo commented dryly.

Kai poked around at a bunch of rubble hoping to find something. "It depends on what you mean by waste of time…" He grinned. "Good excer-- wait a minute… Mike, does Terra Venture carry explosive tanks?" Mike shook his head no. "The--oh shoot!" Kai turned. "Everybody out! It's gonna blow!" He yelled grabbing Leo and practically dragging him away.

Mike grabbed Allyson's arm as the two of them turned and ran. Behind them, an explosion could be heard and a wave of heat passed by them followed by another explosion and then another. The four jumped out a large window landing and then rolling to safety. A few seconds later, the entire warehouse was engulfed in a gigantic explosion that shook everything on the large colony. The four slowly rose watching the flames shooting high into the sky. From within the fiery infernal something began making its' way out.

"My bracelet!" Allyson suddenly cried launching herself back towards the fire.

"Allyson no!" Both Mike and Kai stopped her. "It's too dangerous!" They held her back as the form from the fire continued to make its' way out. The closer it got, the less human it seemed to be getting. "Allyson stay here, for once just listen to us. Please…" Mike begged. "I'll get your bracelet."

Leo shook his head. "But Mike, we don't know what that thing is..!"

Mike nodded. "I know. But we won't find out waiting here. Go, Galactic!" Leo and Kai followed his example just as the other rangers arrived.

"You could feel the heat all the way back at the site! How'd you guys get here?" The green ranger asked as they joined the three. "And what is that?"

"We're about to find out." The pink ranger murmured as the thing stepped out of the fire. A gasp broke from all their lips. "Is that who I think it is?"

The yellow ranger took a small step forward. "It's Syphila… with an entirely new look and on a new level…!"

"Well then, let's help her find her way back to where she should be." The red ranger said with a raised fist.

Allyson backed away against the wall. She shut her eyes tight not wanting to look. All she had to remember was that this was still Syphila, only more powerful. She could only remember once in her entire life that she'd seen Syphila like this before, and it was only when her father had allowed her to channel into his power, which had caused her to change. And that was when there was no other choice, and the only way to destroy the entire Ballan Empire with one quick blow. "The lights… use the lights." She called.

"Quasar Sabres!" The rangers cleared some of the debris easily as they landed in front of Syphila. "Lights of Orion, Activate!" The bright light shone and when it disappeared, the rangers were dressed in their Lights of Orion armor. Syphila however didn't even flinch or look surprised. She'd been expecting this.

Long claws flicked out from Syphila's wrist. "Well rangers, we meet again. I can tell you how glad I am to be able to match talents with you once more. And with no one to stop me. I have Allepsatsac's approval, and Dark Specter ceases to exists." Her form suddenly became a shadow and a loud screech escaped from her throat. The darkness suddenly streaked to attack striking all the rangers before landing right beside the red ranger. Her claws dug into the shoulder and a strange feeling passed through Leo. He grew weaker and weaker the longer Syphila had her claws on him. "I grow more and more powerful with each passing moment! Feel all the fear you wish when I destroy you rangers!"

The magna defender took a step forward but stopped with something flashed and caught his eye. It was a bracelet. And a familiar sight. Last time he'd seen it, it was on the wrist of his baby sister. He bent picking it up delicately before stowing it in a pocket. It must be the one Allyson was talking about. He noted to talk with her about it later, right now, he had to concentrate on the matter at hand.

"Distracted?" A voice hissed in his ear. Mike suddenly felt a pair of sharp claws tear through to his shoulder. From the corner of his eye, he saw Kendrix trying to help a demorphed Leo up, Syphila must have drained all of his power already. He thought tiredly as he dropped to his knees, defenseless to do something about it.