Hello everyone. Please bare with me on this. I am new to writing the Turbo Rangers and most of the characters here. The story is truthfully nearly complete, and I will be posting it act by act. Please send me input at thall@netset.com. I'd really appreciate it. Enjoy!!!

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Power Rangers Turbo: "Purple and Gray, Part 1,
Act 1: When comes the Catbot"
by Aaron Thall

In Earth's orbit, there is a sphere of cold rock. This barren terrain forms Earth's sole natural satellite. This is the Moon. For the most part, this area is cold. Lifeless. Dark. And to a select few... home...

One such individual sits on a dark throne made of some alien materials without names. His red muscles vibrate ever so slightly as he sits. Fluid races through artificial veins. He holds a staff in his muscle and metal hand. The staff ends in a spiked point, and the other end is a giant "Z". His face, or what's left of it, is covered by a metallic mask and a red visor. That visor now begins to glow with evil energies.

This is Lord Zedd.

Slowly, Lord Zedd rises from his throne and walks to the observation deck.

"It's time."

He raises his staff. Energy fires out, streaking towards some unknown location.

Elsewhere on the Moon... The pile of rubble lying here was once the ruling family of the evil and powerful Machine Empire. However, they were brought to an end as a present from Zedd blew up in their faces, quite literally.

A blast of energy reaches out from nowhere. It is absorbed by the heads of King Mondo, Queen Machina, Prince Sprocket, Klank, and Orbus. Slowly, the pieces of robot begin to move and come back together. And after a few seconds that seem more like an eternity, King Mondo rises.

He raises his staff victoriously.

"The Machine Empire has returned at long last! And we will crush our enemies beneath our feet!"


Angel Grove Park... A twelve year old boy dressed in blue races through the Park, with four teenagers trailing behind him. The four teenagers, an African American girl in yellow, an Australian American girl in pink, a Korean American boy in green, and a boy in red, are yelling to the boy in blue to slow down.

To the casual onlooker, these five are ordinary, everyday people. That onlooker would be in grievous error, for when evil threatens the planet, Justin, Tanya, Kat,
Adam, and Tommy call on their Turbo Morphers and transform into the finest fighting force that this universe has ever seen.

They are the Power Rangers Turbo.

"Justin!" calls out Tommy, "Slow down! Wait up!"

Justin listens and does as Tommy requests.

"Hurry up!"

"Justin," asks Tanya, "What's so important about the science convention at the Youth Center?"

"Yeah," adds Adam. "What's the big emergency?"
"You'll see! Trust me, it isn't good!"
Justin bolts off again. The other Rangers just look at each other, shrug their shoulders, and race off after him.

"He sure is fast!" says Tommy.

"Even without Turbo Powers!" jokes Kat.

Justin runs into the Youth Center, with the others hot on his heels.

They rush past several displays, their topics ranging from the workings of gravity to extremes of temperatures. Justin motions for them to come over to one particular display.

This particular display is maintained by two teenagers. One is a brown haired girl dressed in a neon yellow tank top and black workout pants. The other is a boy wearing a blue tee shirt and red pants. Tommy and the others walk over.

The boy notices them first.

"Oh! Hello. Welcome to the inventor's convention. My name's Matt. This is my sister, Wendy."

"Hi. Say... aren't you Tommy Oliver? The karate expert?"

"Yeah. This is Justin, Kat, Adam, and Tanya."
Hands shake.

Adam notices an unusual device behind the two teenagers.

"Hey, what's that device behind you guys?"
"Oh, this?"

"This is an energy wave analyzer and tracker."
"We intend to use it to follow certain patterns left by particular types of energy."

"Kind of like following a fingerprint."
"Precisely... Kat was it?"


"So what kind of energy do you guys intend to track down?"
"The kind you can only find here in Angel Grove."
"What do you mean?"

"In Layman's terms: We intend to use our invention to uncover the true identities
of the Power Rangers Turbo."

The look on the Rangers' faces goes from fascination to shock.