For those legal statements, go see act one.

Power Rangers Turbo: "Purple and Gray, Part 1,
Act 2: When comes the Catbot"
by Aaron Thall

The Machine Empire Skybase... The door to the Machine Empire throne room opens. The Royal house of Gadgetry enters. King Mondo and the others look around the room.

"It's just as we left it dear!" says Machina.

"Aye, and the Quadrafighters are primed and ready as well." adds Klank.

"We're ready to take the planet!" announces Orbus.

King Mondo turns back towards them. "No. Something here is amiss!"

"What do you mean dad?" asks Prince Sprocket.

"I mean this: have any of you even stopped once to think about that bolt of energy? Where did it come from?"

"I'll send the Cogs t' investigate at once your Highness."

"That won't be necessary." slowly, the form of Lord Zedd moves from the shadows. He grasps his staff and walks towards Mondo.

"YOU??!! You did this?!"

"Of course I did! Who else would dare?"

"I know your type Zedd. What do you want?"

"The very same as you! The destruction of the Power Rangers. To conquer the planet Earth. To rule the universe!"

"And you have the audacity to demand assistance from us?!"

"No. I think that we should ally ourselves. Together, those pathetic Power Rangers won't stand a chance!"

King Mondo ponders his options for a moment. Slowly, he raises his head.

"What you propose has possibilities Zedd. Very well! We will join forces.

For now..."

Youth Center... The Rangers move to the lockers.

"You were right Justin," says Kat. "This could spell trouble."

"Could they really track our energy signatures?" asks Tommy.

"I'm not sure. They're supergenuises or something."

"So what you're saying is that it could go either way?" asks Adam.

Justin nods.

"We'll just have to hope that things stay quiet for a while." says Tanya.

Divatox's subcraft... A large creature made up of port holes and diving suit rushes into the control room. It's name is Porto. He runs over to a woman dressed in red and Gold. A purple braid descends from her head. Her name is Divatox.

"Captain! Captain!"

She turns. "What is it, you pathetic marshmallowed buffoon?!"

"I am sorry to disturb you, but there is a disturbance on this planet's moon that you should be aware of."

Divatox walks over to the periscope and redirects it. She sees what is occurring in the Machine Empire throne room.

"NO!!! It can't be! The Millennium Message is starting to come true!"

She remembers the image of her standing alongside Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, King Mondo, and Queen Machina.

"Hmmm... Maybe I can turn this to my advantage. The ones that are supposed to stop us haven't arrived yet. If I play my cards right, I can eliminate the Rangers before they arrive!"

Rygog, who has been listening, speaks up.

"Brilliant captain! How may I be of assistance?"

"Keep an eye on them. I want to know their every move."

"Aye aye!"

Elgar rushes in carrying a soup bowl with an octopus tentacle hanging over.

"Hey Auntie D! Want some Seafood suprise?"

She looks into the bowl.

"What did you do? Clean out the space between your ears?"

"How'd you guess?"


He walks off to find a spoon.

"I'll show those two that Divatox isn't one to be forgotten. One way or the other!"

Youth Center... Matt and Wendy are hard at work, going over the scanner's circuits.

"I can't wait to see if this works Matt!"

"I know Wendy If it does, than we'll finally have proven our work. Made all the time and effort worth it. We'll finally meet the Rangers!"

Nearby, the transformed Bulk and Skull listen in on their conversation.

"Did you hear that Skull?"

"That device is gonna lead them to the Rangers!"

"Yeah! We'll stay close to them! See if it works!"

"If it does, we can get the Rangers to change us back!"

They start jumping up and down in their excitement. Lt. Stone walks by.

"What is going on with those two? Ah well..." He picks up a tray of juices.

Skull jumps up again and accidentally trips Lt. Stone. He lands on his back and the juices spill all over him. Emily rushes over to him.

"Are you all right?"

"Yeah. Y'know, those two really remind me of someone I know..."

Emily just rolls her eyes.

Machine Empire Skybase... "First things first!" says Zedd. "We need a new creature to launch our attack."

"And it had better be tougher than those losers from the past!" Rita Repulsa, Goldar, and Rito Revolto walk in.

Prince Sprocket looks over. "Hey! It's the boob patrol!"

"Watch it, you little bucket of bolts!" growls Goldar.

"Yeah! No one ever calls me a patrol!" adds Rito.

Sprocket walks away. "What a yutz."

King Mondo turns to Zedd. "We have all the necessary material here. All we need is a design."

"I have the perfect one..." if it weren't for the fact that his face was gone, Lord Zedd would be smiling.

Power Chamber... The five Rangers teleport in. Alpha 6 is at the controls, trying to get cartoons up on the viewing globe.

[New Replace Term] greets them. "Rangers, to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?"

Tommy answers. "Two students from Angel Grove High, Matt and Wendy, say that

a device that they've built will lead them to us, the Rangers, unmorphed."

'We need to know if they're right." adds Adam.

Alpha smacks the controls. Inspector Gadget can be seen on the screen.

"Rangers, why are you so concerned that these two may uncover your identities?"

"It could be dangerous for them." says Kat.

"Yeah," says Tanya. "Divatox could put them in the middle of our battles."

Justin looks at Alpha.


No response.


Still no response.

"ALPHA!!!!" Justin grabs the robot and shakes it.

"YO YO YO! WHAT???!!!"

"We need you to start scanning Matt and Wendy's device."

"I'll let ya know when I've got somethin'! And kid, lay off the material! I get a little annoyed when I don't get my daily dose a' 'Samurai Pizza Cats'!"

Devatox's subcraft... Rygog has just informed Divatox of Zedd and Mondo's plans.

"So they're planning an attack eh? With a new robot?"


'They won't stand a chance against the Rangers' new powers. It looks like I'm about to enter the equation after all!"

She turns to her periscope.

"Porto! I have a job for you!"

"Yes Captain?"

"Here's what you have to do..."

Machine Empire Skybase... Klank and Goldar enter the throne room.

"Sire! Zedd! It's ready!"

King Mondo grabs his staff. 'Then let us greet the new creature!"

The two evil rulers follow Goldar and Klank into a room filled with old robot parts. A robotic figure resembling a humanoid feline stands before them.

"I'd like t' introduce ye to the Callous Catbot."

"The Rangers won't stand a chance!" adds Goldar.

"Excellent!" says Zedd. "And now for the Rangers!"

A sudden flash of light startles all present. Divatox, Porto, and Rygog step out of the light.

"Hold everything!"

"DEVATOX??!!" they all exclaim in union.

"Your little kitty is impressive, but in case you haven't noticed, the Rangers aren't at the same power level that they used to be."

Porto walks forward and produces a small device.

'This power module will increase it's power to levels substantially greater than that of the Turbo Power." says Porto.

"And why are you helping us?" asks Zedd, suprised at how ironic it is for him to be asking, considering that Mondo was asking him a similar question only hours earlier.

"Because three heads are better than two. And besides, you have no experience with the Turbo Rangers."

"You make a good argument Divatox. Agreed. Porto! Klank! Install the device!"

"And may the universe tremble!"

Power Chamber... Tommy walks over to Alpha 6, who's grumbling over his missed shows.

"Is there any news yet?"

"Nothin' yet, but I'm still checkin'!"

The alarm sounds.

"What now?" asks Tanya.

"Rangers, would you please turn your attention to the viewing globe?"

They do. It activates and they see the cat robot terrorizing people in the park.

Kat sees it and gasps in shock.

"That- that looks just like I did when Rita turned me into a monster!"

"And why shouldn't it? Was it not patterned after you?"

Tommy turns to the others.

"We have to stop it."

"But what about Matt and Wendy?" says Justin to make sure Tommy didn't forget about them.

"That's just a risk we'll have to take."