"Power Rangers Turbo: Purple and Gray, Part 3,
Act 3, Turbo Rangers Revealed!"
By: Aaron Thall

Ninjor's Temple...

"They're called the Techno Rangers?" Tommy asks Ninjor, hoping for more information.

"Yes, they are."

"Who are they?"

"I cannot say. Just as I respect your secrets, I have no choice but to respect theirs'. But know that they fight for your side and will prove to be powerful allies. And when the time is right, they shall reveal themselves to you. But I am afraid that I can tell you no more." ***

Divatox's Subcraft...

Divatox looks away from the periscope and turns to Rygog.

"Excellent work!"

"Thank you Captain!"

"Now what?" asks Rita, impatiently as usual.

"A detonator in the workshop those two teens have been using. It should convince them that the Rangers want to protect their secrets!"

"And in turn," adds Queen Machina, "They'll reveal to the world everything they know about the Rangers in retaliation!"

"It's absolutely perfect!" says Rita. "I'll send Goldar and Rito to guard it!"

"I just love it when a plan comes together!" exclaims Machina. ***

The Park...

"Well, to tell the truth..." Wendy is interrupted by Adam's communicator.

"Adam here."

"YO YO YO! I hate ta tell ya this, but we need Matt's scanner ta turn these two bozos back ta normal!"

"If you guys need it, it's yours."

Alpha pauses a second. "Ya blew it, didn't ya?"


"We'll chat later! We got us a detonator at their workshop! Not ta mention Goldar and Rito Revolto!"

"If we don't get that scanner..." begins Tanya.

"Then Bulk and Skull'll be trapped as monkeys forever!"

"Then let's do it! SHIFT INTO TURBO!"

The three Rangers bring their left arms up and flick their wrists. As they do so, their morphers appear in bright flashes of light. They pull their Turbo Keys out and place them in the slots.

"MOUNTAIN BLASTER TURBO POWER!" Justin's uniform appears and his helmet snaps into place. He grows to adult size.

"DESERT THUNDER TURBO POWER!" Adam's uniform appears and his helmet snaps into place.

"DUNE STAR TURBO POWER!" Tanya's uniform appears and her helmet snaps into place.

Adam turns to the awestruck Matt and Wendy. "Stay put! We'll be back as soon as we can!"

"No problem!"

The three Rangers teleport away. ***

Ninjor's Temple...

Tommy's communicator beeps.

"Tommy here."

"Tommy! We got a little problem at Matt and Wendy's workshop! Adam and the others are waitin' fer ya!"

"We hear you!" He turns to Kat and Ninjor. "We've got an emergency Kat."

"Right Tommy. We'll be back later Ninjor."

"I certainly hope so. May the Power protect you."

"And you too. SHIFT INTO TURBO!"

Kat and Tommy bring their left arms up and repeat the process used by Adam and the others mere instants before.

"WIND CHASER TURBO POWER!" Kat's uniform appears and her helmet snaps into place.

"RED LIGHTNING TURBO POWER!" Tommy's uniform appears and his helmet snaps into place.

Together, Kat and Tommy teleport out.

"If they only knew the truth..." Ninjor walks out to his garden, praying that the Rangers are victorious. ***

Matt and Wendy's Workshop...

The detonator counts down. Only three minutes remain. Rito and Goldar continue to guard it.

"Well Goldie, looks like Ed and Mondo really did it this time!"

"It's Zedd you bonehead! Now go watch the detonator!"

"I can't wait! Nothing like explosions to really clear the sinuses!"

The Turbo Rangers teleport in.

"Back away from the detonator!" orders Tommy as he sees the two monsters.

"And you're gonna make us?" asks Rito.

"You know it!"

"I'd like ta see ya try!" Cogs appear all around the Rangers.

"Let's get to work!" Tommy leaps up over the Cogs' heads and land s behind them. Distracted by this maneuver, they fail to block Kat's blows. Tanya and Justin race past the Cogs towards the Workshop, but Rito block their path. Adam calls his Turbo Blade and begins to duel with Goldar.

"You can't win Green Ranger! Our combined forces are too powerful for you!"

"You said the same thing to Tommy, and you were wrong then too!"

Rito's sword slices through the air and slams into Tanya and Justin. They go flying back and land on the ground. Rito stands over them. "Looks like you're not goin' anywhere!" He raises his sword, which begins to glow with energy.

"Looks like this is it!"

But dispite the hopeless situation, it is far from over. Twin streaks of light flash in and knock Rito onto his butt before reforming into the Purple and Gray Ninja Rangers. The Ninjas run over to Justin and Tanya and help them to their feet.

"Thanks!" says Justin.

"Now let's get these guys!" In response to Tanya, the Gray Ninja flashes her a thumbs up sign. ***

Divatox's subcraft...

"NOOOOO!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!" Divatox turns away from the periscope in sheer anger. "We have to eliminate those ninjas before they can interfere any more than they already have!"

"I agree." says Machina. "I say we give the Rangers a bigger problem."

"Rygog! Fire the torpedoes!" ***

Twin torpedoes fly through the air, streaking for the Rangers.

"GET DOWN!" As the Rangers duck, the torpedoes explode around Goldar. Slowly, he grows to a towering height.

Tommy turns to the two Ninja Rangers, who have just taken out five Cogs. "Think you guys can take care of Rito?"

They nod.

"all right. Let's do it guys!"

In union, the Rangers make the call. "WE NEED TURBO MEGAZORD POWER NOW!" ***

>From their hiding place under Angel Grove, the five Turbo Zords roll into action. The Rangers leap into the cockpits.

"Let's bring 'em together!" orders Tommy.

Within a few seconds, the Zords enter Tank mode.


The Zords stop and rise up and complete the transformation into the Turbo Megazord.

Goldar wastes no time in attacking. His sword slashes at the Turbo Megazord with monstrous fury.

"This time it is I that shall be the victor Rangers!"

"We'll just see about that!" ***

Gray Ninja Ranger flashes across the Cogs, completely demolishing the lot of them. Purple Ninja Ranger spins around and delivers a devastating blow to Rito's midsection.

"HEY! Cut that out already! At least say somethin'!"

Purple Ranger grabs Rito and motions to Gray Ranger. In response, she runs into the workshop and grabs both the scanner and the detonator.


As Gray Ranger fades out, the only response Rito gets is a kick to the jaw. ***

Goldar swings his sword again, but it doesn't make contact.

"ARTILERY: FIRE!" Energy bursts from the Turbo Megazord's chestplate and forces Goldar back.

"Where's Blue Centurion?!"

"We could really use his help right now!"

"Looks like you're on your own Rangers!" As Goldar prepares to swing again, a gray flash begins to circle his arm and sword. "What's going on?! Stop it!" Gray Ranger attaches the detonator to Goldar's sword and flashes off just as it explodes.

Startled, Goldar drops his sword. Debris from the detonator strikes the scanner just before Gray Ranger fades it into the Turbo Megazord cockpit. As she fades out herself, she sees that the Rangers are going to take full advantage of the turn of events.

"TURBO MEGAZORD SABRE!" The weapons appears in a pillar of smoke. The Zord races at Goldar. "This oughtta shrink this problem! TURBO MEGAZORD SPINOUT!" Turbo Megazord spins like a demented top. As it flashes past Goldar, the powerful energy surges through Goldar and counteracts Divatox's torpedoes. Goldar vanishes.

"Guys! Take a look at this!" The Rangers turn in response to Kat's exclamation. They see the scanner.

"I can't believe it! Let's get this back to the Power Chamber!"

"And then back to Matt and Wendy!" ***

Goldar lands hard on the pavement outside the workshop. As Gray Ranger fades back in, Purple Ranger delivers a final blow to Rito and joins her in a fadeout.


"Come on! This party's a bust!" Goldar and Rito vanish. ***

Divatox's subcraft...

"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! THOSE NINJAS RUINED EVERYTHING AGAIN!" Divatox fumes with anger. All her attempts to stop the Millennium Message were coming to naught.

"I've got a headache!!!" whines Rita.

"SILENCE!" booms the voice of King Mondo as he and Lord Zedd teleport in. "While the three of you have been wasting time and resources, the Rangers left those two teenagers unguarded! We shall use the Catbot to keep the Rangers distracted while our plan comes together!"

"And perhaps this time, it will actually destroy them!" Zedd glows with anticipation. ***

The Park...

Matt and Wendy look worried.

"It's been too long Matt. What if something happened to them?"

Callous Catbot and the RoboTengas appear.

"Right now, the Rangers are the least of your problems!"

"What do we do Matt?"

"I don't know Wendy. I don't know..."