"Power Rangers Turbo: Purple and Gray, Part 3,
Act 2, Turbo Rangers Revealed!"
by Aaron Thall

Machine Empire Skybase...

Prince Sprocket and Klank are talking.

"Klank, how's dad gonna use those two teenagers?"

"I wish I could tell ye, but I don't know either!"

Sprocket tries to enter the room where Zedd and Mondo are talking, but the doors don't open. "He locked me out!"

"Then whatever it is that they're planning, it's big." ***

Divatox's Subcraft...

Divatox, Rita Repulsa, and Queen Machina walk in to the main control room. Porto greets them.

"Welcome back Captain."

"Stow the formalities Porto!"

Queen Machine surveys the room. "Magnificent! Absolutely marvelous!"

"It works. Unlike my crew."

"Don't I know it! It's impossible to find good help these days!" adds Rita in agreement.

Divatox walks over to the periscope, which is being manned by Rygog.

"Captain! There's something you should see!" She looks into the periscope and sees Wendy confronting Adam.

"Perfect! The cat's out of the bag! RYGOG! Send the Pirannahtrons to make sure it stays that way!" ***

Youth Center...


"I said it once and I'll say it again Adam. I know that you're the Green Ranger. We recorded your voice and Green Ranger's voice. We ran a comparison and it was an exact match."

"By the same token," adds Matt, "You guys are probably Rangers too. We just can't prove it yet."

Adam gets up. "Maybe we'd better discuss this in private."

"Agreed." ***

Power Chamber...

An unusual light shines on the chimps, but doesn't affect them.

"Not again?!" Alpha 6 smacks the machine.

"Has this attempt also met with failure Alpha?"

"Whatever have ya that idea big D? Any ideas on how ta turn 'em back?"

"Apparently our tests have tampered with the energy. Can you not think of any way to detect and lock onto the energy?"

"Yeah, but... ya can't be serious, can ya?" ***

Angel Grove Park...

"Guys," begins Adam, "We're not the Rangers! What do we have to do to convince you?"

"Nothing Adam. We know. We know enough to know that you're lying." ***

Divatox's subcraft...


The Pirannatrons appear.

"LOOK OUT!" One of the creatures swings at Matt, but he grabs the arm and flips the creature over his head. Adam sidekicks a second while Justin shoves a third back. Wendy and Tanya both guard each other while they deliver a quick series of kicks and punches.

More Pirannatron appear.

"Split up guys!"

"This way Wendy!" Matt and Wendy move over to a deserted meadow, followed by about six of the creatures. As one reaches for Wendy, she grabs it's arm and twists it around to use it as a shield. Matt hammers two of them with powerful kicks.

Justin drops to the ground and uses his feet to throw a charging Pirannatron into the ground. Tanya slams two together and spins around to nail a third with a sidekick. Adam slams two to the ground and breathes a sigh of relief as their adversaries vanish.

"Take a look at that!" says Tanya as she watches Matt and Wendy fend off the remaining creatures.

"They're good for a couple brains." adds Justin.

"Like you can talk?"

"I was just wondering, could they be the Ninja Rangers?"

"Is that even possible?"

Matt and Wendy, in unison, finish off the last of the creatures by slamming the heads of the Pirannatron into their knees. They quickly run over to the Rangers.


"Yeah Wendy?"

"Are you guys all right? We saw you standing there and..."

"Adam," begins Matt, "if we weren't sure before, we are now. You guys are the Turbo Rangers."

"Aw man... BUSTED!" says Justin.

"All right, you've got us. We admit it. Now why have you been looking for us?"

"Well," begins Wendy, "to tell you the truth..." ***

Ninjor's temple...

Ninjor walks over to Tommy.

"Tommy, you seen distracted. What's wrong?"

"That's why we came to see you. We ran into two very interesting characters yesterday. Purple and Gray Ninja Rangers."

"And we thought that you might be able to tell us something about them." adds Kat.

"So they've finally shown themselves eh?"

"YOU KNEW??!!"

"Who are they?"

"Calm down, both of you! Yes, I can tell you many things... about the Techno Rangers."