Since the characters have finally been revealed, it's time for an updated disclaimer.

Matt/Purple Ranger, Wendy/Gray Ranger, Techno Rangers, Techno Morpher, Stegosaurus Dinozord, Spearhead, Callous Catbot, and all effects and new combos associated with these characters/objects listed are copyright 1997 by Aaron(Tornado)Thall and should only be used with permission.

Turbo Rangers, Gold Ranger, Ninjor, and all effects and characters associated with these characters are copyright 1997 Saban Entertainment Inc., and are used without permission.

"Power Rangers Turbo: Purple and Gray, Part 4,
Act 1, Rangers Unite!"
By Aaron Thall

Angel Grove Park...

The light reflects off of Matt's purple helmet. The helmet, shaped like a Stegosaurus head, almost looks like it's glowing, as does Wendy's gray helmet, shaped like the head of Titanus. They both clench their fists as they look at the RoboTengas and Callous Catbot.

"Well, well, well! We weren't expecting you two to be the new Rangers on the block! This changes everything!" Callous Catbot's tail whips around in anticipation. "ROBOTENGAS! DESTROY THEM!"

Immediately, a horde of cybernetically enhanced feathered creatures swarm at the two Techno Rangers, who, quite frankly, are doubting their ability to handle the situation.

"Matt! What do we do now?!" yells a nearly panicking Wendy.

"We fight sis. We fight." Underneath his helmet, Matt's eyes narrow.


Power Chamber...

The Rangers look at Adam like he's nuts.

"Matt and Wendy? The Techno Rangers? You can't be serious Adam."

"I mean it! Think about all the evidence! First those Ninjas vanish, and ten seconds later, Matt and Wendy show up. And after hearing about an emergency at their workshop, the Ninja Rangers appeared out of nowhere."

Kat breaks in. "HEY! That explains how Gray Ranger knew about the detonator and the scanner!"

"An' there's one more thing ya guys gotta see!" They turn to the viewing globe and see a recording of Matt and Wendy morphing. "That enough for ya?" asks Alpha before deactivating the globe.

"They need help." says Tommy. "I think it's time for the Turbo Rangers to meet the Techno Rangers."

"No argument." responds Tanya.

Loud sparking stops their conversation. They turn to the scanner and see Justin going over the device.

"Guys! We've got a big problem!" yells Justin. "The scanner was damaged in that fight! If Matt and Wendy don't get their hands on it quick, we're gonna lose the energy patterns!"

"And if you lose the patterns?" asks [New Replace Term].

"Bulk and Skull'll be chimps for the rest of their lives." ***

"JUMP FOR IT!" yells Matt before leaping into the air, perfectly synchronized with his Sister. They land in the midst of the RoboTengas and begin to deliver blows to the creatures. Wendy is first, letting loose with a powerful karate chop that knocks one of the Tengas for a definite loop. Matt follows up with a sidekick that knocks two together.

"Double team them?"

"Double team them." Each of them grabs a RoboTenga and slam them together before tossing the unconscious creatures at the others.

"Y' know Matt, this isn't as easy as it looks!"

"You mean you thought it looked easy?! Masochist!"

"Har har bro."


Zedd's palace...

Zedd, Mondo, and Divatox enter the large, mist filled room and immediately begin viewing it through their own methods, Zedd through his visor and Mondo and Divatox through a portable holographic generator.

"How unexpected!" exclaims Mondo as he sees the transformation undertaken by the two teens.

"Unexpected indeed. Now what do we do?!" yells Divatox, who saw her goal of preventing the Millennium Message rapidly fading.

"We give the Catbot new instructions. CATBOT! DESTROY THOSE RANGERS!" Zedd glowed red. Soon, very soon, the Ninja power would be his, and this ridiculous alliance would be at an end...



A young man sits in a golden throne, holding a golden staff. He listens to reports of an unholy alliance of evil on Earth.

"It has finally begun." He rises up and walks outside. It has been quite a while since the last time he encountered the Rangers. Perhaps... too long.

Trey, lord of Triforia, braces himself.

"GOLD RANGER POWER!" His uniform appears and shines in the light of his planet's three moons.

"PYRAMIDAS! I SUMMON YOU! Earth has need of us and we must not fail it!" Energy fires from his staff and strikes a stone pyramid. It begins to glow. Slowly, it transforms into a metallic pyramid. He teleports to the control panel and Pyramidas begins to fly up, ready to streak towards Earth.

As the stars pass him, he prays that he is already not too late...