"Purple and Gray: Part 4,
Act 2: Rangers Unite!"
by Aaron Thall

"BLADE BLASTERS UP!" yells Matt before he and Wendy remove the red weapons from their holsters and mentally command the blades to snap out.

"KE-YAH!" Wendy moves first, slashing at the RoboTengas with a fury almost beyond belief. Sparks fly as the creatures are forced to the ground, their cybernetic links severed.

"all right!" Matt goes in next. The remaining RoboTengas try to keep out of range, but Matt proves to be much too fast for them, and finishes them off rapidly.

"I think I'm getting the hang of this!"

"Great sis! Now for Catbot!" In perfect synchronization, the two new Rangers leap up and go on the offensive, ready to slash at Catbot with their blade blasters. Unfortunately, Catbot proves to be much faster.



The Catbot's claws slash at them much as they had the Tengas. They fall to the ground, slightly smoking. Slowly, they pull themselves to their feet.

"Surrender now, humans! You cannot defeat me! Give up your powers and I shall spare you your lives!"

"In a cat's eye!" yells Wendy before Catbot begins to charge.


Power Chamber...

The Rangers watch the battle progress.

Tanya turns to the others. 'We can't wait any longer!"

"Agreed." says Tommy. "BACK TO ACTION!" ***

Catbot continues to charge. Suddenly, a red streak of light slams into the Catbot and throws it back. Tommy finishes his Turbo jump and runs over to Wendy, who is still a bit wobbly from Catbot's assault.

"Are you all right?"

"Been better... Tommy?"

"Yeah." The others run over and join them.

"Matt! Wendy! How did you?!" begins Adam.

"Later!" says Matt. "We have to stop this thing!"

"There's a more important problem!" announces Justin.

"It's your scanner." begins Kat. "If you can't repair it quickly, than the energy patterns will erase!"

"Aw man! We'll do what we can. But we can't leave this thing running loose!"

"No argument!" says Justin.

Eyeblasts from Catbot lash out, and only lightning fast reflexes save the Rangers.

"You want me Rangers? Come and get me!"

"That's it!" yells Wendy. "This robozo's gonna be turned into kitty litter by the time I'm through with her!"


Divatox's subcraft...

Divatox quickly rushes into the control room and sits down on a treasure chest.

"I can't believe it! The Millennium Message is coming true!"

Divatox thinks back to when she had Blue Senturion onboard.

"The universe's deadliest villains will unite and divide the universe. Only a few challenge them. They are..." That was what the Senturion had said. What he had shown her was what she fought now.

The Turbo Rangers and the Techno Rangers. Together.

Her thoughts return to the present.

"It's too late! But maybe I can still do something about this alliance by destroying them all! PORTO!" Porto rushes over in response to her summons.

"Send in Spearhead! If we can't stop the message, we'll just speed it up!"


A black and orange monster appears near the Rangers. Justin thoughtfully looks it over.

"Who is this guy? Halloweenie?"

"SILENCE! I am Spearhead, Rangers! Face me and perish!"

"That's what they all say!" responds Tommy.

"Guys," begins Matt. "Wendy and I'll handle Catbot. You guys clean Spearhead's clock!"

"You've got it!" says Tanya, who, quite frankly, was thrilled to not have to fight the thing again so soon.

The Turbo Rangers call their weapons.

"Turbo R.A.M.: REV UP!" A small race car shaped carrier rolls in. Each of the Rangers remove a component that transforms into a Turbo Weapon.

"I think it's time Spearhead got the point!" says Tommy as he leaps for Spearhead, who merely aims his hands and fires a volley of energy spears. One strikes Tommy and he falls to the ground. Adam and Justin blast the other spears.

"This guy's tougher than he looks!" says Adam.

Tommy gets up and races at Spearhead.

"You dare to face me in a duel Red Ranger? Very well!" Spearhead brings a hand to his head and pulls out a metal spear. He swings it around to meet Tommy's sword.

"Give up! Evil can't ever defeat good!"

Energy slams into Spearhead from behind. He spins around and sees Kat and Tanya aiming their weapons at him. Adam and Justin join Tommy, forming a circle around Spearhead.

"You think that you've won? THINK AGAIN!" Energy spears launch in every direction, knocking all the Turbo Rangers to the ground.

"This is gonna be harder than we thought!" said Tommy as he pulled himself up.


Bulk, Skull, and Alpha watch the battles.

"Come on Rangers! Hurry!" screeched Bulk.

"Yeah! Don't take that from those creeps!" added Skull in Chimpese.

Alpha covers his "ears" to block out the screeching. He then turns to the chimps.


The chimps shut up. Alpha turns back to the viewing globe.

"Come on guys! Time's runnin' out!"

And all the while, the memory integrity continues to drop...


Matt and Wendy are thrown back by another volley of eyeblasts.

"I'm really getting sick of this!" says Matt. "I think it's time we upped the ante! TECHNO WEAPONS!"

Energy begins to surround the twin Rangers.

"TECHNO RANGER ONE HOOK LAUNCHER!" The purple energy swarms around Matt's gloved hands, which are together in front of him. They form into a purple gun with three silvery claws on the edge of the barrel.

"TECHNO RANGER TWO ENERGY WHIP!" Wendy smiles as the gray energy twirls around her hand and forms into the handle of her whip. As she flicks her wrist, a glowing whip appears and snaps in the air.

"What the?!"

Wendy moves before the Catbot can react.

"It's payback time! KE-YAH!" She swings the whip around. As it strikes the astonished Catbot, sparks fly and the robot is thrown to the ground. Wendy snaps it twice more and large dents appear in Catbot's back. A trickle of molten metal can be seen.

"I think that it's time you got declawed!" Matt fires his weapon. The claws fire out, revealing themselves to be part of the hook that attaches itself to Catbot. A long black rope can be seen running back to the Launcher. Matt pulls on the rope and sends Catbot into a tree. "And now for a shocking revelation! HOOK LAUNCHER ENERGY PULSE!" He brings his hand down hard on the back of his weapon and sends a surge of energy through the rope to the hook, resulting in the Catbot being surrounded by explosions.

Slowly, it begins to pull itself up. "Is that all you've got Techno Rangers?"

"No." To Wendy, he adds, "WE NEED THE TECHNO BLASTER, NOW!" They leap up together and Wendy slams her deactivated Whip onto the top of the Hook Launcher. As they land, Matt fires a powerful beam of purple and gray energy that sends Catbot flying. It lands gracelessly and doesn't move.


King Mondo watches as the Techno Rangers best the Callous Catbot.

"We cannot allow her to be defeated! KLANK! ORBUS! You know what to do!"


Klank and Orbus teleport in behind Catbot, but far enough away that the Techno Rangers cannot press an attack.

"I think that it's time for the kitten to become a full grown terror!" says Klank.

"I'm ready to go!" says Orbus before transforming into a wrecking ball. Klank grabs the handle to the chain.

"Around, and around, and away ye go!" Orbus flies through the air and lands on Catbot.

"Looks like you need a boost Kitty Cat!" He fires green energy at Catbot. There is a green flash, and Catbot grows.

She looks down at the two Rangers. "Well, well, well... What have we here? Little mice!"

Wendy takes a couple steps back and cranes her neck to see all of Catbot. "Matt... I think our problems just got a whole lot bigger!"