"Purple and Gray: Conclusion,"
Act 1: The Origin of the Techno Rangers"
by Aaron Thall

Power Chamber...

The Turbo Rangers gather around Matt and Wendy.

"It's time Matt. How did you two become the Techno Rangers?" Tommy asks, having a gut feeling that the story is longer than they suspect.

"all right. No more secrets. You see, the story of the Techno Rangers began with the destruction of the Thunderzords..."


Machine Empire Skybase...

"YOU??!! RULE THE MACHINE EMPIRE?! NEVER!" King Mondo slams his staff down, shattering the podium. He turn back to his prodigal son and daughter-in-law, pure hatred in his featureless eyes.

"You said it yourself, father!" counters Gasket. "And a monarch's word is his bond! You said that whoever eliminates these Techno Rangers would be next in line to the throne! I shall destroy these insolent newcomers for the glory of the Empire and for the throne!"

Lord Zedd watches both King Mondo and Prince Gasket carefully. When he had revived Mondo, it was only to gain the Machine Empire's resources to take up the battle with the Rangers once more. The unexpected arrival of Gasket could ruin everything.

What Mondo didn't know was that Zedd's spell, the one made to revive the House of Gadgetry, would only work until the Turbo Rangers were no more. Once that happened, he would seize power of both the Machine Empire and Earth. But if Gasket is here, then things would be significantly more complicated.

He would have to destroy the Rangers himself and move quickly if he was to salvage anything from this fiasco.

Divatox watched her associates with annoyance and anger. The Millennium Message had said nothing of Gasket returning. Had her attempts to change the future borne the most sour of fruits?

'No matter,' she thinks. 'I'll just have to destroy the Rangers myself and move quickly. I can eliminate my "partners" and my enemies in one fell swoop!'

"Curse you Gasket! Very well! Now how do you propose eliminating the Techno Rangers?"

"Behold! Bolabot!" Gasket makes a majestic sweep of his hand. Energy strikes the ground and forms into a gladiator-like robot. It carries several bolas on a makeshift belt and some kind of launching weapon on it's right arm.

"This is your grand solution?"

"Bolabot is equipped with a rather nasty variety of bola weapons. Some have razor thin wires that can cut through metal. Other are explosive. Some wrap around a target and contract until that target is merely a stain on the ground. Some carry electric charges. He can handle the Rangers, be they Turbo or Techno."

"Impressive Gasket." says Zedd. "However, I suggest that we incorporate this robot into a larger attack."

"How so?" asks Mondo.

"We each send some of our best and most powerful fighters to challenge the Rangers. One for each one, so they cannot assist each other. That way, we pick them off one at a time."

"Well what are we waiting for?" asks Devatox. "Let's get to work!" ***

Matt walks over to the teleportation module.

"The Thunderzords?!" exclaims Adam. How could that be?" Both Adam and Tommy think back. It had begun with the coming of Lord Zedd, who captured and later destroyed the Dinozords. Zordon, knowing that Zedd was much more powerful than anything they had faced before, replaced the Dinozords with the Thunderzords, six machines biased on mythical creatures.

Blue Unicorn, with the power to levitate.
Pink Firebird, with an energy cyclone.
Yellow Griffin, with fiery breath.
Black Lion, with powerful armor and camouflaging mist.
Red Dragon, with flames, flight, and the ability to become a humanoid battle machine.
White Tigerzord, with energy orbs, speed, strength, and a warrior mode that was thought unstoppable.
Tor, with impenetrable armor.

Sadly, these zords were not destined to last the Rangers.

Rito Revolto arrived and attacked the city. Even with the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord, the Rangers were overwhelmed and their zords and powers

were destroyed. Only Tor remained.

Thankfully, a map led them to Ninjor and new powers and zords, and with those powers, were able to confront Zedd and Rita anew. Powers obviously now possessed by Matt and Wendy.

"Yes, the Thunderzords."

"But they were destroyed." says Tanya. "And you guys obviously don't have the original powers anyway."

"Is this the device you guys use to teleport?" interjects Wendy.

"Yeah." says Justin. "Why?"

Wendy fiddles with the dials and buttons and a pair of devices appear.

"This will show you exactly what happened." Both Matt and Wendy place one of the devices, which turn out to be headbands with projecting equipment attached.

"You see, these headbands are thought projectors. Just watch the viewing globe and all will be revealed."

"Anybody got some popcorn?" asks Alpha as the Globe flickers on...


Youth Center, 3-4 years ago...

Matt and Wendy watch the live newscast as, in the Downtown area, the Power Rangers were being ambushed by Rito Revolto and four other monsters. Lizzinator and Fighting Flea launch attacks on the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord, doing further damage to the machines.

"This is terrible..." says Ernie. "What'll we do if the Rangers lose?"

"Good question." mutters Matt.

As soon as he says that, Rito attacks again, slamming the Zords with unbelievable energies. Wendy lets out an audible gasp as the six Rangers eject from their cockpits and, as though it was some horrific movie scene, the Thunderzords collapsed, falling apart like cheap tinkertoys.

"Oh no... They lost!" Wendy covers her mouth, trying unsuccessfully to hide her horror.

"Where are the Rangers?"

"They're gone!"

"They've got to be all right!"

These voices, much less able to contain their shock, revealed that their owners were half ready to riot.

"Come on Wendy." Matt takes her hand.

"Where are we going?!"

"The Thunderzord wreckage. Maybe we'll find something the Rangers can use against this Rito guy. Besides, it's the opportunity of a lifetime!"


"Come on... You know that this is probably our only shot to examine Ranger technology."

"Fine. You win."


Rubble of Thunderzords...

Matt and Wendy begin to dig through the rubble.

"What do you expect to find?" asks Wendy.

"I'm not sure. I just have a feeling that there's something here."

"You mean besides smoking rubble?"

Matt climbs a small pile and looks around. A glint of light catches his eye.

"WENDY! OVER HERE!" He jumps down and runs over to the object. Wendy soon

joins him.

"Oh wow..."

"I can't believe it..."

Matt turns off the devices. "Sorry. These need constant recharging. It'll just take a minute."

"What was it you found?" asks Kat.

"Something that would change our lives forever..." ***


Trey, the Gold Ranger, watches as Earth comes into view.

"Hang on Rangers. I'm on my way!"