"Purple and Gray: Part 4,
Act 4: Rangers Unite!"
by Aaron Thall

Trey, the Gold Ranger, watches as the stars fly by. Pyramidas was truly a worthy craft, of that there was little doubt. However, having to slow upon entering the correct solar system slowed his coming greatly.

"Hang on Rangers! I'm coming!"

And Pyramidas flies on...


"I can't believe it..." says Kat. "After all we've been through? All we've overcome? We've still lost?"

"Looks that way." says Tanya.

"YO YO YO! What are we gonna do? We ain't keepin' 'em here, capish?" Alpha 6 walks from Ranger to Ranger, hoping for good news.

No such luck.

Matt picks up the device and looks it over once more.


Wendy and the Turbo Rangers rush over to him.

"What is it?" asks Adam.

"There's still a chance. If I can reset the frequency manually, it'll create a negative backlash that should change them back!"

Tommy puts his hand on Matt's shoulder. "Can you do it?"

"Possibly. But there's no margin for error. I goof and they're doomed."

[New Replace Term] interrupts. "But if you do not try, they are doomed anyway. Is it not wise to try?"

"Let's do it."

The next ten minutes seem like an eternity. Each moment feels like it will end with Matt making a fatal error as he labors over the damaged scanner.


"Bring in the chimps. I'm entering the final sequences now."

Alpha 6 reenters the room, carrying Skull and holding Bulk's hand.

"Perfect. Scanning now." He presses the activation button. Instantly, a blue light shines on the chimps. A casual glance over his shoulder reveals to Matt that Wendy and Tanya are both crossing their fingers.

"Come on..." whispers Wendy.

Slowly, the chimps begin to change. They start becoming less hairy and they begin to grow larger, their facial features transforming... becoming more human.

"IT'S WORKING!" says Adam and Justin together.

The transformation slows and then stops, leaving the chimps human once more.

Tommy and Kat help Bulk and Skull up.

"Welcome back guys." says Tommy.

Bulk looks at the Techno Rangers.

"Whoever you are... we owe you."

Matt grins under his helmet. "No thanks needed. That's what the Techno Rangers do. Now if I were you, and I might add, I'm glad I'm not, I'd be seeing about getting some clothes that fit better."

In response, Bulk and Skull look down and see that they're both wearing the very tight chimp clothes. They both begin to attempt to cover themselves up, but to no avail.

"Does anyone else feel a draft?" asks Skull.

"Teleporting now." Tanya presses a sequence on a board and the two vanish.

"Finally! They were really crampin' my style!" says Alpha.

Justin shrinks down and the Rangers, all of them, remove their helmets.

Wendy fidgets with her hair as it comes free of the cumbersome helmet. Tommy walks over to Matt.

"Matt. Wendy. We have to talk."

"Agreed Tommy. I know what you want to know. It's time you learned the origin of the Techno Rangers."


Divatox enters King Mondo's throne room. A horde of monsters fills the room. She quickly makes her way to the makeshift stage in the center of the room. Lord Zedd glows, quite literally, with anticipation. King Mondo looks upon the horde before them with evil glee.

"MONSTERS! Hear my words! As many of you are aware, the Techno Rangers have presented themselves as a major threat to our future rule!"

Boos erupt.

"Therefor, I make this offer! To the one that brings me or defeats the Techno Rangers, I offer the planet Earth and the powers the Rangers possess! In addition, that warrior will also be the next king of the Machine Empire!"

"HEY!" yells Sprocket. "He can't do that!"

"I'm afraid he just did, your Majesty." responds Klank.

"Anyone, Father?" asks a familiar voice that King Mondo did not expect to ever hear again.

From the shadows, two robotic forms come forth. The first is a female made of pink armor. She carries a pink bow.

The second appears to be an adult Prince Sprocket.

"If you do indeed keep your word, Father, then before this day is through, the Machine Empire shall belong to Prince Gasket and Archerina!"


NEXT TIME: It's the thrill packed conclusion to "Purple and Gray"! More on Gold Ranger! The deadly return of Prince Gasket! And the origin of the Techno Rangers! Face it! If this final part doesn't have it, you don't need it!


Wendy swings her whip around. Part goes offscreen and a smacking sound can be heard.



Matt walks over. "Nice one! That's the fourth assistant director this week!"

"I said I was sorry."

Catbot joins them. "Can we get on with this?"

Wendy nonchalantly smacks it without turning. "Tuna breath. Ugg..."