"Purple and Gray: Conclusion,"
Act 3: The Origin of the Techno Rangers"
by Aaron Thall

Angel Grove park...

Prince Gasket looks over the five monsters, Archerina by his side.

"EXCELLENT!" he responds after looking Goldar after. "You'll do quite well my golden friend."

"Just let me at the Red Ranger! I've got a score to settle!"

"Ah, revenge is your goal? It can be an excellent motivator." He moves on to Rygog. "Such power and devotion. You must be an effective soldier for Divatox's campaigns. I can hardly wait to see you tear into one of the Rangers."

He moves on, this time to Rito and Elgar.


"Well?" asks Elgar.

"What do ya have to say?" adds Rito.

"What is that horrendous smell?"

Elgar and Rito bring their hands out from behind their backs, revealing burritos.

"The only danger you'll prove to be is if you place a match in front of your butts and gas!"


He moves on to Bolabot. "Bolabot, you are our key weapon. As the only one here the Rangers have never faced, I am counting on the element of suprise. With you in this battle, we cannot fail."

He turns to face all the monsters. "And now... LAUNCH THE ATTACK!" ***

Power Chamber...

The seven Rangers watch as the attack begins. Goldar is the first to strike, his eyebeams creating a small and self contained blaze.

Citizens flee to escape the marauding monsters.

The Rangers watch all this and more, their anger and impatience growing.

"We can't wait any longer Dimetria." says Tommy. "It's now or never."

"He's right." says Matt. "It's us their after. Once they have what they're after-"

"They'll keep going until Angel Grove is rubble." interrupts Kat. "We're doing this together."

"But it's a seven on seven fight!" begins Wendy. "If one of us gets in trouble, no one can back that Ranger up! And if Matt and I get too far apart..."

"It's a risk we have to take." adds Adam.

Wendy nods in silent approval, dispite her reservations.

"Just leave Gasket and Archerina for us, Tommy." says Matt. "It's us he wants anyway, so he'll get us. The hard way."

"Come on! Let's get to work!" yells Justin.



Angel Grove Park...

From out of thin air, the seven Rangers flip into action. As they hit the ground, feet first, each Ranger eyes their chosen opponent.

Tanya faces Elgar.

Kat faces Bolabot.

Adam faces Rygog.

Justin faces Rito.

Tommy faces Goldar.

Wendy faces Archerina.

Matt faces Prince Gasket.

"Greetings Rangers! It is good to see you all again! And you two must be the Techno Rangers! What a pity that our first meeting shall be our last!"

"Yeah," begins Matt. "It's a pity that we're going to send you back to the scrap heap!"

"Empty threats... Matthew is it? Never mind. It doesn't matter. Prepare to face the might of the Royal House of Gadgetry!"

"Have at thee." adds Wendy nonchalantly, almost jokingly.

"ATTACK!" No sooner does Gasket say this, then the monsters surge forward.

Tommy moves first leaping into a flying kick that sends Goldar back. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Tanya knock Elgar back with her Auto Blaster.

"So we meet again, Green Ranger!" growls Goldar as he pulls himself to his feet.

"It's Red Ranger now! And you're about to be turned into a bunch of really ugly scrap metal!" The Lightning Sword appears. Tommy grabs it and slashes it at Goldar, who perries it with his own sword.

"You'll never win, Tommy!"

"Just wait and see! KE-YAH!"


Less than a minute before, he had been standing alongside his friends and fellow Rangers. Now Justin was easily 900 feet away from them, facing off with Rito Revolto, the monster that destroyed the Thunderzords.

The images he saw in the Viewing Globe fresh in his mind, his Turbo Blade flashes out and strikes bone.

"WATCH IT!" yells Rito. "I just had that one polished!"

"Sorry to ruin your bone job, Rito, but I'm gonna take you down!" Justin leaps up, avoiding the barrage that had just launched from Rito's eyes. As he comes down, he summons his Turbo Weapons. Pulling the triggers, he smiles. Energy launches from the Hand Blasters and knock Rito on his butt.

"YES! Score one for the good guys!"


Tanya had gotten extensive use out of her Auto Blaster. Elgar had never seen the blasts coming, and as a result, was now pulling himself off the ground.

"What's wrong, Elgar? Can't you beat a human girl in a fair fight?"

"Fair?! Who said anything about fair?!" Elgar's whip flashes out, but so does Tanya's Turbo Blade, which slashes through the whip like a hot knife through butter. As a follow up, she summons her Star Chargers and slams them into Elgar. Electricity crackles as the weapons make contact, sending Elgar flying.


"Like I said, can't you beat a girl?"

Still smoking, Elgar struggles to his feet.

"Maybe I shoulda taken on someone more my speed... like _Godzilla_!"

And then Tanya delivers another powerful kick.


Flaming skulls filled his vision, but he would not relent.

Adam rolls to one side as Rygog fires another barrage of his horrific attack. The skulls crash into the ground, causing small blazes that quickly burn themselves out.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" yells Adam as he leaps up and flips over Rygog's head. As he lands, he quickly goes into a low spinning kick that knocks the monster over. As he gets up, Adam wonders how Wendy was doing with Archerina. He knew from personal experience that she could be a lethal opponent. He had to finish this quickly if he was going to help her or Matt out.

Rygog charges, this time trying to impale Adam on the staff protruding from his head. With a simple backflip, Adam strikes the staff with his feet and again knocks Rygog over.

"You'll pay for that Green Ranger! I'll get you if it's the last thing I ever do!"

"At the rate you're going, it _will_ be the last thing you ever do!"

"RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" Rygog fires more skulls in a burst of rage.

Super charging his Turbo Blade, Adam spins the weapon much like Blue Senturion had spun his Synergizer earlier that day, making a shield that destroys all the skulls.

"See what I mean?"


Kat wasn't having much luck with the Bolabot. Seven seconds into the conflict, several bolas with razor sharp wire had flown out and demolished her Turbo Blade. She had responded in kind with a few rounds from her Windfire, but it had shrugged it off.

"This is not good." She dodges again, this time narrowly avoiding a bola with slightly thicker wire. The bola wraps around a tree... and explodes. Kat leaps away as the tree falls over, already bursting into flames.

"Surrender Pink Ranger! You cannot hope to defeat the Machine Empire!"

"We'll see about that!"

"No... YOU WON'T!" Bolabot launches a bola with thick wire. It begins to wrap around Kat, pinning her arms to her side. "That bola will continue to contract until you're nothing more than a memory!"

G-getting tighter! Getting hard to b-breathe! Got to think!


She summons her Turbo Key and presses it to one of the Turbo Blade fragments. Instantly, the blade reforms, slicing through the wire in the process.

"You're finished!" She leaps into the air and, as she comes down, uses the Blade to slash through three of Bolabot's explosive bolas, causing them to explode around him.

"You play with fire, you're going to be burned!" ***

Matt and Gasket moved in a circle, each opponent evaluating the other.

Careful Matt! This is the big leagues! Mess up now and you're finished!

Slowly, he pulls out his Blade Blaster and changes it to sword mode. Gasket raises his own blade and the two swords strike each other.

"Surrender and you shall live under the command of the Machine Empire! Refuse and you shall perish!"

"Not gonna happen Gasket! I'm taking you down!" He swings his weapon again, but Gasket blocks it.

This Purple Ranger is more formidable than I had originally expected! No matter! He is doomed!

Matt leaps back as Gasket swings again and delivers a powerful tornado kick to Gasket's midsection. In response, Gasket's sword slams into him, creating sparks and sending him flying.

"That hurt..." says Matt as Gasket begins to close in.

"I was wrong in my evaluation of you Matthew. You are _less_ formidable than I expected. It is astonishing that you and your sister managed to defeat Catbot!"

Matt leaps up. As he goes upwards, he summons his Hook Launcher. As the hook

fires, he wonders how the Rangers ever beat Gasket.

The hook attaches, and energy flows into Gasket. The resulting explosions send the would-be king flying. As he lands, Gasket curses himself for underestimating an opponent.

"You were saying Gasket? From where I'm standing, I think it's a wonder you ever stood up to the Zeo Rangers!"


Of all the Rangers, Wendy had the worse of it. Archerina was easily as agile as a Ranger, and she had the physical power to back her attacks.

She'd found that out the hard way.

Wendy swings her Blade Blaster again, and the weapon strikes Archerina's sword. The two opponents draw closer.

"I'm impressed Wendy. Few have ever lasted this long against me. It's a pity you won't join us willingly."

"Call me crazy..." says Wendy as she tries to nail Archerina with a kick.

"I do not joke Grey Ranger. Together, we would be a formidable team."

"Sorry. Not interested. Something about the thought of betraying my friends and all of humanity just strikes me as a bad thing."

"Suit yourself my dear. Truly a pity, for now I must kill you." Her sword transforms into her bow. As energy arrows fire, Wendy tries to dodge, but it is a futile effort. The arrows strike her, sending her off the cliff they had been fighting upon.

"But at least you shall die with honor." ***

Matt had been in the process of dodging an energy attack from Gasket when, out of the corner of his eye, he had seen Wendy falling. Less than two seconds later, he had leaped far from Gasket and high enough to safely break his sister's fall.

"OOF!" he says as his sister lands in his arms. As he rebounds off the cliff wall, Wendy comes to.

"Nice catch."


"Think of trying out for the baseball team?"

"Nope. Too busy saving the world and all that rot."


As they reach the ground, Archerina leaps off the cliff. She lands on the ground feet first.

"So you survived. Excellent. Now I can crush you again."

Prince Gasket appears. "No my dear... we shall destroy them together."

"Matt..." begins Wendy, "They've got the drop on us... so to speak. Any suggestions?"

"Just one. Stand back sis." Matt closes his eyes and concentrates. He pictures the Rangers' original weapons, and then moves them into the form of the Power Blaster.

In his hands, the Power Blaster appears. The Techno Blaster appears in his other hand. Slowly, he begins to spin. Purple and grey energy surrounds him as the weapons begin to glow. As he raises his arms, the Techno Blaster separates. The Hook Launcher attaches to the front of the Power Ax while the Energy Whip attaches to the top of the Power Sword. As Matt stops spinning, he aims the new weapon at Gasket and Archerina.

"ULTRA TECHNO BLASTER: FIRE!" Seven beams of energy launch from the weapon,

throwing both robots back.

"How'd you manage that trick Matt?"

"Ninjor made those weapons, and what is made can never be unmade."

"The first round is yours'. We shall now proceed to round two!" Gasket and Archerina charge again...


Tommy kicks Goldar in the head and activates his communicator.

"Guys, I think it's time to regroup! We work best as a team!"

Each Ranger sends their agreement, and then each Ranger makes their way back to the center of the park, monsters smoking and stumbling after them. Only Bolabot remains relatively undamaged. Not far away, Matt and Wendy continue to fight off Gasket and Archerina.

"They didn't hear you!" says Tanya.

"They don't have communicators! They don't know to fall back!" exclaims Adam.

"Come on!" yells Justin, already running towards the Purple and Grey Rangers.


Zedd's palace...

The battle was not going well. Except for the robots, all their warriors had been humiliated by one Ranger apiece.

Zedd was not pleased. If the situation did not change drastically, the battle would be lost.

He was about to change it drastically.

And the world would be his.


Justin's Turbo Jump slammed him right into Gasket, sending the robot conqueror back. Kat had followed his lead, and Archerina joined her beloved. Tommy, Adam, and Tanya run over to Matt and Wendy.

"You guys all right?"

"Never better. Nothing like falling off a cliff to really get the heart pumping." jokes Wendy.

One by one, the monsters gather around Gasket and Archerina.

"This could be a problem." says Tommy. "Any suggestions?"

"Just one." says Tanya. "Remember that weapon Matt and Wendy mentioned earlier?"

"The Turbine Laser?" inquires Tommy.


"It might work." says Matt, "But we've never tested it before. If it backfires, we're yesterday's news."

"We've got to chance it." says Tommy. "TURBINE LASER POWER NOW!"

In response to the summons, a sleek black machine rockets into the sky. Shaped like a jet, it races to the park. When it's over the Rangers' heads, the wings fold down. The nose extends, forming a barrel. Justin and Adam kneel down in front. Kat and Tanya hold up the back end. Tommy activates the blaster.

"FIRE!" Twin turbines begin to spin, creating powerful antimatter energy. A sphere of pure energy launches out and strikes the monsters, knocking all of them to the ground.

"Now that's what I call power!" says Tommy.


Machine Empire Moonbase...

King Mondo watches as his wayward son and his army fall to the Rangers' new weapon.

He doesn't know whether to be happy or enraged.

Off to the side, Divatox wonders what the heck she was thinking when she sent Elgar and Rygog to face the Rangers.

How could she be so stupid?

There is a flash of lightning, and Lord Zedd appears.

"Mondo! Divatox! There is a slim chance we can still defeat them! It is time for them to grow!" Energy launches from Zedd's staff.

Divatox, seeing an opportunity, contacts Porto.

"Porto... FIRE THE TORPEDOS!!!!!"


The battle, it seemed, was nearly over. Only the three robots were still on their feet.

"Get out of here while you still can Gasket! It's over!" Tommy moves ahead of the others, edging closer to the monsters.

Then the torpedoes and energy strike the monsters. The explosions throw the Rangers back.

One by one, the monsters grow, until they tower over the Rangers.

"You were saying Thomas? It seems that it is you that should have left when you had the chance!"



Elsewhere in the city, a street opens wide and the five Turbo Zords roll into action. Wind Chaser splits and changes into arms before linking to Mountain Blaster. Desert Thunder and Dune Star link to the front of Mountain Blaster. Red Lightning flies into the back.

The Turbo Rangers meet in the main cockpit.

"TURBO UP!" They place their Turbo Keys in and turn. Tommy hits the brakes and the Zord halts. The momentum carries the Zord up. Red Lightning's back folds back to reveal the head and Mountain Blaster's lightbar moves up, completing the transformation.

Matt and Wendy watch from the ground.

"They can't take on all seven alone Matt."



From various points in the city, the Ninjazords roar and move into action.
Bear and Frog begin to fold. Crane transforms into the head of the Zord.
Bear, Wolf, Ape, and Crane fly high into the air before linking together.
Fists snap onto the heads of Wolf and Ape. The combined zords fly down, attaching to the transformed Frog, completing the transformation to the Ninja Megazord.

Nearby, the five Shogunzords appear. Red vanishes, and then begins changing into the main body. White and Blue vanish next, folding into the massive arms. Black and Yellow are last, disappearing and changing into the legs.

All at once, they reappear and link together. A crane-shaped helmet lowers into place, and the "wings" fold outwards, forming the Shogun Megazord.

Matt enters the Shogun Megazord's cockpit. He looks over and sees Wendy leaping up into the Ninja Megazord.

"What say we get to work guys?" asks Matt.

"No argument!" responds Adam.

"Let's do it!" adds Wendy.

"Prepare to die Rangers!" says Gasket as he runs towards the Shogun Megazord. The zord summons it's sabre and slashes at Gasket, forcing him back.

Rito, Archerina, and Elgar head towards the Ninja Megazord.

"Not good." notes Wendy before thinking of something. "Or maybe it's just what I need! Try this on for size!" The lower half lowers, changing back into the Frog. The head changes back into the Crane. Twin swords appear on the Ape as it and the Wolf rise upwards.

"NINJA TANK POWER NOW! FIRE!" Energy surges from the fists and the eyes of

all the zords, throwing all three of her attackers back. The Ninja Tank quickly changes back into the Ninja Megazord before going after them.

The Turbo Megazord swings it's fist, slamming Goldar to the ground before turning to do it again, this time to Rygog.

Suddenly, there are twin flashes of light. Tommy looks and sees Robo Racer and Ninjor teleporting in, ready to join the battle.

"Welcome to the party guys! Just pick a monster and take 'em out!"

"Sounds like my kind of party Tommy!" says Ninjor before pulling out his kitana and heading towards Rygog.

"Affirmative Rangers!" Inside the cockpit of Robo Racer, Blue Senturion placed Rito in his sights and fires the cuff, snagging the skeleton monster and pulling it away from the Ninja Megazord.

"Thanks!" says Wendy.

"Just doing my duty." responds Blue Senturion as Robo Racer's Synergizer blasts Rito.

The sky begins to grow dark. Goldar looks around for the Turbo Megazord before hearing the same sound he had heard in his last confrontation with the Rangers a day before. He looks ahead and sees the Turbo Megazord speeding towards him at blinding speed.

"TURBO MEGAZORD SPINOUT!" The Turbo Megazord begins to spin faster than a

berserk Ferris wheel. The sword, glowing with energy, slashes at Goldar, knocking him to the ground and severely damaging his armor.

"I'll be back Rangers! And next time you won't be so lucky!" Goldar vanishes in a burst of flames.

"Synergizer: Blaster mode!" Robo Racer fully powers it's weapon and fires again, knocking Rito to the ground. When he lands, he explodes. A skull of black energy appears with a black energy rose in it's mouth.

"I am outta here!"

The skull vanishes and the rose falls apart. Rito had escaped.

Elgar falls back, the victim of an uppercut from the Ninja Megazord.

"SEE YA!" Both fists slam into Elgar, glowing with blue and red energy. As he tumbles on the ground, he glows yellow and disappears. "Three down!"

Rygog slams his staff head into Ninjor's midsection, forcing the ninja master back.

Big mistake. Ninjor's visor begins to glow with righteous flames of anger.

"RYGOG! PREPARE TO FACE THE FULL FURY OF THE POWER OF NINJA!!!" Ninjor begins to change. His head folds into his back, revealing a second head. His arms' armor folds upwards, and his leg armor moves down. Ninjor had become a samurai warrior. He places his hands together in front of him. Energy forms in his hands. "COMIN' BACK AT YA!" He launches the energy, which slams into Rygog. Rygog falls to his knees. Red energy flows from his eyes in a circle, teleporting him away.

"Make that four down!"

Not too far away, the Shogun Megazord continues to battle Gasket. The Turbo Megazord turns to the right and sees the Ninja Megazord going at it with Archerina.

"HEY!" exclaims Justin, "what happened to Bolabot?!"

"NOTHING!" A gigantic bola flies in from out of nowhere and completely entangles the Turbo Megazord. Two more fly out, ensnaring Robo Racer and Ninjor.

"Aw man! The controls aren't responding!" Tommy tries to pull the Turbo Megazord to it's feet, but it is a futile effort. It hasn't the leverage.

"Not again!" says Kat as she tries to give Tommy the leverage he's asking for.

"Hold on guys!" calls out Matt. "We'll get there as soon as we can!"

"Then they have a long wait indeed Matthew!" says Gasket as Bolabot begins to close in on the Rangers.

By the time we get to them, it'll be too late! NO!

And then energy flashes out from the sky. A golden beam of energy slams into Bolabot, throwing it back. A second wide beam frees the Turbo Megazord, Ninjor, and Robo Racer. All the combatants watch as Pyramidas lowers to the ground.

"Sorry it took me so long to arrive Rangers! Now let's finish Gasket once and for all!"

"Trey!" exclaims Tommy. "Welcome back buddy!"

"It's good to be back. And I see you have some new members..."

"The Gold Ranger..." whispers Wendy, suddenly struck with awe.

"Trey, I'd like you to meet Matt and Wendy... the Techno Rangers!"

"So they're the reason for all this evil energy!"

"'Afraid so..."

"Gold Ranger," begins Matt, "I believe that our two sets of zords are compatible with Pyramidas."

"You're suggesting that we create two new Ultrazords?"

"Do you have a better idea?" Gasket comes at the Shogun Megazord again. "STEGOSAURUS DINOZORD POWER!" The zord appears, amazingly enough, in the form of a shield that the Shogun Megazord uses to fend off the new attack.

"ACTIVATING GOLDEN NINJA ULTRAZORD!" The Ninja Megazord separates as Pyramidas transforms into a carrier. Frog and Bear go on the back two platforms while Wolf folds and lands in front of Bear. The Crane joins it a second later in front of Frog. Ape stands where Zeo Zord 5 would have been. Falconzord flies in and lands where Red Battlezord would have stood.

"FIRE!" Energy surges from the Ninjazords and Pyramidas, slamming into Bolabot.

"NO! I CANNOT BE DEFEATED!!!!" yells the robot as it falls to the ground and explodes.

Gasket turns in horror to see his invention vanquished. This allows the Shogun Megazord to slam it's new shield into the would-be king, forcing him back.

"ACTIVATING GOLDEN SHOGUN ULTRAZORD!" The six Ninjazords leave Pyramidas. The Zeo Zord 5 platform folds back into the sides as the tip of Pyramidas folds down to create a new platform. The Shogun Megazord separates and each Shogunzord takes a platform. White and Blue in front. Black and Yellow behind the, Red on the new platform. Ninjor, still in his Samurai armor, stands where Falconzord had been. The Stegosaurus Dinozord lowers into his hands.

"FIRE!" Energy surges from the chestplates of Ninjor and the Shogunzords, throwing Gasket and Archerina back violently. Slowly, they struggle to their feet.

"The battle is yours' Rangers, but the Machine Empire will win the war! Beware Techno Rangers! You have made a deadly enemy this day!"

"Indeed! We shall meet again!" says Archerina as they both vanish.

The Rangers had won.

"We did it!" exclaims Wendy, still not fully believing it.

"Let's get back to the Power Chamber!" says Tommy.



King Mondo, Divatox, and Lord Zedd look over the warriors that they had sent to destroy the Rangers. The warriors that had so miserably failed in that task.

"YOU IDIOTS!" yells Divatox towards Elgar and Rygog. "Why did you two run away?!"

"We would have been destroyed!"

"If you ever run away from a fight again, I'll have you both thrown into the Pit of Eternal Flame!"

"NO!!!" yells Elgar, "ANYTHING BUT THAT!!"

"And what is that horrible smell?"

Zedd slams his staff into Rito and Goldar.


"Yes my Emperor!" growls Goldar. Rito bends down, trying to salvage his burrito.

King Mondo looks down at his son.

"You promised that you would destroy the Techno Rangers Gasket! You failed!

I don't take failure lightly!"

"I did not expect the Gold Ranger to return father! I shall have to add him into the equation next time!"

"YOU'LL BE LUCKY IF THEY'RE A NEXT TIME!" He swings his staff towards the ground.


Too late. The methane from Rito and Elgar already in the air, the staff produces a single spark...