"Purple and Gray: Conclusion,"
Act 4: The Origin of the Techno Rangers"
by Aaron Thall

Power Chamber...

Eight colored streaks of light fly towards, and then into the Power Chamber. As they reach the center, the light transforms back into the Turbo Rangers, Techno Rangers, and the Gold Ranger.

"Welcome back Rangers! Congratulations! You have overcome impossible odds!"

Dimetria says.

"Trey's the one to thank. If he hadn't come when he did..." adds Adam.

"Rangers," begins Trey, "I renew my vow to you to always be at your side when you need my assistance. Matt, Wendy... from what I saw this day, I can safely say that the Earth is in capable hands. Together, the seven of you will be truly formidable, far more so than ever before.

"It will be a true honor to work alongside you again. But for now, I take my leave. Until we meet again my friends." Trey teleports away.

"Wow..." is all Wendy can say.

"So now what?" asks Justin. "Is it over?"

"Now that we are together, Zedd, Mondo, and Divatox will stop at nothing to destroy you. You will all need to be on guard at all times."

"No problem there..." notes Justin and Kat.

"Hold! There is a transmission from Eltar coming in! Alpha, please transfer it to the viewing globe!"

"YO YO YO! I'm on it!" Alpha pushes a few buttons, and an image of Zordon comes in over the Globe.

"Power Rangers! Excellent work against this new evil alliance of Zedd's!

Never have I been more proud! And to our two new Rangers, Matt, Wendy, it is always welcome news when brave souls as yourselves join our cause. But you must follow three rules if you wish to remain with the Rangers. First, never use your powers for personal gain! Second, never escalate a battle until Zedd, Divatox, or King Mondo forces you! And finally, keep your identities as the Techno Rangers a secret! No one may know the truth!

"I wish it were possible for me to be there with you Rangers. These transmissions must suffice. Be strong and percivere Rangers! May the Power protect you!"

The transmission ends. As it does, communicators materialize on Matt and Wendy's wrists.

"If it wasn't official before..." says Matt. "It is now." ***

Youth Center...

Adam, Tanya, Matt, and Wendy are sitting at the counter.

"It's hard to believe that just two days ago, this place was under seige." says Matt.

"Amazing how quickly a couple Ninja Rangers can clear a place out." jokes Tanya.

"So are we going to go through with this?" asks Wendy to Adam.

"It's a tradition. The first Rangers did it, and now it's our turn."

"The first time, all of Angel Grove was kidnapped!"

There is a sudden commotion as Bulk and Skull burst in, still wearing the monkey clothing.

"LT. STONE! LT. STONE!" they yell as they run as best they can towards their former commander.

"Where have you two been?!" demands Jerome, trying his best not to spill the drink in his hand.

"You wouldn't believe us if we told you sir." says Bulk.

"Heck! I don't believe it!" adds Skull.

"And why are you wearing those chimps' clothes?" Jerome's eyes go wide.

"The... chimps'... clothes..." his eyes roll into his head and he faints.

The drink spills onto a certain part of his pants. Bulk and Skull just look at each other, dumbfounded.

"Was it something we said?" asks Skull? Bulk just shrugs his shoulders.

"So we're doing it?" asks Wendy again.

"Definitely." responds Matt.


Angel Grove Park...

Each year, the citizens of Angel Grove gather here for a special occasion.

It is a day for celebration.

The reason? Simple. It's Power Rangers Day.

Behind some trees, Tommy, Kat, Justin, Adam, and Tanya watch the crowds.

"They're going to be late!" says Kat.

"They'll be here." responds Adam. "Trust me."

"There they are!" yells Tanya, pointing in their general direction.

Matt and Wendy run up to them, making sure that no one spots them.

"Sorry we're so late! Alpha was showing us how to use the Turbo Navigators!

Guess we lost track of time."

"It's all right." says Tommy. "Took us a while too."

"They're starting!" announces Justin.

True enough, on the stage, the mayor of the city goes up on stage and takes the microphone.

"Citizens of Angel Grove! For five years now, this city had hosted a team of what some would call guardian angels! These brave individuals have saved our city and the world countless times! It is the least we can do to thank them by celebrating them on this day each year! Hopefully, they will come soon, so we can personally thank them."

Tommy turns to the others. Matt, Wendy, just wait for your cue. SHIFT INTO TURBO!"


The citizens of Angel Grove watch as, suddenly, five colored streaks of light fly overhead, landing behind the crowds. As the light hits the ground, the Rangers reform, kneeling down before pulling themselves up in the span of a second.

The crowds cheer their heroes as they make their way to the stage. Upon reaching the stage itself, Tommy takes the microphone.

"As many of you know, just a few days ago, this city was in the grip of terror! We couldn't stop it alone! Fortunately, we didn't need to.

"Two brave people took it upon themselves to come to our aid, and together, we were able to defeat the menace and make the city safe once more. I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome our new allies."

In the trees, Matt and Wendy listen.

"That's our cue!" says Wendy.


"These new allies call themselves the-"

"TECHNO RANGERS!" yells both Matt and Wendy as they teleport onto the stage

the same way the Turbo Rangers had teleported behind the crowds moments before. The crowds gasp in astonishment. The last thing they had ever expected to see today were two new Rangers.

"We're back, and we're better than ever!" yells Tommy.

"Let's do it!" says Kat. The Turbo Rangers place their hands together, and then look at Matt and Wendy.

"Well?" asks Adam.

Wendy and Mat look at the Rangers, and then at themselves. They hesitate for a moment, and then place their hands atop the pile.

"We're with you all the way." says Matt.

"And the world'll never be the same again!" adds Wendy.

The Rangers leap upwards as they all remove their hands.


Questions would follow, but the answers didn't matter in the long run. For the moment, all eyes laid upon the seven Rangers on the stage as the sun rose behind them.

It was the start of a new day, filled with hope and promise.

The Rangers wouldn't have it any other way.


NEXT TIME: "Purple and Grey" may be over, but the action's just begun! Can the Rangers stop the evil plans of the dreaded King Zarkon when he travels to their present? Or will they need to rely on help from none other than Voltron, Defender of the Universe to see them through? Be here for part one of "Crossroads of Time"!


Ninjor, holding a script, runs over to Saban.

"Mr. Saban! There's a problem with the script! It says I entrusted Matt and Wendy with Falconzord and Dragonzord, but in part four, they asked what happened to them. What should I do?"

"Just add it to the large pile of discrepancies this show already has!"

"Right on Sir!"


Power Chamber...

The eight Rangers look down at the floor.

"Someone should really clean that up..." says Wendy.