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"Power Rangers Turbo/Techno Rangers"
Act 1: In Kim's Shadow"
by Aaron Thall

Youth Center...

Wendy pulls herself up off the floor. She looks at the balance beam that had, for all intents and purposes, thrown her like it was a bucking bronco.

"'How hard could it be?' I asked myself. 'It's just a beam.' I told myself.

'It'll be easy!' I said. Yeah... THREE HOURS AGO! But can I actually get it right? NOOOOOOOO! I end up on the ground every single time!" She slugs the beam, hurting her hand in the process. "OW!"

Tommy and Adam watch as Wendy nurses her hand for a moment and then gets up

onto the beam again.

"She's determined to get it right." says Adam. "If it doesn't kill her first..."

"Why is she doing this again?" asks Tommy, who had entered the Youth Center about an hour prior and, ever since, had been watching as Wendy constantly tried complicated moves and ended up on the mat.

"I wish I knew Tommy. Matt said something about balance being something she had problems with during her ninja training. Maybe she's just a perfectionist."

Matt walks in and joins them. "Actually, she's tired of everyone thinking of her as just a brain. She's desperate to prove them wrong."

Wendy flips on the beam again, trying to stand on her hands. Unfortunately, as she does this, she miscalculates and puts too much weight on her left arm. As her hand slips and she falls to the mat once more, she begins to wonder if the people in the Olympics are robots.

Then someone begins clapping.

"Har har guys." she says as she rubs her wrist, still on the mat.

"Wendy, right?" says a female voice from the same direction as the clapping.

"Yeah. And you are?"

The girl walks over and helps Wendy pull herself up.

"Tommy and the others have told me all about you. My name's Kimberly Hart.

My friends call me Kim..."




"Mighty engines roar! Turbo charged for more! Drive four on the floor!





"Kim?" asks Wendy as she brushes the chalk off her workout outfit. "As in the first Pink Ranger Kim?"

"The one and only." she says with a smile. "Just like you're the only Gray Ranger I've ever heard of."

Tommy and Adam look up. They hadn't wanted to see what would become of the wiseguy that started clapping.

"Oh my..." says Adam. Tommy just stares, shocked. Matt, having never seen Kim before, doesn't react.

"KIM?!" Tommy gets up from the table and rushes over. Adam and Matt follow close behind.

"Tommy? Long time, no see." Tommy, upon reaching the two girls, grabs her by the waist and spins her around, lifting her into the air in the process.

"Too long!" He puts her down, the exhilaration of the moment passing. "So how'd the games go?"

"Pretty well. The competition was pretty tough."

"Games?" asks Matt, completely lost.

"The Pan Globals."

"You mean you're a gymnast?" asks Wendy. "I'd like to see anyone use this thing without landing on their face."

"Mind holding this?" she asks Tommy before he takes the large pink tote bag.

"Thanks." She pulls herself onto the balance beam.

The performance that follows is nothing short of spectacular. The Rangers and the rest of the customers in the Youth Center watch as Kimberly effortlessly performs backflips, direction changes, handstands, flips, and even a twirling dismount. As she lands on her feet, she stands straight and tall. The Youth Center erupts with applause.

"And that was what won me this." She takes the bag and pulls out a trophy.

"You won the games? Why didn't you tell us?"

"I wanted to suprise you. I'm only in town for a couple days. After that, I'm going to Paris to meet up with Mom and my stepdad."

"That was amazing!" says Wendy as she thinks back to how miserably she had done on the same beam.

"That? That was nothing!"

Kim, Tommy, and Adam walk off, talking about old times. After a moment, Matt leaves as well, joining them.

"Yeah... nothing at all..." she says sadly before walking out of the Youth Center, completely depressed.

And unseen by all, a tiny periscope protrudes from a person's drink...