"Power Rangers Turbo/Techno Rangers"
Act 4: In Kim's Shadow
by Aaron Thall

Youth Center...

Bulk and Skull, caked with mud from their earlier encounter with the Terror Toad, walk into the Youth Center. They head for the stools, but Lt. Stone quickly moves to stop them.

"What happened to you guys?" asks Lt. Stone, knowing full well that asking is usually a mistake.

"You wouldn't believe us if we told you." says Bulk as he tries, unsuccessfully, to wipe the muck from his face. His attempts only make it worse.

"Ummmm... can we use the firehose?" Skull removes his jacket. The mud hadn't made it through, but the water certainly had. The formerly white, spotless shirt was now green with brown spots everywhere.

With a sigh, Lt. Stone says, "Follow me... and whatever you do... don't touch the pressure controls."

They salute him and follow him outside, leaving muddy footprints in their wake.


Tommy and Kim are sitting at a table, talking about recent events.

"So, I guess this is good-bye, isn't it?" Tommy puts his glass down and looks into Kim's eyes.

"Not a chance, Tommy. I'm going to stay in touch. You're not getting rid of me that easily."

"Glad to hear it."


On the other side of the Youth Center, Wendy climbs onto the balance beam and practices a couple backflips before walking across the beam on her hands. As she nears the end of the beam, she again miscalculates and slips. She lands on the blue safety mat with a thud.

"I'm never gonna get this..."

Kim walks over and helps Wendy up. "Sure you can. But you've got to take it slow. You don't want to try to do the advanced stuff until you've mastered the basics. Even I was a beginner once."

"Thanks." Wendy pulls herself back onto the beam.

"Remember, you don't want to fight gravity. Use it. Add it to your momentum."

Wendy begins hand walking again. She successfully completes two trips across the beam. On the third, she can feel herself losing her grip. Taking Kim's advice, as she slips, she grabs back on and flips under the beam. Her momentum takes her back up onto the beam in one graceful move.


Kim begins applauding, as do several spectators. "WOAH! WAY TO GO, WENDY!"

As Wendy dismounts with a backflip she'd mastered as a Ninja Ranger, Kim walks over and hugs her.

"Nice work."

"Thanks. I can't believe that worked."

"Keep believing in yourself, Wendy."

"Right, Kim. For all I know, it could save the world... again."


NEXT TIME: Divatox launches her latest assault, a small fleet of battle vehicles that will level Angel Grove unless the Power Rangers and the Techno Rangers can stop them! Can the Rangers, with their new Turbo Vehicles, defeat Divatox's Street Rippers? Or is this the end of the Rangers? Be here when the Rangers(and you) meet Lightning Cruiser, Storm Blaster, and three vehicles created by the imagination of Aaron Thall: Wind Rider, Ninja Star, and Road Thunder! It's the "Attack of the Turbo Vehicles"! Don't miss it!


The Terror Toad grabs it's tongue. It's smoking.

"I knew I shoulda taken' Pudgy Pig's advice on spicy food!" ***

Wendy slips and falls of the balance beam. Matt runs over.


"Not funny, Bro."

Matt receives a kick to the gut and topples over.

"Security... security... A little help here?"

From off camera, Tommy yells, "Sorry Matt! You're on your own!"



Justin is being pulled into the Toad's mouth.

"PE-EW! MAN! Haven't you ever heard of Tic Tacs?"