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"Power Rangers Turbo/Techno Rangers"Rangers/Voltron: "Crossroads of Time"
Chapter 1 : Day of the Lions"
by Aaron Thall and Ben Church

Zarkon glared down at his pitiful excuse for a son. Time after time he had given him ships, RoBeasts, whatever he'd asked for in their quest to destroy Voltron and conquer the Galaxy. And time after time he had failed.

"You have failed me for the last time Lotor." he snarled.

"Please father," It pained Lotor to no end to humble himself before anyone, even his father, but it was a necessary evil. "Give me one last chance!"

"I gave one last chance long ago! And another! And another! And yet Voltron lives!"

"Please Father-"

"Not another word Lotor!" Zarkon interrupted. "There will be no more chances, no more reprieves. Get out of my castle."

"But father,"

"I said get out! I have no son! I'll not have a failure as the heir to my throne!"

Lotor stared astonished at his father. Surely he did not mean it?

But no, the fire in his eyes told him otherwise. He did indeed mean it.

Lotor spun on his heel and stalked out. "They will pay," he thought.

"Voltron, and my father will pay for this humiliation. Before I'm through, Zarkon will beg me to return."

"You're majesty," a high pitched yet gravely voice hissed from the shadows. The Witch, Hagar. Her past was shrouded in mystery, but her loyalty was without question.

"What is it Witch?" Zarkon asked. He was still in a bad mood after the latest failure of his former son. This had better be good. "I suppose you have yet another fool-proof plan for the destruction of Voltron?"

Hagar stepped from the shadows, her cowl concealing her hideousness.

In her arms she held her familiar, her cat. "Indeed I do King Zarkon. The answer is quite simple really. Don't know why I didn't think of it before.

The only way to stop Voltron, is to keep him from ever being returned, or even better from ever being at all."

Zarkon thought for moment, and slowly, a smile returned to his face.

"Hagar," he said. "I think you may have something there."

Present Day, Angel Grove, California...

Four teenagers sit at a table in Ernie's Gym and Juice Bar. The four teenagers come from different backgrounds, but they share a common bond. An African American girl in yellow and the Korean American boy in green smile.

Only recently did they meet the siblings wearing purple and gray. And it was a good thing that they did. It was only that new friendship that saved the planet.

The African American girl is Tanya.

The Korean American boy is Adam.

The two siblings are Matt and Wendy.

They are Power Rangers.

Or, to be a tad more specific, Tanya and Adam are. They're the Yellow and Green Rangers.

Matt and Wendy, however, are the newest additions to the Ranger team.

Recently, Lord Zedd and King Mondo returned after a long absence. Matt and Wendy, having had adventures all their own in a quest for the Rangers, came to the aid of the Turbo Rangers and befriended them. Together, the seven Rangers, along with Ninjor, Blue Centurion, and Gold Ranger, saved the planet.

"I still can't believe that adventure we had." says Adam. "You guys are amazing!"

"Hey!" counters Matt, Purple Ranger to the world at large. "You've been at it a lot longer than we have!"


Wendy and Tanya begin to grin. Adam and Matt had been shifting the credit for the victory back and forth for a full week now. And there was no end in sight. But then, it wasn't everyday that new Rangers and old Rangers teamed up.

"Guys... it's time you both knocked it off. It was a group effort. End of story." Wendy says before taking a sip of her strawberry smoothie. She was still a little jaded herself. Being Gray Ranger was a rush. And she loved it. But no sense admitting it when she's trying to get her brother to stop.

"Wendy's right. If we hadn't come together, we would have lost."

"Let's just hope that things are quieter around here for a while."

"This is Angel Grove. Not a chance."

"Matt, I hope you're wrong." Adam says before realizing that Matt is most definitely correct. Angel Grove was a monster magnet. And the Rangers, be they Power, Zeo, Turbo, or Techno, always raced to the rescue.

"Hey! Where are Tommy and the others? They were supposed to meet us here!"

"They contacted me a little while ago. Tommy and Justin are busy with Tommy's racing car, and Kat's auditioning for another ballet production."


The power begins to flicker.

"What's going on? I thought that this place had it's own generator!"


"No. No explosion."

"What could drain all the power out of the area? I'm getting an emergency broadcast over my radio! All of Angel Grove is blacked out!"

"I have a feeling that this wasn't caused by accident."

"We'd better get to the Power Chamber."

The four Rangers rush to the locker area and teleport away, not realizing that this blackout signaled the start of a grand adventure, new friends, and new threats.

Planet Aires....

Princess Allura woke quietly and gazed out the window. Like most days on Planet Airess the day was bright and sunny. Every morning she was reminded of why she loved this planet so much.

She rose from her bed and got dressed quickly. She didn't want to miss a minute of this day. There was another reason today was so special she remembered. Today was Pidge's birthday.

She soon found the Voltron force, Keith, Hunk, Lance and Pidge in the dining room eating breakfast. To her surprise however, Pidge seemed depressed.

"Keith what's wrong?" she asked, indicating the morose teen.

"Oh don't worry Princess." Keith said. "He's just a little brought down because his brother couldn't come to visit."

"Aw it's just not fair." Pidge muttered. "How come those Aliens had to go and attack that colony today?"

"Yeah Pidge," Hunk said. "They found out today was your birthday and decided that the best way to ruin it would be to attack a random colony and keep your brother from visiting."

To Allura's surprise, Pidge smiled. "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me." he said.

Coran double checked and triple checked the readings he was getting.

But the results were the same. Sighing, he switched on the comm. "Voltron Force," he said. "You'd better get to the control center immediately."

Within minutes, they had arrived.

"What's wrong Coran?" Keith asked.

"Our sensors are picking up a temporal disturbance not two lightyears from here." Coran explained. "I've attempted to analyze it, but it seems to be jamming our sensors."

"Let me guess," Lance said. "The sensors on the lions might be able to pick something up."

"Possibly yes," Coran continued. "But only at close range. The Lions are the only spaceworthy ships Airess has got. All our other ships are still under repairs from Zarkon's last attack.

"All right team," Keith said. "We know what we have to do, let's go do it!"

As one, the Voltron Force ran for the drop shafts that would take them to their lions. Leaping into space, Keith snagged the handle hanging in the center of the shaft. The handle lowered him, swiftly but safely to the tunnel below.

Once he reached the bottom he landed in a small vehicle that sped him underground to the Black Lion. Of all the Voltron Force, he had the shortest distance to go, for the Black Lion was situated at the front gates of the palace grounds.

Princess Allura's Lion, the blue one rested at the bottom of a deep lake. Lance's Red Lion was buried deep in a fierce volcano. Hunk's Yellow Lion waited in the middle of a burning desert, while the last, Pidge's Green Lion was hidden in a thick forest.

His chair rose into the cockpit of the Black Lion. He took the key from his uniform and inserted it into the slot, activating the Lion's systems. "Black Lion is ready to go." he said. "Any time you're ready."

"Green Lion online." Pidge said.

"Blue Lion ready Keith."

"Yellow Lion all set Fearless Leader."

"Red Lion all systems go!"

"All right let's go Voltron Force!"

The five lions took to the air, their powerful engines taking them to their destination quickly.

"Holy cow!" Pidge exclaimed. "Look at that thing!" Before them, hovering in space was a huge rift. Ringed with blue fire, the center resembled that of a black hole.

"That ain't all Pidge!" Hunk said. "Look who else is here!"

"Have the shields been recalibrated?" Zarkon asked.

"Yes my lord. The disturbances inside the rift should not harm us."

"For your sake you'd better be right." Zarkon said. "I've invested a lot into this little adventure of yours witch." he told Hagar. "This had better work."

"It will your Majesty," Hagar said. "There will be no one to stop us."

"Very well. Take us through.

Deep in the hold, Lotor emerged from his hiding place. "You'll see Father," he thought. "I'll destroy Voltron myself. Then you'll see how a real king should act."

"Their going through Keith!"

"I see 'em Princess." Keith said. "Whatever Zarkon's up to we won't let him succeed. C'mon Voltron Force let's go!"

"My Lord!" the Tactical officer said. "The Voltron Force is following!"

"Not to worry sire," Hagar said. "The disturbances of the Rift will destroy them."

As the Lions entered the rift, their instruments suddenly went wild.

"What's happening?" Allura shouted, her console sparking.

"I'm not sure Princess!" Keith replied. "But it looks like the temporal disturbances are short circuiting our systems!"

Pidge tried desperately to stem the tide of disaster as his Lion began shorting out, but then a console exploded, knocking him out.

"Keith come in!" Hunk shouted. No answer. "Lance! Pidge!

Princess! Somebody come in!" His comm remained silent.

Pidge awoke slowly, sunlight nearly blinding him. At first he could not remember what had happened, then it came back to him. He jerked in his seat, only to be restrained by the safety restraints. Calming down, he became aware of being on his back. He released the restraints and rose to his feet.

He stood in a desert, his Lion nowhere to be seen.

"What the?" he thought. "Where's my Lion? Where's the rest of Voltron Force?" He remembered bailing out, but the rest was a blank. He did not know where he was either. "Now what?" he wondered.

The Moon, Present day... Lord Zedd watched as the temporal anomaly spat out warships and five robotic lions.

"Fascinating. Could these be the future Rangers?"

King Mondo enters the room. "We had best hope not Zedd. Things are bad enough already! Thanks to the Turbo Rangers and the Techno Rangers!"

"I know that already! But if we can seize these lions, we can use them to destroy the Rangers' zords and powers!"

"And capture Gold Ranger! Excellent! Send the RoboTengas to capture the rider that landed in the desert!"

"Good thinking. We might be able to use him. Klank!"

In response to Zedd's call, the robot comes forward.

"Contact Devatox of the situation. Her input will be most helpful."

"It will be done at once!"

Power Chamber... Wendy, Matt, Adam, and Tanya teleport in.

"[New Replace Term]," begins Adam, "Do you know what caused the blackout?"

All eyes turn to the woman dressed in white. She currently resides in the very tube that once held Zordon.

"Alpha, would you please bring the Rangers up to date?"

"Ya got it!" A small red and gold robot steps out. Alpha 6 begins to tell the Rangers of the temporal anomaly.

"Fascinating. And you say that five robot lions came out as well?" asks Matt.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Blue Centurion told me about something like those. Those lions are called Voltron Lions. They are the ultimate defense against evil in the future.

They are piloted by the Voltron Force and combine to become Voltron, Defender of the universe."

"They're more powerful than the zords?"

"It's a strong possibility."

Tommy, Kat, and Justin teleport in.

"What's going on?"

"Big problems."

"Rangers, I can sense one of these Voltron Force members in the desert.

RoboTengas are heading for him."

"Wendy and I'll take care of them. Alpha, you keep looking for those lions and their riders. We have to get them before Zedd and the others."

"I'm on top of it!"

"Ready Matt?" Wendy readies herself for battle.


The two Techno Rangers swing right arms around, and then thrust their two arms forward, hands together. Streaks of purple and gray energy trail the movements and the uniforms of the Ninja Rangers appear. They fade out and head for the desert.

"Tommy, we have located three lions and two other riders. You must go after them."

"Count on it. SHIFT INTO TURBO!"

The Rangers bring their left arms to the right sides of their heads and twist their wrists. The Turbo Morphers appear. Pulling the keys from their pockets, they place the keys in the slots and turn.

"MOUNTAIN BLASTER TURBO POWER!" Justin's uniform appears. His helmet locks

into place and he grows to adult size.

"DESERT THUNDER TURBO POWER!" Adam's uniform appears. His helmet locks into


"DUNE STAR TURBO POWER!" Tanya's uniform appears. Her helmet locks into place.

"WIND CHASER TURBO POWER!" Kat's uniform appears. Her helmet locks into place.

"RED LIGHTNING TURBO POWER!" Tommy's uniform appears. His helmet snaps into


Tommy turns to the others.

"Justin, go help Matt and Wendy. That lion's near their location. Adam, you and Tanya go after the lion and rider in the mountains. Kat and I'll go after the rider and lion in the park. After you've gotten to the rider and lion, teleport the rider to the Power Chamber and the lion to the Zeo Zord Holding Bay."


The Rangers teleport out.

The Moon... Devatox enters Zedd's palace.

"I've located two of the lions. One's in the mountains and the other's in the park."

"Wonderful! Send Scorpina after the one in the mountains." King Mondo's eyes glow with evil energy.

"But who goes after the one in the park?"

"Leave that to me."

The three villains turn and see Zarkon and Hagar.


"I am King Zarkon. The pilots of these lions are my enemies. If you help me with my enemies, I shall help you with yours."

The three villains talk amongst themselves.

"We could use his help, and then eliminate him."


"And those lions will be ours."

Zedd turns to Zarkon.

"Very well. We accept your offer."

"Good. Hagar, I have a feeling that my son came along. Send him to the park."

"Of course."

With luck, he'll succeed for a change. And if not, I'll never have to worry about him again. Either way, I'll win. And after that, I'll destroy these fools and take this planet for myself! Once Earth is mine, there will be no Planetary Alliance. And with no Alliance, no Voltron.

Tanya and Adam teleport in near the coordinates.

"LOOK!" Up ahead, they see a man dressed in white and red. Next to him is a gigantic black lion.

"Hurry!" They run for him, but sudden energy bursts stop them cold. Scorpina appears.

"You're not going anywhere! Except to the next world!"

"TURBO WEAPONS!" Tanya's star chargers appear, as does Adam's thunder cannon.

Then, the Rangers race at their enemy while the man in red begins to stir...

The Park... Tommy and Kat appear.

"OVER THERE!" The two Rangers look over near some trees and see both a large

blue lion and a woman. A woman wearing white and pink.

"She might be hurt Tommy."

Kat checks for a pulse.

"She's alive. But she took a fall. We have to get her out of here."

"Agreed. Prepare to teleport."

"You're not taking her anywhere! She's coming with me!"

The two Rangers turn and see Prince Lotor.

"Who are you?!"

"I am Prince Lotor. I am your death."

Kat's Wind Fire appears, as does Tommy's Lightning Sword.

"Bring it on. The only way your getting her is through us!"

"Very well. ON GUARD!"

The Desert... Justin appears and delivers a side kick to one of the RoboTengas.

"Back off!"

Matt and Wendy become streaks of light, flashing back and forth. The RoboTengas are hammered and confused. Prince Gasket and Archerina appear.

"If we capture the rider and lion, father will have to reinstate me as the heir to the throne!"

"Yes dear. And we can capture the Techno Rangers as well!"

"Even better."

Matt and Wendy turn and face the two would be rulers of the Machine Empire.

"Justin! Take care of the rider! Keep those things away from him!"


"Try to get him to his lion! And teleport him away!"

They turn back.


The two Ninja Rangers turn to face each other. Their hands lock together above their heads. A combined Morpher appears in those hands. The Techno Morpher.



The Morpher splits down the middle. The two ends rotate around, forming two normal morphers, which attach themselves to Matt and Wendy's belt buckles.

Purple and gray energy surrounds the two, and their uniforms appear. The uniforms are reminiscent of the original Power Ranger uniforms. The helmets lock into place. Matt's, purple of course, looks like the head of a stegosaurus. Wendy's looks like the head of Titanus.


"Call the Blade Blasters!"

"Right Wendy! Blade Blasters up!" They pulls red weapons from their belt holsters. Blades pop out, turning the weapons into twin swords.

"The two of you honestly think that you can stop us?! If it weren't so foolish it would be laughable!"

"You talk big. What's that say about your mouth, Gasket?" The robot growls in response to Matt's question.

Justin picks up Pidge and races towards the lion.

"You will not interfere with my plans ever again!"

"That's right, because we're stopping you here and now!" Matt leaps up and kicks Gasket. He lands on his feet as the Prince recovers.

"You will regret that Matthew."

Energy surges from Gasket's sword and Archerina's bow. The two new Rangers are bombarded by the force, but it barely fazes them.

Please, let Justin and the others get those riders to safety! The future depends on it!

Matt dodges another swipe and sees that Wendy is having a hard time with Archerina. Gasket uses this distraction to bring his sword down on Purple Ranger. It's only Matt's Blade Blaster that saves him by taking the blow.

"DOWN! On your knees. I am your superior! I order you to kneel before me!"

"Go suck an oil can!" Matt's power weapon appears. It's a purple hook launcher. He swings the rope, which tangles around Gasket's legs. One swift tug forces the Prince off of Matt, and allows him to stand straight and tall.

Wendy uses her energy whip to grab and block Archerina's shots.

"It appears that we have a stalemate Gray Ranger. How unfortunate for me."

"Ready to give up?"

"Never. I'll merely have to try harder!" With that, Archerina's bow morphs into a sword. With a single, graceful leap, she flies forward, aiming at Wendy's throat.


The yellow lion sat mostly submerged in the lake in Angel Grove Park. Only a single inch of the top of it's head broke the surface of the water. Hunk decided it would be safe enough there. Leaving his uniform behind, but keeping the key to the lion, he swam to shore.

"Step one," he thought. "Find out where I am."

He reached the shore and looked down at his clothes. He was soaked to the skin, but the day was warm, and the sun was bright and he had no doubt he would soon be dry. After making sure he was unobserved, he walked towards the nearby city.

Hiding in the bushes, two people saw him however. Eyes wide with amazement, Skull turned to the leader of the duo. "Holy, did you see that?"

"Yes numbskull I saw it." Bulk said. "If that's what I think it is, we may have just found the hiding places of one of the Zords. Come on."

"Where are we going."

"To see what that thing in the lake is. Duh!"

Somewhere in Nevada...

Lance's Lion had fared better than the rest. Due to his Lion's hiding place of a volcano, his Lion was better shielded. Never the less, some repairs were in order before it was really ready to go. Fortunately he didn't have much more to do. Another ten minutes and it would all systems go once more.

Keith raised himself up on one arm, the sounds of battle rousing him from his involuntary slumber. Not far away, an attractive Asian woman was holding off two people in uniforms that vaguely resembled his own. Pushing himself to his feet he took stock of the situation. There seemed to be no residual effects from his ordeal going through the Temporal Portal.

Behind him, his Lion lay waiting, but his attention was diverted to the battle going on in front of him.

Though the woman was holding her own, Keith did not care for the odds. Though since he did not know who was whose side, he did not know who to help.

"You fight well." Lotor snarled. Parrying another thrust, and lunging at the insolent little whelps who were opposing him. "My compliments to your teacher!"

Tommy and Kat easily leap over Lotor. He turns, his eyes gleaming with hatred.

"You dare to touch my person?!"

"Here we go again!"

Lotor begins to charge at them, but a robotic hand clamps down on his shoulder and picks him up.

"Your attention please: You are in violation of intergalactic law.

Discontinue your

activities immediately or I shall be forced to take stronger measures."

"Blue Centurion! Great timing!"

"Just doing my job."

"Tommy, what do we do with him?"

"Good question..."

"You could start by putting him down."

The two Rangers turn at the sudden female voice and see that the Voltron force member has fully awakened.

"I am Princess Allura. And I thank all of you for the timely assistance."

"It was our pleasure. This is Kat. I'm Tommy."

"Kat... Tommy..." the Princess ponders for a moment before recognizing the names. "As in the Turbo Rangers? I've heard of you. According to the history books, your team, along with the Techno Rangers, were legends. Your zord technology was partially responsible for advances in society and space travel.

I'm honored to finally meet the two of you."

"The honor is ours. But right now, I'm worried for your teammates. We haven't been able to locate two of them and the other two are being seen to right now."

"I can help you with that."

"It'd be appreciated."

"And we'll be able to help repair the damage to your Lion in the meantime."

With that, the Rangers teleport themselves, the lion, and the Princess away.

Blue Centurion releases Lotor.

"Any further violations will result in an arrest. Have a nice day."

He teleports away, leaving Lotor completely humiliated.

"Beware Rangers. You will taste my wrath soon enough!"

The desert...

Wendy can only watch as Archerina's blade flies towards her.

"I win Gray Ranger!"

"Guess again sister!" A sudden kitana blocks the blade and sends Archerina flying.

"Ninjor! Thanks! I owe you one!"

"My pleasure Wendy."

Gasket and Purple Ranger both see Ninjor.

"If you truly believe that that blue dolt will stop me, you are sadly mistaken."

"HEY! I happen to like wearing blue buddy!" Justin yells as the Green Lion rises and casts it's shadow over the combatants.

"BLAST YOU! You win this round, but I shall return! Come my darling!" The two robots vanish, leaving only Pidge, the Lion, Ninjor, and the Rangers.

"I guess that that's a wrap."

"Sorry it took me so long guys. He kept blacking out on me!"

"Understood. Now let's get back to the Power Chamber!" ***

Keith watches as the armored woman is thrown back by a blast from the green suited individual's blaster. The woman quickly recovers and counters with a boomeranging blade strike.

Keith knows that he must help either one or the other. But that's the problem...

Which one...?


Next chapter: Keith makes his decision while Bulk and Skull try to gain access to

the yellow lion! Can the Rangers and the Voltron Force come together to put an end to Zarkon and Zedd's plans? Or is this the end of all three teams of heroes?

Stay tuned!