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"Power Rangers Turbo/Techno Rangers"Rangers/Voltron:
"Crossroads of Time"
"Chapter 3: Bomb Brain"
by Aaron Thall and Ben Church

"Well," Pidge said. "I guess all we need to do is find Zarkon and send him back where he came from!"

"That might be easier said than done Pidge." Keith said. "We have no idea where to find him."

"Don't be so sure Keith." Tommy said. "Alpha, see what you can do."

"Yo yo yo, no problem!"


Trey, the Gold Ranger, sits at his throne pondering recent events. Only a week ago, he had returned to Earth, sensing an urgent need for his help. He

had leapt to the Rangers' aid, using Pyramidas to help defeat the Bolabot and

Prince Gasket.

But he had learned of something else.

Something suprising.

Apparently, two teenagers, siblings to be exact, gained the Rangers' lost Ninja Powers and called themselves the Techno Rangers. They fought valiantly, and proved victorious in the end.

But still, Trey knew that he would be needed again.

For the last twelve hours, he has sensed a definite rise in negative energy

coming from Earth's sole moon. It could only mean that some new menace was

threatening the planet.

And this time, the Turbo Rangers and Techno Rangers would not be enough alone.

"GOLD RANGER POWER!" Trey says, summoning his power and transforming into

the powerful gold and black clad warrior.

"If the Rangers have need of me, I shall not fail them! Whatever evil now threatens the planet will be purged!"

* * * *

King Zarkon looked on, approvingly. Though his son had failed him in battle once again, he'd proved to be quite a competent weapons engineer, supervising the construction of the bomb that would bring them final victory.

"Perhaps I'll find some use for him in the future after all." he thought.

"How goes the construction Sire?" Hagar asked. She too was impressed with Lotor's new found skills.

"Well enough." Zarkon replied. "You're sure Zedd and his minions suspect nothing?"

"Indeed Sire." Hagar smiled. "I've made sure of that."

"Good. Once we detonate this bomb inside the rift, not only will the Voltron force be wiped from existence by the demise of Earth and the Rangers, but Zedd's fortress and the very moon it sits upon will be destroyed as well! Then nothing will stop us from conquering the Universe!"

Just outside of visual range, Prince Lotor hears the entire conversation.

*SO! They intend to destroy our past! And my beloved Allura! I must stop them! But how?*

Lotor thinks for a moment, the bomb built was being changed into a robot

form even as he stood there. Soon, Bomb Brain would be ready. There was only

one course of action to take.

"It is time to contact the Power Rangers..." ***

Zeo Zord Holding Bay...

Matt and Wendy sit in the Black Lion cockpit, examining the advanced technology within.

"Like it?" asks Keith, who is standing below.

"This vehicle is amazing! I've never seen anything like it!" says Wendy as she looks over the scanning systems. "Imagine what this could do for the Turbo Navigators!"

"Might have made it easier for Tommy and the others, that's for sure..."

"At least things are quiet for the moment..."

An alarm sounds.

"How do you like your crow, Wendy? Cooked or raw?"

Matt activates his communicator.

"What's up?"

"We've got a collect call... from Lotor." responds Alpha.

"Reverse the charges."

"I'll patch the three o' ya in!"

Lotor's voice comes in over Black lion's transmission systems.

"Voltron Force! Techno Rangers! Power Rangers! I send you an urgent warning!

My father is preparing to erase the Galaxy Alliance from existence. A powerful bomb, capable of destroying both the Earth and the Moon, has been

built in the form of a robot called Bomb Brain. You must destroy it or all is lost!"

"Why would he go through the trouble of warning us?"

"Allura, I send this warning to give you a fighting chance. If you fail to end this menace, I beseech you to reconsider taking my hand in marriage! We

can rule together!"

"Ahhhh... I see. He's the lovesick puppy type, isn't he?" ***

Power Chamber...

Tommy turns to the rest of the Voltron Force and the Rangers.

"We've got to split up and find Bomb Brain."

"We'll help you!" says Lance.

"No! Without your Lions, you're vulnerable to attack! We'll handle it!

Alpha! Contact Blue Senturion and Ninjor! We've got a robot to find!"

"I'm on it!"

"SHIFT INTO TURBO!" Kat, Tanya, Adam, Justin, and Tommy flick their wrists

and the Turbo Morphers appear. They pull their keys from their pockets and

place them in the slots. And then they turn.

"MOUNTAIN BLASTER TURBO POWER!" Justin's uniform appears and his helmet

snaps into place. He grows to adult size.

"DESERT THUNDER TURBO POWER!" Adam's uniform appears and his helmet snaps

into place.

"DUNE STAR TURBO POWER!" Tanya's uniform appears and her helmet snaps into


"WIND CHASER TURBO POWER!" Kat's uniform appears and her helmet snaps into


"RED LIGHTNING TURBO POWER!" Tommy's uniform appears and his helmet snaps

into place.

As the Turbo Rangers teleport out, a similar ritual is taking place in the Holding Bay...

"IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!" Matt and Wendy interlock hands and the Techno Morpher

appears. "TECHNO MORPHER ONLINE!" It splits down the middle, and the ends

swing around, forming two separate morphers.



In perfect synch, their uniforms appear and their helmets snap into place.



Suddenly, the Turbo Rangers are racing down Main Street in the five Turbo Carts.

"Split up! We'll cover more ground!"

Matt's voice comes over the communicator.

"What about us?"

"Check out the Park! Let us know if something comes up!"

"Tommy," begins Kat, "Do you think we can beat Zarkon?"

"We have to!" says Justin. "If he wins, the Earth's finished!"

"At least we know about this one ahead of time!" adds Tanya.

"So let's go stop it!" finishes Adam as the vehicles race through the streets.


Lord Zedd wanders the hallways of his domain.

"Where is Zarkon?! I need to speak with him!"

Goldar slowly approaches him.

"Sire... Zarkon is preparing to reenter the time rift!"

"He's dumping this Voltron Force on us! How dare he?! Contact Mondo and

Divatox! It's time we taught that upstart a lesson!" ***

Prince Gasket watches as Matt and Wendy teleport into the park.

"My my... Two Rangers, separated from the herd!"

"Shall we shear them like the sheep they are, my love?" asks Archerina.

"We shall."

* * * *

"I can't believe we're just sittin' here!" Hunk grumbled.

"Then get up and help with the repairs!" Pidge grinned. He was almost done repairing the damage to his lion. It wouldn't be long before he was ready to take on this Bomb Brain.

"I finished my repairs Pidge." Hunk reminded him. "It ain't my fault that my lion was the least damaged."

"Seriously though, Hunk," Keith said, poking his head out of the cockpit of the Black Lion. "If you're so bored, lend a hand, and it'll get done that much quicker!"

"All ya had to do was ask!" Hunk smiled. He rose and headed for the Red Lion.

* * * *

"Sire," Hagar smiled. "The construction of Bomb Brain is complete. We may begin when you're ready."

"Excellent." Zarkon sighed. "I never thought I'd ever feel so sentimental about anything, but I'm looking forward to going home. This time and place have tested my patience. Begin the withdrawal of our forces back through the rift. I'll go say my...farewells to Lord Zedd and his ilk." * * * *

"So," Lord Zedd thought. "The weapon is completed." Lord Zedd was not often given to moments of introspection. In his line of work one didn't usually have time. But he took the time now. In Zarkon and the Voltron Force he had gotten a glimpse of the future. And it troubled him.

Neither Zarkon nor even his witch had ever heard of him. And the existence of the Voltron Force was almost proof of his failure to conquer the Earth, much less the galaxy. Could his final defeat be close at hand?

"Bah!" he cried. "The future is not written, it is made! By those of us in the present. I WILL succeed! I MUST!" "Do you often talk to yourself?" Zarkon asked snippily from the doorway.

"HOW DARE YOU?! You futuristic upstart!"

"I could say similar things of you. I must thank you for your assistance.

Without you keeping the Voltron Force busy, I would have never completed

Bomb Brain. Now I can destroy the Earth and this moon together in one fell

swoop! With you, the Power Rangers, and Voltron gone, I'll be free to conquer the galaxy!"

"Think again, Zarkon!" King Mondo and Divatox teleport in. King Mondo swings

his staff and slams Zarkon to the ground.

"He's going to blow up the entire planet?! We have to stop that robot!" says

Divatox. "That honor belongs to us!"

"Indeed!" complies Mondo.

Zedd picks up Zarkon by the collar.

"And if the creature succeeds, you will die with us!" ***

Rock Quarry...

The Turbo Rangers race through the construction site, searching for Bomb

Brain to no avail.

"He's got to be around here somewhere!"

"HOW RIGHT YOU ARE!" A gigantic explosive launches itself at the Rangers. As

it strikes the Turbo Carts, the Rangers are thrown to the ground. As they pull themselves up, they see a creature with a cannon-shaped head. "I am

Bomb Brain! And by the order of King Zarkon, this planet shall be destroyed!"

"Think again! Looks like you blew up your brain cells with that last explosion!" retorts Tommy.

"RAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" Bomb Brain charges at the Rangers.

"Let's finish this guy fast and hard! TURBINE LASER ONLINE!" ***

>From the dimensional pocket it is kept in, the black weapon races forward.

The object looks like a supersonic jet. It gleams as it exits hyperspace and

enters the battlefield. As it slows, the "wings" fold down, forming the handle. The "nose" moves forward, forming the barrel of the Turbine Laser.

"Everybody take your positions!" Adam and Justin kneel down in front, balancing the end of the Laser. Kat and Tanya hold up the back. Tommy pulls

the trigger. Powerful turbines begin to spin, creating a powerful globe of energy that launches at Bomb Brain and forces it back.

"NOT GOOD ENOUGH, TURBO RANGERS!" Bomb Brain launches a second bomb that

throws the Rangers and the Turbine Laser down a steep hill.

"We'll need more power, Tommy!"

"No argument Adam! We need the Turbo R.A.M.!"

A car shaped carrier rolls in. Each Ranger takes one component.

"TURBO R.A.M.: CANNON MODE!" The Rangers recombine the Turbo Weapons in a

new configuration. "FIRE!" This time, energy blasts from both the Turbo R.A.M. and the Turbine Laser, and this time, Bomb Brain is thrown back into

jagged rocks.

"Now that's what I call an explosive finish!" says Tanya.

There is a sudden explosion. The Rangers look and see Bomb Brain slowly

exploding it's way free.

"Or maybe not!" responds Justin.


Matt and Wendy continue to search the park, completely unaware of the other

Rangers' battle.

"That blasted robot's got to be around here somewhere!" begins Wendy, "But


Energy launches out and throws the Techno Rangers Back. As they look up,

Archerina and Prince Gasket appear with a small army of Cogs.

"Bomb Brain is not here! We, however, ARE! And we are prepared to end

your interference with our plans once and for all!"

"Big mouth and tiny brain, Gasket!"

"You speak boldly for one about to meet his doom, Matthew!"

"We'll see!"

"COGS! ATTACK!" The gold-headed robots come at the two Rangers, but they are

far faster. Matt delivers a powerful spinning kick that decapitates two robots and short-circuits three others. Wendy grabs one by the arm and swings

it around, shattering several of the robots and demolishing the circuitry of the other ones attacking her.

"Hardly a workout!" jokes Wendy.

"Then how about a test of your reflexes?" Archerina lets loose with a barrage of explosive arrows that force the Techno Rangers to scatter.

"IT'S TIME FOR A GOLD RUSH!" Out of nowhere, globules of energy fly out and

slam into Gasket and Archerina, throwing them to the ground. Matt and Wendy

waste no time getting back to their feet and joining their savior, the Gold Ranger.

"Trey! Just in time!"

"Are you all right?"

"We're fine! Now let's finish these two and go find that robot!"

"Wendy's right. This calls for some extra firepower! ULTRA TECHNO BLASTER!"

The Techno Blaster appears in Matt's right hand, and the Power Blaster in

the other. A vortex of purple and gray energy surrounds Matt and he begins

to spin. As he does so, the Techno Blaster splits into it's two components.

The Hook Launcher attaches to the front of Power Blaster and the Energy Whip

attaches to the top of the Power Sword. Matt grasps it with both hands and

stops spinning, the new weapon aiming straight forward, directly at the two


"FIRE!" The weapon lets loose with a barrage that forces Gasket and Archerina to their knees. Gasket slowly rises to his feet.

"You may have won this round, but there shall be others! Your luck cannot

hold out forever!" He picks up Archerina and teleports away. As he does so,

Ninjor and Blue Senturion appear.

"Sorry we couldn't get here sooner!" says Ninjor.

"A disturbance near the Rock Quarry forced us to assist with the evacuation

of the area." finishes Blue Senturion.

"At least you're here now! What say we join up with the others and finish

this?" Wendy takes her whip and cracks it once, blowing up a Cog that managed to go unnoticed until then.

"I don't think anyone here is going to argue, sis! BACK TO ACTION!" ***

Another explosion blows Adam into a large rock pile. Bomb Brain advances on

the downed Green Ranger.

"I'll pick you punks off one by one!"

"Then why not start with me?!" Ninjor yells as he flies in and slashes at the robot with his kitana.

"Or me?!" Blue Senturion pulls out his Synergizer. "Synergizer: Blaster mode!" It transforms into a gun and lets loose an energy barrage that blows the robot back and lets Matt and Wendy into help Adam up.

"Adam! Are you all right?!" Wendy begins to brush him off.

"I'm fine! The only thing hurt's my pride! Where are the others?"

Four laser blasts and a golden stream of energy throw Bomb Brain thirty yards.

"Never mind." The Turbo Rangers and Gold Ranger run over and join their friends.

"You're finished!" says Tommy.

"GUESS AGAIN, RED RANGER! I'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN!" Bomb Brain reaches into it's head and pulls out a familiar device. One of Divatox's torpedoes. He throws it to the ground.


HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bomb Brain grows to a titanic height.

"We've got to stop this thing!" says Matt. "I NEED DINOZORD POWER NOW!"


The Voltron Force watches as Bomb Brain grows.

"All right team!" says Keith. "Let's show Zarkon why it's not healthy to mess with history! Launch the Lions!"

The doors to the Zeo Zord Holding Bay open wide and five robotic Lions fly out.

"Think we can stop this thing without demolishing the Earth?" asks Lance.

"We have to! We just can't fail with so much at stake!" adds Princess Allura.

"What a way to spend a birthday!" notes Pidge.

"We didn't even get to have any cake!" jokes (I hope) Hunk.

"This is it Voltron Force! The fate of our universe depends on the outcome of this battle! So let's do it right!"



The water bubbles as the Dragonzord rises from the depths. It roars to life and races towards the battle.


Stegosaurus breaks through the rocks that form it's lair. It's purple armor and golden spikes gleam in the sunlight and it growls, revealing only the tiniest of it's power.


"Prepare to form Voltron! Activate interlocks! Dynotherms connected! Infracells up! Megathrusters are go!"



"ROBO RACER: POWER UP!" Blue Senturion blows his whistle. His gigantic police car rolls to life and begins racing towards the scene, ready to transform and win the day.



* * * *

"Fool!" Zarkon snarled, breaking free of Zedd's grip. "Do you think I got where I am now by being weak?" He swung his staff at King Mondo, knocking him away. "You've out lived your usefulness!" He leveled his staff at Zedd, firing a high power laser blast at him. Mondo and the others rushed to Zedd's aid, but magical bolts of lightning drove them to their knees. "Now now," Hagar cackled. "None of that! There'll be plenty of time for you later. If there's anything left once I'm done with you!"

"I think that there will!" yells Scorpina as her sabre twirls around and knocks Hagar in the back of the skull. Goldar fires eyeblasts that slam the witch into the far wall.

Rito and Prince Gasket help the villains up while Queen Machina turns to Klank.

"Launch the Quadrafighters! Have them confront Zarkon's fleet! No one double crosses the Machine Empire and lives!"

Rita rubs her head. "Boy, have I got a headache..."

Lord Zedd looks at Zarkon, now held still by Goldar and Rito.

"I'll deal with you later!" Energy fires from his staff, entrapping Zarkon and Hagar in unbreakable mystical cages. "GOLDAR! RITO! GASKET! I cannot believe I'm saying this, but go and help the Rangers against Bomb Brain!"

"WHAT??!!" exclaims Gasket.

"I SAID GO! There is no point to allowing the Earth to be destroyed when we want to rule it!"


Robo Racer enters a large tunnel. Blue Senturion enters the cockpit.

"Activating Robo Racer Battle Mode." He presses a red button and the blue light on Robo Racer's lightbar turns on. The hood opens, taking part of the windshield with it. The car's front end moves upward so the "legs" can turn and allow the tires to touch the ground again. Arms form from the untransformed sides of the car. Robo Racer bursts from the tunnel and begins to flip. As it does, the trunk and arms fold back, locking into place. The head of the robot is revealed.


The five Lions fly up into the air.

"FORM FEET AND LEGS!" Blue and Yellow Lions fold upwards, forming the aforementioned parts.

"FORM ARMS AND BODY!" Green Lion attaches to Black Lion's left side. Red Lion attaches to the right. Blue Lion attaches to the hind right leg, and Yellow to the left. Energy crackles as the transformation takes place.

"AND I'LL FORM... THE HEAD!" Black Lion's head turns down. The ears fold out and the mouth opens wide, revealing the head of Voltron. The Lion Heads roar as the transformation stabilizes.


The Turbo Zords quickly combine into tank mode.

"TURBO UP!" Tommy turns his key and hits the breaks, forcing the Megazord up into a standing position. As he does so, the back of Red Lightning folds back to reveal the head of Turbo Megazord and the lightbar moves up.


"Now let's get Bomb Brain!"

"Right, Tommy!" says Keith as Voltron lands next to Robo Racer and Turbo Megazord.

"I'm with you!" says Matt as Dragonzord and Stegosaurus position themselves opposite Voltron and the Zords.

"And so am I!" Ninjor begins to grow, quickly reaching full size.

On the ground, Wendy and Trey watch as the scene begins to play out. They almost don't see Gasket, Goldar, and Rito as they appear.

Goldar looked uneasily at the sight before him. "I'm not even sure we're needed to turn the tide." he muttered. Before them, Bomb Brain stood surrounded by the combined forces of Voltron, The Power Ranger's Zords, the Techno Ranger's Zords, and more.

"Yeah I'll have to agree with Goldar just this once." says Wendy, her whip ready for battle. She take a look to her side and sees Trey readying his Staff.

"Perhaps another time, Gray Ranger!" Gasket's sword moves upward and slices through the fabric of reality, allowing the three menaces to escape.

"I hate it when they do that..."

"I know. I believe that I have a way to safely defeat this creature. Wendy, prepare the NinjaMegaFalconzord. I shall explain as we go along!


Energy lashes out from the Golden Power Staff and strikes an invisible pyramid. As the energy moves down the pyramid, it's golden armor is revealed. Trey, the Gold Ranger, teleports into the cockpit and races forward.

Bomb Brain sees Pyramidas.

"NO YOU DON'T!" Dozens of concussion grenades fire from the robot's head and explode all around Pyramidas. However, the explosions have no effect on the onrushing Zord.

"FIRE!" Energy lashes out from the top of the zord, and explosions rock the neck assembly of Bomb Brain, separating the head from the body. The body races forward and the head hangs in the air.

"Blue Senturion! Turbo Rangers! Ninjor! Finish Bomb Brain's body! Voltron Force! Techno Rangers! Take your battle machines into deep space, away from any planets, and finish the head!"

"We're on it!" says Tommy right before the Turbo Megazord bashes a fist into the midsection of the body.

"GOTCHA!" From out of nowhere, Wendy and the NinjaMegaFalconzord appear and grab onto the head.

"Hang on, Sis! We can't get too far apart!" Matt quickly makes his way to the cockpit's exit hatch and leaps out, landing on top of Wendy's Zord. He finds the hatch and joins her in the control room.

"Going up!" The Zord begins to fly up, taking the head with it.

"We're right behind you!" says Keith, a split second before Voltron takes to the air as well.

Robo Racer, Ninjor, and the Turbo Megazord surround the body of the monster.

Ninjor strikes first, his golden blade slashing deep into the powerful armor. "This is it!"

"Synergizer Blaster Mode!" Robo Racer's blaster appears and opens fire on the body. Explosions rip into it, completely shattering the outer armor.

"And we'll finish it! TURBO MEGAZORD SPINOUT!" Turbo Megazord races forward and begins to spin like a Tazmanian Devil on caffeine. The Sabre cuts completely through what's left of the body. As the Megazord stops, the body falls to the ground and explodes in a blinding flash.

"And now it's up to Voltron and the Techno Rangers!" ***

The two megarobots look towards the heavens as they clear Earth's atmosphere. They initiate teleportation and race forward, quickly reaching an uninhabited area of space.

"Here's as good as any!" Wendy releases the controls and the Zord releases the head. It floats helplessly in space.

"All right team! It's time we sent Zarkon's new toy back to the scrap heap! Form Blazing Sword!"

The glowing blade sliced through the floating head of the monster. The resulting explosion made them glad they'd taken it away from any inhabited system.

* * * *

A single word from Hagar's mouth flung her captors from her and across the room. Zarkon wasted no time in freeing himself from Zedd's grip. "It's your tendency to underestimate your opponent that resulted in your death, Zedd." Zarkon sneered. With that he smashed his scepter against the Warlord's head, sending him reeling.

"Let's go, Hagar." Zarkon said. "Tell the Flagship to pick us up and then take us through the rift. Maybe something can still be salvaged from this."


Zarkon watched as the moon began to shrink away, the ship flying away at amazing speeds.

"If we hurry back through the rift, we can strand the Voltron Force here forever!"

Hagar merely laughs.

"And remind me to punish Lotor when I see him! No one betrays me and gets away with it!"

And with that, the fleet of ships entered the rift, which began to close.


NinjaMegaZalconzord and Voltron land in Angel Grove. The five Lions quickly separate and the seven heroes leap to the ground. Tommy and the others run over to them.

"You've got to get back through the rift now!"

"Zarkon's closing it!" adds Kat.

"And somehow, I have a feeling that they need you guys in the future!" finishes Tanya.

"We're on it. And thanks for the help. We couldn't have done it without you." Keith takes Tommy's hand in a firm shake.

"Likewise. Good luck."

Pidge walks over to Justin.

"Too bad we can't get to know each other better."

"Yeah... Take care of yourself Pidge. Happy birthday."

"Thanks Justin."

"Maybe I'll visit the future someday."

"In your line of work, it's only a matter of time."

"Hurry!" yells Allura, already reaching her cockpit.

The remaining Voltron Force members quickly follow suit and the Lions fly up. As they enter the rift, a blinding flash forces the Rangers from looking away. When they look skywards again, the Lions are gone and the rift finishes closing.

"Good-bye Pidge. I'll always remember you." ***

The Lions exit the rift just as it closes.

"Come in Voltron Force!" Allura smiles at the sound of Coran's voice. It was good to be home.

"We're back Coran. And what an adventure!"

"Adventure? You've only been gone two minutes!"


"Longest two minutes I've ever experienced!" says Lance.

"Yeah! Say, who's up for some of my famous chili?" adds Hunk.

Various forms of "No thanks" quickly follow.

"Ah well. That much more for me!"

"Keith," begins Allura, "Do you think the Rangers will be all right?"

"Count on it Princess. Something tells me that the Earth was in good hands."

Another voice comes over the communications system. "Pidge? Bro? Are you there?!"


"Yeah. I left before the attack on the colony began!"

"Glad to hear it!"

"Happy birthday Pidge."

"It is now... It is now..."


Lord Zedd stamps angrily around his palace. Zarkon made fools of them all. He would have revenge. Someday. How sweet it would be...


The Power Rangers and Techno Rangers look upwards at the sky, their helmets removed.

"Guys," begins Wendy, "I used to wonder if we've done any good in the long run. But now..."

Matt places a hand on her shoulder. Adam does the same.

"I agree Sis. It's good to know that in the future, evil is always confronted by Voltron, Defender of the Universe."