"Power Rangers Turbo/Techno Rangers"Rangers/Voltron:
"Crossroads of Time"
Chapter 2: An Exchange of Enemies"
by Aaron Thall and Ben Church

Zarkon looked incredulously at the recordings of Lord Zedd and his cohort's previous attempts to conquer Earth.

"No wonder they haven't won!" he said. "They're entire concept of strategy is 'let's send down another monster and hope it beats them!'"

Hagar smiled but kept silent. She didn't think it wise to remind Zarkon the vast majority of their plans had been pretty much the same concept. She suspected that it would come down to that this time too. Ah well. In truth she didn't care one whit whether they conquered the galaxy or not. She was having fun!

As near as Hunk could tell, he was on Earth, circa 1997. "This is very bad." Hunk muttered. "If Zarkon conquers Earth in this time, Voltron will never exist!" Turning around he raced back to his Lion. He had a lot of repairs to do and not much time to do them.

Keith decided there was only one way to find out who was on his side. He got up and raced for his Lion. Behind him he heard a sudden laser shot. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw the woman in Gold firing at him.

"Guess I know who's on my side now." he said, and threw himself forward to avoid the shot. He needn't have bothered.

A shadow fell over the three combatants. The shot from Scorpina's weapon glanced harmlessly off the leg of the Red Lion. The Lion roared.

"WOAH!" Adam exclaims in suprise.

"What is that thing?!" adds Tanya.

"It's one of the Lions [New Replace Term] detected!"

Fire bursts from the Lion's mouth, throwing Scorpina back.

"You win this round Rangers! But I'll be back!" She vanishes.

Red Lion lands and Lance gets out. His blue helmet gleams in the sunlight.

"KEITH! You're alive!"

"Barely." He turns to Adam and Tanya. "Whoever the two of you are, I owe you my life."

"It was our pleasure. And you'll be happy to know that two of your friends are waiting for you at the Power Chamber."


"We have yet to discover the location of the fifth lion and rider. However, we are effecting repairs on the recovered lions."

"Thanks." Keith gives Black Lion a quick lookover. "He's in bad shape."

"Let us worry about that. We need to compare notes."


The four teleport away, taking the two lions with them.


Divatox enters her subcraft and looks around. Elgar is playing with the periscope.

"Report Rygog."

"Nothing yet. But we're still searching!"

Elgar begins to become excited.

"Auntie D! I found the yellow one!"

"Let me see!" she throws him aside and looks. "Beautiful! And not a Ranger in sight. With that Lion, I can end this alliance to Zedd and Mondo once and for all! WAIT! What in the... Those two idiots again! If it weren't for them, we might not have had to worry about the Techno Rangers! Send the Pirannatrons to take care of those fools once and for all! And bring me the Yellow Lion! NOW!"


Bulk and Skull begin to row out to the Lion.

"This is great! A chance to see a Zord up close!" The Pirannatrons appear in the water.

"Ummmm... Bulk? I think we've got a problem..."

"Shut up and keep rowing." Bulk said irritably. "We're almost there!"

"Bulk! In the water!" Bulk looked to where Skull was pointing.

"Ah! Go back to shore!"

"What about the Zord?"

"Forget the Zord you moron! Row back to shore!" Skull frantically began to turn the boat around, the Pirranatrons got closer. "Faster!"

Hunk ran back to the lake where he'd left his Lion. "Gotta get the thing fixed." he thought. "Gotta find the others and-"

He stopped short upon reaching the shore. In the lake two teens were being menaced by some creatures that were obviously not indigenous to Earth. "Uh oh," he muttered. "Looks like Zarkon's sent some Mini Robeasts down." He drew his gun and began to shoot the things in the water.

Bulk and Skull looked at the things attacking their boat. Then they looked at the man firing on them from the shore. Then they looked at each other. And screamed.


"These people are as incompetent as my son!" Zarkon said. "We can't wait for them to get their acts together! Lotor! I see you hiding down there! Go redeem yourself! Take the fleet into the battle, don't give them time to repair the Lions! Hagar," Zarkon smiled. "Send TWO Robeasts down. This time we will win, or destroy the planet trying."

At least he changed his strategy, thinks Hagar.


Zeo Zord Holding Bay...

Matt and Wendy are hard at work repairing the damage done to the Lions.

Keith watches as they come to Black Lion.

"Don't worry Keith! We'll have it operational again in no time flat!"

"Yeah! This is nothing compared to cleaning up after Bulk and Skull!"

"Glad to hear it!" Keith walks away. He should have been prepared for something like this. One member of the team was missing. Zarkon was in the past, ready to keep the Planetary Alliance from ever forming. The Lions were damaged. Zarkon had the backing from the would be conquerors of the past, making him even more dangerous. And his own future was threatened of being changed through his own team's actions.

This was not going to be a good day.

Keith goes down another chamber. Pidge and Justin are apparently exchanging stories of their adventures.

Looks like Pidge has finally found a kindred spirit. Happy birthday. Yeah...



Matt boots up the computers on the Black Lion.

"It's better than it looks. A little polish and new armor and this guy'll be ready to battle again."

Wendy pulls off a piece of damaged armor and programs the Bay's computers to construct a duplicate, minus the damage.

"I hope so. With this Zarkon loser around, things are bound to get a little hot."

The alarm in the Bay sounds. Tommy's voice comes over the communicators.

"Bad news. Two giant... things are attacking Angel Grove."

"'Things'? Can you be more specific?"

"Afraid not. They're like nothing I've ever seen."

Keith, Pidge, and Justin run in.

"They're called Robeasts, Tommy. You guys might not be able to take them."

"We don't have a choice." responds Matt. "Keith, your Lion is the only one that needs further repairs. Pidge, the rest are fully operational. Get your friends down here and get them moving. We'll do what we can."

He turns to Keith.

"Keep an eye on the Lion. Once repairs are complete, come running."

"What about Hunk?"

"Ninjor and Blue Senturion are searching for him. If anyone can find him, it's those two."

"all right. But I don't like it."

The alarms sound again.

"More bad news. There's a fleet of alien aircraft flying this way."

"We'll handle it!" responds Pidge.

Lance and the Princess teleport in and race to their Lions. Pidge joins them.

"Ready Justin?"



Another building in Angel Grove fell to the onslaught of weapons fire from above, sending people running for cover.

"This is almost too easy." Lotor thought. He had regained command of his flagship. "With the Power Rangers busy with our Robeasts, there's no one to stop us!"

"Sir!" The tactical officer interrupted his reverie. "Four of the Voltron Lions are approaching!"

"I've got to stop saying that." Lotor thought. "Only four?" he asked aloud. "Excellent! Destroy them!"

"Okay team," Keith said. "Don't give them easy targets. Split up and engage them individually. I'll take Lotor's ship!"

"Right!" the others replied.

Lord Zedd shook his head in disappointment. "That Zarkon has forced our hand! Those Robeasts better destroy the Rangers. In the meantime, Let's take care of those Lions."

As skilled as the Android pilots of Zarkon's fighters were, they were not match for the nimble maneuvering of Pidge's Green Lion. "Boy these guys have gotten rusty!" he said, shooting another fighter out of the sky.

Suddenly his Lion rocked with the impact of a rocket.

"You've got to watch your back Pidge." Lance scolded over the comm.

The Red Lion took out the fighter that had shot Pidge.

The Black Lion clung to the hull of Lotor's ship, and began to rip a hole in the side with it's teeth. Then a gold gauntleted hand flicked him off.

"Let's see how you Lions fare against me!" Goldar shouted.

He looked angry.


The Turbo Rangers land in the desert.

"Where's the Robeast?" asks Tanya.

A gigantic footprint appears along with a thundering stomp.

"Never mind."

"Let's get to work guys!" says Tommy.

Together, they say one more thing.



The street opens up elsewhere in Angel Grove. One by one, the five Turbo Zords roll into action.

As the zords reach the scene, the Rangers leap into the cockpits.

Wind Chaser splits into two and transforms into arms before linking to Mountain Blaster. Dune Star and Desert Thunder slam together and make a sharp turn towards Mountain Blaster, which raises it's front bumper to allow the connection. Red Lightning flies in and lands in the back of Mountain Blaster.

The five Rangers all reach the cockpit. Harnesses come down to hold them.

"Let's kick some robutt! TURBO UP!" The Rangers take their Turbo Keys and place them in the slots. The steering wheels transform into handlebars and Tommy hits the brakes. As the zords abruptly stops, it begins to rise. The backs of Dune Star and Desert Thunder raise out and become feet while the back of Red Lightning folds back to reveal the head. Mountain Blaster's lightbar shoots up, completing the transformation to the Turbo Megazord.

The invisible monster strikes. Sparks fly as an invisible mace slams into the side of the zord.

"Tommy! How can we fight something we can't see?"

"I don't know Adam!"

"I think I have an idea guys!"

"What is it Kat?"

An invisible sword rips across the belly of the zord. It falls to the ground and rolls, but it quickly gets up once more.

"All we have to do is set up the Turbo Navigators to the computers!"

"That's brilliant! Justin! Get to it!"


"I just hope that Matt and Wendy are having better luck!" ***

The two Techno Rangers find themselves on Angel Grove beach.

"Too bad I forgot my sunscreen, huh Bro?"

"Or at least a swimsuit, Sis."

Alpha's voice comes over their communicators.

"YO YO YO! Cut the quips! Goldar's in Angel Grove!"

"He's after the Lions."

"Bingo! Can one o' ya go an' help 'em out?"

"Afraid not."

"And why?"

"We'll tell you in the Power Chamber. Unfriendly ears may be listening." ***

King Mondo hears every word.

"You are correct, Purple Ranger. I was listening. Rest assured that I will discover why you do not split up!"

He thinks back to when the Techno Rangers fought the Callous Catbot. The two Rangers had to morph together. Is it possible that their powers are linked together? That they would lose those powers if separated by a certain distance?

"Zedd! Divatox! I have uncovered the sole weakness in the Techno Rangers!

All we must do is separate them!"

"We can use that!" says Zedd.

"And separated, they'll be easy picking." finishes Divatox.


Hunk fires again at the remaining Pirannatrons. The creatures make a hasty retreat.

Bulk and Skull's boat drifts to the shore. The two teens cower inside.

"Are you two all right?" Hunk holds his gun above his head. It gleams in the sun and in their eyes.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" The two leap out of the boat and race off as fast as they can run.

"I wonder what got them to act like that? Ah well."

He hears a voice in the distance.

"Keith? Lance?"

The voice comes from his Lion. He quickly takes the boat and rushes to the robot.

"HUNK!" Keith's voice comes over the intercom.

"KEITH! Where are you?!"

"Home in on my signal! We need your help! Zarkon's teamed up with this era's alien menaces!"

"I'm on my way!"


"So where's the Robeast?"

Gigantic metallic tentacles whip out. The two Rangers barely manage to dodge.

"I'll handle this one Wendy! I NEED SHOGUNZORD POWER NOW!"

In response to the call, the five robotic warriors appear. Matt leaps into the cockpit of the Red Shogunzord and catches sight of his quarry.

The creature was a metallic globes with tentacles weaving around it. And was it ever ugly!

The globe strikes first, whipping out tentacles and ensnaring the five zords.


"I hear ya! RED APE NINJAZORD POWER NOW!" The Red Ape appears and slashes at

the tentacles with it's swords. One more tentacle lashes out and ties up that zord as well.

"At least it's out of tentacles..." A large laser blaster comes out of the head.

"Then again, tentacles are a lot better than laser blasts!"

"I was hoping that he'd use up his arms! NINJAZORD POWER NOW!" The remaining

Ninjazords race to the scene. All five use their energy weapons and demolish the tentacles and blaster.

The globe flies up into the air.

"It's trying to get out of range!"

"Wendy! I have a plan! It's risky, but I think that it'll work!"

"Lay it on me, bro!"


Goldar swings his sword, but the Black Lion flies around it.

"No doubt about it guys! We need help!"

As if on cue, a sandstorm erupts and engulfs Goldar. Yellow Lion flies from the cloud.

"I'm baa_aaa_aack!!!"

"Welcome to the party Hunk!"

"Glad to see you buddy!"

"I think that it's time to teach Goldar and Lotor a lesson! LET'S FORM VOLTRON!"

The five lions begin to fly upwards.

"Activate interlocks! Dynotherms connected! Infracells up! Megathrusters are go!"


"Form feet and legs! Form arms and body! And I'll form the head!


The air above Angel Grove was split as Voltron's feet and hands roared their fury.

Goldar was impressed, but he didn't show it. He'd seen the Rangers combine to form Megazords before. He could take this-

Voltron came in low, his hands grabbing Goldar and lifting him off his feet.

"Uh oh." Voltron threw him away from the city, and he landed hard, but his armor served to soften the blow. Voltron was quick, quicker even than the Zords the Rangers drove.

"Fire Lion heads!" One by one the heads of the Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow Lions rip through the air, ramming Goldar. As the heads return to their original positions, Goldar launches a barrage of eye beams.

"Fire darts!" From the small circle on Voltron's head, a small number of darts fire out and strike Goldar in the eyes, stopping his blasts.

"You'll pay for that!"


The Turbo Megazord takes another blow from the invisible menace.

"It's all hooked up!" announces Justin as he returns to his seat.

"Activating radar!" The jury-rigged Turbo Navigator easily locates the creature.

"Let's finish this guy! TURBO MEGAZORD SABRE!" There is a pillar of smoke.

The sabre appears. The Turbo megazord races at the invisible opponent.

"Turbo Megazord Spinout!" The zord begins to spin. The blade glows with energy as the zord races past it's quarry. The invisible robeast simply cannot take the massive damage inflicted by the strike and explodes.

"We did it!"




"Now let's get back to Angel Grove!"


"Great plan Matt! Let's do it! NINJAMEGAFALCONZORD!" The six Ninjazords quickly combine, first into the Ninja Megazord, and then allowing the Falconzord to link to the back.

"Step one complete! SHOGUN MEGAZORD!" The five Shogunzords race forward at

blinding speed. One by one they teleport away and transform. Upon completion, they come together and allow the white helmet to lower into place. "SHOGUN MEGAZORD INFERNO SABRE-" The flaming sword appears.

"Step two complete!" Wendy's zord picks up the Shogun Megazord and lifts it high above the sphere. Then she has it let go.

"-SLASH!" As the Shogun Megazord falls, it readies it's sword, which cuts through the mechanical monstrosity. The zord lands on it's feet. The NinjaMegaFalconzord lands next to it just as the two halves crash and explode.


"I think that it's time we got a hold of Ninjor and Blue Senturion..."

"And join the others in Angel Grove!"


Goldar's sword slashes at Voltron.

"Keith!" says the Princess, "We can't take another hit like that!"

"And now it ends!"

Lotor laughs triumphantly. If he cannot have the Princess, then no one shall. Good riddance, Voltron Force!

Energy parts the air as three Megazords, Robo Racer, and Ninjor, plus the summoned Titanus and Stegosaurus Dinozord, all fire their weapons at Goldar, throwing him from Voltron.

"Quick! Before he regains his bearings! FORM BLAZING SWORD!"

Voltron's hands clapped together and drew apart a glowing sword.

Goldar raised his own sword and the sound of metal on metal echoed through the air.

But Goldar proved no match for Voltron. The blazing sword drove Goldar to his knees. Knowing that to stay would be his death, he quickly teleported away.

"Is it over?" asks Pidge, worried that Goldar might come back.

"It's over." assures Tommy.

"What say we get back to the Power Chamber? We need to regroup." says Matt.

"Agreed." says Keith.

"Justice has been served." begins Blue Senturion. "He got away this time, but he won't the next!"

"Can't you ever talk like a normal person B.S.?" quips Ninjor.

"You mean I don't? I did not know that." ***

Zarkon, Lord Zedd, and Divatox watch the aftermath of Goldar's defeat at the hands of Voltron.

"I can't believe it! They won again!"

"Believe it, Zedd."

"Not now, Divatox!"

"Both of you, shut up! We need a new plan!"

The doors to Zedd's throne room open, and King Mondo walks into the room.

"Indeed we do, Zarkon. And you shall have it! All we must do is send you back through the temporal anomaly that brought you here and create a monster capable of creating an

explosion that will destroy Angel Grove, including this Voltron Force, the Turbo Rangers, and the Techno Rangers!"

"Brilliant plan, Mondo!"

"I know Zarkon. I made it."

"And with those foolish heroes out of the way, the path is clear! THE EARTH WILL FINALLY BE OURS FOR THE TAKING!!!"

Zedd would smile under his mask if he could. Victory is at long last within his metal and muscle grasp...