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Power Rangers Turbo/Techno Rangers:
"Operation: Rescue Zords, Act 1"
by Aaron Thall

Light reflected off the helmets of the five Turbo Rangers as they stood ready for the latest threat to Angel Grove. They saw the destruction that the new creature had already wrought, and knew that they had to stop him here and now.

They make the call in perfect unison.


Elsewhere in Angel Grove, the street opens wide, allowing the five Turbo Zords to once more roam the streets of the city. One by one, they exit the Turbo Zord garage and race towards the new monster.

As they reach the monster, the Rangers leap into their individual Turbo Zord cockpit.

"TURBO UP!" As Tommy gives the order, all five turn their keys, to iniciate the transformation. "BRING 'EM TOGETHER!"

Wind Chaser splits into two and links to Storm Blaster, which soon also connects to both Desert Thunder and Dune Star. The back of Storm Blaster lowers, allowing Red Lightning to connect as well.

"HIT THE BREAKS!" Tommy and the other Rangers step down on their breaks hard, causing the Turbo Zords to halt and begin moving upwards. As it did, the back of Red Lightning moved back to reveal the Turbo Megazord's head, feet extended from Dune Star and Desert Thunder, and the light bar on Storm Blaster moves upwards to complete the transformation.

"Let's send this guy back where he came from!" says Adam.

"In pieces!" adds Tanya.

"YOU'RE WELCOME TO TRY, RANGERS!" The new creature, Bashnsmash, was looking the Turbo Megazord over carefully.

"We've got to try and get him away from the people first!" says Kat.

"And where are Matt and Wendy?" asks Justin. It was a very good question. The two Techno Rangers had to have heard the summons sent by Dimitria.

Something else was wrong... but what? ***


"THEY'RE GAINING, MATT!" yells Wendy from the back of the school bus. In response, Matt pushes down on the gas pedal, allowing the bus to gain some speed. It wasn't enough, but it bought them time. "Remind me to thank you for volunteering our time to Ms. Applebee's kindercare program!"

"LATER! HANG ON!" Matt turns the steering wheel hard, causing the bus to make a hard right. He glanced over his shoulder to see the bus driver, still unconscious from the initial attack. He was going to be nothing but dead weight for a while.

Matt's sudden turn now brought them closer to the Turbo Megazord.

Dangerously close.

He looked into the side view mirror and saw the Pirannatron motorcycles that were chasing them.

He had to think fast, or this could very well be the end for these poor kids and the Techno Rangers... ***




GO(OHHH...)! ***

The Turbo Megazord's fist flew forward, slamming squarely into Bashnsmash's face. The gigantic monster staggered backwards for a moment, and then charged the Megazord.

"This is just =TOO EASY=!" says Tanya as the Turbo Megazord rockets upwards, allowing Bashnsmash to miss them entirely. A split second later, the Turbo Megazord came down hard, slamming it's glowing foot into the back of the monster's head. Bashnsmash fell forward and crashed into an abandoned building.

Right in front of a certain bus... ***

"MATT!!! LOOK OUT!" As Bashnsmash lands on the building just ahead of them, debris begins to rain down. One rather large piece shatters the windshield. Both Techno Rangers barely manage to tune out the screams and crying of the children in the bus.

"Hold on, kids! Everything is going to be all right." Matt sees two of the Pirannatron in the rearview mirror and a plan begins to form.

"HOLD ON!" With no other warning, Matt hits the brakes. As he does this, the two Pirannatron closest to the bus slam head on into the back of the bus. The motorcycles explode, taking the two Pirannatron with them.

"We've got to leave the bus, kids." says Wendy. "Follow me!" Matt opened the door and, one by one, the kids piled out of the bus. Wendy picked up a small girl whose name she thought was Tina and hurried after them. Matt stayed only long enough to grab the unconscious bus driver, sling him over his shoulder, and make his way out.

He had barely gone fifteen feet before the rest of the Pirannatron opened fire on the bus. Two seconds later, the bus was gone, consumed in a fiery explosion that threw Matt and the bus driver an extra twenty feet.

They landed with a thud on the pavement before Wendy and the kids.

"MATT!!!!! NO!!!!!!" Wendy couldn't tell, but from how the two had landed, it didn't seem likely that either of them had survived the blast.

Her cries slowly mixed with those of the children.