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Power Rangers Turbo/Techno Rangers:
"Operation: Rescue Zords, Act 2"
by Aaron Thall

Everything was a blur.

As Matt opened his eyes, he realized after a moment that they hadn't refocused yet.

"Is he dead?" asked a very young voice.

"No way! No one ever dies with the Power Rangers around!" responded another.

Above him, his vision still blurred, he saw a brown haired girl that could only have been Wendy, as well as several younger faces. Some of the children, no doubt.

"Matt! Are you all right?" Wendy helped him to his feet.

"Y-yeah, Sis. Nothing broken... I hope."

Slowly, his vision cleared. He looked behind him, at the wreckage of the bus. It was a total loss. Even if it hadn't blown up, it had taken a beating from the Pirannatron attack. It wasn't going anywhere but the junkyard.

He wondered what the Motorvators would do with it...

He looked up, just in time to see the Turbo Megazord slam it's fist into Bashnsmash's face once more. For the moment, the Turbo Rangers were holding their own.

Still groggy, Matt stumbled, but was quickly braced by Wendy.

"Careful, Bro. Last thing I need is for you to black out on me."

He looked behind him and saw that the bus driver was finally coming around. The kids were huddled over him like he was the most fascinating thing on Earth.

"We've got to get moving." says Wendy. "Sooner or later, that fight's going to move back this way."

And from a puddle of fuel that hadn't burst into flames, yet, a periscope, complete with a microphone installed, watched. ***

Divatox's Subcraft...

"You Techno Twerps aren't going anywhere!" Divatox turns away from her periscope and looks over her crew.

Rygog, the resident powerhouse.

Porto, the brains of the outfit.

Elgar, the idiot nephew without a clue, =OR= a brain cell.

"Porto, are you sure that Bashnsmash can handle the Turbo Megazord?"

"Indeed, Captain. He can fight the Rangers' Megazord and win any day of the week!"

"He'd better. RYGOG! Tell Zedd and Mondo to watch the fight and enjoy the show."

Then she turned to Elgar.

"The Techno Rangers are separated from the rest of the Rangers and surrounded by children! Send the Pirannatron to finish them off! NOW!!!!!!!"

"Yes, Auntie D!" Elgar turned to the Pirannatron standing at the entrance hatch. "You heard her! Get moving!"

As Elgar herded the Pirannatron out of the control room, Divatox returned to the periscope. She doubted that the Pirannatron could succeed, but they would certainly have a fighting chance with the Purple Ranger shaken by the explosion and both Rangers unable to use their powers.

And if they did fail, Bashnsmash wouldn't. ***

The Turbo Megazord hit Bashnsmash again, and sparks flew as the gigantic monster backed away in pain.

"LET'S FINISH THIS, GUYS!" ordered Tommy. "TURBO MEGAZORD SPINOUT!" The Turbo Megazord Sabre appeared in the massive metallic fist of the Zord, coming from out of a pillar of smoke. Then the Turbo Megazord raced at Bashnsmash at something akin to MACH 1. After about a second, the Turbo Megazord began to spin like a miniature tornado. As it blazed towards the monster, Bashnsmash raised it's fist and swung.

The blow struck the Turbo Megazord's Sabre with the force of a small bomb, and the force of the blow, combined with the speed and momentum of the Megazord, shattered the Sabre and sent the Turbo Megazord reeling backwards.

"Now it's =MY= turn!" Bashnsmash delivered a powerful punch to the Turbo Megazord's chest. Sparks filled the cockpit. Adam instinctively moved away from his control panel, which was now on fire.

"This is not good..."

Bashnsmash fired energy from his eyes, and the lasers struck the beam emitters in the Turbo Megazord's chestplate.

"Energy's nearly gone!" reported Tanya. "We can't take another hit like that!"

"The blasters are toast!" added Justin.

"We don't have enough power to recreate the Sabre!" said Kat. "And even if we did, we don't have the power to try the Spinout again!"

More blasts struck the Turbo Megazord, sending it flying to the ground. Tommy saw that it was sparking badly. This would have been the ideal time for Matt and Wendy to show up with the Ninja and Shogun Megazords, or at least the Stegosaurus Dinozord.

Right now, it's shield mode would...


"TURBO MEGAZORD SHIELD!" ordered Tommy. Instantly, the wheel shaped shield materialized, blocking more energy blasts, and even sending one back at Bashnsmash, who grunted in discomfort as he was struck with his own onslaught.

Slowly, the Turbo Megazord pulled itself to it's feet.

"Let's try this again, Rangers!"

"RIGHT!" The Turbo Megazord charged the monster... ***

Matt helped the bus driver... he thought the man's name was Steele... to his feet.

"Are you all right, Mr. Steele?"

"Y-yeah... What happened to-" Before Mr. Steele could finish, Pirannatron began to teleport up from the ground. "YAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Mr. Steele screamed in terror and ran for his life, bowling over two Pirannatron as he did, and not even noticing.

"One thing's for sure..." began Wendy, "He isn't named Steele for his nerves!"

"Keep behind us, kids!" said Matt, who knew that he wasn't in any shape for this fight. He forced himself to ignore the frightened cries of the children. He couldn't afford to be distracted.

The first Pirannatron came at him, hoping to win an easy victory. Matt was quick to discourage such thoughts. He punched the Pirannatron in the face, and then quickly turned to his left and delivered a powerful kick to the midsection of one fishman that had gotten too close to the kids.

Three came at him, now, and he spun around, his foot becoming a blur. The kick sent all three into unconsciousness.

Wendy wasn't having any easier a time. Inwardly, she cursed the secret identity rule that now kept them from utilizing their Ninja Ranger powers.

Wendy ducked under the wild swing of one Pirannatron, grabbed it's arm, and flipped it to the ground. Still crouched low, she kicked out, tripping a second Pirannatron. She flipped to her feet and elbowed the third one that tried to jump her.

The kids, Tina especially, were screaming in terror. They had heard about the Pirannatron, but they had never wanted to actually see the monsters. They watched as Matt and Wendy, without any weapons like the Power Rangers had, fought against the Pirannatron just to protect them.

Matt chopped a Pirannatron in the back of it's neck. As it fell to the ground, he saw Wendy flip over two of them and deliver a sweeping kick that knocked them onto their butts.

Then thirty more Pirannatron appeared to replace the fallen ones.

"GET INSIDE!" yelled Wendy to the kids. "We'll hold them off as long as we can!"

"We can't leave you!" yelled Tina, not realizing that Wendy wanted the kids to leave so she and Matt could morph.

Realizing that her tactic was doomed to failure, she responded by saying, "We'll be along as soon as we can!"

Dispite the danger and terror that they felt, the children continued to watch for a few seconds before running into the building. Instantly, Pirannatron rushed for the door, but Matt quickly moved to intercept them.

"You guys are getting on my nerves!" He sidekicked the closest Pirannatron and grabbed the arm of a second. He swung the creature around, slamming it and two others into the wall of the building.


"With the kids watching?! That's not going to happen unless there's no other choice! Get inside! I'll cover you!" Wendy ran to the door, Pirannatron following closely. As she reached it, Matt slugged the lead Pirannatron, and then witnessed the Domino Effect in action as the entire line of Pirannatron fell down, each one knocked down by the one before it.

Wendy was inside now, and Matt lingered outside for a moment before following her. Pirannatron swarmed the door. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Wendy herding the kids up the stairs. Good. If she could get the kids away from this fight, he'd have no trouble handling Divatox's cannon fodder.

His earlier disorientation and injuries all but forgotten, he readied himself for the renewed attack. ***

Divatox watched as Wendy got the kids to relative safety. She watched as Matt got ready for the second round. She watched the Turbo Rangers' Megazord heroically charge her new monster.

Why didn't they just surrender? Didn't they know when they'd lost?

"Lousy Purple Power Puke's gonna ruin everything..." she grumbled. "BASHNSMASH! FORGET THE RANGERS AND DESTROY THAT BUILDING BEHIND THEM! NOW!"

Elgar was visibly stunned.

"Destroy the =BUILDING?!= Why do that?!"

"Destroy that building, and we're free of our Techno Ranger problem once and for all. Bashnsmash, DESTROY THE TECHNO RANGERS, NOW!!!" After she heard the monster grunt an affirmative, she added to herself, "It's good to be the Queen..." ***

Bashnsmash ducked down and rolled to the side, dodging the Rangers' attack.

"WHAT?!" exclaimed the suprised Rangers.

Bashnsmash opened fire upon the building. The first assault missed by mere inches.

The Rangers' communicators beeped. Tommy activated the communication circuitry.

"Rangers!" said Alpha 6 from the other end, "Matt an' Wendy are in that buildin' wit' a busload a' kids! Ya gotta stop that thing before he blows it up!"

"We're on it!" responded Kat before using her controls to make the Turbo Megazord Shield intercept the new barrage of blasts.

Bashnsmash suddenly switched tactics, again, and began blasting full force at the Turbo Megazord, not unprotected by it's Shield. The Zord took the full attack and fell onto it's side, a gaping hole where it was struck with the explosive force.

Laughing, it prepared to destroy the building. ***

"MATT!" yelled Alpha into the Communicator.

Matt was rather busy. Several Pirannatron had gotten inside and were giving him one heck of a fight. He stopped for a moment and hit the button.

"Matt here."

"Get outta there! That big goon's about ta fire!"

"WHAT?!" He saw Bashnsmash heading towards him. "AW MAN!"

Bashnsmash's eyes began to glow again. The Turbo Megazord reached desperately to stop the creature, but it was too little and too late.

He fired.

As the blast streaked towards the building, Matt hit the teleportation button on his communicator and transformed into a column of purple light that blazed up the stairwell. After a couple seconds, it intercepted Wendy and the kids, changing them as well, and carrying them along it's own beam.

However, the blast was faster.

The first floor was nearly vaporized in less than a second. Like it had been hit with a gigantic explosive, the second floor shattered like cheap Lincoln Logs. Then the third. And the fourth.

It intercepted the beam on the fifth and continued on three more floors. ***

Matt and Wendy's signals both went dead. Static started to come over their channels.

"MATT! WENDY! NOOOOOOOOO!" Tommy yelled his rage. They were gone.

This monster was going to pay for the blood on it's hands.

The Turbo Megazord pulled itself to it's feet and flung the Shield like Captain America. The Shield slammed into Bashnsmash, slicing cleanly through the monster's body.

As it fell to the ground, all the Rangers felt was the pain.

"...*CRACKLE*ers! Are y*SCRRRRRRR* This is Matt! Come i*SCRRRRRRR*"

"MATT!" Tommy immediately responded, his spirits rising. "Do you read me?!"

For a moment, there was nothing. Then...

"Y-yeah... Sorry to scare you like that. We're still alive in here. We're trapped on, I think, the fifth floor." His communicator became full of static once again. He grabbed a tiny device from his pocket and opened his Communicator. He crossed the wires and continued. "Sorry about that. That explosion toasted our Communicators. I don't know how long I'll be able to transmit.

"Get the Turbo Megazord out of there right away! I've got a nasty feeling that that monster isn't done yet."

"We're not leaving you!" responds Adam.

"Perish forbid..." said Matt. "It's too badly damaged to be of any use for the time being." His communicator started to spark. "OW!" He shoved the pain aside and continued. "Tell Alpha to look in our work files. The file you need is under the name RMZ. Got that? RMZ."

"RMZ?" asked Justin and Tanya.

"Hurry. From the looks of this floor, you don't have much time."

"We'll be back, buddy." said Tommy.

"We're counting on that."

Matt's communicator died almost immediately after. He looked around what was left of the fifth floor. They were trapped in the center, the areas with exits filled with rubble that prevented escape. A large fire blazed out of control nearly, but there was nothing they could do about it.

It looked completely airtight, and smoke was starting to fill the room.

The kids were all scared, some crying, the others huddled together, taking some comfort from Wendy's soothing words. ***

Divatox's Subcraft...

"PORTO! Get Bashnsmash back up there to finish the Techno Rangers off! With the Turbo Megazord damaged, there's nothing the Turbo Twerps can do to stop him!"

"I'll get right on it!" ***

Power Chamber...

Kat removed her helmet and rushed over to the Viewing Globe. The others, except for Justin, were getting the Turbo Zords into the repair bay. They were a mess.

Justin was letting the Turbo Vehicles know that they might be needed for a rescue mission.

So it was up to her to check out this mysterious RMZ.

On the Viewing Globe, she saw the Techno Rangers' predicament. It didn't look good. The area was completely cut off and airtight. No way for the smoke to get out or fresh air to get in.

"Alpha, Demetria, Matt told us to look in their work files. Something about a file labeled RMZ."

"I'm on it!" responded Alpha. Alpha punched a code into the computers and the image of Matt, Wendy, and the kids was replaced with the file RMZ.

"I... don't... believe it..." was all that the Pink Ranger could think to say. ***

Matt walked over to Wendy.

"Can I talk to you for a moment, sis?"

"Yeah." She turned to the kids. 'Are you going to be all right?"

The kids could barely respond, but they nodded yes anyway.

Brave kids.

They headed near where the fire continued to grow. It was heating the air. Soon it would be unbearable.

"I've got good news and bad news."

"The good news?" asked Wendy.

"First of all, the others are about to check out our RMZ file." Wendy's spirits immediately lifted. "Second of all, we don't need to worry about burning to death in here."

That elated her even more. Until she remembered that he had bad news as well.

"What's the bad news? Sounds like we're homefree."

"The bad news is that this place is airtight and the smoke is getting thicker.

"We're not going to burn to death. We're going to suffocate long before then."

Dispite the heat, a chill went down Wendy's spine...