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Power Rangers Turbo/Techno Rangers:
"Operation: Rescue Zords, Act 3"
by Aaron Thall

"I want my mommy!" cried Tina. The other children shared the sentiment. One boy, Nick, was positive that the Power Rangers would come any minute and save them. Another boy, Kevin, was too frightened to even talk, and simply huddled into a ball.

As Wendy reentered the area she'd left the kids, she silently wished that their secret identities weren't getting in the way. If they could morph into the Techno Rangers, this entire fiasco would have been over already.

But, no. They had agreed to work by Zordon's rules.

She thought back to all the sleepless nights she and Matt had endured, simply to work on the RMZ. She had never imagined that their very lives would depend on it's trial by fire.

Matt was equally frustrated. Not being very good with children, he was spending his time trying to find a way out, short of contacting Ninjor or morphing in front of the kids. Either one would destroy their secret forever.

So far, his efforts were in vain. He couldn't even put the fire out.

When they had found themselves trapped in this tomb on the fifth floor, it had still been relatively comfortable, dispite the obvious danger. Now, it was like a hot summer afternoon, and it was getting warmer by the second. Another hour and it would be completely inhospitable.

Matt hit his fist on a large piece of fallen wall.

"There has to be a way out of here." he thought aloud. "There just has to be..."

And out of a broken pipe, a tiny periscope watched their every move... ***

Divatox's Subcraft...

Bashnsmash walked into the control room alongside Porto, who was rushing some final repairs to the monster.

Divatox turned away from her periscope to address the creature.

"THE TECHNO RANGERS LIVE!" Her sudden outburst, completely unexpected, made both Porto and Bashnsmash jump back in suprise. An enraged Divatox was a fearsome sight indeed.

"B-but that's impossible, Captain!" exclaimed Porto. "Bashnsmash destroyed eight floors of that building!"

"=DON'T= contradict me, Porto! They're alive and still on the fifth floor!" Divatox was furious. Porto knew better than to interrupt her. "Get back down there and finish those Techno Twerps, once and for all!"

Bashnsmash laughed. It was an ugly sound. "But of course, my queen." The creature immediately teleported out.

Divatox watched through her periscope as Bashnsmash reappeared in front of the building.

"FIRE THE TORPEDOS!" In instant response to her order, twin torpedoes rocketed forward and out into the lake. After a couple seconds, they rose out of the water and blasted towards the city. As they reached Bashnsmash, they exploded.

He grew. In seconds, he was as tall as the building itself.

"AND NOW, IT ENDS!" Bashnsmash rose a gigantic fist and began to swing down.

He would never finish the attack.

Halfway towards it's target, a series of rapid fire energy blasts tore into the monster's hand, causing it to roar in pain. It staggered back, just in time to see what had attacked it.

The gigantic machine rolled slowly out of the recently rebuilt baseball stadium and onto the streets of Angel Grove. It was unimaginably huge. The vehicle was made up of three separate sections, all attached into a line. The third sported two gigantic blasters: a cannon and a bazooka. The former was smoking slightly, which made it an obvious candidate for the blasts which had prolonged the life of the building and those trapped inside.

Black, gray, and yellow in color, it rolled closer towards the monster. Atop the first section, which sported a large number 1 on the front, was a small control chamber.

Inside the chamber, Alpha 6 typed in a final series of commands.

"Artillitron is on line an' ready ta go! Are ya sure you guys are ready?"

"We have to be." responded Tommy. "Iniciate Rescue Zord launch sequence!"

In response, the three sections split from one another, even as the fronts of each chamber lowered, revealing five powerful looking battle vehicles.

The Rescue Zords.


"Justin here! Siren Blaster's totally awesome!" Justin's Zord, Siren Blaster, was modeled on a police cruiser. Armed with a sonic blaster, it was the fastest of the five new Zords.

"Tanya here! Star Racer's ready to roll!" Tanya's Zord, Star Racer, was not unlike a futuristic steamshovel, but far more compact; it was more like a racing car with a scoop. That scoop was it's special weapon, working as both a lifting tool, and as a battering ram at the same time.

"Adam here! Thunder Loader's all set!" Adam's Zord, Thunder Loader, looked like an armored dump truck. It's special weapon was the tiny spheres it could unload from it's back to trip up any adversary.

"Kat here! Wind Rescue's battle ready!" Kat's Zord, Wind Rescue, was a gigantic ambulance. It's special weapon was a missile that looked conspicuously like a gigantic hypodermic needle. The Rangers thought that it was probably a joke on the parts of Matt and Wendy.

"Tommy here! Lightning Fire Tamer's leading the way! LET'S DO IT!" Tommy's Zord, Lightning Fire Tamer, was an armored fire truck. Equipped with twin water cannons that had impressive range and power, it was just the thing to get this creature to clean up it's act.

In response to Tommy's command, the five Rescue Zords rolled to life. Lightning Fire Tamer in the lead, the five Zords raced forward. As they did, Artillitron underwent a transformation. The ramps closed back up, the blasters on the back separated from the back compartment, and, one by one, the first two components flew upwards, even as the back one moved forward.

They combined into a stack of three. The blasters attached to the sides of the first section. The roof of the control center atop the gargantuan carrier moved upwards, just enough to reveal a green tinted visor.

The Rangers saw this, and were all impressed, but they had no time to admire the transformed Artillitron. They had far more pressing matters at hand... namely, stopping Bashnsmash.

"What say we teach this guy to watch where he's going?" asks Adam.

"Go for it!" says Tommy.

Thunder Loader raced by Bashnsmash, who was now charging the five Rescue Zords. As it went by, the back lifted up, spilling dozens of sphere onto the street. Unable to stop, the monster stepped on and slipped on the tiny things, falling face first to the ground.

Slowly, the monster pulled itself up onto it's feet, only to get knocked back a second time, now, by the sonic blaster in Justin's Zord. As it staggered back, it slipped on the spheres again, landing on it's butt.

"Hope you don't mind a parting shot..." joked Kat as Wind Rescue rolled in behind Bashnsmash and fired it's missile. The gigantic needle embedded itself in the monster's posterior, causing it's eyes to literally bug out, and sending waves of electricity into it, throwing it far away from the building.

"HIGH STANCE MODE!" ordered Tommy, even as the five Rescue Zords regrouped. As a group, they raced forward. Suddenly, the front of Lightning Fire Tamer lifted off the ground as the back half bent downwards, forming a torso and legs. There was a nearly blinding flash of light. When it faded, Lightning Fire Tamer had become a battle ready robot based loosely on a fire fighter.

Two seconds later, the other four Rescue Zords vanished in bursts of similar light, only to emerge as robots as well: Siren Blaster as a policeman, Star Racer and Thunder Loader as construction workers, and Wind Rescue as, of all things, a nurse.

They raced forward for a few more seconds before stopping, right in front of Bashnsmash.

"Nice toys, Rangers!" said Bashnsmash, "Too bad I'm gonna rip 'em to pieces!" Bashnsmash charged, his fists right out in front of him.

Big mistake.

Before the monster knew what had happened, Lightning Fire Tamer grabbed the monster's arm and flipped it over. It landed on it's feet, but it was off balance, allowing Siren Blaster the opportunity to slam a gigantic blue fist into the monster's face, knocking it over.

Slowly, it rose and bellowed a roar of defiance.

However, it was going to take a lot more than a roar to stop the Turbo Rangers.

Wind Rescue moved in, slamming the creature from behind and knocking it off balance once more. Bashnsmash stumbled right into Star Racer's fist.

Bashnsmash was furious, now. Fighting one Megazord was one thing; fighting five Zords all at once was something else entirely.

"FIGHT FAIR!" Bashnsmash was furious, now. There was no way he was going to allow a bunch of teenagers defeat him.

He was so distracted by his anger that he never saw Thunder Loader next to him.

However, he felt the powerful punch that followed.

"'Fight fair'?" asked Tanya, incredulously, "Is this guy for real?"

"Real enough." responded Justin. "Let's finish this freak!"

The five Rescue Zords charged. In response, Bashnsmash let loose with another barrage of energy blasts that stopped the Zords in their tracks. ***

Divatox watched the battle, her fury growing more and more every second.

"WHERE DID THOSE ZORDS COME FROM?!?!" Her perfectly laid plan was in serious jeopardy of failing, now. She had to regain her edge or it was all over.

After a moment, she had her answer. ***

In response to an unvoiced command, Bashnsmash raised both fists. Without warning, fists formed of pure energy lashed out, striking the five Rescue Zords. The onslaught was too much all at once, and the new battle machines fell to the ground, smoldering slightly.

"We've got to get up!" said Kat as she struggled with her controls.

"We can't let him beat us, Rangers." said Tommy. "Bring the auxiliary power online!" Slowly, the five Zords came back to life and pulled themselves to their feet.

"Ready for more, Rangers?"

"Sorry, Bashnsmash, but this is the final round, and you've just stepped up to the reigning champs!" Tommy was furious with this monster. It had nearly killed Matt, Wendy, and a busload of kids, nearly destroyed the Turbo Megazord, and in general, had ruined what was originally a perfect day.

It was payback time.

Correction: It was time to see if the RMZ was all it was cracked up to be.


Instantly, the five Zords began to transform. Lightning Fire Tamer folded in on itself. Siren Blaster's back end folded out and it's front end folded back. Wind Rescue split into twin arms, and both Star Racer and Thunder Loader changed into legs.

Siren Blaster quickly connected to Star Racer and Thunder Loader. Wind Rescue attached to both sides of Lightning Fire Tamer, a microsecond before Lightning Fire Tamer attached to Siren Blaster.

The red glass atop the front of Lightning Fire Tamer lifted up, making way for a second, larger head. As the glass slid back into place, the head lowered as well, completing the transformation.

This was the RMZ.

This was the Rescue Megazord.

"TURBO BLASTERS: FIRE!" Twin guns appeared in the Rescue Megazord's hands and fired, knocking Bashnsmash back. In response, he let loose with more energy fists, which struck the Rescue Megazord, but did nothing to affect it. All the while, the Rescue Megazord had been moving towards the monster, and before it knew what was happening, a massive fist slammed into the creature's face.

As Bashnsmash fell backwards, reeling in agony, Tommy decided that enough was enough.

"ARTILLERY POWER NOW!" Slowly, the Rescue Megazord's arms rose upwards. Artillitron's arms began to glow, and suddenly teleported themselves forward. The cannon rested itself comfortably on the Rescue Megazord's right arm, and the bazooka on the left. "FIRE!" No sooner was the command given, than the deed done. Countless energy bursts lashed out from the cannon, while three fireballs erupted from the bazooka.

Both attacks hit home. Bashnsmash reeled once more, for a few seconds, before collapsing and exploding in a gigantic fireball that filled the sky before dissipating.

"And now to get back to Matt and Wendy!" said Tommy before the Rescue Megazord started towards the building once more. ***

Divatox was livid, now. Bashnsmash had failed to destroy the Turbo Rangers. However, judging from what her periscope showed her of the Techno Rangers' predicament, she still would win.

She liked the thought.

It was good to be the queen... ***

Wendy made sure that the kids all laid flat on the ground. The room was filled with smoke, now, and she had to hold her breath to keep from choking.

Matt was helping Tina and a small boy named John to the ground. He was having trouble breathing as well. There just wasn't enough oxygen left to breathe safely. Even the kids were starting to choke.

"L-looks like this is it!" said Matt, who was beginning to succumb to the overwhelming smoke.

Wendy was even worse off, having paid more attention to the kids than to her own safety.

"C-can't give up! The Power Rangers {COUGH!}... The Rangers..." Her sentence trailed off as she collapsed to the ground, unconscious. Matt reached for her, but as he grasped her hand, his world finally went black...