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Power Rangers Turbo/Techno Rangers:
"Identity Secret No More, Part 1, Act 1"
by Aaron Thall

Angel Grove High, Mr. Wilton's room...

"And now, we bring the two chemicals together..." said Mr. Wilton.

Justin eyed the beaker carefully as Adam poured the two chemicals that they had been working with together. One was red, the other blue. As they slowly mixed together, they became purple, before beginning to bubble as a result of the heat given off by the chemical reactions occurring inside.

"And now, Justin," Mr. Wilton added, "What do you observe?"

Justin eyed the chemicals for a moment before answering.

"For starters, there's the color change, but that's just a physical change, right?"

"You tell me." responded Mr. Wilton, who was known for, until an encounter with Rito Revolto, to have been a no nonsense disciplinarian. "After all, that's

why you asked to stay after school. I must say, Justin, that you show great potential, but lately, your grades have been slipping. It's almost like you've got something else on your mind..."

*You don't know the half of it!* thought Adam, who had agreed to assist Justin in restoring his grades to their former glory.

After all, Justin spent much of his time as the Blue Turbo Ranger, and that left little time to study for labs and tests. Adam, the current Green Ranger, knew all to well how much being a Ranger could affect a person's performance in school.

"Next, there's the heat," continued Justin, "which tells me that the two chemicals are reacting, and creating a lot of heat." He eyed it much closer.

"Finally, there's some kind of flakes forming on the bottom of the beaker, which suggests either a single or double replacement reaction..."

"Very good, Justin." said Mr. Wilton. He looked at his watch and saw that there was only a couple minutes left before it would be time for him to go home.

"That's enough for today, Justin," he said. "Pack up, and we'll pick up where we left off tomorrow."

"Yes sir." said Justin, right before his and Adam's communicators beeped.

"What was that?"

"Ummm... Just our watch alarms. Guess they're a little fast." responded Adam quickly. "Come on, Justin. We've got to meet up with the others."

"Let's go!"

They quickly shoved their belongings into their bags and rushed out the door of Mr. Wilton's room, just slowly enough so as to not attract suspicions.

Mr. Wilton closed his door and began to gather his papers. Justin had to start focusing on his schoolwork more, or he'd never make it through the class.

Whatever could be going through that kid's mind?

Even as he finished the thought, a metallic hand clamped over his mouth.

"My apologies for the inconvenience, Mr. Wilton," said Prince Gasket, would- be heir to the throne of the Machine Empire, as the Cogs began to tie Mr.

Wilton up, "but I am afraid that we have need of your classroom."

The Cogs dragged Mr. Wilton away.

"By this time tomorrow," said Gasket, "I shall rule the Machine Empire, and the Power Rangers will be nothing more than an unpleasant memory!"


GO (OH...)



GO (OH...)


Angel Grove Park...

As Adam and Justin teleported in, already morphed, they saw that the others had started without them. Neither Ranger wasted any time leaping into the pitched battle.

Justin grabbed a Cog and swung it around. The robot slammed into a convenient RoboTenga. The RoboTenga was knocked onto it's butt and the Cog was instantly short circuited. Justin turned and delivered a kick to the face of a Piranahtron before rolling to his left to avoid the eyeblasts from a small group of Cogs.

It was this group that Adam chose to attack first, a neat chop to the back of one of the Cogs disrupting it. The other Cogs hadn't closed their faceplates yet, and Adam used that to his advantage. He grabbed his Auto Blaster, yelled "HEY! OVER HERE!", and fired right into their heads as they turned.

The Cogs were as dumb as they looked.

Off to the side, Matt was making short work out of a croup of Piranahtron with his Blade Blaster. With one quick slash, two of the creatures fell, their armor

no match for the weapon. In less time than it took to say "It's morphin' time!",

Matt ducked down, delivered a sweeping kick that knocked over all the villains surrounding him, and converted his Blade Blaster to it's gun mode.

Adam couldn't believe his eyes. In all his time as a Ranger, he'd rarely seen such a fluid, graceful move performed so quickly. He mentally reminded himself, once again, that while Matt would usually claim to not be much of a fighter, he was indeed a force to be reckoned with.

Kat flipped backwards, avoiding the Cogs that came at her. As she stopped, she summoned her Turbo Blade and slashed at her persuers, decapitating two Cogs and giving the remaining three good reason to back off.

It didn't stop her from turning around and throwing her suddenly energized Blade into a crowd of Piranahtron, sending the creatures flying.

In the middle of all the chaos, Tommy, Wendy, and Tanya were facing off against some kind of creature that seemed to exist out of phase with time.

The creature was veiled completely by a black cloak and hat that would have done the 1930's radio hero, the Shadow, proud.

"I am Phasor! Surrender now, Rangers, and save yourselves the humiliation of defeat!"

Wendy ignored him and struck with her energy whip. She gasped with shock as the whip went right through the creature, who barely noticed.

"Is that all you can do, Gray Ranger? How disappointing."

"Then how about =THIS=?!" said Tanya as she struck with her Star Chargers. The weapons went through the creature harmlessly.

"Even more pathetic. That's not how you strike someone, Rangers. You do it LIKE THIS!" He swung out quickly. His arm slammed into Wendy and Tanya and sparks erupted. The two lady Rangers went flying back, and rolled to a stop in front of the other Rangers, save Tommy, who was still trying to fight the creature, to no avail.

Phasor laughed as Tommy's Turbo Blade passed harmlessly through his body.

"The Power Rangers don't back down so easily, Phasor! We've always found a way to win, and we always will!"

Tommy swung twice more before Phasor backhanded him, sending him in the same direction as Wendy and Tanya.

As the others helped Tommy up, Phasor began to hover above them.

"Next time, Rangers, I will not be as merciful!"

And then, he simply faded away. The various other attackers teleported away.

"What was that about?" asked Kat, utterly confused as to what Phasor could have been trying to accomplish.

"Whatever it was," said Matt, "it'll end up being trouble. We've got to discover

a way to neutralize Phasor's immunity to our attacks."

"Yeah," added Tanya. "If Zedd uses that ability on the rest of his creatures..."

"Don't even think it." responded Adam.

Tommy called up a digital clock display within his helmet.

"Aw, man! I've gotta go, guys! I can't miss this race! Lets meet up in the Power Chamber later and figure this thing out."

"No problem." said Justin before Tommy teleported away.

Still, Kat's question nagged Justin. What was the purpose of that attack?


Angel Grove High...

Amy, a brunette teen about 17, walked up to Mr. Wilton as he locked the door to his room.

"Excuse me? Mr. Wilton? I was wondering... What was our assignment again? I can't seem to find my notebook and-"

Mr. Wilton cut her off with a single glance.

"Never mind the assignment. It's not important. Now go off and enjoy the rest of the day."

She looked at him, puzzled.

"Are you are, Mr. Wilton? You told us that-"

"Forget what I told you. It's not important."

Without another word, he walked away from her. As soon as she was out of hearing range, he began to chuckle, even as his eyes began to glow a demonic shade of red...