Power Rangers Turbo/Techno Rangers:
"Identity Secret No More, Part 1, Act 2"
by Aaron Thall

Lord Zedd's palace...

Prince Gasket boldly strode into Zedd's throneroom, Archerina at his side. He did not look from side to side, deciding that the others, save Zedd, were not worthy of even noting.

"GASKET!" bellowed Zedd, "You had better have an explination for your actions on Earth, and it had better be good!"

Gasket looked at Zedd with mixed amounts of distain and annoyance. Off to the side, trapped in a cage, was poor Mr. Wilton, terrified more by the sight of Rito, a monster he'd encountered before, than by any other.

"Oh, it is, Zedd." Gasket hated working with a fool like Zedd, but it was unavoidable. He could not go to his father for obvious reasons, and Divatox was hardly a master strategist. No, Zedd was his best ally in this attempt.

"Currently, the greatest obsticle in our respective goals are, not the Power Rangers, but the Techno Rangers. Single handedly, those two interlopers have foiled our plans several times over.

"However, unlike four of the Turbo Rangers, they still go to school. Along with Justin, the Blue Ranger, who is enrolled in the school as well, they form the intellect of the Ranger team.

"My plan is simplicity itself, Zedd. First of all, I use Phasor, whom I must remember to thank Finster for, to distract the Rangers while I replace certain members of the school's staff with members of our own respective gatherings.

After all, it would not be in our best interests to be discovered too soon.

"Secondly, once all is in readiness, I shall spring the trap, catching the Techno Rangers and the Blue Ranger inside the school, still filled with the rest of the mindless cattle you call humanity, unable to morph without revealing their identities.

"With those three out of the way, Phasor can easily finish off the remaining Turbo Rangers. Without the other three, the remaining four do not possess the necessary intelligence to uncover and take advantage of Phasor's true nature.

"Finally, once that is accomplished, the remaining three Rangers can be publically executed. I look forward to placing their helmeted heads on pikes."

Zedd grinned under his metal mask. The plan was genius itself. Cripple the Rangers by trapping the scientifically inclined members, and destroy the rest.

He rolled the plan over in his mind to find flaws and, finding none, stood.

"I like it, Gasket. I like it a lot! Very well! Proceed! But be warned: if this plan fails, I will hold you singularly responsible, and you will not enjoy my retribution!"

"Of course, Lord Zedd."

Off to the side, Mr. Wilton watched in horror, too frightened to even speak.

Casually, Rito walked over to his cage and peered inside.

"Don't I know you from somewhere?"

What Rito didn't recall entirely was that he'd once, accidentally, transformed Mr. Wilton into a monster that could scramble molecules. It had taken everything that Rocky, the then Red Ranger, had to nip that accidental scheme in the bud.

In response to Rito's question, Mr. Wilton simpily fainted.

"Y'ello? You in there? Hello?" Not recieving any response, Rito shrugged.

"What's up with him? Ah well..."


Ninjor's Temple...

Matt and Wendy silently teleported into the Temple. Their eyes fell upon the blue bottle in the center of the room. They ignored the candles, lit by and burning energies beyond human comprihension. They ignored the mystical fog that flowed along the floor. They ignored the large gates that closed behind them.

Only that bottle mattered.

"Ninjor," said Matt, "we need your guidance. There is a new monster... one that can make itself intangible in order to prevent our touching it, but can also strike us without becoming solid.

"How can we defeat this enemy?"

As if on cue, blue energy launched itself from the bottle and flew around the room, riding along the gates, the candles, and everything else in the Temple before solidifying in front of the two Techno Rangers.

Solidifying into Ninjor.

He stepped forward into the light that suddenly appeared, and which had no obvious source.

His body was constructed of a blue metal that formed a powerful armor. His chest bore a great golden "N". His head was shaped like the helmet of one of the Aquitian Rangers. A powerful golden kitana laid ready, strapped to his back by a scabbard constructed of the same blue metal as his body.

"It is good to see you, my friends." he said in a voice only Dudley Doright could love. "But I fear that, with this creature, things are not always as they seem." Ninjor gestured to one corner of the Temple, and an image of Phasor appeared. "The answer you seek lies in the battle you have already fought against him. Study that battle, and you shall find what you need.

"I apologize for speaking in riddles, but you must find a way to stop him on your own." Wendy knew what Ninjor was doing. He occasionally liked to test them, a nasty habit he'd accquired from his times with Dimitria, and this was his way of getting them to remain as strong in mind as they were in body.

"However, for the moment, I have something of greater importance to speak with you about. While the two of you weild incredible powers, you still have the same weakness: you cannot be far apart from each other while in Ranger mode without demorphing. To that end, I believe that I may have a spell that might help you to preserve your identities in case that happens again."

And as Ninjor went on to explain, Matt's mind began to race, ready to uncover the secret of Phasor's power...


Youth Center...

"So if I combine the Ammonia with the Chloride..." said Justin.

"You'd have the wrong compound." responded Tanya. Tanya had agreed to help Justin get caught up with his science, just like Adam, but so far, it had not worked out to expectations. "You forgot to double check the formulas."

Justin looked at his book and scrutinized the page before smacking himself in the forehead. "Aw man! It wanted Hydroxide, not Chloride! I can't believe I did that!" He slams his book shut in frustration.

"Don't give up, Justin. This isn't the easiest thing to do."

"I-I-I know. I'm just tired of making these stupid mistakes. Why can't I catch myself?"

"You're being impatient. Take your time, double check your work, and you'll come out on top."

"You sound like an after school special."


"Sorry... I've got to get going. I'm meeting Niko at Soccer practice." Justin gathered his books into his bookbag and ran off.

"Good luck!" yelled Tanya, even though Justin was already out of earshot.


Angel Grove Raceway...

Tommy hit the gas pedal and shot forward for the final lap of the race. He'd carried the lead for the last ten laps, but two cars, one blue and one a distracting combination of colors, had slowly been catching up. Now, they were nearly neck and neck, and Tommy hoped that the sudden burst of speed would give him the edge he needed.

>From the stands, Kat and Adam watched as Tommy pulled away from the two cars, one of which looked like a rainbow had thrown up.

"YOU CAN DO IT!" called out Adam.

"Just a little faster..." chanted Kat.

The rainbow car sped forward as well, until it was right next to Tommy's racer.

"I don't think so." said Tommy as he floored it and sped forward once more.

His speedometer was now in the danger zone, but he kept going.

And then, it was over, and Tommy heard the crowd roar as he crossed the finish line mere millimeters ahead of the multicolored racer.

Tommy slowed his racer and, after a moment, got out of it. The engine was overheated, and when Justin found out, he was going to throw a fit.

He knew exactly why it had been so close. He was bothered by their inability to fight Phasor. The thought that this intangible monster could be the one that would bring them down...

He shoved the thought aside. He wasn't going to let that happen.

Not a chance.


Angel Grove High School...

Matt and Wendy teleport into the building, directly outside the newspaper office.

"Any new stories, sis? I mean, they did get you to write one on our little adventure in that burning building, right?"

"Turned that one in yesterday, bro." said Wendy. "They told me to take a week off to make sure I was all right. I didn't listen."

"'Natch." Matt chuckled slightly, and winced as Wendy gave him a mock punch to his shoulder. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I wanted to talk to Mr. Caplin about next week's auditions for 'In The Know'."

"I'm going, too. I want to try out for it."

"Shall we be off then, fair lady?"

"Yes, lets."

As the two headed towards the Principal's office, the false Mr. Wilton steps from the shadows. His eyes flash red as he walks the other way to report to his masters...


Lord Zedd's Palace...

"Masters," said the false Mr. Wilton, "the Purple and Gray Rangers are heading towards Caplin's office."

"NO!" exclaimed Prince Gasket. "They cannot be allowed to interfer with Caplin's replacement! SEND IN THE ROBOTENGAS!" ***

Mr. Caplin's Office...

"All I'm saying, Sir, is that Angel Grove can't afford to miss out on an opportunity like this. The school could use the grants from the game to upgrade the computers, buy new textbooks, hire more teachers..."

"I'm aware of the possibilities, Matt," said Mr. Caplin, "it's just that there isn't enough interest in the school to warrant our participation in the game.

The students don't support it, and neither will the parents." Mr. Caplin took a second to adjust his toupee. "I want the school to be a part of the competition, but no one else besides the two of you are interested in doing it."

"Let me guess," responded Wendy, "Everyone else is busy with sports, the paper, or that interesting little Power Rangers fan club..."

Before Mr. Caplin could respond, two RoboTengas appeared on his desk.

"WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!" The two creatures turned to face the principal, cawing all the while. Mr. Caplin screamed in terror.

Moving quickly, Matt grabbed the large calendar that the creatures were standing on and pulled hard. The RoboTengas fell forward, landing hard.

"RUN, MR. CAPLIN! WE'LL LEAD THEM AWAY!" yelled Wendy as she ran out the door.

Mr. Caplin didn't respond. He merely took Wendy's advice and ran into his private meeting room, where he locked the door.

Matt syayed only a few seconds longer, allowing him to smack both monsters' heads together.


Mr. Caplin listened as the cawing stopped, and, after a moment, opened his door, afraid that they would be there, and that they might have injured the two students.

"Matt? Wendy? Can you hear me?"

He recieved no response, save a metallic hand clamping over his mouth and pulling him backwards. His toupee fell to the ground.

A moment later, something looking exactly like Mr. Caplin walked out of the room, picked up the fallen toupee, and placed it on his head. His eyes glowed evily.


Matt caught up to Wendy a few yards from Mr. Caplin's office, just as more of the RoboTengas appeared. Neither of them bothered to count.

"Matt, I think it's time to ruffle a few feathers!"

"No question about it, Sis." They placed their hands together. The Techno Morpher, a combination of two Power Morphers containing shards of the Ninja Coins, appeared.

"TECHNO MORPHER ONLINE!" they said in perfect synchronization. "IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!"

"TECHNO RANGER ONE!" yelled Matt.

"TECHNO RANGER TWO!" yelled Wendy.

The Techno Morpher split into two, and transformed into two Power Morphers.

The Morphers attached to Matt and Wendy's belts, which transformed into gunbelts exactly like those of the original Power Rangers. Next, their clothes transformed into purple and gray replicas of the original Ranger uniforms.

Finally, their helmets snapped into place, Matt's looking like a Stegosaurus, and Wendy's looking like a Brachiosaur, specifically Titanus.


"What say we take this outside?" asked Wendy.

"I'd say that that is an excellent idea." responded Matt. "HEY! TENGAS! Follow the flipping Rangers!" Both Matt and Wendy began backflipping, and, in seconds, were outside the school. The RoboTengas followed closely behind, but no sooner were they out, than the battle was joined.

Matt was the first to strike, delivering a powerful kick to the lead RoboTenga's face. As the cybernetically enhansed creature flew backwards, two more took it's place. In response, Wendy leapt up, landing on top of the two bird monsters. Her momentum and weight, added so suddenly, forced both creatures to crash into the ground, covering them in mud, but leaving her completely untouched.

"This is just too easy..." she said to herself before grabbing another of the creatures.

Slowly, the battle made it's way to the Baseball field, where Bulk and Skull, as their latest job, were putting in the chalk lines. So far, they'd managed to cover themselves with more chalk than the field itself.

"Ummm... Bulk?" asked Skull, "Is it me, or are those the Techno Rangers and a bunch of those ugly robot bird things coming this way?"

"Where?" Bulk looked up, but in the wrong direction. "I don't see anything."

"He meant over =THERE=." A feathered arm rose in front of Bulk, and pointed towards the battle.

"Oh. Thanks." After a moment, Bulk realized that something was amiss and turned around, only to see five RoboTengas surrounding him and Skull.


Wendy's head shot up as she heard the hapless duo scream.

"I'll handle this, Bro! KE-YAH!" Wendy leapt forwards, and tackled the RoboTenga that had pointed the battle out. "GET OUT OF HERE!" she said to the would be victims. "HURRY!"

Skull nodded more than he had to as Bulk grabbed him by the collar and dragged him away.

Wendy, distracted by their strange departure, failed to notice one of the Tengas sneaking up behind her until it was too late. The creature grabbed her arm, forcing them behind her back. In seconds, two more joined the first, helping to keep her from breaking free.

"WENDY!" exclaimed Matt as he saw his sister's predictiment. As he turned to rush to her aid, two Tengas grabbed his arms, while a third grabbed him by the neck.

It was then that he noticed that his Morpher was beeping.

It was the signal. The warning that they were too far apart. They were seconds from demorphing. Once they did that, they'd be at the complete mercy of the RoboTengas.

The beeping became louder and longer, until it began to sound like a flatline.

And in the distance, the fake Mr. Caplin and the false Mr. Wilton watched the battle with evil glee...