Power Rangers Turbo/Techno Rangers:
"Identity Secret No More, Part 1, Act 4"
by Aaron Thall

Angel Grove High Gymnasium...

Matt, Wendy, and about forty other students were in the middle of their tenth lap. Strangely, Mr. Caplin had joined Ms. Appleby for today's class, and was ordering everyone around like a drill sergeant.

"You call that a lap, people? Pick up the pace!" yelled "Mr. Caplin", enjoying the power he exercised over the students.

The class picked up the pace.

"He's acting kind of strange," muttered Matt between heavy breathing, "I mean, I know that he can be strict, but these laps are getting a little rough!"

"Yeah," agreed Wendy, "But at least it's not an obsticle course!"

No sooner did Wendy say those words, than explosions erupted in front of them, knocking both Rangers backwards. As they pulled themselves up, they saw that Mr. Caplin and Ms. Appleby standing before them, their eyes glowing an evil shade of red.

"Be careful what you say, Wendy," said "Ms. Appleby" as she and "Mr. Caplin" began to glow. Immediately, their proportions changed, Appleby's especially. When the light faded, two robotic figures took the places of their teachers.

"Because it just might happen!"

Prince Gasket and Archerina.

Immediately, the gym was filled with chaos as the students began to panic, and as dozens of Cogs appeared.

"What do you want?!" demanded Matt.

"I want the two of you destroyed, Matthew. No one crosses the Machine Empire and lives to tell the tale!"

Matt noticed that Gasket was careful to not reveal that he and Wendy were the Techno Rangers. Not that it would have mattered if he had. The noise was so great that they could barely hear each other.

"You two couldn't catch moose and squirrel." retorted Wendy.

That was when Gasket and Archerina fired.


"What did you do with Mr. Wilton?!" demanded Amy as she got close enough to reach out and touch Goldar, something she had no intention of doing.

Goldar lashed out and grabbed her arm. "Don't worry about your teacher, human! You'll be joining him soon enough!" Goldar laughed again as Amy struggled to free herself from Goldar's grasp.

That was the final straw.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" yelled Justin.

Goldar looked at Justin.

"And who's going to make me? You?" The tone was obvious. Goldar was daring Justin to make a move.

Swept up by the danger of the situation, and by his own youthful impatience, Justin made the only decidion he could.

"Count on it! SHIFT INTO TURBO!" Before the entire class, Justin snapped his Turbo Key out and flicked his wrist, summoning his Turbo Morpher. He placed the key in the slot and he turned.

Instantly, he was enveloped with a blue light. When it subsided, Justin was once more the Blue Turbo Ranger.

Goldar threw Amy aside, and some of the other students ran over to her. Everyone was shocked by Justin's unexpected transformation.

Goldar was suprised and pleased. He was spoiling for a fight.

"Bring it on, Blue Ranger!"

"With pleasure! KE-YAH!"

Justin leapt up with a flying kick, and the battle was on...


NEXT TIME: Justin's secret is out! Can he find a way to stop Phasor and continue to be the Blue Ranger? Or is this the end of Justin's career? Find out in the thrilling conclusion of "Identity Secret No More"!


Bulk sneezes as the RoboTenga's arm tickles his nose.

Bulk: Sorry. I'm alergic to feathers!

RoboTenga: GROSS! I'd better not get a computer virus!


Rescue Megazord continues foring the Sonic Amplifier.

Matt: Justin, we know you like the Spice Girls, but shut that blasted thing off!

Justin changes to station. The Macarena begins playing.


The Rescue Megazord breaks a move.


Gasket: =THAT= was pointless...


Wendy pulls herself up off the gym floor, which is smouldering from the explosions.

Wendy: I told you I hated gym!


Blue Senturion: HEY! How come I didn't get any scenes?

Ninjor: Because you would actually use the phrase "fiddlesticks".

Blue Senturion: FIDDLESTI- I mean... NUTS!