Power Rangers Turbo/Techno Rangers:
"Identity Secret No More, Part 1, Act 3"
by Aaron Thall

Matt heard the warning signal from the Morpher, and he struggled even more, desperately trying to free himself from the RoboTengas' grip.

Wendy heard the warning as well, but unlike Matt, she instantly recalled what Ninjor had done earlier.

"MATT! LISTEN TO ME!" Bulk and Skull were all ready long gone, so it was safe for them to use their real names. "REMEMBER WHAT NINJOR DID!"

Matt heard her. "RIGHT!"

Together, they gave the next command, their only hope of surviving the fight.

"TECHNO ARMOR: POWER UP!" Energy surged through both Techno Rangers, forcing the Tengas to let go. In the blink of an eye, their uniforms changed, gaining the appearance of metallic cloth.

Ninjor had told them earlier that this new Techno Armor was quite similar to a power the Power Rangers had utilized shortly before losing the Ninja Powers. In theory, it would temporarily enhanse their Morphing powers.

It was time to put it to the test.

Matt spun around on his heel, delivering a bone shattering kick to a RoboTenga's beak. As the creature fell back, two RoboTengas fired energy from cybernetic eyes. Matt leapt upwards, evading the blasts. As he came down, he drew his Blade Blaster and slashed through the power packs on the back of both the monsters. The packs exploded, vaporizing the two birdmen in a blinding flash.

Wendy was having an even easier time of it. Only two of the RoboTengas were stupid enough to attack her. As they charged her, she leapt up and over, landing behind them. As the creatures turned to swipe at her, she slammed her fists into their faces. Energy surged through her arms, and the cybernetic enhansements on their heads exploded in a fury of sparks.

Both Rangers headed towards the middle of the field and the RoboTengas followed, obeying a transmitted command from Gasket to continue the battle or be vaporized.

"What say we finish this, bro?" asked Wendy.

"I'd say it's a good idea."

"FRACTILIZE! TECHNO ARMOR POWER DOWN!" In response to Wendy's command, the Techno Armor shattered into solid energy shrapnel that flew around the field, striking every RoboTenga, and sending them flying, none to gracefully, onto their butts.

And, untouched by the malestrom they unleashed, Matt and Wendy, back in their normal uniforms, watched as the creatures regained their senses and flew away.

"AND STAY GONE!" yelled Wendy. The RoboTengas, flying as fast as they could, were already out of earshot.

"What was that about?" wondered Matt aloud.

"Not sure. Maybe we should have Alpha check on Mr. Caplin."

"Right, Sis."


Lord Zedd's Palace...

"NO!" Zedd turned his gaze away from the Techno Rangers. "They cannot be allowed to scan for Caplin! If they do, the replacement will be uncovered for sure!" He listed his staff up.


Zedd began to watch again, ready for the coming chaos.


"Alpha," began Matt, "Could you scan the area for-"

"LOOK OUT!" Wendy shoved Matt out of the path of one of Phasor's blasts with nanoseconds to spare.

"Thanks, Wendy." He reactivated his communicator. "Alpha, contact the other Rangers. Phasor's back, and he's in a bad mood."

"Bring them on!" boasted Phasor. "You can't destroy me! No one can!"


Elsewhere, scattered throughout Angel Grove, the five Turbo Rangers made the call.


"MOUNTAIN BLASTER TURBO POWER!" Justin's uniform appears and his helmet snaps into place. He grows to adult size.

"DESERT THUNDER TURBO POWER!" Adam's uniform appears. His helemt snaps into place.

"DUNE STAR TURBO POWER!" Tanya's uniform appears. Her helmet snaps into place.

"WIND CHASER TURBO POWER!" Kat's uniform appears. Her helmet snaps into place.

"RED LIGHTNING TURBO POWER!" Tommy's uniform appears. His helmet snaps into place.

The five Turbo Rangers are immediately teleported onto the field, resisting the impulse to summon their weapons to face the monster.

"Ready for more," asked Phasor. "I'm suprised. I would have thought that, after your last attempts, you would have given up by now!"

"We don't quit so easily, Phasor!" said Tommy. "We're taking you down!"

"You're welcome to try!" Phasor's cloak fluttered slightly. Wendy, Matt, and Justin all noticed that, and each of them immediately came up with the same thought.

Each of them called out for the same weapon at the same time.


>From it's pocket of hyperspace, the Turbine Laser flew into action. It's wings folded down and it's nose extended. It lowered itself into the waiting hands of the Turbo Rangers.

"If we're right," said Wendy, "Than he's still partially in our time frame."

"And if that's true, than he's still vulnerable to antimatter." added Matt.

"So one shot from the Turbine Laser should finish this fight!" finished Justin.

Phasor said nothing.

"FIRE!" ordered Tommy. Inside the Turbine Laser, the twin turbines worked to generate the antimatter burst, and then fired at Phasor. Explosions rocked the field as the blasts hit home.

"ALL RIGHT!" exclaimed Justin. "He's finished!"

"DON'T CELEBRATE YET, RANGERS!" The smoke cleared, revealing Phasor, completely unharmed by the blast. "Nice try, but you just don't have what it takes!"

"Aw man!" exclaimed Tommy, shocked that the Turbine Laser had failed.


Rita walked over to the balcony of Zedd's palace and watched as the Rangers prepared to try another attack.

"MAGIC WAND: MAKE MY MONSTER... GROW!" She threw her staff down towards the Earth, where it struck, sent energy into the ground, and opened a fault that spat out mystical mists.

Phasor grew. In seconds, he towered over the Rangers.

"Ready to try that again, Rangers? It almost tickled!"

The Rangers leapt aside as Phasor's foot came down. They barely avoided being crushed by the delibarate step.

The Turbo Rangers quickly made the call.



Deep within the Turbo Zord Garage, the carrier known as Artillitron immediately came to life, rolling out of the Garage and onto the streets of Angel Grove in a matter of seconds. As the massive vehicle came to a halt, the Turbo Rangers leapt inside, and into their respective cockpits. The three sections of Artillitron seperated as the yellow ramps lowered into place.

"Siren Blaster's ready for action!" reported Justin from the cockpit of the gigantic police cruiser.

"Star Racer going strong!" added Tanya as she prepared the altered bulldozer/crane amalgam.

"Thunder Loader's online!" said Adam as the dump truck revved it's engines.

"Wind Rescue at the ready!" yelled Kat, her ambulance baised Zord ready for nearly anything.

"Lightning Fire Tamer, proud and true!" finished Tommy. "Lets do it, Rangers!"

The five Rescue Zords rolled forward, the sections of Artillitron floating upwards as soon as the Zords were clear. The sections combined into a vaguely humanoid shape.


Immediately, all five Rescue Zords began to transform. Star Racer's front folded back. The back of Thunder Loader formed a foot, even as the front end moved underneath. Wind Rescue split into two sections, each half extending into arms. Siren Blaster's back end split into two and it's front end folded down. Lightning Fire Tamer's back end split into two and attached to either side of the front end.

Siren Blaster linked to Thunder Loader and Star Racer, forming legs and the waist. A second later, Wind Rescue attached to either side of Lightning Fire Tamer, which then linked to Siren Blaster, forming the arms and chest in quick succession. Finally, the front of Lightning Fire Tamer opened and the head slid out and back. As the front end slid back into place, the head settled into position, completing the transformation.

"RESCUE MEGAZORD ONLINE!" said the Rangers in perfect synch.

"Nice Zord, Rangers," said Phasor. "A pity that it won't do you any good!"

As if to prove his point, Phasor did not move as the Rescue Megazord advanced on him, and did not flinch when the massive fist flew cleanly through his body without doing any apparent damage.

"See what I mean?"

"We can't hurt him, but we can draw his fire!" said Tommy. "We keep him busy enough, and he'll eventually run out of energy."


Right on cue, energy lashed out from the eyes of the malevolent monster, striking the newest Megazord. Even as the energy hit, Justin's eyes caught a glimpse at the energy readouts.

Under his helmet, he began to grin."

"Turbo Hand Blasters!" ordered Tommy. In response, the twin handguns appeared in the massive fists of the Rescue Megazord and let loose. The blasts did nothing to effect Phasor, but they did provide another distraction.

Unfortunately, not distracting enough. Phasor charged the Rescue Megazord and struck it with both fists, causing power levels to drop as sparks flew from where the damage had been worst.

"We can't keep this up much longer!" said Tanya. "Our circuits are reaching critical!"

"Auxillary power's down!" reported Kat.

"We can't just let him go free!" exclaimed Adam. "There has to be a way to stop him!"

Justin looked up from the readouts.

"Maybe we can! Phasor has to be able to react with the physical plane enough to talk to us. Why not use Siren Blaster's sonic amplifier to give this jerk the headache he deserves?"

"Go for it, Justin!" said Tommy as he manuvered the Rescue Megazord out of the path of Phasor's latest blasts.

Justin wasted no time. In seconds, his control panel told the tale as he diverted all available power to the sonic amplifier and adjusted it to be as powerful as possible. Finally, he turned to Tommy.

"It's ready!"

"All right! Sonic Amplifier Burst... NOW!"

Sonic energy lashed out from the torso of the Rescue Megazord, and the efforts of the Blue Ranger were instantly rewarded as Phasor screamed and clutched his head.


With that, the intangible monster teleported away.

On the ground, Matt and Wendy applauded Justin's ingenuity.

"Way to go, Justin!" yelled Wendy.

"That'll teach him to mess around with the Power Rangers!" added Matt.

"Maybe," said Tommy, "But we still don't know what this was all about."

"So why do I have a feeling that we're about to find out?" asked Justin.

Tommy couldn't answer that, but he had the same uncomfortable feeling as well.


Far off, out of the Ranger's sight, a small group of Cogs teleported out with the final victim. Her replacement immediately appeared, her red eyes glowing evily...


The next day...

Mr. Wilton's class...

As the bell rang, Justin made his way into the chemistry class and took his seat. He'd spent a good deal of the night studying, but frequent bouts of much needed but unwanted sleep had negated the positive benifits. Justin was fully prepared for his test today.

He just wasn't prepared to pass.

Imagine his suprise when he saw that, on the chalkboard, was an announcement that the test had been cancelled.

"Mr. Wilton? Is everything all right?" In his time at Angel Grove High School, Justin had learned that Mr. Wilton never cancelled any assignment. In fact, he was prone to have pop quizzes without any warning at all.

"Everything is fine, Justin. In fact, it couldn't be better."

"Ummm... I tried to do the homework last night, but I've got a few questions about number 23."

"Forget the homework. It's not important."

"Are you aure that everything's all right, Mr. Wilton? You're acting kind of strange."

Alarms were sounding in the back of Justin's mind. Something was seriously wrong.

"Strange? Why, whatever do you mean, Justin?" "Mr. Wilton" stood up and walked in front of the true Mr. Wilton's desk.

"You're always telling us that homework is one of the most important parts of this class."

"Let's just say that things are changing around here, starting with the hierarcy. From this moment forward, this school is under the command of Prince Gasket."

"WHAT?!" Several of the students got up from their seats, Justin included. They stared at "Mr. Wilton" as his eyes glowed blood red. The light seemed to expand, covering his entire body.

He bagan to laugh, at frst in the voice of Mr. Wilton, but then in a voice all too familiar to Justin's ears.

The light faded, and the true identity of the fake Mr. Wilton was revealed.

The being's powerful body was covered, from head to toe, in powerful golden armor. A furry tail protruded from near the small of his back, and wings came out of his back. He held a powerful looking sword. His face was the worst part, dark blue, slightly apeish, with fangs that looked like a vampire's dream come true. His eyes were still red.

It was Goldar, one of the Power Rangers' oldest foes, and one of the most powerful.

Justin reflexively moved into a battle stance.

"So you think you can stop me, little boy? PATHETIC!" Goldar laughed, a sound like nails on a chalkboard.

Justin didn't answer. His mind was racing, desperately searching for some answer to this predictiment.

There had to be something he could do.

But what?


And could he do it in time?

Justin didn't know. And time was running out...