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Author's note: This story is dedicated to Jason Clark, a friend born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome that is dying of non smoker's lung cancer. Jason's never had the chance to really live life. Learn from him, and live life to the fullest. Every minute is precious; don't waste any of them.

Thanks, Jason. No matter what, you will always be loved.

Author's note, Part 2: Sorry for the months long delay in writing this. Had to concentrate on school, graduation, preparations for moving, and, obviously, a friend's terminal illness. Also, on the lighter side, I came in second in a vote for "most sex appeal" at my school. Guess being big isn't all bad!

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PREVIOUSLY: While Ninjor gave Matt and Wendy his own version of the long lost Metallic Armor, Prince Gasket launched a dastardly plan to destroy the Rangers by isolating Justin, Matt, and Wendy from the rest of the team. Kidnapping Mr. Caplin, Ms. Appleby, and Mr. Wilton, and replacing them with imposters, he prepared his trap. Furthering his plan, and to distract the Rangers from the abductions, Gasket used Phasor, an intangible villain that Justin managed to outthink, but failed to destroy. With Phasor routed for the moment, the Rangers returned to their regular lives, just as Gasket sprung his trap, putting Matt and Wendy in the gymnasium with several of their classmates, Archerina, and Gasket himself, while Justin found himself in a science room with his class and Goldar. To make things worse, to save a classmate, Justin impulsively morphed in front of the entire class and prepared to battle Goldar alone... Can Justin win? And even if he does, how will he be able to continue as the Blue Ranger? Find out in the gripping conclusion... NEXT!

Power Rangers Turbo/Techno Rangers:
"Identity Secret No More, Part 2, Act 1"
by Aaron Thall

Justin's boot connected with Goldar's face, sending the creature back over Mr. Wilton's desk. Justin somersaulted in mid air and landed behind Goldar. Moving quickly he put the golden menace in a headlock.


Goldar broke the headlock and flipped Justin over his head.

"You'll never find him, Blue Ranger! NEVER!" Goldar charged, but was impeeded by the students and desks.

"What's wrong, Goldar? Too cramped for you? Why don't we take this outside?!" Justin, using Turbo speed, slammed into Goldar,sending him through a window. As the monster landed hard, Justin leapt after him and landed feet first.

Mr. Wilton's class quickly gathered around the broken window to watch the battle. All except Amy, whom Justin had morphed to rescue.

She stood in the corner of the room, overcome by shock.

"I... I can't believe it... Justin's the Blue Ranger?!?!"








Jason David Frank as Tommy
Catherine Sutherland as Kat
Nakia Burrise as Tanya
Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam
Blake Foster as Justin
Paul Schrier as Bulk
Jason Narvy as Skull
Matt and Wendy as themselves


Matt and Wendy dodged the eye beams like their lives depended on it.

With good reason.

Their lives =DID= depend on it.

They both rolled to their feet and dodged a second barrage. Wendy came too close to one of the Cogs, and she thrust her foot out, slamming into it's knee. As it fell, it inadvertantly provided a shield from a third blast.

Matt found himself in the midst of several Cogs. Unable to morph, he resorted to the element of suprise. As one Cog's faceplate opened and fired, he grabbed two of the Cogs and let them take the blasts. Even as they fell to the ground, he lunged at the third Cog and , knowing it was going to hurt, slammed his elbow into the open faceplate. The Cog spasmed as it's central processor was crushed, and it fell to the ground.

"Who needs to morph?" he said to himself.

Wendy pulled two Cogs away from the students trying to escape, freeing the main exit and allowing the embattled teens to escape. The two Cogs grabbed her by her arms, but she did a backflip and, with the Cogs still off balance, slammed them together. They let go of her while they slid to the ground.

Satisfied that the students were safe for the moment, but with too many crouding the other exits, Wendy took a second to duck behind a very large punching bag. She tapped her communicator.

"ALPHA! DIMITRIA! MATT AND I NEED HELP IN THE GYM! THERE'RE TOO MANY COGS!" She screamed as a Cog popped out of nowhere and tried to grab her. She grabbed it's arm and flipped it over her shoulder. She followed up by kicking it in it's chest, short circuiting it.


Power Chamber...

Alpha 6 activating the view screen and saw the two battles taking place. Justin leapt over Goldar once more, but Goldar nailed the Blue Ranger with his sword. Justin handed hard, and was having trouble getting up.

At the same time, Matt and Wendy had their hands full dodging energy blasts and helping the other students escape the deathtrap.

"There is no escape this time! At last! I am victorious!" Gasket ranted and raved, even as he renewed his attacks.

Alpha watched with horror. It was not going well for the three Rangers.

And that was a major understatement.

"YO YO YO! This is a catastrophe! What are we gonna do now?!?!?!?!"


Lord Zedd's palace...

"Do? There's nothing you =CAN= do! At long last, THE POWER RANGERS ARE FINISHED!" Lord Zedd glowed with anticipation.

And off to the side, the three captured teachers watched on with terror in their eyes...