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Road Warriors
A Vanpires/Power Rangers Turbo Crossover
Part 2: Race for the Night
Act 4
By: Matthew Sicherman
Edited by Aaron Thall

Aboard the Machine Skybase, Mondo was furious as The Destructor 3000 blew itself into small pieces.

"Your Vanpire was a dismal failure, Tracula!" Mondo declared

"But it was able to defeat them before." Tracula countered

"So what?" Divatox said "You had the element of surprise then, as soon as the Rangers got over that, they trashed it."

"Were it not for the sun it would have destroyed them and their allies at their first encounter!"

"But it didn't!" Rita said

"And they didn't even retreat from it!" Zedd added "The Destructor 3000 had the Rangers at its mercy when it had to stop because of that stupid sun allergy!"

"ENOUGH!" Mondo shouted, steam coming from his joints "Out of my sight Tracula! And I never want to see you again! Klank! Teleport the Vanpires back to their lair, now!"

"Yes, yuir majesty." Klank replied as he worked a control.

Tracula and his Vanpires were immediately teleported back down to their lair by Klank.

"And destruct the transceiver I sent them!" Mondo added

Down in the Vanpires' lair, Tracula and his cronies were slightly disoriented from the sudden teleport and he was about to get another kick in the fender as the transceiver, previously used to communicate with Mondo, started to glow and then melted.

"It appears that Mondo is an unforgiving ruler." Tracula said sagely "I admire him for that."

"Does this mean I won't get to rule New Jersey?" Automaniac asked and was promptly bashed on the head by Tracula for his apparent insolence.

The Power Chamber

The battle was over and the Rangers and Motorvators stood facing each other.

"It was good working with you." Tommy said "Flying into that Vanpire like that took guts."

"It also took just a hint of nuttiness." Axle grinned "I almost got cooked on the way out."

"You did get cooked! Or at least your goose will be when Van sees your carfin." Snap joked, indicating Axle's somewhat burned exterior.

"Seriously," Axle continued "It was good working with you too. Not many can say they worked alongside Earth's greatest heroes."

"We came, we saw, we kicked butt!" Nuke remarked

"If you ever need our help in a hurry, you've got the transceiver we gave you." Justin said

"And if you should ever need our help, we're ready for action any time." answered Rev "You know where to find us."

"It's been great working with you guys too," Axle began "But we should get back to the Pitstop, sun'll be coming up in a little while you know."

"See you around guys." Wendy said as she worked the panel. "Ready to teleport."

The Rangers and Motorvators waved to each other as Wendy pressed the button, sending the Motorvators on their way in streams of white light.

Sunrise Salvage, the next day

Wendy went through the front gates and entered the junkyard, walking down the path till she arrived at the Pitstop.

"Hello?" she called out

"Wendy?" came Nuke's voice from inside "We're downstairs."

Wendy entered the Pitstop and went down the stairs into the garage where the carfins were kept. The tow-truck, fire-truck, and van were in good condition, but the hot rod, Axle's carfin, was mostly blackened with patches of unmarred paint.

"Hey there amiga!" Van greeted her "What brings you back here so soon?"

"Well, Tommy has his racecar back and the racetrack's finally fixed so he's going to be driving in a race today. You guys wouldn't happen to be interested in going, would you? I've tickets for everyone!" Wendy said, ending by flourishing a number of tickets.

"Really!?" "Awesome!" Cheerful shouts followed

"I take it that's a yes?" Wendy grinned

Angel Grove Racetrack

Racecars zoomed around the track as the final lap progressed. Tommy was in a fight for the lead with another car, the lead see-sawing between them. In the stands, cheering Tommy on are all the Rangers and the Motorvators. As the finish line approaches, Tommy floors the accelerator and his car leaps ahead, crossing the finish line as the checkered flag waves.

The Rangers and the Motorvators leap up and give Tommy a standing ovation.

It's good to have things back to normal.


Angel Grove High...

The editor of the Investigator finishes reading Wendy's report.

"So you're saying that it was the Machine Empire planning an attack? Can you back it up?"

"Can I ever!" From her backpack, Wendy produced a videotape and pictures, each showing a spectacular battle between the Turbo Rangers, the Techno Rangers, some Cogs, and a few car monsters. The Motorvators were absent, and Wendy knew why. Alpha and Justin had spent several hours producing the doctored tape and pictures from the images on the view screen in the Power Chamber. It was all to protect the Motorvators' privacy and secrets, and she knew they'd be appreciative.

"Woah." As they watched the tape, complete with a stunning battle between the Zords and the Destructor 3000, the editor whistled. 'Wendy, I can say this: You've got guts. Not many people would stick around for a battle like this just for a story."

"I guess you could say that I felt like I was actually taking part in the fight, like they needed me."

'AND DID THEY EVER!' she thought.

"Good work. But next time, do you mind being a little more careful?"

"No problem, Chief." she said as she headed out the door.

"And Wendy! I have your next assignment! Seems a local car shop's being sued for gross negligence. Something about inept employees..."


"Yeah. How'd you know?"

Wendy looked out the window. "They're working on your car."

"Ummm... Bulk? Where does this go?" CLUNK!

"Um... Dunno. Leave it." CRASH!

"AW GEEZ!" The editor bolted out the door, and Wendy laughed long and hard.

The End

Turbo Time by Ellen ten Damme

Start ignition
Check brakes

Ready for takeoff

There's something on the highway moving
There's something that's moving high and fast
I know I can tell, what it is where it's going
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

There's nothing in the way for winning
There's nothing that's winning without us

Speeding faster
Turbo blaster
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Go, go, go!

Like Turbo tigers in the night
We are at top speed tracking you down
Like Turbo tigers in the darkest night
Now it's Turbo time

There's no one in the world that's got the power
There's no one more powerful in the world than us
We are the Rangers coming up to save you
Ridin' fast, faster fast!

Like Turbo tigers in the night
We are at top speed tracking you down
Like Turbo tigers in the darkest night
Now it's Turbo time

Turbo time, Turbo time!

Go, go!

You better run away when you're all alone
There's something in the air that keeps us going on and on and on
We are the Rangers Turbo danger
Ridin' fast, faster fast!

Like Turbo tigers in the night
We are at top speed tracking you down
Like Turbo tigers in the darkest night
Now it's Turbo time

Turbo time, Turbo time!
Like Turbo tigers in the night
We are at top speed tracking you down
Like Turbo tigers in the darkest night
Now it's Turbo time

Turbo time, Turbo time!

Now it's Turbo Time
Turbo time, Turbo time!

Turbo time...