The Origin of the Purple Ranger
Part 5
by Ultra_Purple_Ranger

Denoho found himself floating in a purple sky, surrounded in purple items, purple swords, purple sticks, purple everything. He was moving into a cave that was purple with a purple shadow inside it.

Just then Denoho opened his eyes and looked around frantically "Where am I?" he asked with a half worried, half defensive voice. A soft voice answered him "Shhh .. you need your rest." "Who's there?" he quickly replied. "My name is Patrica." she answered. "Patrica, how did I get here?" he asked. "I dragged you in from outside." she answered him in a cheerful voice. "Thank you, you saved my life." he said, "You saved my village, now we've even." she said. "Well, how long have I been asleep?" he asked, "Two hours" she answered in her cheery voice.

Denoho started to sit up, but Patrica stopped him, "Your not going anywhere, you hurt!" she commanded. "O.K., fine, don't bite my head off, I just wanted to sit up!" he replied. "O.K., sit up" she ordered. Denoho had a long conversation while still sitting on the ground next to Patrica. After a while Denoho went for a walk around the area, and looked at the village from the top of a nearby hill. He could see the whole area, where his village was, where Patrica's village was, where Omar's house was, and surprising him he saw a cave! The cave was the exact cave he saw while he was unconscious! He ran to the front of the cave and stopped suddenly. He didn't turn around but said "Who's there?" then turned around to see only 5 nomads armed with swords! Denoho calmly spoke to them, "Don't you ever learn?" and with that the fight began!

Denoho had to Dodge the slash of one nomad after another. Denoho saw a tree close to him and ran to it. After dodging another slash, he went behind the tree and came out behind a nomad and kicked him from behind and took his sword. Denoho knew he needed help, so he split into Wisdom and Combat, the nomads ran for their lives after seeing him split in half. Wisdom and Combat entered the cave. They found a room in the back of the cave filled with lights and consoles. Wisdom remarked at the sight "It's a control center of some sort!"

After further investigation of the control center Wisdom and Combat fount out that it is a control base for the Purple Ranger. Wisdom and Combat rejoined and Denoho appeared in the center of the Control Center. "Wow, this was in my dream too." Denoho commented. Denoho pushed some blinking buttons and 3 screens appeared on the one wall of the room. Zordon's face in one, Trey his cousin in the center, and in the last screen appeared the face of Omar. All of them where pleased to see him. They all congratulated him on finding the Control Center for the Nature Powers.

Denoho's friends told him about the Nature Powers, how the power of nature was present on every planet, the power of nature on earth was great enough to be use in the fight against evil, and so Omar, the guardian of Earth's nature powers, had a Control Center built in the back of the cave, so if necessary the powers of nature could be used to defend earth. Just then an alarm went off in the Control center. Denoho looked at Zordon, Trey, and Omar and didn't know what to do. Zordon instructed Denoho to wait for him to arrive with Trey and Alpha 5 to arrive back on Earth. Omar told Denoho to sit and wait for him to get to the cave to meet Zordon, Trey, and Alpha.

What will happen next?
Will Zordon, Trey and Alpha make it safely back to earth?
Stay tuned!


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