The Origin of the Purple Ranger
Part 4
by Ultra_Purple_Ranger

As the pyramid got closer to earth Omar began to worry, and Combat began his training while Wisdom was fine tuning his communications device.

After a few days at Omar's house Combat began to notice Omar getting depressed. Combat approached Omar and said "Omar, what's wrong?" Omar replied quickly "Nothing!" and side-kicked him. Combat coughed a bit and said "Was that supposed to hurt?" Omar said back to him "You let your guard down, why don't you listen to what I say about that?!" Combat was speechless.

Wisdom was welding what looked like a case for something. He still couldn't shake that feeling of being watched, and the legend still echoed in his head 'One day a hero will arise and control the power of nature, on a giant he will ride strong and mighty will he be, protecting all that is good and destroying all that is evil. With a call to the sky a sword will come down to the ground and the giant will wield it's power'. Wisdom stopped welding and ran to the computer console with a swish. He called up another part of the legend ' With mighty swings of the sword evil fell around him. ' "Hmm.." Wisdom said to himself "What does all of this mean?" Wisdom went back to his welding.

The pyramid began to land on earth. The thrusters at the bottom of it began to fire and make it's landing soft. A door of gold light opened and 3 figures stepped out of it. One of them dressed all in black with a black cloak, the second one out of the pyramid was wearing black and gold, the final one out of the pyramid was a gold robot with a red chest and yellow lightning bolt on the chest.

The first one out is Zordon of Eltar, the second is Trey of Triforia, the last one out is Alpha 5 the robot assistant of Zordon. Zordon said "Alpha, we must find Omar can you track him with your radar?" Alpha replied "Affirmative Zordon I have already began the radar sweep of the area." Trey chuckled "Good robot Alpha." Alpha said "unknown reference, overload, overload" Zordon said "Alpha calm down it's humor" Alpha replied "Humor?" Zordon said to Alpha "Nevermind just find Omar!".

A little later Alpha, Zordon, and Trey were outside Omar's house, Zordon said "Alpha is this the place?" Alpha replied "Yes." Trey blurted out "Then Let's go!" but before they could move they saw Omar before them. Omar greeted them with a smile and said "Is it that time again?" Zordon said "It is Omar, time does fly when your riding the universe of evil." Omar chuckled. Combat was in his purple room wondering what Wisdom was doing. Then all of a sudden there was a knock at the door to his room. Combat asked "Who is it?" Zordon said "I am Zordon of Eltar, and I wish to speak with you." Combat opened the door and said "Greetings!" Zordon and Combat had a long long talk and a few hours later Zordon left earth in the pyramid with Trey and Alpha. The next day Omar trained Combat as he did everyday.

Wisdom was reading the last known part of the legend ' With the evil gone the hero jumped from the giant and into a cave, and in the cave he waits when evil shows it's face he jumps into action. ' Wisdom knew it was though of as a legend but somehow he didn't think it was just a legend.

Many years had passed from that time and Combat and Wisdom had rejoined into Denoho. And Denoho was wondering the landscape at peace with nature, and helping people whenever he could using what Omar had taught him and what he had taught himself.

One fine day Denoho was walking along and saw smoke and heard cries for help. Denoho ran will all his speed and saw nomads attacking a village. Denoho knew what to do and he yelled "Hey you nomads! Stop that! It's time to fight ME!" and with that Denoho jumped into a pile of nomads and spin-kicked them to the ground and laughed "Is that the best you can do?". The nomads were no match for Denoho's skill. Just then a nomad came out of nowhere and bonked him on the head with a huge rock and Denoho fell to the ground.

Will Denoho get up and laugh or will he be hurt?
What will happen next?


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