by: Chan Heng Yip


"We're in trouble now." Said Tommy as he got up from the ground. The other rangers were doing the same. Somehow, the monster before them was more powerful than any they had ever met. The problem was, it was not metallic like the other Machine Empire monsters and Zordon had told the rangers that it was an incredible threat to Angel Grove.

"Let's use the Zeo weapons." Said Rocky as he placed his hand on Tommy's shoulder.

"Right!" replied Tommy as he pulled out his Zeo Sword from an energy field that appeared in front of him. However, just as he was going to attack, an energy beam streaked passed him and struck the monster, destroying it.

'Zeo Jet Gold Ranger?' thought Tommy as he turned around.

However, it was not the Gold Ranger that stood there but five people in outfits similar to the Zeo Rangers. The colours were red, green, blue, yellow and pink. They were holding a huge five barreled cannon.

"Who are they?" asked Tanya and everyone shrugged.

"Looks like we got here in time." Said the wearer of the red spandex. The others nodded.

"Who are you?" asked Tommy as he walked up to the five.

The wearer of the red spandex looked at him and said, "I am the Red Ranger."

The power chamber was lit with the ten energy beams that streaked in. "Ai yi yi!" said Alpha Five as he saw the newcomers.

Zordon's head appeared in the dimensional energizer. The five newcomers saw him and the Pink Ranger shouted, "Zordon! You're alive!" she (it had to be a she) ran up to the cylinder and hugged it.

The Zeo Rangers looked at the pink individual and heard sobbing sounds come from the other rangers.

Zordon looked down at the ranger and said, "Of course I'm alive. Who are you five? Why is it that you have not set off the alarms?"

"Only people without the Zeo crystal will set off the alarm." Said the Blue Ranger.

"Are you saying that you have the Zeo crystals?" said Adam as he raised his Zeoniser to show the newcomers.

"Actually, yes." Said the Red Ranger as he showed the Zeo Rangers his right palm and in it, was the Red Zeo crystal.

"Who are you?" asked Tommy, more curious than ever.

The Red Ranger took off his helmet and there, revealed a male Chinese with short, black hair. "My name is Maxim Tan. I am the leader of the Ultra Rangers."

"The Ultra Rangers?" asked Tommy. Maxim nodded.

"How is it that you have the Zeo crystals?" asked Zordon.

"Saga gave them to us, after you..." said the Blue Ranger but stopped short as Maxim shook his head.

"Saga? Here? How is I was unaware of this?" said Zordon.

"Zordon, who is Saga?" asked Kat as she eyed Maxim extensively. 'He's kinda cute.' She thought.

"Saga is an old friend of mine. How did he have Zeo crystals? It is still impossible that..."

"Zordon, we are not from this timeline." Said Maxim, much to the Zeo Rangers and Zordon's shock.

"Say that again," said Tommy.

"We are from the year 2018. Zordon picked us when the rangers before us graduated and went on to lead their own lives." Explained Maxim.

"Impossible!" everyone turned and saw Billy. "The rangers would never give up being rangers just because they graduated."

"Mom said you were one of a kind, and now, I believe her." Said Maxim.

"Your mom knew me?" said Billy, shocked.

"Yes, she knew all the original Rangers like Tommy," Maxim pointed at the Red Ranger, "Kimberly, Zack, Jason and you."

"Wait, what about Trini?" asked Billy.

"Uncle Billy," said Maxim, "my mother IS Trini."

"WHAT?!" shouted Tommy, Zordon, Billy and Alpha 5 together.


King Mondo looked at the figure in front of him. A figure emitted incredible amount of evil energy.

"Who are you?!" demanded King Mondo as he waved his staff.

"I am Genocide." Replied the purple-robed figure in a monotonous voice.

"What?!" shouted King Mondo. "Genocide? The scourge of the universe? Why are you here?"

"Fear not King Mondo," said Genocide, "I am not here to destroy you but to help you destroy the bane of your existence, the Power Rangers."

"Why should you be interested?" asked King Mondo suspiciously. No 'scourge of the universe' would help another without an ulterior motive.

"Oh, let's just say, it will really help my future." Replied Genocide with a smile.

Meanwhile, at the Power Chamber.

"You're Trini's son?" exclaimed Adam.

"Who's Trini?" asked Tanya.

"The original Yellow Ranger." Replied Katherine.

Maxim finally decided to speak. "I'm Trini's younger son. Whether you believe me or not, it's not why we are here. In fact, we have another reason."

"What is that?" asked Rocky.

"We have to stop the destruction of the Power Rangers." Replied the Yellow Ultra Ranger.

"Wait a minute," said Katherine, "who are you guys anyway?"

"Oh, let me introduce the other rangers." Said Maxim, suddenly embarrassed by the fact that he lost his manners.

One by one, the rangers took off their helmets. "This is Opus. He's our technical specialist." Said Maxim as he pointed at the Blue Ultra Ranger.

Next, he pointed at the Pink Ultra Ranger, "This is Alice." The brown-haired beauty nodded at the Zeo Rangers.

Then, he pointed to the Green Ultra Ranger, who to the surprise to the Zeo Rangers, was a girl. "This is Jenny, she's new to the team."

"New to the team?" asked Tommy.

"She's helping out while a friend of ours is recuperating from some injuries." Explained Maxim.

"And finally, Alex." Maxim pointed at the blonde-haired youngster in yellow spandex.

"Why is it you are here?" asked Zordon as he continued to eye the Ultra Rangers.

"Saga sent us here after our enemy, Genocide, traveled back in time." Replied Maxim.

"Genocide?" muttered Zordon, "How is it he managed to go back in time?"

"A long story." Replied Maxim as he looked away.

"Anyway," said Alice, who until now had been silent, "Genocide believed that if he destroyed the Power Rangers before we appeared, he could easily take over the Earth."

"So," started Opus, "he used stray interdimensional energy to create a time rift in which he travel back in time."

Softly, Billy mumbled to Zordon, "Zordon, there is no way this Genocide could have gotten interdimensional energy unless you..."

"I know Billy." Replied Zordon softly.

"But why to this era?" asked Alpha 5.

"Because of the time distortion caused by... what's his name... oh yah, Master Vile." Replied Opus. "Due to the destruction of the power coins, time was pretty much distorted when everything returned to normal."

"So, if what you say is true," said Billy, "you're trying to prevent Genocide from destroying us."

"Actually, we failed to do so." Said Alex.

"What?!" shouted the Zeo Rangers in unison.

"Let me explain." Said Maxim as he made a calming motion. "We had no idea that Genocide returned to this time to destroy you all, so, we did nothing. It was later that we found out that the time rift was changing. To protect us, Saga created a dimensional tear, which separated us from the actual time continuation. This allowed us to plan our strategy and also made sure we did not forget who you were."

"What about the rest of the world?" asked Adam with the utmost concern.

"The Machine Empire is now in charge." Replied Jenny with tears in her eyes.

"What caused all this to happen?" asked Rocky.

Maxim turned to face Tommy and said, "The death of Zeo Ranger V."

Meanwhile, in the year 2018. "Alpha, we must contact Dimitria." Said a majestic figure in the tube that once housed Zordon.

"But Saga," said a familiar looking robot, Alpha 5, "the Dimitria of this time zone knows nothing of us as she and Alpha 6 never came to take over our places. She doesn't even know who T.J, Carlo, Justin, etc are!"

"You are right Alpha, if only we could contact the Blue Senturion, we could have a chance to fight of the enemies until the Rangers return."

"Ai ya ya ya yaaa." I hope they're okay." Said the little robot as it shook its head.

"Don't worry Alpha, I'm sure they are."


In the still of the night, an electrical storm began in Angel Grove.

"Ai y ya ya yaaaa!" shouted Alpha in despair. "All the instruments are going crazy Zordon."

"I know Alpha, I suspect this storm is more than what it seems." Said Zordon gravely.

Zordon was right for in the middle of the storm, an electrical blast struck the pavement below. In its wake was a lone figure in a ranger costume with one knee against the floor. As he got up, his suit shone in a golden hue. Suddenly, he disappeared in a beam of red and white. It was at that moment, the storm ended almost as soon as it begun.

Next morning, the five rangers from the future stayed at Tommy's home. Tommy had graciously 'given' his room to the two female members of the team while he and the other rangers slept in the living room.

"Good morning all." Said Jenny as she walked down the stairway. He was wearing a red T-shirt and pink shorts.

"Good morning." Mumbled Maxim as he scratched his head. He then gave a great, big yawn.

'I wonder if Trini does that when she wakes up' thought Tommy.

Maxim was wearing a green T-shirt with polka dot boxers.

"Maxim, if I wanted to see the ugly side of you," started Alex, "I would have gotten glasses."

"Huh?" said the whole assembly together.

"Never mind." Said Alex as he started to eat his cornflakes.

The six sat silently as they ate their breakfast when the phone rang. "I'll get it." Said Tommy as he ran out of the kitchen to answer the phone.

"So, what do you think?" asked Opus as he arranged his yellow T-shirt.

"Well, he's kinda a cute." Stated Alice as she finished the last piece of her bread.

"Uh huh, and what is Mark going to say when he finds out that he lost out to a guy over twice his age?" said Alex.

"Very funny." Said Alice and punched Alex in the arm.

"People, people, let's focus." Stated Maxim. "Saga sent us here for a reason. We have to protect my godfather."

"Yeah, we know Maxim. As it is, we all don't exist in the future because of his death." Said Opus.

"You know, if Master Vile hadn't screwed the timeline so badly, we would never have this problem." Said Alice.

"Good point. We would have detected the tear created by Genocide a lot earlier." Replied Opus as the others nodded.

"Hey guys," said Tommy as entered the kitchen, "that was Kat, she wants to give you guys the tour of Angel Grove in the 20th Century."

Maxim visibly cringed at the mention of Kat but recovered quickly enough for Tommy not to notice.

"That sounds great." Said Alex smilingly.

"Yes, most educational."

"I want to see 20th Century fashion!" stated Jenny as the rest of the team groaned.

"Wait, I just thought of something, if you guys are from the future, then your outfits..."

"Don't worry Tommy, Alpha prepared outfits for us which will suit this century." Said Alice as she stood up. "Let's get changed."

"I'll join you." Said Alex cheekily.

"Don't even think about it." Said the two girls simultaneously.

"Okay." Said Alex in mock disappointment as Tommy, Maxim and Opus started snickering.

"Is he always like this?" asked Tommy.

"Most of the time." Replied Maxim as he walked towards the living room.

The six teens entered the Juice Bar. Maxim was wearing a black jacket with a white T-shirt and jeans. Alex wore a blue T-shirt and black pants. Alice was wearing a red T-shirt and jeans. Opus wore a blue polo shirt and jeans while Jenny wore a pink shirt with yellow slacks.

They looked like regular teens except for the huge 'watchers' they wore on their wrist.

"Aren't those, well, going to give your identities away?" asked Tommy.

"In the future, these 'things' are regularly seen." Replied Opus.

"Well, in the past, they're going to look weird to onlookers."

The group looked at the origin of the voice and saw Billy.

"Hi." Said Maxim with a smile.

"Yeah, hi." Replied Billy. He was still a little skeptical about the Ultra Rangers origins.

"Hi everyone." Said Kat in a cheerful voice. "You all ready for my guided tour?"

"Yeah!" said four of the five future teens. Maxim kept very quiet.

"I'll look around on my own." He finally said.

"What?" said his teammates.

"I want to look around this place own my own." He repeated.

"Fine," said Kat cheerfully, "we'll meet you here for lunch."

"Right." Muttered Maxim before leaving the Juice Bar.

"What's with him?" asked Tommy.

"You don't want to know." Replied Alex as the small group walked off.

Maxim walked to the High School. He would study there, in twenty over years time that is. He looked at the school, he looked really different than from its future counterpart. It looked ancient by nice. Maxim smiled to himself and continued walking.

Meanwhile, on the moon.

"So what you're saying is that you have created a monster with which you will destroy the rangers with?" asked King Mondo.

"Yes." Replied Genocide. "However, I sent it here some time earlier than me and have lost track of it."

"Would it be, by any chance, a reptilian looking monster?" asked Klang in his usual Scottish accent.


"Well, it was destroyed by another bunch of rangers."

"What?! Another bunch of rangers?!" shouted King Mondo.

"Would they by any chance have crystals on their helmets?" asked Genocide.

"Yes, they did." Answered Klang.

"The Ultra Rangers."

Maxim looked in shock as a bunch of metallic foot soldiers lumbered towards him. They had appeared out of cracks in walls and the sky.

"What?" muttered Maxim as the creatures banged their chest.

Suddenly, the two in front of him looked at him. Their heads split into two through the middle. Then, blue energy bolts flew towards him.

"Whoa!" shouted Maxim as he jumped out of the way of the bolts of energy.

"Zordon!" shouted Alpha 5 in the Power Chamber.

"What is it Alpha?" asked Zordon concernedly.

"The leader of the Ultra Rangers is being attacked."

"Contact the rangers."

"It is not possible Zordon. The electrical storm knocked out our communications and teleportation."

Back at the alley, Maxim was being punched and kicked all over the place. 'If brother ever saw me in this state, he would have a fit.' He thought.

Suddenly, one of the COGS threw him against a wall giving him some breathing space.

"Alright!" he shouted. "Time to kick butt."

Then, he crossed his arms with his left arm overlapping his right. "I need the power of FLASH!" he shouted as the crystal on his 'watch' shone.

Suddenly, the crystal emitted a flash of light which engulfed him. Soon, a red coloured warrior stood in his place.

"Shut goggles!" he shouted as his visor appeared and covered his eyes.

"Red Ultra! Power of Mars!" he shouted as he went in a fighting stance.


"So, what you're saying is that you guys became the first rangers to use the Morphin' Grid?" asked Kat as the seven teens sat at the Juice Bar. They had just finished the tour and the four Ultra Rangers, Kat, Billy and Tommy were enjoying drinks made by Ernie.

"Well, chronological wise, yes. But we all know that you were the first although no one knows now." Replied Opus.

"So, what happened to Ninjor and the Ninja powers?" asked Billy.

"Well, Ninjor joined us in battle against Lord Zedd for some time until Genocide appeared and we obtained the powers of the Flash crystal." Explained Alice.

"You guys do know that I have no idea what you're all talking about, right?" asked Jenny as she sipped some more of her ice lemon tea.

"Sorry." Said Alice.

"It's okay but when do we go shopping?" asked Jenny.

"We don't." said Opus as he looked at his watch.

"What?" asked Alex as he stood behind Opus.

"Maxim's in trouble, let's go." Said Opus as he got off the chair and went towards the door.

"What's happening?" asked Tommy as he followed them.

"Maxim's fighting some weird metallic creatures. We're going to help him." Said Opus before turning to Kat. "Protect Tommy when we're away." Kat nodded in response.

"We need the power of FLASH!" shouted Opus as the four future rangers crossed their arms with their left arm over their right. Four separate burst of light engulfed the four rangers and soon, they were in their respective uniforms.

"Shut goggles! Power of Mercury!" shouted Opus.
"Shut goggles! Power of Saturn!" shouted Alice.
"Shut goggles! Power of Jupiter!" shouted Jenny.
"Shut goggles! Power of Venus!" shouted Alex.

"Let's go!" ordered Opus as four white cycles appeared from nowhere. The rangers got on to the motorcycles and rode off.

"Let's follow them." Said Tommy and his zeonisers appeared.

"But Tommy, it could be dangerous." Stated Kat.

"I know but if I have to die, I'd rather die in battle."

"But the rangers said you would die in battle." Billy pointed out.

"Oh well." Said Tommy with a shrug. "It's morphin' time!"

Kat gave a sigh and activated her zeonisers and placed her left arm horizontally against her right arm. Tommy did the same.

"Zeo Ranger 1! Pink!" shouted Kat as her costume wrapped itself around her.
"Zeo Ranger 5! Red!" shouted Tommy and his suit appeared as well.

"Good luck guys." Said Billy.

"Right." Said Tommy as the Zeo cycles appeared. The two rangers rode off.

Meanwhile, Maxim was battling the COGS and winning. He had already fell five of the twelve COGS and he had the remaining ones on the ropes.

"Flash saber!" shouted Maxim as he grabbed his flash blaster. He then turned the hilt and straighten it. He then pulled out of the blaster and a blade formed at the top of the hilt. He then used the blade to attack the COGS.

"He's making scrap out of my soldiers!" screamed King Mondo.

"Yes, I know." Said Genocide.

"Well, send a monster down."

"No, I think you should send one instead."

"What?!" shouted King Mondo as he struck his staff at Klang, knocking him over.

"The Ultra Rangers are used to my monsters so let's use yours." Said Genocide.

"Ah, strategy, how sound."

Meanwhile, the other rangers had arrived and together battled the COGS and winning easily.

"These guys aren't so tough." Said Alex as he kicked one of the COGS into a wall.

"Yeah, they're too easy to defeat." Said Jenny as she punched one of the COGS into some trashcans.

Suddenly, an energy blast struck the pavement behind, sending her flying into Maxim who had just thrown a COG into a dumpster.

"Jenny, are you okay?" he asked and the Green Ultra Ranger nodded.

"What was that?" asked Alex and the answer came in the form of a punch. The Yellow Ultra Ranger flew into the air and crashed into a pile of dismantled COGS.

As the rangers regrouped, they saw a silver metallic creature with a missile launcher on its right arm.

"One of King Mondo's creatures no doubt." Said Opus.

"That's right rangers, the name's Scraper and I'm going to scrap you." The creature said and fired a missile at the Ultra Rangers.

"Whoa!" shouted Maxim as he pulled Jenny out of the way.

Opus, Alex and Alice jumped out of the way as well but crashed into some trashcans.

"We've got to destroy this freak!" shouted Alex as he got up.

"Right!" shouted Maxim. "Assemble Flash Cannon!"

"Right!" shouted the rangers in unison.

Each ranger pulled out a giant cannon and placed it on their shoulders. Maxim's cannon was the largest. Then, the rangers combined the cannons together and a five-barreled cannon was formed.

Opus and Jenny kneeled under the cannon well Alice and Alex stood at the sides of the cannon and Maxim stood behind the cannon.

"Alex! Target lock!" he ordered.

"Right!" shouted Alex as he targeted the monster and when the computer registered a lock, the cannon powered up.

"FIRE!" shouted the rangers in unison.

The cannon barrels started to spin and five streams of energy, it coinciding with the colours of the rangers suits, blasted out of it and struck the metallic monster and it exploded in a huge fireball.

It was just then that Kat and Tommy arrived. "Darn, we missed out on the action." Said Tommy.

"Oh don't worry Red Ranger," said King Mondo from his base, "there'll be more excitement coming up. Klang, now!"

"Yes, oh vicious one." Said Klang as he hurled Orbus at the remains of the monster.

Suddenly, the monster enlarged and stood towering over the rangers.

"Oh boy." Muttered Alex.

"Whoa! Looks like one of King Mondo's monsters!" shouted Tommy as he pressed a button on his communicator.

'Beep beep beep beep beep beep!' Rocky immediately looked at his communicator and at his two friends, Adam and Tanya.

They were in the Juice Bar and now an emergency had come up.

"Go ahead." Said Rocky as Adam and Tanya huddled closer to Rocky so as to make sure no onlookers would suspect anything.

"Yo Rocko." Came Tommy's voice through the communicator.

"Get over to the alley near Angel Grove High."

"Right." Said Rocky and ran out of the Juice Bar with Adam and Tanya in tow.

Outside and out of sight from an prying eyes, Rocky shouted, "It's morphin' time!"

"Zeo Ranger 2! Yellow!" shouted Tanya.
"Zeo Ranger 3! Blue!" shouted Rocky.
"Zeo Ranger 4! Green!" shouted Adam.

The three Zeo Rangers arrived on their Zeo Cycles in time to see the monster try to stomp on the Ultra Rangers.

"We've got to help them." Said Tanya.

"I agree, we need Zeo Zord power now!" shouted Tommy.

At that moment, "Maxim, I'm sick of jumping around. Let's get this beast!" shouted Alex.

Maxim nodded in agreement. "Alright! Flash Carrier! To us now!" he shouted into his communicator.

Suddenly, an electrical storm began and a hole in the sky appeared. Moments later, a large space ship of some sort appeared and the electrical storm disappeared. The Ultra Rangers immediately teleported into the ship.

Meanwhile, at a hidden compound just outside Angel Grove, five huge vehicles known as the Zeo Zords launched out to seek out their users.

Meanwhile, in the Flash Carrier, the Ultra Rangers sat on their respective sitter.

"Initiate Ultra Zord sequence." Ordered Maxim as he and his seat disappeared into the floor. He was followed by the other rangers.

Meanwhile, the Zeo Rangers had entered their Zords.

"Zeoniser crystal! Power up!" ordered Tommy as he placed his zeoniser crystal into the activation pod.

"Zeoniser crystal! Power up!" shouted the other rangers in unison as they placed their crystals into their activation pods.

As the Zeo Zords started to merge together, the Flash Carrier's top hatch opened and a red fighter jet flew out. Its side hatches opened next and another fighter jet, blue this time, appeared from the left pod and a pinkish white helicopter appeared from the right. These hatches then closed as the front part of the carrier opened up revealing a black twin-drill vehicle and a yellow tank.

"Flash crystal! Maximize!" shouted Maxim as he pulled the crystal on his helmet out and placed it on his control panel.

"Flash crystal! Maximize!" shouted the other rangers as they placed their flash crystals on their own control panels.

"Flash Megazord initiated!" an electronic voice could be heard.

The five Flash Zords flew into the air. The Tank Zord folded and connected into the Drill Zord. The Aerial, Jet and Heli Zords then flew into positions. The Aerial and Heli Zords connected to the sides of the Tank Zord while the Jet Zord connected to the top. The Jet Zord then folded to form the chest plate and head.

Inside the cockpit of the Flash Megazord, the rangers sat in their respective places. Red Ultra in the middle, Pink Ultra to his left, Blue Ultra to his right, Yellow Ultra behind Pink Ultra and Green Ultra behind Blue Ultra.

"Flash Megazord! Power up!" shouted the Ultra Rangers as their Zord landed on the ground below.

Meanwhile, the Zeo Megazord was battling the monster. The monster was trashing the Megazord and sparks began to fly around in the cockpit.

"This is bad." Said Adam as sparks came bursting out of his control panel.

"Yeah, we could sure use some help." Said Kat. And then, as if to answer her wish, the Flash Megazord punched the metallic monster aside.

"Yo guys! Need some help?" asked Maxim as the Flash Megazord stood beside the Zeo Megazord.

"Sure could!" shouted Tanya.

The monster got up from the ground and shouted, "Oh boy, a two for one scrap!"

"It's you who's going to be scrap!" shouted Rocky. "Zeo helmet 3!"

The helmet of the Megazord suddenly disappeared and was replaced by another resembling a pyramid. Beams then streaked out of the helmet and lifted the monster into the air.

"Let me down!" shouted the monster. "I'm getting air sick here!"

"Sure, no problem!" replied Rocky as the beams disappeared and the monster came tumbling down.

"Time to end this!" shouted Maxim as he pressed a button on the control panel. "Flash blaster, power up!" ordered Maxim as the Megazord grabbed the blaster on the right side of its waist.

The Zord then fired two blasts at the monster. Two thunderous explosions were heard before the monster blew up in a third one.

"It's over." Muttered Maxim as the other rangers gave a sigh of relieve.

"No!" shouted King Mondo. "That was one of my best monsters."

"Obviously not." Muttered Genocide as he looked at the Earth below him. "Soon, very soon you will be mine."


'A life well lived,
is a life without regret.'
-Chan Heng Yip

"Oof!" shouted Tommy as he tripped and hit the floor hard. 'I've got to get those guys to pack their stuff.' He thought as he moved Maxim's duffel bag aside.

It was then that he noticed a photograph on the floor. He picked it up and looked at it and his face was in total shock.

It was, unmistakably, Kimberly. A little older but still beautiful nonetheless and in a wedding gown. Next to her was an Asian toddler about five years old. Next to him was Trini, a little older too, with another toddler in her arms.

Tommy could not help but notice that Kimberly was even more beautiful than ever before. It also pained him to see that she was married and, most probably, not to him.

'A photo from the future.' He thought as he placed the photo back into Maxim's duffel bag and went off to wipe off the tears that had formed in his eyes.

'Opus is the technical one but Alice is the intellectual one.' Thought Billy as he entered the Juice Bar. It felt odd to be there, considering that he had already graduated and should be teaching somewhere or getting a job. Yet, he knew that he needed to be there when the Rangers needed him.

It was then that he noticed her. Alice had been waiting for 'part two' of the Angel Grove tour but this time, it would be Billy and Rocky who would be giving it. True to form, Rocky was no where in sight and neither were the other Ultra Rangers.

"Where're the others?" asked Billy as he sat down next to her.

"Hmmm, Maxim's having a shower after his practice." Replied Alice.

"Practice?" asked Billy.

"Well, he wants to be as good as his brother, Kirin, the White Ranger of the Power Rangers 2015."

"Oh." Said Billy as he nodded.

"Jenny and Alex are on their way and Opus is playing around in the Power Chamber."

"Yeah, well, Rocky is late, so that leaves the two of us." Said Billy slowly, so as not to say anything offending.

"Yup." Replied Alice as she looked at Adam practicing his Kata.

'Figures, girls are more interested in Adam. Guess that won't change in the future.' Thought Billy.

"Life's funny, isn't it Billy." Said Alice, her eyes never leaving Adam.

"Why do you say that?" he asked.

"I mean, one person who's so optimistic in the past will have such a sad life in the future." She said, almost sad.

"What do you mean?" asked Billy when a thought struck him. "Do you mean Adam?"

Alice just sat there looking at Adam and stayed silent.

Meanwhile, Jenny and Alex walked through the main door of the Youth Center.

"Well, what do you think about them so far?" asked Alex.

"Well, they're nice, but I can't help feel that you and the others are keeping something from them. I mean, I'm new to the team so..."

Alex looked at Jenny as she fell silent. "Yeah, well, we can't tell them too much about their future, it would ruin the surprises in their lives and probably alter ours." Said Alex.

"You know Rocky? He'll get injured and be unable to get the new powers the rangers will obtain. He'll start a dojo and be one of the most well-known martial arts teacher in the history of Angel Grove." Said Alex.

"Oh, you mean the DeSantos dojo is his?" said Jenny.

"Yup. Remember the popular singer Tanya Sloan?" asked Alex.

"Uh-huh." Replied Jenny.

"Well," started Alex as his voice drooped to a whisper, "it's the Zeo Yellow Ranger."

"What?!" shouted Jenny and then drooped her head so that no one could see who was the person who shouted out so loudly. "But, she's... dead."

"In the future, in the future." Noted Alex as the two entered the Juice Bar.

Behind a pillar, Rocky immerged with a sad look. He had heard everything and he knew what his immediate future would be like.

Water splashed against his face as he took his shower. It felt good, his joints still ached from fighting King Mondo's men. Although the enemies were defeated with relative ease, he still was not sure of their fighting techniques, which differed from Genocide's muck warriors.

'Billy...' the thought of his mother's best male friend entered his head. He knew what the future held for the young genius. In about a month's time, he would be sent to Aquitar to receive treatment for his unique 'aliment'. He would then stay there with his soulmate 'Cestria'. However, since their physiology was incompatible, there was no possible way for them to have offspring.

Billy did come back to Earth, but only long enough to see his father and his old friends. However, the waters of Aquitar were not doing any good for his human body. Long immersion in the water had caused him to have constant headaches and pains. It was later revealed that the human physiology was unsuitable for the waters of Aquitar, and finally, he left and returned to Earth. He later found a job as a laboratory helper in California. However, the effects of the Aquitian water had permanently damaged his body and he died in the year 2011.

His thoughts then turned to his godfather, Tommy. All of Trini's teammates, except for Billy, had the pleasure of being his godparents, thus Tommy was his godfather.

Tommy had regretted not being with Kimberly. He would finally marry Katherine. However, his mother had told him that Kimberly had in fact left Tommy for his own good because she feared that she would make Tommy wait too long for her and she did not want to hurt him.

When Tommy had gotten back with Kimberly, Katherine was in the way. Tommy had made Katherine pregnant and Tommy had little choice other than marrying her. This broke Kimberly's heart and she married a guy named Eric. The guy ill-treated her and finally, she got a nervous breakdown. He had deliberately kept a photo she had taken with his mother, his brother and him, to remind him of her strong-will and of his hate for Katherine.

It failed. He could not hate Katherine, no matter how he tried, she was too sweet for words. He was wondering if he should just fall in love with her, but he knew that his job came first just as the original Green Ultra Ranger knew when he passed the Ultra crystal to Jenny so that she could take his place in defending the Earth.

Maxim put on his yellow shirt and combed his hair. 'It's time.' He thought as he left the changing room.

Pyramidas, the Zord belonging to the Zeo Jet Gold Ranger. It had helped the rangers in battle and would continue to do so in the near future. However, inside the massive Zord, an individual was not as optimistic.

Lord Trey kneeled on the floor. His unity was shattering a lot earlier than he had anticipated and that worried him. It meant that he would need to find someone to replace him as soon as possible. And quickly.

Suddenly, he noticed a figure looming over him. "Wha...?" was all Trey was able to mutter before the figure plunged a knife into his body. The Gold Ranger collapsed onto the floor and the figure walked out of the structure.

The stranger then entered the gigantic trailer that was below the Gold Ranger's Zord.

"You will lose your unity in a weeks time and the Barox hunters will kill you before you can pass the powers to another. Because of this, the Zeo Rangers will have a harder time defeating the Machine Empire. I have used the unity blade to hold your unity together for about another week. Meaning that the rangers will find out about your identity before you lose your unity. Hopefully, it will make the Zeo Rangers' battle easier to handle." Said the stranger before entering the trailer and driving off.


The future the Ultra Rangers know: in 1994 (approximately) Master Vile used the Orb of Doom to reverse time on Earth. The Power Rangers were thus turned to children and the Power Coins destroyed. Without their Power Coins, the Rangers could no longer morph and thus used the Zeo Crystal, causing a turning point in the history of mankind.

However, unknown to Zordon, the Power Coins that were destroyed, were not the Ninja Power Coins, but the original Power Coins. The Ninja Power Coins were still with Ninjor, who was in the Temple of Power.

In the year 2000, Zordon would use the Zeo Crystal to recreate the destroyed Morphin' Grid and then, in the year 2015, he would give these coins and the Thunderzords to the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Since the time reversal caused everyone to not know about the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and only of the Zeo rangers, the Power Rangers were treated with suspicion. However, after saving the Earth a few times, they gained the trust of the people of Angel Grove.

In the year 2017, the powers of the Power Rangers were passed to a new generation of Rangers, Maxim and friends. After multiple battles, the Thunderzords were destroyed and the Power Coins rendered useless.

Zordon summoned Ninjor, and the keeper of the Temple of Power gave the Ninja Power Coins to the new Rangers who finally defeated their enemies.

In 2018, Genocide appeared and destroyed Zordon's physical body, thus throwing him into the farthest reaches of the interdimensional vortex. Genocide then froze Ninjor and rendered the Ninja Powers useless. Then came Saga and the Ultra Rangers were born.

In the later period of the same year, the Ultra Rangers launched an attack on Genocide's base and freed Ninjor by accident. Ninjor had lost his memory and crashed in Stone Canyon. Six teens from Stone Canyon High School found six rings, which have the Ninja Powers within, and became the Ninja Rangers. Although leaderless, they have managed to defend Stone Canyon and their newfound powers from Genocide. Now, they face their greatest challenge, King Mondo.

The Power Chamber, 2018.

The time rift that Saga created had saved the Ninja Rangers as well as the Ultra Rangers and now, the Ninja rangers had to battle King Mondo's forces.
"It's incredible that so much can change because of one person dying." Said Kangwu, the White Ninja.

"Yes," replied Saga, "but one person can be enough."

"So, what do we do?" asked Bob, the Blue Ninja.

"We have been unable to contact the Blue Senturion or the Aquitian Rangers, so you will have to do battle against King Mondo's invading forces until time returns to normal." Said Alpha 5 as he pressed a few more buttons on the control panel.

"Enter the "Hall of Entiquity" and we will plan out our strategy." Said Saga as he disappeared from his usual place in the interdimensional tube.

The Ninja rangers, Alpha and Ninjor stepped into an elevator and descended to the battle room below the Power Chamber.

What is the "Hall of Entiquity"? Well, when the original Command Centre was built, the Power Chamber was built below it. The Hall of Antiquity, in turn, was built below the Power Chamber. It is the ultimate strategy centre. It was created by Zordon and Saga and could only be activated by either the Ultra Crystals or Saga.

As the rangers, Alpha and Ninjor entered the hall, the rangers could not help but gasp in awe at the grandness of the new base of operations. In front of them was a round table with five seats, each for one Ultra Ranger. The glass circle in the middle of the table glowed and Saga appeared within it.

"Rangers, make yourselves comfortable, I am sorry that we do not have enough seats for everyone." Said Saga as Alpha and Ninjor walked to the control panel next to the table. All the Ninja Rangers, except Kangwu the White Ninja, sat down.

"The Machine Empire's present base is on Earth now in the city called Metallica, previously known as New York. You will have to work your way into the base and destroy the main reactor before the inhabitants know you're there." Said Alpha 5 as full schematics of the base appeared.

"If we find King Mondo first?" asked Loden the Black Ninja.

"We take him down then." Replied Anthony, the Red Ninja, coldly before getting off the chair. "Okay, let's move out!" ordered Anthony as the other Rangers nodded.

"It's time to Ninja!" shouted the Rangers in unison as they aimed their rings in front of them.

"Ape Zord!" shouted Anthony as his Ranger suit engulfed him.
"Frog Zord!" shouted Loden.
"Crane Zord!" shouted Janet the Pink Ninja.
"Wolf Zord!" shouted Bob.
"Bear Zord!" shouted Sebastian the Yellow Ninja.
"Falcon Zord!" shouted Kangwu.

The six rangers stood in the 'Hall of Entiquity' in their Ranger garb and shouted in unison, "Ninja Rangers!"

"Let's roll out!" shouted Kangwu as the Rangers ran to the outside of the Power Chamber and to their Shark Cycles. The three vehicles rolled off to the city of New York.
The Shark Cycles were greatly superior to the ones the original Rangers used. The Red Ninja had his own cycle, yet the Blue and Pink Ninjas shared theirs and the Black and Yellow Ninjas shared theirs through side compartments connected to the bikes. The White Ninja was overhead in his Falcon Zord.

"This is Kangwu, you will not believe what I'm looking at here."

"What?" asked Loden, the Ninja Rangers all knew that Kangwu had an incredible view of the city ahead and also of the incredible carnage.

"It's bad, very bad." Was the reply.

The Ninja Rangers had never seen such chaos in their lives. The city was ruined, there was almost nothing left of the once great city. All that stood in the ashes of the city was the Machine Empire's Sky Base, lodged firmly to the surface of the gone city.

"Kangwu, you know what to do. All of you, follow me." Said Anthony as the Falcon Zord prepared for its attack run on the Sky Base.

The Falcon Zord flew at the Sky Base with its new laser turrets blasting at it. All the Zords had been modified to make sure the Rangers had an edge over their enemies.

Multiple explosions appeared on the huge craft, but no visible damage was seen. Suddenly, multiple energy bolts streaked at the Zord from the Sky Base.

"Whoa!" shouted Kangwu as he swerved his mecha to avoid the blast. "So, you wanna play rough eh?" muttered the White Ninja as he pushed a button.

The massive white Zord shifted to a straight 90-degrees position with its head and wing tips pointing towards the target.

"Fire!" shouted Kangwu as he pressed the activation stud on his flight stick.

The eight missiles streaked towards the Sky Base and scored direct hits.

Inside, the five remaining Ninja Rangers had entered the Sky Base and were heading for the main reactor. On the way, some Cogs attacked.

"These are called what, again?" asked Bob as he kicked a Cog aside.

"Cogs, you know, 'cost of goods sold', we learnt that stuff in accounts class." Replied Janet as she punched one of the Cogs in the head and then did a thrust kick on one that was trying to ambush her.

Meanwhile, in the main control tower, King Mondo looked at the damage statistics furiously. "Who is attacking us?!" he shouted as steam blasted out of his head.

"People calling themselves the Ninja Rangers." Replied Klang as he continued looking at the small battle being waged in the lower levels of the Sky Base.

"I did not rid myself of one bunch of Rangers so that I could battle another! Send Silo to dispose of them!" ordered King Mondo.

"Of course sire." Replied Klang hurriedly before running off.

'Thwang!' Kangwu jolted as his Zord took a hit. 'This is not good.' He thought. 'I hope the others are having more luck than me.'

'Boom!' The Yellow Ninja was sent flying into one of the walls.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! I scrape you yet!" shouted Silo as he armed another missile.

"Not this future!" shouted Anthony as he jumped into the air. "Ninja Saber!" he shouted as his Ninja Power Weapon appeared. He slashed the robot right through the middle and just stood there as the bot exploded in a beautiful display of fireworks.

"Let's go!" shouted Loden as the Rangers ran off.

"Argghhh!" shouted Kangwu as sparks burst from his Zord's control panel and onto him. 'This is bad. Another hit... and I'm a goner.' Thought the White Ninja as he looked at his stats screen and saw that he lost one of the engines.

Anthony looked up at the huge generator in front of him as it hummed. "Just waiting to be destroyed." Said Sebastian as he propped his hand on Anthony's shoulder.

"Then, let's do." Said Anthony and the five Ninjas stood at attention.

"We, the Rangers of Earth call upon the great Shogun Zords!" shouted the Ninja Rangers in unison as they brought their hands together.

"Red Shogun Zord!" shouted the Red Ninja.
"Black Shogun Zord!" shouted the Black Ninja.
"White Shogun Zord!" shouted the White Ninja.
"Blue Shogun Zord!" shouted the Blue Ninja.
"Yellow Shogun Zord!" shouted the Yellow Ninja.

With that, the five statues in the Temple of Power disappeared and appeared behind the Ninja Rangers. As massive as the Zords were, they were no way larger than the Sky Base's engine.

"Log on!" ordered Anthony as he jumped into the control center of his Zord.

"Right on!" shouted the remaining Rangers in unison and they all jumped into their respective Zords.

"Time to bring this sucker down." Said Sebastian as he pressed a button on the control panel. The Yellow Shogun Zord punched the reactor and caused sparks to appear.

"My, oh, my! Those pesky Rangers are destroying the main reactor." Said Queen Machina as she saw sparks burst off the reactor.

"Klang! Stop those Rangers!" shouted King Mondo as he saw how desperate the situation was.

"Sire," started Klang with a sigh of resignation, "it is too late." His sentence was punctuated with an explosion.

"NO!!!!!" screamed Ninjor as he saw his young charges disappear in an explosion that even the Zords could not survive.

The Power Chamber was silent except for the sobbing sounds coming from the great sage.

Meanwhile, at the site of the destroyed Sky Base, one lone figure stood from the rubble. Kangwu surveyed his surroundings. His Zord was totaled and his suit torn badly. Not to mention a broken arm.

However, the thing that saddened Kangwu most of all, was the fact that his friends were gone. "Maxim... we're counting on you." Said Kangwu as he looked at the stars above him.


"Finish him!" Rocky groaned as Sub-zero froze his own character. What made it even worst was the fact that his opponent was Alex who had never played the game before.

Sub-zero then broke Rocky's character into two equal parts. "Fatality!" moaned the machine.

"Ha! Beat you for the 28th time." Laughed Alex as he continued playing against the computer.

"What can I say Rocky, you suck." Said Maxim jokingly.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..." mumbled Rocky as he walked over to the rest of the Ultra Rangers who were chatting with Billy.

"Your inventions are some of the best the world has ever known." Said Opus as Rocky entered within earshot.

"Yeah, well I had a lot of help from some alien friends of mine."

"The Aquitains?" asked Alice as she took another sip from her drink.

Billy nodded a reply and smiled. He never felt more alive. He always wanted to know whether his inventions would help mankind and now, thanks to teens from the future, he did, and he knew it.

The Ultra Rangers, along with Billy and Rocky, had gone shopping in the Angel Grove Shopping Complex, a shopping paradise and any girl's, especially Jenny's, dream shopping center.

Now, the seven teens were resting and Alex and Maxim were at a nearby arcade trying ancient games like Mortal Kombat III, Street Fighter Alpha, etc.

Meanwhile, in space, King Mondo was contemplating his next move against the Rangers.

"We must split up the two Ranger teams. Together, they are invincible." Said King Mondo and Genocide nodded in agreement.

"Yes, and I have the best way to do it." He said with a smile and teleported to Earth.

Meanwhile, Alpha reactivated the Viewing Globe. "Yes! Zordon! I got the Viewing Globe back on line."

"Good job Alpha." It was then that the alarms decided to sound.

"Ai ya ya ya ya! Someone or something has landed in Angel Grove!" shouted Alpha as he ran around in circles.

"Can you contact the Rangers?" asked Zordon.

"I will try." Replied the small robot.

The Viewing Globe lit up and showed a tall green figure looking at the grassy ground with its scaly head. It then lifted up its hands up into the air with its fingers aimed towards the ground.

Suddenly, lightning appeared and struck the ground. Slowly, humanoid figures appeared and started to move.

"He's made his own warriors..." said Zordon slowly as the screen suddenly reverted back to static.

"Ai ya ya ya ya! What do we do Zordon?!"

"I don't know Alpha," replied the interdimensional being as he slowly turned his head, "I don't know."

Meanwhile, at the Angel Grove High School.

Adam continued his practice as Tommy walked in. "Hey, Adam, come here will ya?"

"What's up?" asked Adam as he stopped doing his 'Kata'. Tommy just pointed to his communicator.

As Adam and Tommy reached a clearing and out of sight of the nearest person, they prepared to teleport. However, they never got a chance.

Actually, Adam never got the chance as Tommy's features melted away and were replaced by that of a muck monster.

"A trap." Muttered Adam as his Zeonisers appeared.

However, just as he was about to morph, two more creatures appeared beside him and grabbed his arms. "Let go!" shouted Adam as the third muck monster gave him a solid punch to the head and knocked him out.

"One down... four to go." Muttered the creature and the foursome teleported away.

Tommy entered the Juice Bar and immediately noticed that Adam was not practicing his 'Kata', in fact, Adam was not even in the Juice Bar.

Tommy then a let out a sigh, he wanted to talk to Adam and ask his opinion on the teens from the future. However, Adam was not around so Tommy left.

Suddenly, Katherine appeared. "Hi Tommy." She said cheerfully.

"Hi Kat." Said Tommy with a forced smile. He then decided to ask her how she felt about the Ultra Rangers. "Hey, Kat, what do you think about the Ultra Rangers?" asked Tommy casually.

Kat looked at him and replied, "I think they're great. Especially Jenny, so much like Kimberly. However, I notice that Maxim is a little cold towards me."

"No, no, no. I mean, do you think they're genuine?" asked Tommy, a little exasperated.

"Yes, totally." Replied Kat.

Suddenly, six muck warriors appeared and surrounded the two teens.

"What are these things?" asked Kat.

"I don't know but it's morphin' time!" shouted Tommy as his zeonisers appeared.

The duo crossed their arms and began their morphing sequences.

"Zeo Ranger 1! Pink!"
"Zeo Ranger 5! Red!"

Immediately, the Pink and Red Rangers took the place of Katherine Hillard and Tommy Oliver.

Meanwhile, Tommy's distress signal reached Rocky and Billy. "What's wrong?" asked Alex as he saw their concern looks.

"Tommy's in trouble." Replied Rocky as he ran off.

"I'd better teleport back to the Power Chamber." Said Billy.

"That won't be possible." Said Maxim as he grabbed Billy's arm.

"What? Why?" asked Billy as the other Rangers looked away.

"The storm that caused our Zords to arrive have already totally scrambled all tech in the Power Chamber." Replied Opus.

"Then Rocko can't teleport to help them." Said Billy softly.

"He actually still can." Said Opus. "Through us."

"You'd better join them. I'll see you guys later." Said Billy, sadden by the fact that he could not help the Rangers in any way.

"Right." Said Maxim as he and the other Rangers ran off.

Rocky had just morphed by the time they caught up with him. "Hey, I can't teleport." He said.

"Don't worry, we can." Said Maxim as the five Rangers placed their Flash Changers together.

"Flash teleport!" they shouted in unison. At once, the five crystals on the Flash Changers started to glow and then, the glow engulfed the six Rangers and then, they were gone.

The six appeared in front of the Juice Bar, all morphed and ready for action.

"Where are they?" asked Rocky anxiously.

"They're in that direction." Said Opus as he pointed towards some trees.

"How convenient." Muttered Alex. "Why can't we enemies in deserted areas as well?"

"Probably bad luck." Replied Maxim as the six Rangers ran to aid their comrades.

As the six reached the clearing, they saw that Tommy was fighting two muck warriors, but Kat was nowhere in sight.

"Tommy! Where's Kat?" asked Maxim as he ran to aid him.

"She got carried off in that direction!" said Tommy as he pointed towards the woods.

"I'll go help her." Said Maxim as he kicked one of the two muck warriors aside.

"Right. I'll go help you." Said Alex as more muck warriors appeared.

"Just like bunnies, eh?" said Opus.

"Yup." Acknowledged Alice as she attacked one of the muck warriors.

Meanwhile, Maxim and Alex had reached the area where Kat was fighting the other four muck warriors. "Alex, cover my left flank." Ordered Maxim as he jump kicked one of the muck warriors.

"Right, right, whatever." Said the former Red Ranger as he ran towards the muck warrior that was attacking Kat.

Kat was handling herself very well and was managing to block attack after attack. However, with the help of Maxim and Alex, she managed to make a comeback and attack her enemies.

"Zeo Shield Attack!" shouted Kat as she charged towards one of the muck warriors while being engulfed by pink mist. The muck warrior melted on contact and disappeared.

"Well done." Said Maxim as he punched the muck warrior aside.

"Couldn't have done better myself." Said Alex as he gave his enemy a roundhouse kick.

"Thanks." said Kat happily and failed to see the remaining muck warrior sneak up behind her. It grabbed her and started to drag her away. "Help!"

Maxim turned and saw the events. "Flash Saber!" he shouted and jumped into the air.

A red, long crystal formed in his right hand. "Saber slash!" shouted Maxim as he slashed towards the muck warrior. A streak of flame appeared and sliced the muck warrior in two and it then dissolved.

"Thanks." Said Kat as she let out a sigh of relief.

"My... pleasure." Said Maxim, who was feeling a little awkward at that moment.

"Hey, we've managed to defeat those pest." Said Rocky as he entered the clearing.

"Right!" said Maxim cheerfully as he broke his gaze. "I wonder what they were up to."

Suddenly, Billy entered the clearing. "Hey guys, we have a problem."

"What is it Billy?" asked Tommy as he saw his friend panting.

"Tanya... and Adam... have been captured... by the Machine Empire." Said Billy as he continued panting.

"Oh no!" said all the Rangers gathered there.


The remaining Rangers had managed to teleport to the Power Chamber where Zordon and Alpha 5 waited.

"This is horrible Zordon, they've got Tanya and Adam." Said Tommy as he took off his helmet.

"I am well aware of the situation Tommy but I am powerless to do anything." Replied Zordon in a grave tone.

"We have to find out where they are and mount a rescue attempt." Said Billy as he went to help Alpha repair the damages caused by the Ultra Rangers' appearance.

"That is impossible Billy, 90% of the systems are still down and it would weeks, maybe even months before we can complete repairs." Said Alpha.

"Then, we'll use other means." Came an unknown voice.

The people gathered in the Power Chamber slowly turned to face the voice. There, stood a young teen about Tommy's age, dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans.

"Mark!" shouted Alice as she ran up to her boyfriend.

"Hey darling, good to see you again." Said Mark as the two embraced.

"Who?" asked Rocky softly.

"That's Mark Anderson, the ex-Red Ranger and ex-leader of the Power Rangers 2015." Whispered Alex as Maxim went up to meet his friend.

"What other means are you talking about?" asked Maxim as he shook Mark's hand.

"The combined technological power of the Titan Zord and the Flash Carrier will be sufficient in scanning the Sky Base for the two captured Rangers." Explained Mark.

"The Titan Zord? Here?" asked a surprised Maxim. Mark nodded a reply.

"My main question," asked Zordon, "is how you entered the Power Chamber without setting off the alarms?"

"That's easy Zordon," replied Mark, "I have the combined powers of the Tyrannosaurus and the White Tiger. That makes me a Power Ranger and thus I am able to bypass the defenses."

"Combined?" asked Billy.

"Maxwell," explained Mark, "the original Blue Ranger of 2015, merged the energies in the Tyrannosaurus and White Tiger power coins and created a new power coin. It is because of this power, that we are able to activate the Titan Zord."

"Interesting." Said Billy as he nodded his head in understanding.

"Can we get back to the problem at hand?" asked Tommy, obviously frustrated by the fact that he was unable to help his comrades.

"No problem." Said Mark as he nodded to Opus who promptly grabbed Billy as dragged him after the older teen.

Meanwhile, in a dungeon in the Sky Base, Adam and Tanya hugged one another. "You okay?" asked Adam concernedly. Tanya nodded a reply.

"Where are we?" she asked as she felt her left wrist where her communicator once rested.

"I think we're in the Sky Base's dungeon." Replied Adam as he felt the wall in front of him. It was made of metal and was fairly rusted. Suddenly, Adam noticed a skeletal structure lying on the floor.

"One of older occupants?" asked Tanya as she looked over his shoulder.

"You check in... but you don't check out." Said Adam grimly.

"So this is your plan?" asked King Mondo as he looked at the two Rangers in the dungeon. "I like it."

"We still need the remaining four Rangers." Said Genocide as he looked at his muck warriors. They then nodded and disappeared in five beams of energy teleportation.

Meanwhile, all the teens except for Mark, Billy and Opus had returned to Angel Grove.

"Don't worry Maxim, you walk Kat home, we'll take care of your Godfather." Said Alex. Maxim nodded reluctantly and prepared to escort Katherine to her home. When he turned his head, he saw Jenny. She looked a little irritated but kept quiet.

"I guess someone's jealous." Chided Alice. Maxim prepared to defend himself but nothing came out of his open mouth.

"Well, you better get moving," said Tommy before whispering into Maxim's ear, "take care of her." Maxim nodded and turned to Katherine.

"Ready?" Kat nodded and the two walked off.

The five muck warriors looked on as Rocky entered his house and the other Rangers walked off. The lead muck warrior, whose colour was purple compared to the others who were brownish in colour, nodded its head and the five creatures ran across the road to Rocky's house.

The muck warriors turned into their ooze forms and dripped into the DeSantos living room. Rocky was watching television and did not notice them enter the room, nor did he hear them reform into their humanoid forms.

However, he noticed them when he saw their reflections in his TV screen. "What the...?" he said as he rolled away from the five intruders. As he got up, his zeonisers appeared and he connected them and morphed into his Ranger form.

"Target has upgraded," said the purple muck warrior, "caution is advised." The others nodded their heads as they attacked.

"You'll not get me that easily." Said Rocky as he blocked off the attacks of three of the muck warriors. He, however, failed to avoid the remaining two's attacks. Rocky was thrown into a wall. 'I need help.' Thought Rocky as he ran out of his house.

Elsewhere, Maxim and Katherine continued to walk to her house silently. Katherine decided to break the silence and spoke, "Do you really hate me that much?"

Maxim looked at her in shock. He thought she had not noticed. "No." he said, and he meant it.

"You're lying." Said Kat as she brushed her hair out of her eyes.

'Wow,' thought Maxim as he looked at her, 'she's beautiful.'

"No... I'm not." Said Maxim, more confidant than before. "In fact, I really like you." Katherine looked at him in shock. "Really?" she asked. Katherine had taken a liking to the youngster since she met him but the thought of hurting Tommy so soon after he lost Kimberly had prevented her doing something.

"Yeah... well... err..." Maxim stammered, he started to turn red in the face. He was not sure whether telling her anything was good for the time stream.

Maxim knew that he did not exist in this point in time and having a relationship with someone in the past, could cause a chronicle displacement and Maxim did not want that to happen.

"How old are you?" asked Katherine as she tried to change the subject.

"Err... 16." Replied Maxim.

They reached the Hillards' home before they knew it. "Err... we're here. Be careful." Said Maxim as he started to leave.

"How's about coming in? I'll make some tea and we can talk more." Said Katherine.

"Sure." Said Maxim as he pressed a few buttons on his communicator and entered the house and closed the door behind him.

Back at the DeSantos' estate, Rocky was getting his clock cleaned by the muck warriors. Rocky was almost unconscious when a red and white energy beam appeared.

The muck warriors immediately recognized the enemy as being the Mega Ranger. "Attack greater threat!" ordered the leader of the group.

"Hey, wait!" shouted Rocky as he clutched his rib. "I'm not finished with you guys!"

"Don't worry, I'll take care of them." Said Mark in a tone that told Rocky why he was the leader of the Power Rangers 2015.

Mark threw one of the muck warriors in a classic judo throw. Then, he did a thrust kick at the next enemy, sending it flying into a tree and smashing into ooze. He then parried a punch from another muck warrior and punched it in the chest multiple times before doing a back kick which knocked the fourth muck warrior to the ground.

Mark spun around, half expecting the leader to attack him from behind. However, the muck leader was not there but instead had grabbed Rocky and was preparing to teleport away.

"No!" shouted Mark as his staff appeared. The staff had odd markings on it and was made of silver and gold. Mark immediately fired a golden bolt of energy but the muck leader managed to teleport away before the beam connected.

"Damn!" shouted Mark before looking back at the remaining muck warriors. He needed something to vent his anger on.

'Ouch!' thought Billy as he saw what Mark did to the muck warriors through the Viewing Globe. 'I must never get on that guy's bad side.'

"Damn, they got Rocky." Said Opus as he looked away from the Viewing Globe.

"But it allows us to find what they've been taken to. Have you locked the location?"

"Damn! I lost it! I couldn't confirm it." Said Opus as he banged his hands against the consoles.

"Then," said Billy, "I'll get captured by the enemies."

"No! Let me go!" said Opus.

"You're a future Ranger, you're too much of a threat. They'd never take you. I've got no powers, I'll go instead." Said Billy, full of resolve.

"Look, Billy, if this is about your lost powers..." said Opus.

"This isn't about my powers!" shouted Billy, cutting off Opus's sentence. "This is about helping my friends."

Opus gave up trying to talk Billy out of his crazy idea. "Okay, let me tell the others."

"No!" shouted Billy as he grabbed Opus's hand. "They'll try to stop me. I must do this." Billy then promptly teleported out of the Power Chamber.

"Take care." Said Opus as he continued to try to locate the captured Rangers. Alpha 5 looked at him from behind the elevator door leading to the Zord hangar bay.

It was at that moment that Zordon appeared in his interdimensional tube. "Where is Billy?"

"He... went out." Said Opus as he continued with his job. The sage nodded and then disappeared.

Alex looked through the window to the world outside and thought, 'I don't belong here.' Alex turned his head and saw that the rest of the Rangers were playing a card game of some sorts but Alex decided to get some fresh air and walked out of the house.

Alex thought of the happenings of the past two years. In the year 2017, he was chosen by Zordon and given the Red Ranger's powers from Mark. He tried to lead but found that he was better as second-in-command and left the leadership role to Maxim.

In the year 2018, his Ninja Powers were 'destroyed' when Ninjor was captured and Zordon was thrown into a dimensional abyss. Saga appeared and gave them the Flash crystals. However, each crystal chose its user, not the other way around and the Yellow Flash Crystal chose him. Now, he was the Yellow Ranger, not the Red.

Alex did not hate the fact that he lost his old role to Magnum, the original Green Flash Ranger who was presently recuperating from serious wounds on Aquitar and then to Opus. He actually was happy as that freed him up to do what he liked best, kick alien butt. Whether it was Genocide's monsters or Lord Icurus's, he enjoyed doing so. So, why was he feeling so restless now?

'I know why,' thought Alex, 'I need action and it isn't happening.' Alex banged his left fist into the tree beside him. He then grabbed his hand as he felt incredible pain, like when he lost to one of Lord Icurus's monsters for the first time, only that was emotional pain compared to the present physical one.

"Come on Alex, join us for a game." Said Jenny gamely as she grabbed hold of him and dragged him back into the house.

"Okay." Said Alex with a smile and voluntarily followed her. 'I need some action soon.' Thought the youngster before closing the door behind him.

Back at Katherine's home, Maxim and Kat found out that her parents were not home. Maxim sat on the sofa and waited for Katherine to finish boiling the tea.

"Need any help?" asked Maxim.

"No, it's okay." Came the reply from the kitchen.

"If you say so." Said Maxim as he picked up the remote for the television and switched on the TV.

Katherine walked out of the kitchen with a tray in hand. All Maxim could see was how form hugging Kat's pink T-shirt was. He gave himself a slap, 'Don't let your imagination run wild.'

"One lump or two?" asked Katherine as picked up a sugar cube.

"Two please." Said Maxim, feeling a little awkward. Here was a person whom he tried to hate but failed to do so. Yet, now he was talking to her in her home and having wild thoughts. 'Mom would kill me.' Thought Maxim.

"So, what's life in the 21st Century like?" asked Katherine before taking a sip from her tea.

"It's very different from life in this time, one thing's for sure." Replied Maxim and then took a sip from his cup. "This taste great."

"Thanks," said Kat with a smile, "it's my special brew."

"Well, how's your relationship with Tommy?" asked Maxim, quite curious about events at that time.

"Quite okay." Replied Kat softly. "Shouldn't you already know? You're from the future."

"The future is never confirmed. The events of the past decide the future." Replied Maxim as he took another sip from his tea. 'She's beautiful.' Thought Maxim again. 'Oh well.'

It was that moment that the phone rang. Katherine leaned towards Maxim so she could get the phone that was behind Maxim. Maxim got a good look at her attributes up-close before she picked up the phone. She then gave him a wink before she answered the phone.

Maxim felt a lump in his throat. 'I wish she was wearing a loose shirt, there'd be more to see. Wait! What am I thinking?" thought Maxim.

It was then that he noticed that Katherine's face became quite serious. "What is it?" asked Maxim after she put down the phone.

"That was Tommy, they've found them." Replied Katherine.


"He what?!" shouted Tommy as he looked at Opus, murder on his mind.

"He decided that he should sacrifice himself so that we could find the others." Said Opus, not happy about the present happenings.

"Have you?" asked Katherine as she tried to calm Tommy down.

"Yes." Replied Mark flatly. "He's held in the Sky Base dungeon in Section G-3. An easy to breach area."

"Easy? None of the Zords can enter space." Said Tommy.

"Yes they can," replied Maxim, "the Flash Carrier is capable of space travel. We used it to go to the moon a while back to rescue a friend of mine."

"Right but what about the Titan Zord or our Zords, they can't enter space, right?" said Tommy as he slowly cooled down.

"We'll do this alone." Replied Maxim and he nodded to Mark. He knew the ex-leader had never wanted to be a ranger since he left. Yet, he was the only original Ranger still in Angel Grove when help was needed, thus he became the Mega Ranger. Mark had made it clear that he never wanted to be in-charge anymore.

Mark nodded back and Tommy nodded too, in understanding. "Bring 'em back."

"I will Tommy." Said Maxim as the group left.

Billy looked around his prison until he noticed the trio in a corner. "Guys?"

"Billy?" Billy could barely identify Tanya's voice, it sounded so weak.

"You guys okay?" asked Billy when he reached them.

Rocky appeared from the shadows, "I'm fine, only a few cracked ribs... but Adam and Tanya are badly dehydrated and undernourished. They've been here far too long."

"Only a few hours and this has happened to them?" Billy was utterly shocked until he noticed that the air in the dungeon was dryer than normal. "Mondo's trying to kill us by absorbing the liquid content within our bodies."

"If this is true, I'll soon be affected, right?" asked Rocky anxiously.

"Don't worry," said Billy, "the others will be here soon." 'I hope.' He thought.

King Mondo continued to look at the Rangers trapped in his dungeon. "Maybe I shall keep Billy alive so that he can built me a few monsters."

"Forget it Mondo, he'd never built any monsters for you without sabotaging them." Said Genocide as something caught his eye. Looking outside the Sky Base, he immediately realized what it was. "Mondo, we have company."

Jenny looked at Maxim and asked, "So, how was your talk with Miss Hillard?"

"Why?" asked Maxim as he piloted the Flash Carrier towards the Sky Base.

"Just curious." Lied Jenny as she inspected her instruments.

"Someone's jealous." Joked Alex.

"Am not!" shouted Jenny in protest.

"Sure, sure, whatever." Said Alex as he waved her away.

"Alex, stop bullying Jenny." Said Alice in her usual commanding tone.

"Yes ma'am." Said Alex as he was taken aback by the most senior of the Rangers in the Flash Carrier snapping at him. "I'm sorry Jenny."

"You're forgiven." Said Jenny as she nodded in thanks to Alice.

Alice winked in reply and checked the radar screen in front of her. It was empty, the enemy did not know that they were coming. She then turned to look at Jenny and then at Maxim. There was no denying the attraction they had for each other. Since Jenny came into the lives of the Ultra Rangers, she and Maxim had some kind of chemistry going but the two never made it obvious.

Alice then smiled to herself, she suddenly remembered that Maxim's brother, Kirin, had a girlfriend called Jenny who was the original Pink Ranger of the Power Rangers 2015. 'Wow, wouldn't it be a coincidence if Jenny and Maxim got together?' thought Alice.

Alice then turned her thoughts to Mark, her boyfriend on Earth. She had accidentally came across the fact that Mark was a Power Ranger. She then told him she knew. From that day on, she became a prime target for Lord Zedd's attacks. Mark also did his best to prevent her from finding out who the other Rangers were. In the end, Zordon decided to give her prototype Gold Powers created out of the Morphin' Grid, although not as powerful as the original, still quite formidable, and she became one of the Rangers.

From that day on, she and Mark had a whirlwind relationship, which ended in Mark and her getting engaged. She was three years younger than Mark but that did not disturb them. Now however, Alice was not so sure. Mark was in Angel Grove University now and would soon move to Los Angeles. Alice was afraid that her relationship with Mark would end up like Tommy's relationship with Kimberly. She trusted Mark but she did not know whether she could trust herself.

Alice's thoughts were broken when the radar detected multiple blips in the air space in front of them. "Incoming!" shouted Alice.

"Later than I expected." Muttered Maxim as he began to make evasive maneuvers.

The gigantic rectangular looking cruiser started to slowly spin as the Quadra fighters started firing at the Flash Carrier.

"Alex! Aim in the middle of their formation and spilt them up!" ordered Maxim.

"No problem boss!" acknowledged Alex.

"Alice! I want to know how the Quadra fighters split up!"

"Right!" replied Alice.

"Opus! Raise shields!"

"Done!" shouted Opus.

"Jenny! Make sure the energy systems hold out, I don't want a failing system!"

"On it!" said Jenny.

"Let's kick metallic butt!" shouted Maxim as an energy beam blasted into the middle of the fighter squadron formation.

The Quadra fighters immediately spilt up into two groups.

"Sector G-2 and F-9!" shouted Alice.

"Opus! Take the Aerial Zord and take out the fighters in G-2!"

"Consider it done." Said Opus as he disappeared into the hangar section of the Flash Carrier.

"Jenny! Pilot the Heli Zord and attack F-9!"

"No prob!" acknowledged Alice as she gave Maxim thumbs up.

"Be careful and don't push it." said Maxim just loud enough for Jenny to hear.

"I will." Replied Jenny before leaving.

The two side bay doors of the Flash Carrier opened and the two Flash Zords flew out of them and prepared to engage the enemy. Meanwhile, the Flash Carrier continued on its way to the Sky Base.

Jenny could not help but think, once again, how she got into such fights with intergalactical enemies. It started two weeks before. She had gone to Angel Grove from her birthplace of Chicago. She met her best friend Magnum when she entered the Angel Grove High School. She came across Magnum's dual identity by accident. He had been heavily injured by a monster, which later gave the Ultra Rangers a hard time. Zordon told Jenny that he needed a temporary Green Ultra Ranger to help the Rangers and she took over the mantle, thus, she became the Green Ultra Ranger.

Now, she had to fight off over twenty Quadra fighters and then meet up with the other Rangers at the Sky Base. 'How do I get myself into these things?' she thought once more before engaging the enemies.

Opus blasted the Quadra fighter in front of him to smithereens before swinging to the left to avoid enemy fire. 'Just over a dozen left to go.' Thought Opus before he recalibrated his targeting systems.

He did not really want to fight. He was a scholar, much like his idol, Billy Cranston. However, he never got a chance to meet the genius as he died in 2011, yet he met him now and was working alongside him. He actually managed to meet his idol and meeting him taught Opus that he needed to fight on to protect the people of Earth, no matter what his personal feelings were, they were secondary compared to protecting innocents.

Opus swerved to the right and came up behind one of the Quadra fighters. He fired a volley of energy bolts which destroyed the fighter almost immediately. 'This is for you Billy.'

"I'd advise you to attack the Flash Carrier, but I think you have your own plans." Said Genocide as he saw the Flash Carrier continue its approach to the Sky Base.

"Quite right." Said the machine king as he gave Klang some orders. "Don't fail me this time." Said King Mondo as Klang left.

The Flash Carrier docked next to the Sky Base. "Odd, you would think that they already knew we were here." Said Alice.

"Yeah, it's too quiet. I don't like it." Said Alex as he placed his left hand on his blaster.

"We know that we are just above the dungeon, so be careful." Said Maxim as the trio ran towards an elevator.

Upon entering the elevator, the elevator automatically went down one level. "A trap... definitely a trap." Muttered Alex.

As the elevator door opened, the Rangers saw the captured Rangers sitting at a corner in the dungeon cell. "You okay?" asked Maxim as Alice and Alex stood behind him to guard his rear.

Billy replied in a croaked voice, "I'm a lot better than the others. Adam and Tanya need medical attention."

"The Flash Carrier has the facilities." Said Maxim as he blasted the cell open.

Billy walked out, besides being a white pale, he was fine. Adam, however, was looking really bad. He had blisters all over his face and looked dehydrated.

"Tanya? Rocky?" asked Maxim. A look of concern on his face.

"Rocky's a lot better and is helping Tanya out." Replied Billy as he left with Adam and Alice.

Rocky walked, even more pale-looking than Billy. Tanya looked very dehydrated and her eyes had lost the usual sparkle in them.

"Alex! Move 'em out! I'll be right behind you!" ordered Maxim. Alex gave him a thumb up and started to help the two out.

Outside the Sky Base, the Ultra Zords had been victorious over the Machine Empire's Quadra fighters and were on their way to meet the others.

"Hey! Isn't that the Flash Carrier?" asked Jenny.

"Yes, it is, and it's floating away from the Sky Base. Something is wrong." Said Opus as the two Flash Zords increased their speed and zoomed towards the Sky Base.

"Sithspawn!" cursed Alex as he saw the Flash Carrier float away.

"Well, that is bad." Muttered Billy weakly.

"We're not out of the game yet." Said Maxim as he caught up with the group. Numerous Cogs were behind him. "Hey! Where's the hatch?"

"Out there." Said Alice grimly as she pointed at the window.

"Oh crud." Said Maxim as he turned to face the Cogs. Suddenly, a thought struck him. "Flash Jet Zord! To me now!" shouted Maxim into his communicator.

The front hatch of the Flash Carrier opened up and a red jet fighter streaked out of the opening. It headed for the Sky Base at a speed that exceeded the Flash Aerial Zord and the Flash Heli Zord.

Meanwhile, King Mondo could not help but smile as he saw the Ultra Rangers struggling to fight off the Cogs and protect the weakened Zeo Rangers. "I guess this plan needed my personal touch, eh Genocide?"

"No, the Ultra Rangers probably have a back-up plan. I've battled them too long not to know their tricks." Said Genocide as three flashes of light got his eye. 'Like those.' He thought.

The Jet Zord fired a plasma blast at the sealed hatch of the Sky Base. "Hold your breath!" shouted Maxim as the Jet Zord warned him two seconds before the explosion.

The Rangers and the Cogs were immediately sucked out of the Sky Base and into the vacuum of space. The Jet Zord, Aerial Zord and Heli Zord immediately started to pick up the scattered Rangers.

"Jenny! Opus! Get everyone back to the Flash Carrier!" ordered Maxim as he began to do docking procedures with the Sky Base.

"What about you and Alex?" asked Jenny.

"We're going to get the zeonisers." Said Maxim.

"Alright! Action!" shouted Alex with glee.

"Okay, but be careful." Said Opus as the other two Zords flew off.

"Duh!" said Alex as he got off the Jet Zord. "Where do we look boss?"

Maxim activated his energy scanner within his helmet. "Level B-13."

"Alright, we're gone." Said Alex as the two ran off.

"Told you." Said Genocide with a chuckle.

"Grrr... Klang! Send some Cogs to level B-13 and send some Cogs to stop those interlopers!" ordered King Mondo as smoke appeared from his head.

"Yes sire. At once sire." Said Klang as he ran off.

The Cogs appeared without warning and immediately attacked the two Rangers. "Go ahead Maxim, I'll hold them off." Said Alex.

"I won't leave you." Said Maxim as he knocked away a spear and then kicked the owner aside.

"You don't have a choice." Said Alex as he gave one of the Cogs a jumping spinning kick, sending it flying into a group of Cogs.

Maxim nodded and ran off down the corridor. Some of the Cogs pursued him. Meanwhile, Alex continued his battle with the metal soldiers.

"Twenty Cogs have been stationed at what the zeonisers have been kept sire." Said Klang as he returned to the bridge.

"Well done Klang." Replied the Machine King.

"A lot of good it will do." Said Genocide.

"I don't see you doing something about it." Said King Mondo, obviously angered by the purple-clad alien.

"I have. Even as we speak, a monster of mine has attacked the remaining Zeo Rangers, Tommy will die." Said Genocide.

The red-clad Ranger slammed into a wall which knocked the wind out of him. "Tommy!" shouted Katherine as she ran to her fallen leader's side.

"Can't handle the pressure eh?" asked the monster as it continued its advance on the Rangers. It looked like a Minotaur, but had a broadsword as a weapon instead of the usual club. It's horns and torso were made of metal and its eyes had a sinister look to them.

"I can handle it, but can you?" rebutted Tommy as he took out his Zeo Laser Pistol and fired at the monster. The blast deflected off the monster harmlessly.

"That the best you can do Zeo weaklings?" taunted the monster.

"Well, that's just prime." Muttered Tommy.

Meanwhile, in the Power Chamber, Alpha and Mark were trying to find the monster's weakness. "This monster's weakness is so hard to find!" exclaimed Alpha.

"Imagine what it was like when we battled monsters Alpha." Said Mark, trying to sound humorous but failing poorly.

"I don't see why you can't just go and help them." Said Alpha as he continued to check the scanners.

"There are reasons." Muttered Mark. He had valid reasons. The Mega Ranger powers were essential to activate the Titan Zord. Without it, the Zord would not work. However, when Maxwell created the Mega Ranger powers, he could only make them exist for a limited number of transformations. If Mark morphed too many times, the powers would be gone.

"I hope they are good ones," said Alpha totally unconvinced, "because Tommy and Katherine are in deep trouble."


Maxim looked at the door and noticed that it had neither handle nor any devices to open it. 'Hmmm... maybe I can use my Flash Blaster to blow it open.' Thought Maxim.

Maxim took out his blaster and shot two energy bolts at the hinges of the door. A huge explosion erupted in front of the ranger and sent him flying into the wall behind him. When the smoke cleared, the door was undamaged.

"Crud!" shouted Maxim. Then, he raised his hands into the air and shouted, "Flash Cannon I!" a huge single-barreled cannon appeared on his right shoulder and his arms grabbed the handles on the cannon.

A red energy beam emitted from the cannon and struck the door. This time, the force of the explosion caused the Ultra Ranger to fly through the already weakened wall behind him. "I must do never that again." Muttered Maxim as he started to get up.

After the smoke cleared, Maxim gasped in shock as the door stood in front of him, totally undamaged.

"Maxim!" Maxim turned his head and saw Alex running towards him.

"Good thing you've arrived. I need some help."

"What's wrong?" asked Alex as he reached Maxim.

"This door won't budge. I've even used the Flash Cannon I." Said Maxim as he examined the door for cracks.

"Let me handle it." Said Alex as his Flash Weapons, yellow crystallized sticks, appeared in his hands. "Yellow twin battle strike!" shouted Alex as his weapons glowed yellow. He then struck the Flash Weapons at the door. The subsequent explosion blasted him through the hole made by Maxim and into the wall at the far end.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." Said Maxim.

"But you didn't." replied Alex as he just laid on the ground.

"Oh..." replied Maxim.

Meanwhile, Adam and Tanya rested in the rejuvenators in the Flash Carrier. Their faces were not as pale and their blisters were disappearing.

"They seem to be recovering." Said Billy.

"That's good." Said Jenny as she rubbed antiseptic on Rocky's wounds.

"Ow!" groaned Rocky as the medicine started to take effect.

"Quit acting like a baby." Said Jenny and chuckles could be heard throughout the ship.

"Hey, it hurts." Said Rocky, trying to save whatever dignity he had left.

"I'm sure." Said Jenny as she continued to apply the medicine.

"What's happening on Earth?" asked Billy as he sat next to Opus.

"Tommy and Kat seem to be fighting a new monster." Said Opus as he prepared the Flash Carrier for reentry.

The Flash Carrier's exterior started to glow red as the heat intensified around it. The heat shields kicked in and so did the retrorockets. The huge shuttle started to slow down.

"We'll be seeing clear blue skies in three minutes." Said Opus as the ship continued its descent.

Back in Angel Grove, Tommy and Katherine were fighting a losing battle against Genocide's new monster.

"I might as well kill you now." Said the monster as he suddenly expanded to his city-stomping size.

"Whoa! I think we're going to need help!" shouted Katherine as she and Tommy looked at the huge monster.

"Right, I need Red Battlezord power now!" shouted Tommy.

Within the Zord holding bay, a large, red humanoid Zord activated itself and lumbered out of the bay and towards its owner.

Meanwhile, the Flash Carrier had entered Earth's atmosphere. "We made it." Said Alice, and added a sigh of relieve.

"Yeah, let's get back to the Power Chamber." Said Opus as the Flash Carrier headed for the base of the Power Rangers.

"Arrgh!" shouted Tommy as sparks burst from the control panel.

"Energy levels down by 30%" said a robotic voice from the Zord.

"Weapon systems are off-line too." Muttered Tommy as the monster continued its attack. "This is going to hurt."

The Minotaur-like monster struck the Zord with its sword, causing the Zord to tumble to the streets below. As it did, it smashed through a building as well.

"This, is very bad." Said Mark as he continued to watch the fight unfolding before him. "I think it's time the Titan Zord helped him."

"I couldn't agree more." Mark turned his head and saw Opus walk in with the other Rangers.

"Zordon, Tanya and Adam need medical attention." Said Billy as he dragged Adam towards the medical bed.

"Meanwhile, we'll help Tommy." Said Opus and then turned to face Mark.

Mark nodded and then shouted, "It's morphin' time!" he then took out a short stick from the back of his pants and placed it in front of him. "Titan Zord!"

The Power Chamber was filled with a red and white light as Mark initiated his transformation. When the light disappeared, the Mega Ranger stood where Mark Anderson once was.

"Let's kick butt." Muttered the Ranger as they went back to the Flash Carrier.

Meanwhile, in the Sky Base, Alex and Maxim were still trying to open the door. "You know," said Alex, "I think we're looking at this the wrong way. Maybe there's a secret passage way in or an opening mechanism."

"Maybe," said Maxim, "but where?" he and Alex started to feel the wall for any signs of a depression which could be the way of opening the door.

"My helmet's sensors should be able to find any depressions in the walls, hold on." Said Alex as he started to scan the wall.

Minutes ticked by before Alex shouted, "Eureka! I found it!"

"Great job." Said Maxim as Alex pressed the button which caused the door to swing open.

After grabbing the stolen zeonisers, Alex and Maxim headed back for the Jet Zord. "We've got to get out of here... fast!" shouted Maxim as Cogs chased them.

"I'll hold them off," shouted Alex, "you get the Zord prep!"

"Wait, I won't leave you!" shouted Maxim.

"Go, I'll catch up." Said Alex as he hurled himself at the enemies.

"Make sure you do." Muttered Maxim before running off.

Back on Earth, the Titan Zord had reached the mini-war zone. "This looks bad." Said Opus as he saw the damage inflicted on the city by the battle.

"No time to talk. Since Maxim and Alex aren't here, we can't initiate the Titan Ultra Zord mode but we can still go to Titan Megazord mode, so let's do it." Said Mark as the other rangers nodded in approval.

"Initiating Titan Megazord sequence, now!" shouted Opus as he pressed a button on his control panel.

The front part of the trailer separated from the storage compartment. The trailer started to fold into a ninety-degree humanoid form. Arms folded out of the body of the robot. The engine section folded down ninety-degrees to become the torso and the head appeared out of the back of the robot.

After the completion of the transformation, the red robot did a fighting stance and then walked in between the two battling titans. The Titan Zord immediately gave the monster a solid punch. The monster then tumbled onto the ground below, flattening two buildings in the process.

Tommy could not believe his eyes. Although the Titan Zord was shorter and relatively smaller than the Red Battlezord, it still packed one hell of a punch.

"Finish it off!" shouted Mark.

"I can't. My weapon systems are dead. You do it." Said Tommy.

"We can't! Not without Maxim and Alex!" replied Mark. The monster took advantage of the indecision between the two Zords and struck the weakened Red Battlezord to the ground.

It then took a wild swing at the Titan Zord with its sword. Sparks flew of the Titan Zord as the sword connected.

"Arrgh!" said Mark as sparks burst off the console. "That's what I get for not paying attention."

"Tell me about it." Said Tommy as he struggled to get the Battlezord standing again.

No sooner had the Titan Zord got up, was it greeted by flames blasted out of the monster's nostrils.

"Whoa! Major heat build-up!" shouted Alice as she raised the Zord's heat shields.

"We're taking a hell of a beating. This is bad." Said Opus as he continued to scan the Zord's systems.

Suddenly, explosions occurred on the monster's back, knocking it over. As the monster looked up to find its assailant, a red jet flew at it and knocked it over again.

"Maxim! You're back!" shouted Jenny happily.

"Was there ever any doubt?" asked Maxim jokingly.

"Let's finish this joker." Said Alex and Maxim nodded his agreement. The two then teleported into the Titan Zord.

"Let's do it." Said Mark as he teleported to the storage container section of the Zord. The storage container then shot up to an upright position. The back then opened up and arms and head appeared.

"Ultra Titan Zord, power up!" shouted Maxim as the Zord jumped into the container. Its head then slotted itself into the other head and the back shielding closed up to cover up the entire Titan Zord.

The huge Zord stood half a body taller than the monster and the monster was visibly scared.

"Ultra Blaster! Fire!" shouted all the rangers in unison. Suddenly, a large beam of red energy blasted from Mars towards the Zord. The energy fused itself with the Zord's triangular chest plate. The Zord then blasted a huge, red energy beam at the monster. The monster then blew up in a spectacular explosion.

The Rangers and Tommy teleported back to the Power Chamber in high-spirits. They had just won a hard fight and they wanted to celebrate. However, the sight that greeted them made them lose their appetite for a victory party.

All power in the Power Chamber was gone and most of the control panels had been ripped out. Zordon's tube was empty and Alpha was nowhere in sight. The Zeo Rangers were also nowhere in sight.

"What happened?" asked Tommy and noticed a figure in the shadows. "Who's there?" he shouted and pulled out his Zeo Blaster. The Ultra Rangers followed suit with their Flash Blasters.

"My name is Genocide... and this is the final battle between the Ultra Rangers and me." Said the figure as he shot purple electric bolts at the Ultra Rangers.


Maxim managed to dodge the purple bolts a split-second before they connected. The bolts struck the control panels behind him and blew up. The recoil from the explosion knocked Maxim to the ground.

Meanwhile, the other Ultra Rangers were being levitated by Genocide as his electric bolts rose them to the air. They struggled, but clearly, they had never faced such a powerful enemy.

Tommy immediately raised his Zeo Blaster and fired a few shots at Genocide. The energy bolts disappeared a few centimeters away from him. Genocide turned his head towards Zeo Ranger V and two laser bolts blasted out of his eyes. Tommy flew into a console upon impact.

Maxim slowly got up and saw Genocide drop the Ultra Rangers to various parts of the Power Chamber.

"Where is everyone?" asked Maxim weakly.

"How did you enter the Power Chamber?" asked Tommy as he got up.

"One question at a time boys." Replied Genocide as a smile skimmed pass his face. "To Tommy's question, I can enter anywhere I want. To two-bit security system created by a floating head can stop me." He then looked at Maxim. "The Rangers teleported out before I got here. But I had the pleasure of ripping that annoying robot apart and sending that disembodied head to limbo." With that, he threw Alpha's head to the front of the two Red Rangers.

Tommy clenched his fist and then looked up at Genocide. "You're mine!" he shouted as he energized his Zeo Saber.

"No!" shouted Maxim as he grabbed Tommy. "He's too powerful for you to handle. I'll handle this."

"None of you can stop me!" shouted Genocide as he let forth a volley of energy bolts at the two Red Rangers.

They immediately dodged to one side. The energy bolts destroyed another control panel along with the viewing globe.

"Hey! Forgot about us?" Genocide turned around and was greeted by multiple green fists striking him at supersonic speed.

Genocide staggered backwards and this gave the other Ultra Rangers a chance to mount an attack. Alice immediately followed Jenny's lead and started stomping on the ground below her.

Usually, this would not cause anything to happen but she was wearing her Flash Boots and they were able to cause small-scale earthquakes. Genocide tripped over one of the cracks and crashed onto the floor. Opus immediately launched a barrage of blue shurikens and they exploded off Genocide's body. Alex then used two crystallized yellow sticks to strike Genocide and that sent him flying into a console.

Finally, Maxim and Tommy both slashed at Genocide and two streams of flame hit the alien and caused a gigantic explosion. Genocide got up like nothing happened and teleported out of the Power Chamber.

"After him!" shouted Maxim as the Ultra Rangers teleported out with Tommy in tow.

The two beams of light landed near the Angel Grove coal mines. The Ultra Rangers, with Tommy were at one side, while Genocide was at the other side.

"It's time we ended this." Said Maxim as all the rangers raised their respective blasters.

A blast of six energy bolts streaked towards Genocide who disappeared a split-second before the beams touched him.

"Okay, so that didn't work." Said Alex as he withdrew his blaster.

"Nothing you do can defeat me you pathetic humans!" shouted Genocide as raised his hands into the air and blasted electricity into the air.

"Yeah, but maybe we can." Genocide turned to see the Mega Ranger with the Zeo Rangers and Alpha 5.

"What, that stupid robot? I destroyed him."

"You destroyed a decoy. Do you think we didn't know what you were planning?" said Alpha 5. Genocide blasted a bolt of energy at the little robot. The bolt was deflected immediately by Mark.

"I don't think so." Said Mark as he raised his staff to point at Genocide.

Genocide looked at the ranger in anger. "You oldie... I'll destroy you yet."

"When hell freezes over." said Mark as he shot a blast at Genocide.

Genocide immediately blocked it. Just then, a five-coloured energy blast streaked towards him. Genocide barely raised an energy shield to block the beam. He saw the Ultra Rangers holding up the Flash Cannon. He muttered a curse just a split-second before an energy beam with two energy balls struck him in the back.

Genocide struck the ground with such force that the ground below him cracked. He immediately turned around and saw the Zeo Rangers with the Zeo Blaster in Tommy's hands. "How you like that?" asked Adam before taking back his Zeo weapon.

"I'll kill you all!" shouted Genocide. With that, purple electric bolts surrounded him and made him grow to gargantuan proportions.

"Whoa!" shouted Maxim as he and the other Ultra Rangers jumped out of the way of the tyrant.

"I think we need the Flash Zords... now!" shouted Jenny as she regained her footing.

Maxim nodded his head and the five rangers shouted in unison, "We need the Flash Carrier, now!"

The Flash Carrier immediately appeared from thin-air, like it always did. "Let's rock!" shouted Maxim as he and the other Ultra Rangers immediately ran into the gigantic cruiser.

Meanwhile, Tommy and others regrouped. "We've got to help them!" shouted Tanya.

"None of you are in any condition to help them." Said Mark as he looked at the Flash Zords merge to form the Flash Megazord.

"We've still got to try." Said Tommy as he raised his right hand into the sky. "We need Zeo Zord power, now!"

Immediately, the supposedly destroyed Power Chamber slowly lowered into the lower depths of the Command Center and the real Power Chamber lowered from the roof area. Zordon then appeared in his interdimensional tube.

In the Zord hangar bay, the five Zeo Zords immediately sprang to life and headed for the coal mines.

Meanwhile, the Flash Megazord pulled out its Flash Saber out of its shield and slashed at Genocide. Genocide immediately ducked under the blade and placed his hand on the gigantic Zord's body. Suddenly, a purple bolt of energy struck the mighty Zord and send it flying into the stone wall behind it.

"Systems down by 20%!" shouted Jenny as sparks burst from the control panels.

"Shield is down!" shouted Opus as he got off the floor and back into his seat.

"We lost the sword!" shouted Alex as he looked out of the cockpit.

"He's coming at us!" shouted Alice as she saw Genocide walk towards their damaged Zord.

"Just one of those days." Muttered Maxim.

Genocide lifted the Flash Megazord into the air and threw it onto the ground below. Sparks burst from the Megazord upon impact.

"Whoa!" shouted Maxim as sparks burst from his control panel. "Status!"

"We've lost 70% of the systems!" shouted Jenny in reply.

"Hull damage!" shouted Opus.

"Weapon systems are out!" shouted Alex.

"Need I bother?" asked Alice and Maxim shook his head.

"We're in some hot soup now." Said Maxim as he tried to get the Megazord back onto its feet.

Genocide slowly walked up to the crippled Zord and said, "In the future and in the past, I'll never see the last of you. However, here is where you die!"

"I think not!" shouted Tommy as the Zeo Megazord gave Genocide a punch to the head.

"Your pathetic Zord is even weaker than the Flash Megazord." Said Genocide as he got up. "Do you think it could hurt me?"

With that, Genocide blasted the Zeo Megazord with an energy bolt. The Zeo Megazord flew through the air and crashed onto the ground below.

"That was bad." Said Adam as he checked the status screen.

"Well?" asked Tommy as he tried to get the Zord upright.

"We lost all power. The Zord is dead." Said Adam.

"Then, so are we." Said Katherine and looked on as Genocide pound the circuits out of the Flash Megazord.

"We're losing it." Said Alex as he grabbed onto the control panel so that he would not fall out of his seat.

"What tipped you off?" asked Maxim in mock humour. 'We're not going to survive this.' Thought the leader of the Ultra Rangers.

"We've got to help them." Said Tanya as she frantically pressed the useless buttons on her control panel.

"How? Our Zord is wrecked and can't even get up." Said Rocky.

"Help me use the Titan Zord!" shouted Mark through the intercom.

"Can we?" asked Tommy.

"I guess. The Zord only needs me to power it. You guys can help initiate the transformation sequence." Replied Mark.

"Let's do it guys." Said Tommy as the five Zeo Rangers teleported to the Titan Zord.

"Alright! Let's get ready to rumble!" said Mark. "I always wanted to say that."

The Titan Zord immediately initiated its transformation sequence. As this was going on, Genocide was about to give the Flash Megazord the final blow.

"It's been fun. However, it's time for you all to die." Said Genocide and then, he gave a maniacal laugh.

"Well, I never thought it would end like this." Said Maxim.

"Yeah, I thought we'd make it. Looks like we've failed everyone... including Zordon." Said Alex grimly.

Suddenly, a punch sent Genocide flying off to one side. "Huh? Who?" growled the Scourge of the Universe.

There, helping the Flash Megazord to its feet, stood the Titan Zord, in battle mode. "Time to play 'Kick the Alien's butt'." Said Tommy.

"We need time to recalibrate the systems Tommy. You're going to have to hold him off for a while." Said Opus.

"Don't make too long of a while." Said Tommy as the Titan Zord charged into battle.

"Oh, this is going to hurt." Said Genocide softly. The Titan Zord threw itself at the alien and send him flying into a small valley. Boulders, as big as Genocide's little finger, started to fall on him. "You're pay for that."

"You and what army?" asked Rocky in mock horror.

"Me and this army!" shouted Genocide as he split into fifteen different forms of himself.

"Me and my big mouth." Said Rocky.

"Only one of them is real. We've got to find out which one!" shouted Opus as he began scanning for Genocide.

Meanwhile, all the fifteen Genocides attacked the two Zords at the same time. Sparks flew as every single electric bolt connected with the two machines.

"Whoa! Feels like everyone of them is real!" shouted Adam as sparks burst from the Titan Zord's control panels.

"Maybe they are." Said Tommy.

"Right... Genocide must have separated his body's integrity, allowing to transform into fifteen weaker, yet solid states." Said Opus.

"If that's true," said Katherine, "doesn't that mean, we can attack every single one of them?"

"Yup." Replied Maxim smilingly.

Immediately, the Zords started to swing punches at the Genocides that surrounded them. Because they were weaker than when combined, the punches easily connected and felled them all.

The fifteen Genocides then merged back into a single Genocide. He lay on the ground, obviously injured.

"Time to finish this." Said Mark as the Zeo Rangers initiated the Ultra Titan Zord transformation sequence.

The Ultra Titan Zord stood towering over the weakened alien. "Lock on and fire!" ordered Tommy and the Ultra Titan Zord shot a huge energy blast at Genocide, and he blew up in a spectacular explosion.

"We did it!" shouted Maxim as the Ultra Rangers saw the demise of their enemy.

Suddenly, an explosion rocked the coal mines. An electrical storm appeared and caused electric bolts to strike the Zords. An earthquake occurred and cracks appeared, swallowing the Flash Megazord and then the Ultra Titan Zord. All the rangers then lost consciousness just as another massive explosion occurred.

Katherine slowly opened her eyes. She could not remember what had happened just a few minutes ago. "Tommy, Alpha?" she said, obviously confused by her new surroundings.

"Mum? Are you okay?" Katherine looked up and a young girl, looking much like herself, looking at her.

"Mum? Who are you?"

"Mum, don't tell me you can forget your own daughter? It's me, Kimberly." Replied the girl.

Slowly, realization appeared on her face. It had been a dream, the Ultra Rangers, Genocide, the Flash Zords... and Maxim. "Oh yeah, it's just that I had the weirdest dream, that's all."

"Well, can I go out with Jimmy then?" asked the girl.

"Jimmy? Oh yeah, Adam and Tanya's kid. Sure." Said Katherine.

"Great!" shouted Kimberly as she ran out of the house.

"She's a great kid isn't she?" Katherine turned around and faced her husband, Richie.

"Yeah, she is." Replied Katherine.

"Shouldn't we get going? We're going to be late for reunion." Said Richie as he took out her coat.

"Oh yes!" shouted Katherine. "It's the first time we're going to see Kimberly and Tommy since their marriage."

"Yeah, it was a great wedding, wasn't it?"

"Ours was infinitely better." Said Katherine with a smile before giving Richie a kiss.

"Yeah, it was."

In the car, Katherine just looked out of the window silently. She was doing her best to remember the dream she had. It was so real, especially for the feelings she had for Maxim. But, sometimes, dreams felt real.

It was then that the radio took Katherine out of her thoughts. "The newly formed Ultra Rangers," said the commentator, "have once again destroyed another one of the monsters that have frequently plagued our beautiful city."

"Did he say Ultra Rangers?" asked Katherine.

"Yeah, you read about them in the papers yesterday, remember?" said Richie.

"Yeah." Replied Katherine with a smile. 'Maybe that's why I dreamt about them.' She thought.

Upon arrival, Tanya, Rocky and Adam greeted the duo. "Hey, you're pretty early." Said Rocky.

"Yeah, we didn't want to be late for the return party of that pretty pair." Said Richie with a smile.

"Well, it's great that they got married, we've been waiting a long time for it." Said Billy as he walked up to meet the group.

"It's amazing how they got back together." Said Tanya.

"Yeah, well, I'm glad they did. If not, I'd never have met this charming lady I have the honour of calling my wife." Said Richie.

Katherine blushed and then smiled. "Where's Trini and Richard?" she asked.

"They should be here soon. Since they migrated to Angel Grove from Singapore a few months back, they've been pretty busy." Said Adam.

"Yeah, we haven't even met their kids." Said Billy as he winked to the other ex-rangers.

Katherine looked dumbfounded. If Billy winked, did it mean that they knew of the Ultra Rangers? Maybe, it wasn't a dream. It was the year 2018, Maxim was a Power Ranger. His brother, Kirin was in Los Angeles.

"Here they come." Said Adam.

Katherine turned back to face the oriental family that entered the restaurant. "Hey, I've seen that kid before." Said Richie.

"You have?" asked Katherine.

"Yeah, I see him with some other youths that come to my Juice Bar." Replied Richie.

"Really?" asked Katherine with a smile.

"Hi Richie, it's been a while." Said Trini as she shook the hand of her old friend. She then went on to hug Billy. "How are you?"

"I'm great." Said Billy was a smile.

"They aren't here yet?" asked Richard as he placed the box he was carrying on the table.

"What's that?" asked Tanya.

"Oh, a present we bought for them." Replied Trini.

Katherine walked up to the youngest member of the group. "Hi? What's your name?" she asked.

"Maxim." Replied the youngest as he smiled to her.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Kat."

"I know, I've heard a lot about you from my mother." Replied Maxim.

"I hope they're all good things." Said Katherine jokingly.

"Always." Replied Maxim and the two then chatted until Tommy and Kimberly appeared, and then, the festivities began...