WARNING: If you have not read my previous fanfic, 'The Coming of the Ultra Rangers', read it first, if not you'll not understand this one.
NOTE: This story takes place after Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie and before the Power Rangers Turbo series.

Power Rangers Zeo: Blast from the Past
by Chan Heng Yip

Tommy looked at the sky above him. It was a beautiful summer in Angel Grove. King Mondo was gone, Lord Zedd was more or less dormant and Maligore had just been destroyed by their new Zords, the Turbo Zords.

Tommy then looked at the Turbo Morpher that was in his hand. The new power that was now within him was great and Tommy knew that it would be a matter of time before evil would attack his home once more.

"Tommy!" Tommy turned his head and saw the former Blue Zeo Ranger running towards him.

"Hey, Rocky, what's up?" asked Tommy as the Turbo Morpher disappeared into sub-space.

Rocky gave him a look of annoyance. "What? You forgot that you promised Justin that you would show him some of your great moves?"

Tommy stood there dumb-founded, "Darn, I forgot!" With that, he ran off, towards the Angel Grove Juice Bar.

"Hey! Wait for me!" shouted Rocky as he ran after him.

Angel Grove, 2018, September

Dillon looked over his shoulder and saw his friends walking towards him. The present Blue Ranger smiled and waved to the group. The group waved back.

"So, how's life?" asked Dillon. Jenny gave him an annoyed look.

"Terrible! The end-year exams are coming up and I haven't revised." Said Jenny.

"Ha! Serves you right!" joked Dillon.

"What about you Dillon? This is your graduating year man." Said Maxim as he patted his senior on the shoulder.

"Yeah, well, I'm not too worried. I'm coping." Replied Dillon with a smile. Although he was the oldest Ranger, he was also the newest and least experience. He knew that and had worked doubly hard on his martial arts to make up for it. This also caused interruption with his studies.

"You better. We don't want the fact that you are a Power Ranger to prevent you from furthering your studies." Said Magnum.

"It won't." replied Dillon with a smile.

The Moon was never more bustling with activity than since Metallicus arrived. The new Emperor of the Machine Empire had planned for years to do what his uncle King Mondo could not. Yet, the accursed Power Rangers stopped him at every turn and it was beginning to get to him.

"I've decided to send my most powerful robot to Earth to destroy the Rangers." Said the metallic dictator. He then got up and let his purple cape flow down behind him.

His second-in-command, the Wizard, looked at his master in silence. He wanted to point out to his master that his most powerful robot was also his most unpredictable. He, however, bit his tongue. Obviously his master knew. This also showed how desperate Metallicus was to get rid of the Power Rangers.

"As you wish my lord." Said Wizard finally. He then left for the lower chambers of the Sky Base.

One hour later, the Rangers' communicators went off simultaneously. The five teens ran out of the Juice Bar and to a quiet section of the hallway.

"Go ahead Zordon." Said Maxim as the others kept their eyes out for anyone close-by.

"Rangers, Metallicus has sent a robot to Earth. We are unable to scan its interior so you're going into this totally uninformed." Said the wise sage and creator of the Power Rangers.

"That's a first." Said Magnum and Jenny nudged him. She then mouthed out the words, 'Don't be sarcastic.' Magnum nodded.

"Alright! Let's go Zeo!" shouted Maxim as the Rangers' Zeonisers appeared on their wrist. They then connected their Zeonisers together to begin the metamorphosis.

"Zeo Ranger Red! Power of the Star!" shouted Maxim as his suit engulfed his body.

"Zeo Ranger Green! Power of the Square!" shouted Magnum.

"Zeo Ranger Pink! Power of the Oval!" shouted Alice.

"Zeo Ranger Blue! Power of the Triangle!" shouted Dillon.

"Zeo Ranger Yellow! Power of the Balance!" shouted Jenny.

In a split-second, the Rangers teleported to the area where the robot was detected. "Stay alert guys." Said Maxim and the others nodded.

Suddenly, an energy blast struck the ground in front of the Power Rangers and sent them flying into the air. Almost immediately, a huge robot appeared. It was half a torso taller than the tallest Ranger, Dillon was.

"We're going to need some heavy-duty hardware. Flash Armour, power up!" shouted Maxim as a flash of light engulfed him and his Zeo suit transformed from fabric to armour.

The other Rangers followed their leader and soon, all the Power Rangers were in armour and ready to kick the robot's metallic behind.

Suddenly, Maxim noticed something. "Eh, guys, does this place look familiar?"

Slowly, the Rangers looked around their surroundings. Then, it dawned on the Rangers. "This is where the Orb of Doom was placed!" exclaimed Dillon and the other Rangers nodded.

"This is bad, very bad." Said Magnum as he looked at the robot. "Think Metallicus knows about the orb?"

"Could be, maybe that's why he chose this place." Replied Maxim.

"That can't be good." Said Alice.

Meanwhile, the robot looked at the Rangers curiously. "Hey, attack me!" shouted the robot.

"Hang on!" shouted Jenny as the Rangers continued to discuss the issue.

"Fine, if you won't come to me, I'll come to you!" shouted the robot as jet-boosters erupted from his back and launched him forward.

Maxim noticed this immediately and launched himself forward. "Zeo Flash Power Kick!" he shouted as he extended his leg. The red coloured energy kick smacked the robot in the head, sending him flying backwards.

"We'll discuss the issue later. Let's get rid of the robot first." Said Alice as the Rangers took up defensive stance.

Suddenly, an explosion erupted from the ground sending, not only the robot, but the Rangers tumbling to the ground as well.

"What was that?" shouted the robot.

"I'm getting some weird energy readings." Said Magnum as his helmet started emitting high-pitch sounds.

"Rangers! Get out of there, now!" shouted Zordon through the comm-link.

"Why?" asked Maxim.

"Don't argue with him, do it!" the new voice belonged to Maxwell, the former Blue Ranger and present Gold Ranger.

"Right." Replied Maxim as all the Rangers teleported to the Flash Command Center.

The robot teleported back to the Sky Base.

Angel Grove, present day

Tommy looked around to make sure that no one was in sight. Then, he raised his left arm and talked to his watch. "Yes Zordon?"

"Tommy, come to the Power Chamber immediately, we have detected a disturbance."

"Understood Zordon." He then turned to face Justin and Rocky.

"Hey, go ahead you guys." Said Rocky and smiled at the duo.

"Let's move out Justin." Said Tommy and then, the two teleported off in two columns of energy.

The duo were the last to enter the Power Chamber. Upon arrival, they heard Zordon speak, "Rangers, there is a time/dimensional disturbance. It is wrecking havoc with our systems."

"I don't get it, what could cause this Zordon?" asked Adam.

"The Orb of Doom." Replied Zordon.


Tommy looked at the readings which were being displayed on the main screen. "What's happening Zordon?"

"I am unsure at the moment Tommy," replied Zordon, "however, I feel that it has to do with the Orb of Doom. It has reactivated itself."

"No way!" shouted Adam. He remembered what had happened when the Orb of Doom was last activated.

"Yes way Adam." Replied Alpha 5 as he shook his head continuously.

"What's the Orb of Doom?" asked Justin. Being the newest Ranger, he knew nothing about this dreadful device.

"It is able to revert time to an earlier date. It was what caused the Rangers to be Zeo Rangers." Said Zordon.

"Huh?" asked Justin.

"That's right, the Ultra Rangers said that the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers never existed." Pointed out Katherine.

'The Ultra Rangers.' Tommy always wondered what had happened to his comrades from the future. After the explosion at the coal mines, the Ultra Rangers disappeared, however, Zordon assured the Rangers that the Ultra Rangers made it back to the future safely.

"Anyway, I fear that the energy readings are being caused by something in the future." Said Zordon.

"Anyway, I fear that the energy readings are being caused by something in this time." Said Zordon.

"But what?" asked Magnum as he leaned against the control panel in the Flash Center.

"I'm not sure at this moment, however, it could be because of the Zeo Flash crystal combination. The Orb of Doom may have been able to absorb some of the energy."

"What's going to happen now?" asked Jenny. She did not like to feel powerless like before when the Orb of Doom caused their Zeo powers to be inactive.

"We must try to destroy the Orb of Doom." Replied Maxwell after pressing some buttons.

"If we couldn't do it the last time, what makes you think this time will be any different?" asked Maxim as he recollected the time when even the Zeo Blaster could not destroy the orb.

"This time, we have the Gold Powers." Said Maxwell.

"But... err... isn't it tainted?" asked Magnum.

"Yes, but I don't have a choice. The world will be doomed unless we do something about this." Said Maxwell.

"Maxwell's right," said Maxim, "we all don't have a choice."

"Then go Rangers and may the power protect you." Said Zordon.

"Alright! Back to action!" shouted Maxim as Maxwell connected his golden Zeonisers together.

"Zeo Ranger Gold! Power of the King!" shouted Maxwell as the Golden Shield of Trifonia appeared on his body and then, Maxwell was engulfed by the Gold Ranger's uniform.

The six rangers teleported to the site where the Orb of Doom was releasing wave energy waves.

"Funky!" said Dillon as multi-coloured energy waves surrounded them.

"This isn't right." Said Maxim as he looked at the waves.

"The Orb of Doom has never done this before." Said Alice.

"Err... guys, we've got a problem." Said Maxwell as he looked at his mini-console.

"What do you mean 'problem'?" asked Jenny as she continued to look at the waves.

"Meaning, the Orb of Doom isn't going to turn back time." Replied Maxwell.

"Isn't that good?" asked Magnum.

"No, it means that we won't know what will happen next." Replied Maxwell.

"That's bad." Muttered Maxim.

On the moon, the disturbance had been noticed by the new king of the Machine Empire. "Wizard! What's going on?"

"I have no idea." Replied the alien clad in blue robes.

"No idea? How can be? Are you not the most intelligent robot around?"

"Yes, but even some things are not known to me." Replied Wizard. "However, my lord, I can tell you that something weird will happen soon."

The Power Chamber shook and the Turbo Rangers were hurled to the metallic floor. "What's happening Zordon?" shouted Tanya over the noise.

"There is a great disturbance in the timeline. I am unable to pinpoint..." before Zordon could finish his sentence, the interdimensional tube shut down.

"Zordon? Zordon? Alpha, what happened to Zordon?" asked Katherine.

"I do not know Rangers. The disturbance may be stronger than we thought." Replied the small robot.

"Rangers of Earth, do you read me. Rangers of Earth." Tommy looked at the viewing globe and saw Cestria's face.

"Cestria, what's wrong?" asked Tommy.

"Billy has disappeared." Replied Cestria.

"What?!" shouted Adam. "How?"

"I do not know. He just disappeared in front of my very eyes." Replied Cestria.

"Where am I?" asked Billy as he walked into the streets of Angel Grove, 2018.


Billy was not sure where he was. He looked like Angel Grove but there were so much differences that he could not be sure. Suddenly, someone tapped on his shoulder. Billy whirled around and saw a girl, about his age, looking shyly at him.

"Yes?" asked Billy as he tried not to blush in front of such a pretty girl.

"Uh... Mr. Cranston, may I have your autograph?" asked the girl.

Billy stood there in shock, the effects of the water of Aquitar had not fully returned him to his present age. He still looked about ten years older so the girl had every right to think he was older than she was. However, he was not sure why she wanted his autograph.

"Sure." Billy managed to answer finally and took her autograph book and pen and signed his name. "To whom am I making this to?"

"Jean." Replied the girl quickly.

"To Jean..." mumbled Billy as he put the finishing touches on his first ever autograph.

"Thank you Mr. Cranston!" said the girl before running off.

"You're welcome." Replied Billy before ducking into an alley. He was not sure why the girl wanted his autograph but one thing was for sure, he was in Angel Grove. He had noticed a bank behind the girl and it was the 'Angel Grove First National Bank'.

"It couldn't have changed so much since I left so..." he looked at his communicator. He had taken it along when he went to Aquitar. Now would be a good time to use it again. Once he pressed the button, a familiar feeling engulfed him. Suddenly, he was surrounded by white light and then he disappeared.

"Super Gold Rush!" shouted Maxwell as the power of the Gold Powers engulfed him in golden light. Immediately, the Gold Ranger rushed forward towards the Orb of Doom in a bid to destroy it.

Upon impact, a giant explosion occurred and the other Rangers were knocked off their feet.

"Did it work?" asked Jenny, voicing out the thoughts of everyone present.

"Whoa!" the answer came in the form of Maxwell's voice and his body flying passed them.

"Nope." Said Dillon. He then got up and dusted some dust off his suit.

"Let's see... the Zeo Blaster failed, the Zeo Cannon failed, the Defender Wheel is scrapped, the Super Gold Rush sent our hero on an 'around-the-world' trip. Short of using the Zords, it sees hopeless." Said Magnum.

"It's never hopeless," said Maxim when Maxwell returned from his 'around-the-world' trip, "well, almost never."

"Billy's missing, shouldn't we be doing something?" asked Adam as he paced up and down the chamber.

"We will Adam, just calm down." Suddenly, Tommy's communicator activated.

"Tommy, this is Kat. Emily just called, she said Jason disappeared in front of her very eyes." Said the Pink Turbo Ranger.

"Okay Kat, we're still trying to figure out what's wrong." Said Tommy.

"It was a great idea to send the other Rangers back to see if anymore ex-Rangers were missing." Said Alpha as he continued to key in more data into the computer.

"This is... hey!" Tommy turned to see that Adam was slowly dissolved before his very eyes.

"Adam!" shouted Tommy as Adam totally disappeared. "Alpha, what's going on?"

To Tommy's surprise, there was no answer. He turned around and saw that Alpha had deactivated like Zordon was. 'What's going on?'

Billy could not believe the sight that laid before him. The teleportation signal had sent him not to the Power Chamber but instead an even more futuristic command center, the Flash Center.

"Welcome Billy, is something wrong that the CEO of Tech Corp would come to the Flash Center?" asked Zordon.

"Zordon? What is this place, where is the Power Chamber and why do you look so different?" asked Billy.

"Billy, is something wrong? You know that this is the Flash Center, it was given to us by the Flash Warriors when the Power Chamber was disintegrated and I look different because I'm using Flash crystals to keep my form in shape."

"Flash crystals? You mean the Ultra Ranger Flash Crystal?"

"What else would I mean?"

"Wait, the Ultra Rangers were from the future. This is 2018?"

"Of... course." Replied Zordon as a look of realization appeared on his face. "You're the Billy of 1997."

"Yes." Replied Billy.

"That would explain why you look so old. The waters of Aquitar had not totally healed you yet."

"That's right." Replied Billy.

"How did you get here?" asked Alpha.

Billy turned to face his old-time friend. "I don't know."

Jason was not sure where he was. One moment, he was with Emily in the Angel Grove Park, next, he was here, wherever here was.

Slowly, the former Gold Ranger walked to a gateway, which seemed to lead outside the place. The sign there shocked him, 'Angel Grove Park'.

'Angel Grove Park?' thought Jason. He then turned to take to better look. Yes, the place did look like a park, with trees, plants, grass, walkways, etc. However, it did not look like the park he knew but a more futuristic one.

"Hello?" Jason turned to face the owner of the voice. In front of him stood a blonde-haired girl, who looked most exactly like Emily.

"Can I help you?" asked Jason. She did look like Emily but a little older.

"Sorry, I mistook you for my brother-in-law. Sorry." Said the girl before running off.

'Brother-in-law? Someone here looks like me?' thought Jason before walking off.

Finally, the girl reached the bench where her sister and brother-in-law had set the picnic basket.

"I'm sorry I'm late sis." Said the girl.

"It's okay, Jason isn't here yet."

"How could he leave you alone Emily?"

"He's on his way from the Dojo, he'll be here soon."

Adam looked around and could immediately tell that he was not in his Angel Grove anymore. 'What happened?' thought the Green Turbo Ranger.

Suddenly, Adam noticed a sign. 'The Angel Grove Fitness Center! At least that is still around.' Immediately, the Asian ran in.

Inside, the fitness center looked nothing like the one he once knew. "Welcome to the Angel Grove Fitness Center cum Juice Bar, may I help you?"

Adam turned and saw a middle-aged man looking at him. "Yeah, err... where am I?"

"This is the world-famous 'Richie Juice Bar'. Said the middle-aged man.

"What happened to Ernie?" asked Adam.

"He sold the Juice Bar to me." Then the guy looked at Adam closely. "You don't look that old, how do you know about Ernie? He retired close to 20 years ago."

"Err... never mind." Said Adam as he made a hasty exit. 'Where am I?' he asked himself once more.

The Zeo Megazord towered over the small and puny looking orb. "If this doesn't work... nothing will." Said Maxim as he activated the Zeo Saber.

"Zeo Saber! Zeo Slash!" shouted the Rangers in unison. The golden blade started to glow and then, without warning, the massive Zord slashed downward and struck the Orb of Doom. There was a massive explosion and then dust engulfed the Zeo Megazord.

"Did we get?" asked Dillon.

"Evidently not." Said Maxim dejectedly as the weird energy waves continued to surround the area.

"This is bad... very bad." Said Magnum.

Tommy whirled around at the weird surroundings. 'Where am I?' thought the Red Turbo Ranger.

"Hi Tommy." Tommy turned and saw Billy, an older Billy at that.

"Billy? What are you doing here?" asked Tommy. He was really confused.

"Later, just teleport." replied the former Blue Ranger and then he disappeared in a beam of white light.

"Right." Tommy replied to the empty space and teleported away.

The Flash Center was unlike anything Tommy had ever seen in his time as a Power Ranger. Not only was it a cut above the other Command Center and the Power Chamber, it was able to defend itself in a battle, something the Power Chamber could never do.

"This, is the future of the Power Rangers?" asked Adam, whom Billy had also contacted.

"Yes it is Adam." Replied Zordon as he looked at the charge he had not seen in over a decade.

"Where are the other Rangers?" asked Jason as he entered the room with Alpha 5.

"You mean the other Turbo Rangers or the present Rangers here?" asked Zordon as Alpha pressed a few buttons on one of the control decks and a giant screen lowered from the ceiling.

"Either." Replied Jason monotony as he tried to understand all that was happening to him since getting captured by Divatox.

"The Zeo Rangers are trying to dislodge the 'Orb of Doom' while the Ninja Rangers are presently in combat." Said Alpha as the screen showed two scenes. One of the Zeo Megazord stepping on something too small to see and the other of some Rangers battling a mechanical monster.

"Zeo Rangers?" Tommy knew as the others did that they original Zeo Rangers, except for Rocky, had become the Turbo Rangers because the Zeo Powers were insufficient to stop Divatox's forces.

"The Zeo Powers the present Rangers are using are different from your old powers Tommy." Explained Zordon. "They have been merged with the power of the Flash Crystals."

"Also," began Alpha, "the Zeo Zords have been modified in such a way that they are stronger than ever before."

"Interesting..." muttered Billy.

"However, right now, the problem is why it is not the present rangers but those who have been in contact with the Zeo Crystal are here." Said Zordon as the sensors alerted the team to the arrival of Katherine and Tanya.

"How can you be sure?" asked Adam as he continued to look at the advancement of the Flash Center."

"Because Jason and I are here." Replied Billy. "If it were the Turbo powers, Jason and I wouldn't be here as we have never been in direct contact with them."

"So that means, the Turbo team will be incomplete then." Said Tommy as he stroked his chin.

"Yes." Replied Zordon. Then, he turned his attention to Billy, "Contact Katherine and Tanya and tell them to teleport here. I expect Rocky to be the last to arrive."

Then, Zordon turned to face Alpha. "Alpha, contact the Rangers and tell them to return to the Flash Center."

"At once Zordon!" replied the little automation and pressed some buttons on the control panel.

Maxim had never felt so helpless in his life. The Zeo Megazord did not even damage the orb that it stepped on repeatedly. Instead, there was a massive dent on the underside of the Megazord's foot.

"There's a commu. coming from the Flash Center." Said Jenny.

"Patch it through." Said Maxim.

"Rangers! Return to the Flash Center immediately." Said the familiar voice of Alpha 5.

"We can't Alpha. We've got to destroy this thing."

"No need, Maxim, we know what it is doing. Return immediately, Alpha out."

"Okay, let's get out of here." Said Maxim as the Zeo Megazord separated into individual forms and returned to the Zord Holding Bay.

Rocky finally arrived in the year 2018 like Zordon had expected. What he could not have known was that Rocky had appeared right in front of the DeSantos Dojo.

"We must stop Rocky from finding too much about his future!" exclaimed Zordon as Maxim and Billy teleported out to get him.

Inside the Flash Center, the Rangers were getting acquainted to the only two rangers who never crossed the timeline, Magnum and Dillon.

"I heard that you were a Flash Ranger but gave up your powers due to injuries." Said Katherine to the other.

"Yeah, well, it was a serious injury. Had no choice." Said the Korean.

"Yeah, but there was no other way... right?"

"Yup, I wish I could have gotten to go back in time, it would have been quite cool... I think." Said Magnum.

Meanwhile, Billy and Maxim had found Rocky. "DeSantos Dojo?" asked Rocky as he pointed at the building.

"There are some things you don't need to know Rocky. Come on, let's get moving." Said the leader of the Zeo Rangers.

"I don't think so." Said a familiar voice.

"Uh oh." Mumbled Maxim as he turned to face the owner of the voice.

There stood the robot that the Zeo Rangers had fought prior to this whole turn of events.

"I still have a score to settle with you." Said the robot as his laser cannon targeted the trio.

Billy, Rocky and Maxim immediately took up defensive stances for this upcoming battle.


Maxim shoved Billy and Rocky away, microseconds before the missiles hit the area they were standing on.

"Maxim!" shouted the duo in unison.

Suddenly, a red flash streaked out of the smoke and a red figure struck the robot on the head.

As the robot rolled onto the ground, the red Zeo Ranger appeared in full view. "It isn't so easy to get rid of a Zeo Ranger you trash can." Said Maxim.

"I'll get you yet." Said the robot as holes opened up all over the robot. Suddenly, multiple energy beams streaked out of the robot and headed towards the Red Zeo Ranger.

"Billy! Rocky! Get out of here now." Said Maxim a microsecond before the lasers struck him. Billy and Rocky were immediately tossed backwards by the recoil.

"I got him!" shouted the robot in glee when energy beams struck it on its chest. "What?"

The robot's questioning shout was greeted by a red flash as the Red Ranger stood his ground with red armour surrounding him.

"Can't hurt what can't be hurt." Said Maxim in a mocking tone.

"Arrgghh! I'll get you yet!" shouted the robot as he charged at the waiting Ranger.

Kirin Tan walked around in the Angel Grove Hospital corridor. He had arrived from Los Angeles an hour before and it killed him to not know what was happening.

"Kirin, is Maxim here yet?" asked his father, Richard.

"No, father, he hasn't arrived yet. I'll page him again." Said Kirin as he ran off to the nearest phone. Once out of sight of his father, he took out what he had not used in over a year, his communicator.

"Zordon, do you read me?" whispered Kirin.

In the Flash Center, Billy and Rocky arrived just in time to see the Turbo Rangers and the Zeo Rangers prepare to morph into action.

"Let's go Zeo!" shouted Magnum as the Zeonisers appeared on the wrist of the four future rangers.

"Let's shift into turbo!" shouted Tommy as the Turbo Morphers appeared on the left wrist of the four rangers.

"Zeo Ranger Green! Power of the Square!"
"Red Lightning! Turbo Power!"
"Zeo Ranger Pink! Power of the Oval!"
"Desert Thunder! Turbo Power!"
"Zeo Ranger Blue! Power of the Triangle!"
"Wind Chaser! Turbo Power!"
"Zeo Ranger Yellow! Power of the Balance!"
"Dune Star! Turbo Power!"

Immediately after the transformation, eight energy signatures left the Flash Center and headed towards the site of the battle.

"Whoa!" shouted Maxim as the robot swung a tree trunk against him. The swing connected and sent Maxim flying into the side of the DeSantos Dojo.

The robot then aimed all its weapons at the ranger. "Here, is where you die!"

Suddenly, small explosions burst from the robot's body and sent it tumbling to one side.

"Think again copperface." Maxim looked up and saw the familiar sight of the other Zeo Rangers. However, this time they were side-by-side with the Turbo Rangers.

"The Power Rangers united, no one can defeat us!" shouted the eight rangers in unison.

"Hey! Where is everyone?" shouted Justin into the nothingness that made up the Power Chamber. It was empty, Zordon was not in the tube and Alpha was offline. This made Justin very worried.

Suddenly, the alarms went on. Justin ran to the control panel and pressed a few buttons to activate the viewing globe, like Alpha taught a week ago. Multiple Machine Empire ships could be seen heading for the planet.

"The Machine Empire? I thought the others got rid of them a few months ago." Said Justin to no one in particular.

Suddenly, a holographic image of Prince Gasket appeared. The enormous translucent figure raised his hand and spoke, "Puny humans. Prepare to meet your new master, Prince Gasket of the Machine Empire. If you do not surrender all control to me, I will be forced to take it." With that, the image disappeared.

"Oh boy... what am I going to do?" asked Justin, to no one in particular.

"Maxim! Maxim! Can you read me?" Maxim jumped over the robot and landed on the other as the Turbo Rangers engaged it.

"Not now Zordon, I'm busy."

"It is imperative that you teleport to the Angel Grove National Hospital immediately Maxim." Said Zordon.

Maxim avoided a few laser blasts before Magnum gave the robot a flying punch to distract it.

"Why Zordon?" asked Maxim as he got up.

"I cannot answer that Maxim, your brother will tell the reason."

"Brother, here?" Maxim then turned to the others. "Zordon says..."

"We heard him Max. Go ahead, we'll handle the mechanical misfit." Said Tommy as he gave the robot a kick.

"Misfit? I'll show you misfit." Said the robot as it recovered from the kick and gave Tommy a left hook.

"I'm gone." Said Maxim as he teleported away.

The Angel Grove Hospital staff rushed in and out of room 4A. The patient inside was not doing well. Her wounds were very serious from the car accident. The doctor did not know if she would live beyond the night.

Kirin looked at his watch. 'Damn it Maxim, where the heck are you?' wondered the former White Ranger. He then continued to pace around the hallway until the doctor stepped out of the room.

"Doctor, how is she?" asked Richard as he rushed to the doctor from his seat.

"The injuries are too serious," said the doctor in a matter-of-fact tone, "you all had better say your last good-byes."

Tears swelled up in Richard and Kirin's eyes. "Doctor, you've got to help her. Money is no option." Said Richard as he fell to his kneels and grabbed the doctor's coat.

"It isn't about money Mr. Tan, there's just nothing we can do." Said the doctor as he left.

A missile sent Tommy flying into the side of a building. "Whoa, what a punch!" exclaimed Tommy as he got up slowly.

"Eight rangers working together and we still haven't stopped this thing." Remarked Magnum as he punched the robot.

"Rangers, time to take out the hardware!" shouted Tommy as he pulled out his Turbo weapon.

"Time to show this bot the power of Zeo!" shouted Magnum.

All eight rangers pulled out their respective personal weapons and brandished them in front of the robot.

"Ha! Those weapons won't hurt me." Said the robot as his shoulder pads shifted backwards and two handles appeared. The robot then pulled out the handles and revealed two giant axes. "Come on!"

Maxim dashed through the corridor and almost knocked over a nurse. "Sorry!" he shouted as he continued to run down the corridor.

Upon arriving at the counter, Maxim looked at the receptionist there. "Mrs. Tan, Mrs. Trini Tan."

"Room 4A." said the receptionist as Maxim rushed of in the direction of the closest stairway.

Kirin and Richard slowly walked out of the room. Tears were flowing from their eyes. It was then that Maxim appeared. "Dad! Kirin! What happened?"

A slap was all that greeted Maxim. Maxim looked in shock at his brother. "Bro.?"

"Where were you?" demanded Kirin, tears swelling up in his eyes.

"What happened?" asked Maxim as he placed his hand over his cheek.

Richard kneeled down on the floor and shouted, tears flowing down his eyes, "Trini!"

"Mom's dead..." said Kirin softly.

"What?!" shouted Maxim as he ran into the room. "Mom." He said softly.


Events take place twenty minutes prior to the end of previous chapter.

"Richard?" asked Trini weakly. It was so hard to speak and she was so tired.

"I'm here Trini." Replied her husband. His eyes were wet from continuous crying. He then placed his hand on hers.

"Richard, I'm... so tired. I want to rest."

"You do that dear. Take all the rest you want. I'll be right here for you." Said Richard as tears started to form once more.

"Where's Kirin... and Maxim?" asked Trini. She knew her time was near and wanted to see her sons once more.

"Kirin! Come in here!" shouted Richard and the first-born child of the Tans entered.

"Mom, I'm here." Said Kirin as he choked back tears.

"Richard... could you...?"

"I'll be outside." Said Richard as he walked out.

"Kirin, oh Kirin, I'm so happy to see you once more. Where's... Maxim?"

"He's on his way mom." Said Kirin before breaking out into sobs. "Mom, please don't go. I don't want you to go." The young man hugged his mother and cried.

"Kirin... it's my time. I can't stop it. I... am just happy that... I have no regrets. I've lived a full... life with your father. I'm... proud that the two... of you have done so much... for this city. I have no... regrets Kirin. None at all."

"Mom... thank you." Said Kirin and he gave her one last hug.

It was then that her heart flat-lined and the person everyone knew as Trini... was no more.

"Trini!" shouted Richard as he ran to her side.

"Mom!" screamed Kirin in agony.

The time is now.

"Mom is dead?" said Maxim is disbelief. "Why? How?"

"She was knocked down by a car on her way to the supermarket. The driver drove off." Replied Kirin.

"Well... he's going to be brought to justice." Said Maxim as he ran off.

"Maxim! No!" shouted Kirin as he chased his brother. He was too late as Maxim had teleported away.

Zordon monitored the battle at hand and noticed an anomaly is the transdimensional warp emitting from the 'Orb of Doom'.

"Alpha, check these readings and confirm." Said Zordon.

"Understood Zordon." Said Alpha as he checked the readings.

In Zordon's heart, he prayed that his past was not catching up with him.

The sound of metal clashing against metal was thunderous and the force was even worse. Both Tommy and the robot reeled from the clash. However, the robot had little time to recover as the Zeo Rangers pressed on.

"Tommy, you okay?" asked Adam as he and the other Turbo Rangers ran up to their leader.

"Fine, just a little winded."

Unknown to the Rangers, a rift in the transdimensional warp had opened behind them. Then, a purple beam streaked out and hit the four Turbo Rangers.

Magnum's axe connected with the robot, creating a huge crack in the armour. Dillon then jumped through the air and swung his own Zeo weapon across the crack, flaking the armour off. Alice rammed her shield into the wound, causing some major damage. Finally, Jenny used her nunchakus to unbalance the robot.

The robot knew that he was in trouble unless he got back to the base for repairs. "It's time to end this." Said Magnum as he raised his weapon over the robot.

Suddenly, Magnum felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and saw Tommy behind him.

"What's up?" asked Magnum and was greeted by a punch to the face.

The other Rangers looked at Tommy's action in shock. "What was that for?" asked Magnum as he got up.

"I think it is time to dispose of these future geeks." Said Tommy in a menacingly low voice.

"I think we are in trouble." Said Jenny softly.

Justin jumped into the platoon of COGS that were attacking Angel Grove Park. The COGS immediately attacked him as Justin anticipated. He knew that he needed to give the people time to evacuate from the park.

Three COGS managed to gang up on Justin and throw him into the air. "Whoa!" shouted the youngster and he crashed onto the ground. As he got up, something began to materialize in front of him.

"Is this all the Rangers could muster? One ranger? Pathetic." Said the new monarch of the Machine Empire.

"One is enough Chromedome." Said Justin as he whipped out his Turbo Weapon. "Turbo Hand Blasters!"

The COGS immediately ran in front of Prince Gasket to protect him. Justin unleashed a volley of blue energy bolts, decimating the metallic soldiers.

Gasket managed to dodge the destructive blue bolts and brandished his sword, using it to block the energy bolts.

Justin then jumped towards him and pulled out his Turbo sword. He slashed downwards but Gasket managed to block the fatal attack.

"It isn't so easy to dispose of me, ranger." With that, he gave Justin a kick to the abdomen.

Justin reeled back and covered his stomach with his left hand. "Oh boy, this is gonna be tough."

"Tommy! I don't want to hurt you." Said Magnum as he grabbed both of Tommy's fists.

The Power Rangers had attacked the Zeo Rangers for no reason and the Zeo Rangers were trying hard not to fight back and hurt their friends.

"Tommy, please, listen to reason." Tommy broke Magnum's grip and punched him in the abdomen before sweeping him.

Magnum scrambled to his feet and rose his hands in his usual boxing stance. "If you won't listen, I'll make you listen."

Meanwhile, Katherine and Alice were evenly matched. Alice had training that Katherine never had. However, Katherine had experience that Alice never got. This gave each an edge over the other.

"I'll hurt you if I have to." Said Alice as she called upon her Zeo-shield from sub-space.

"Go ahead and try!" roared Katherine as she squeezed a few shots from her Auto-blaster.

Alice blocked the blast and raised her Zeo-blaster and retaliated. Katherine jumped over the shots and planted a kick firmly on Alice's chest. Alice rolled with the kick and swung her right 90-degrees into the air to kick Katherine in the back.

The two got up, panting from the exertion. Neither was about to give up, though.

Dillon flew through the air as he tried to get some distance between him and Adam. Adam was definitely the better fighter of the two and Dillon being a new Ranger did not even have any experience to help him out.

"Oh yeah, this is gonna hurt." Said Dillon as Adam jumped into him with a kick. Dillon landed on his butt and then scrambled to his feet.

He swung a kick but Adam blocked it and punched Dillon in the stomach continuously. Dillon backed away and then flipped backwards and away from Adam.

"Zeo Ton-fus!" shouted Dillon as he pulled his Zeo weapons from sub-space.

"Ah, Rocky's old weapons. Well, they won't save you from this." Said Adam in an uncharacteristically gruff voice. "Turbo Thunder Cannon!" with that, the Green Ranger pulled out his Turbo weapon.

"Uh oh." Whispered Dillon as the Turbo weapon unleashed a barrage of green laser fire.

Jenny somersaulted over Tanya in an attempt to get away from her. She did not want to fight a fellow ranger. "Couldn't we talk this over?"

"No!" roared Tanya as she rushed at Jenny with her Turbo Blade in hand.

"Uh oh." Muttered Jenny as she pulled out her Zeo Blade and blocked the slash.

Tanya then tripped and flipped Jenny over and this caused Zeo Yellow to strike the ground, hard.

Tanya then pulled out her Auto Blaster. "Say bye, bye sweetcakes."

However, just before she pulled the trigger, explosions erupted around her. "Who?"

The Gold Ranger appeared in all his glory and landed in front of Jenny. "You okay?"

"Yeah, thanks Maxwell." Said Jenny as she got up.

"The Gold Ranger?"

"That's right Turbo Ranger and if you can't play nice, I'm going have to teach you a lesson." Said Maxwell before taking up a defensive pose.


"Whoa!" shouted a man dressed like a hell-rider.

His friend fared no better as he was thrown into an alleyway. "Hey! You're one of the good guys! Can't we talk this over?"

"No." growled the red-spandex clad hero, the Red Zeo Ranger.

The Red Zeo Ranger then grabbed the 'hell-rider' and threw into a dumpster, "I have questions, and you answer them now!"

Zordon stared at the viewing globe as the battle erupted in front of him. Five Zeo Rangers against four Turbo Rangers. Both groups were created by him and now both groups were battling it out.

"Interesting display of martial arts… isn't it Zordon?" the voice was low and somewhat crusty.

Zordon's eyes narrowed, even as Alpha, Billy and Rocky looked for cover, as a wave of purple energy erupted from the floor of the Flash Center.

"Hello, Dark Specter." Muttered Zordon.

Tommy spun back as Maxwell's reverse kick connected with his head. Tommy recovered almost immediately and took out his Auto Blaster. "Eat this!"

Maxwell's Gold Armour managed to deflect the laser blast. "Sorry, I'm on a low 'energy-beam' diet."

Magnum immediately jumped in and sent a punch to Tommy's abdomen. "Oof!" grunted Tommy as he fell down again.

Smoke covered the area that Dillon was standing on. Adam had finally stopped his barrage of energy blast and expected the Blue Ranger to be dead.

Suddenly, a ball of blue energy charged at the Green Turbo Ranger and smashed right into him, causing a massive explosion. Adam immediately looked for his assailant and saw the Blue Zeo Ranger standing in front of him.

"Why won't you die?" grunted Adam, a little frustrated.

"Then, where would the fun be?" mocked Dillon. Adam then threw himself at Dillon.

Alice slowly put her hand on her ribcage. She was tired and badly hurt. She did not expect Katherine to have put up such a fight. It was not a test of skill now, but more of endurance.

Katherine got up slowly and held her left shoulder. She was tired and badly hurt. She did not expect Alice to have put up such a fight. It was not a test of skill now, but more of endurance.

Both readied themselves for another attack. After a few seconds, the fight renewed between the two Pink Rangers.

Tanya somersaulted over Jenny and planted a kick on the Yellow Zeo Ranger's back. Jenny rammed into a rock in front of her.

"Ouch!" shouted Jenny as she fell onto the ground. Slowly getting up, she whipped out her nunchukus and swept Tanya off her feet.

Tanya struck the ground with a 'thud' but recovered quickly and kicked Jenny in the abdomen. She then did a back hook and that connected with Jenny's head.

Jenny slowly looked up at the Yellow Turbo Ranger. Jenny's vision was blurred and from her mouth, she muttered, "Maxim, help."

"So, tell me, how did you escape death when Darkonda slammed into you?" asked Zordon.

"Come now Zordon. Did you really think a minor explosion would kill me?" mocked the 8-foot creature.

Dark Specter then walked slowly up to the tube and spoke softly, "And how did you escape? I thought you died when the Red Ranger shattered your tube."

"That is not for you to know." Replied Zordon angrily.

"Ha! Touched a nerve, didn't I?" Suddenly, Rocky jumped up from behind a console and kicked Dark Specter in the back.

The lord of darkness did not even move. Instead, he turned his head towards Rocky and swung his giant hand at the ex-Blue Ranger.

The force of the blow sent Rocky flying. "Rocky!" shouted Billy as he ran up to his ex-comrade.

"Bodyguards? It won't help you Zordon." Said Dark Specter and he rammed his head against the tube.

Slowly, Dark Specter's head glowed and shone throughout the Flash Center. "No! Zordon!" shouted Alpha.

Maxim entered the smoky room. Around him were probably the seediest people in Angel Grove's crime circuit. The adults immediately noticed him. Immediately murmurs could be heard.

Maxim walked up to the bartender and leaned over to him.

"Can I help ya kiddo?" asked the bartender.

"I'm looking for Jimmy 'Snake' Islander." Said Maxim.

The bartender looked at Maxim in shock but shook his head. "Sorry kid, haven't seen Jimmy for quite a while.

"I see." Said Maxim as he looked down and placed his right hand under his chin. Then, he looked up and said, "What about an address?"

"I'll see about that kid." Said the bartender.

"Thanks." Said Maxim with a grin.

Maxwell somersaulted backwards, away from Tommy's sword's reach. Suddenly, his communicator 'beeped'.

"Go ahead." Said Maxwell as Magnum rammed himself into Tommy.

"Rangers, return to the Flash Center immediately, Zordon needs you." Billy's voice pierced the communicator clearly.

"On our way." Acknowledged Maxwell as he did a jump kick into Tommy's abdomen and sent him reeling.

The other Rangers had heard the distress signal and were also ready to leave. "Rangers! Disappear!" shouted Magnum as five different colours of energy surrounded the Rangers and took them away.

Maxim teleported into the alleyway next to the small motel Jimmy lived in. "What a dump." Said Maxim to no one in particular.

Suddenly, Maxim's communicator beeped. "No! Not now!"

"Rangers, return to the Flash Center immediately, Zordon needs you." Billy's voice pierced the communicator clearly.

"On our way." Acknowledged Maxwell from Maxim's communicator.

Maxim looked a bit lost but knew that his place was with Zordon. "If Zordon is in trouble, I'm there."

With that, the Red Ranger teleported away.