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The Guardian Ranger
Part One
By Backlash

Sam has been fighting along side with the rangers for a long time put her morphin powers came from her bracelet that her mother left her. Not only that but she was born with some mysterious powers and she didn't know why. Although she was born with these powers she never tells anyone about them sure her fellow rangers knew but only because of a battle that she had no choice but to use them.

After the final battle with Astronema a.k.a. Karone .Sam didn't know what to do with herself. She still had her friends but she never quite felt like she belonged anywhere except when she was a ranger and fighting evil. Now that it's what was she going to do she had that feeling again like she was a misfit.

The former rangers were having a celebration now that the war was over. Sam had this feeling that her days as a power ranger weren't quite finished. It's not that she wanted to lose or anything but she missed what came with being a power ranger. The friendships and it was like the family she never had. Sam rarely sees them anymore they all have their own lives now.

Sam didn't have a boyfriend or a career sure she sometimes sang at a club but that just wasn't doing it for her. As Sam was drinking a beverage one of her visions came to her and suddenly it became clear. She knew what was next.

The next day she went to pay alpha a visit.

"Alpha, I need your help with something."

"Of course just name it."

"I had a vision. I know what I have to do. I want you to freeze me in the cryogenic chamber like Andros did for Zhane."

"Why are you sick?"

"No but I'm needed elsewhere. Don't worry it won't be for long."

"How will I know when it's time to wake you up." Alpha asked with worry in his voice,

"You'll know when the time is right. Will you do it?" Alpha agreed he knew that Sam was probably right her visions had never failed her in the past.

* * * * *

Leo was working out with Kai when Alpha entered the room. He saw that everyone was busy and took that opportunity to check Sam's status. Sam looked so peaceful laying there Alpha never saw her at so much peace. She had so much heart break in the past. He hoped one day she would find happiness.

Suddenly the alarms on the ship began to go off and everybody on Terra Venture began to disappear. Leo was the only one who remained maybe because he wasn't there at the time he was on the Astro mega ship everyone else was gone.

What could Leo do he was all be himself and he didn't even know what was causing it. All of a sudden Leo found himself surrounded there were too many.

Part Two

Leo didn't want to let his friends down so he fought with all he had trying to take them and finally decided to retreat. He made a run for it he was the last hope of freeing everyone and had to escape for now. Leo ran all threw the ship trying to get away. Suddenly the ship began shake it felt like an earthquake.

Sam's chamber began to crack and the glass shattered. Sam rose to her feet but was still a little shaky. Sam began to walk around to get back her barrings she noticed that the ship was dark and silent. Except for the alarms that were going off. Something obviously wasn't right!

A tall and extremely attractive man ran into her. Leo thought the same about her and just stared at her for a moment and asked,"Who are you?"

"That's not important right now. What's going on?"

"Treekena has kidnapped everyone on Terra Venture."

"Who's trekeena, and what's a Terra Venture?"

"Where you been? I don't have time I have to save my friends." just then Alpha came in. When he saw Sam he got excited and yelled with excitement, "Sam you're awake. I guess it's that time."

"Alpha, are we no longer on earth? Who is trekeena? What is a Terra Venture?" Sam had so many questions and no answers. Leo was getting more confused by the minute. Alpha said, "We will get to all of that later, but first we must save the others."

"Well do you know where they are being held?" Sam said as a vision came to her of a crystal ball type orb that was glowing. "That must be the power source if we destroy it everything will be reversed."

"What are you talking about?" a confused Leo felt like he just stepped into the twilight zone. He realized there was no time to explain and said, "Well lets go. You can tell me about it later." As they started to leave Alpha said, "Wait Sam. You might need this." and he handed her the power bracelet. It felt good to be back.

"By the way the name is Leo, and I take it your name is Sam."

"Yeah, sorry but we have to move now there isn't much time left."

Sam continued to walk and Leo kept following her he didn't know her but for some reason felt that he could trust her. The ship landed by a deserted cave or so it appeared. Leo didn't know quite what to make of her. They came to the entrance of the cave and saw some soldier type people going inside.

"What are those things anyway?" Sam asked.

"Sting wingers. They are trekeenas troops I guess you would call 'em."

"So you're a power ranger huh."

"How did you know?" Leo asked

"It's obvious. You're worried about your friends. You know what's going on and you're the leader type. You are wearing red so you're probably the red ranger."

"What makes you such an authority on the power rangers. Wait a minute are you a ranger is that why Alpha gave you that bracelet?"

"Yeah, I use it to morph. So how do you morph?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, the first power rangers said it's morphin time. The astro rangers said Let's Rocket. How do you morph?"

"We say Go Galactic!"

"I like that. So how should we play this? Shall we storm or sneak in?"

"It would be better to sneak in until we find what we're looking for which is?"

"The best way I could describe it is it looks like a crystal ball and it glows. If we shatter it I'm sure everyone will be freed."

"I'll have to take your word for it. Let's move."

Leo and Sam entered the cave it was pitch black but they knew that they were close. They could here distant voices. Trekeena was bragging "Finally the destruction of the power rangers is at hand."

"Well what about the red ranger he's still out there." asked one of her minions.

"What can that pathetic ranger do he's all alone." Just then Sam and Leo spotted the crystal. Sam jumped out and said, "Don't bet on it!" trakeena yelled back, "Who the hell are you?"

"As Clint Eastwood would say I'm your worst nightmare. A pissed off ranger."

"That's impossible. There are no more rangers besides the red."

"Well I guess you're not as smart as you thought. Just one question before I kick your butt. Why do all you evil woman wear leather it's the well I don't what it is but please leather it so yesterday."

"As opposed to your all black look. Get Her! Destroy Her!" Trekeena ordered.

"Hey I look good in black. Besides it's my color." then as they stormed her she began to fight flipping and turning they weren't even getting any shots off.

"Now Leo shatter the dam thing!" Leo smashed the crystal and a been of light shot out. Everyone was freed. Trekeena left but not before saying," This isn't over you're on my list." "Yeah, I'm shaking. I can barely contain myself." Leo couldn't believe how she was agitating Trekeena. Leo just looked at her.

"What? I know but a girls gotta have some fun, especially after that crack about my clothes.

Part Three

As Leo and Sam headed back to Terra Venture they talked and began to get to know each other. Leo told her how he became a ranger and about his brother and the Magna Defender. She could tell how glad he was to have his brother back. She thought that he had the nicest eyes for some reason they just clicked as they talked about their lives.

Sam hadn't told him how she came to be there yet but planned on it. For some reason she felt that she could trust him. Trust wasn't a very easy issue for Sam.

"So this is Terra Venture. It reminds me of Angel grove. It's very beautiful."

"Is that where you're from?" Leo asked,

"Yeah. I'm beginning to miss it and all of my friends."

"So are you going to tell how you got here and how you knew how to free the others?"

"Well..." as she was about to explain they saw the other rangers approaching them.

"Hey guys I'm glad to see you're all right." An excited Leo said.

"Thanks to you Leo." answered Maya,

"Actually thanks to Sam. She's who told me how to free you. She's a power ranger too. I couldn't have done it without her." Leo told them. Kai was suspicious but didn't let on at least not with her around.

"So do you want a tour?" Maya asked,

"Sure I guess if I'm stuck here I might as well get to know the place." Sam and Maya left. The others went to their quarters.

Maya took Sam to meet the galactabeasts and she found they had something in common. She noticed Sam smiling after one of the galactabeasts told her something funny. Maya was amazed and asked,

"You understood them? "

"Why do you ask?"

"Well I can but I've never met anyone here that could."

"Let's just say I was born with a few special gifts that I really can't go into now." Maya didn't think it was the right time to push they spent the rest of the day just becoming friends.

Back at the others quarters Kai was asking Leo about Sam.

"Did you see her morph?" "No. We didn't need to at the time."

"Well did she tell you how she knew what to do?"

"No but I'm sure she will. What's with all the questions?"

"Don't you think it's odd that she claims to be a ranger and just knew what to do?" Sam and Maya could here them talking from the hall.

"What are you getting at Kai?"

"She's probably working with Trakeena. And we don't need that kind of help get rid of her before we are all destroyed. She will betray us." Sam just turned around and left when she heard Kai. Maya called out, "Sam Wait!" but she just kept on going.

"Kai she's a ranger I'm sure of it." Maya assured him.

Sam went to the lake and just stared at the water realizing that she would never see her friends again. It began to hit her how alone she really was. This was usually the part when Zhane would say lighten up but he wasn't there to make her laugh. And Jason wasn't there to make her feel protected. Kimberly wasn't there to go shopping with.

"What the hell was I thinking? I want to go home."

"Where's home?" Leo asked,

"To tell you the truth I never found it. But I know it's not here. I still feel like a misfit."

"So you feel like you're alone.. You're not alone. It will just take some time to adjust."

"Thanks for not thinking I'm the enemy. I think I need to be alone for awhile. Later." Leo watched her walk away. He knew Kai was wrong it was just a feeling he had. Leo's communicator went off.

"What is it alpha?"

"There a monster attacking the center of the city hurry."

"Right I'm on it. Go Galactic!" the others met him there and the fight was on. The monster was very tough but they were holding there own. Leo was knocked down by some sort of laser the monster had.

"I shall be the one to defeat the power rangers. For I am Laser Brain!" the laser froze them one by one they could not move. Laser Brain looked like a giant fish except with legs. He approached Maya and was about to slash her with his sword when suddenly some sort of forceful wind threw him against the wall. "Back off fish face!" it was Sam, Kai yelled, "How did she do that?"

"What do you think you're going to do your nothing but a human?" Sam smiled and said, "Don't you monsters ever come up with fresh lines. It's Morphin Time!" Sam morphed into the guardian ranger. They fought and fought. Finally she took him down.

Meanwhile "Who is this meddlesome little girl? find out and don't come back till you do! NOW GO!"

Back on the Astro mega ship. "What was I thinking Alpha now they know about my power. And I'm stuck where I'm not wanted coming here was a mistake."

"No it wasn't." Sam turned to see Kai standing in the doorway.

"Look I'm sorry about what I said I was wrong."

"Yeah you were. But don't worry about it I'm used to it."

"Will you stay, we need your help with this battle."

Part 4
The Master

Sam was sitting by the lake looking into it lost in deep thought. Her and Leo seemed to be getting closer and it scared the hell out of her. Everyone she'd ever cared about is either dead or gone. There was her brother but he left her years ago when she was still in a foster home. He didn't have power like she did but he always protected her when he was around. Sam wished hadn't left but she didn't hold it against him he needed to find his place as did Sam. Sam is still searching for her place. Maybe one day she will find a place where she feels like she belongs. Even in her own home she felt out of place. I wonder what became of my friends she thought to herself. And the new friends she was making she still didn't know what to think of them. They are all well intentioned and a great team. Leo is a really superb leader he has a heart of gold and will sacrifice himself for his friends. A quality Sam admires.

Trakeena has brought a new warrior to the ship a dark warrior who has never been defeated he uses feelings against them and tries to draw them into his world of darkness. And recruits them as his warrior or if he's bored destroys them. He has been looking for the ultimate opponent. He is called The Master.

"I want the guardian ranger destroyed." Trakeena ordered,

"Are you sure about that I sense she has great power."

"What is that to me?"

"Well you could have a dead ranger or a powerful ally. It's your choice she hasn't known the rangers long enough to form an attachment she will be easy to break. Without emotional attachment her will is easy to manipulate and then she will be your."

"I like it make it happen."

"Yes my queen." the warrior went to prepare once he captures her he will try to convert her or in other words brainwash her. It's never worked on a ranger but she is different since she has know family and hasn't known her new friends long he figured it would be easy.

Leo was thinking about Sam a lot lately he has never felt like this about anyone before. He wasn't going to risk their new found friendship by telling her either. Though at times he's tempted to just lean over and kiss her. "What ya thinking about?" Leo jumped

"Mike don't do that." Leo tapped him on the shoulder.

"Thinking about Sam? I see the way you look at her."

"Cut it out Sam and I are just friends. Anyway what's up?"

"Not much little brother. Wanna go play some basketball?"

"Sure why not."

"Alright lets get the others." Leo agreed and they met the others at the court. Maya and Sam were sitting on a bench watching them.

"So Maya do you ever miss your home?"

"Feeling homesick?"

"I just miss my friends. I could tell them anything."

"Well we're friends now and I want you to know I'm here if you need to talk. So are the others." Sam smiled they saw Leo slam dunk a ball and they cheered him on.

All of a sudden the Master grabbed Sam from behind and said, "You belong to Trakeena now." Leo and the others raced over to help her. Sam kicked him and said, "I don't think so! Back Off!" Leo did a front flip and kicked him then said, "Lets do this GO GALACTIC!" and all morphed including Sam they fought him with everything they had he knocked Sam down and Leo began to fight him one on one. He was going to protect her no matter what. And in the end Leo took him down. He ran over to Sam and asked, "Are you all right?" and he hugged her.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks"

"No one will ever hurt you I promise." They both powered down and were about to kiss but then the others ran over to make sure everything was alright.

"I guess the master wasn't as tough as he thought. Dam that red ranger he will pay. So he has a soft spot for the guardian maybe the master had a good idea after all." "They will all pay for my fathers death starting with the red ranger!"

Part Five
Power Drain

"So you can drain the rangers powers?" Trakeena asked the Dredlock,

"Yes I infuse them with mine and it will make me more powerful."

"Good. You must be quick about it. If they find out to soon they may be able to defeat you before you have their powers. Those pitiful rangers will regret the day they ever went against me." Trakeena laughed.

Sam was at the usual place she went to think over by the lake. The more time she spent with the others the less it hurt to be away from her friends. She sometimes wished she could tell them what she felt inside but she just wasn't good at expressing her feelings. She used to tell Ashley that she didn't do feelings. Ashley never bought though. Though she hadn't know Ashley that long they became like sisters. Sam regretted never saying good-bye to her and the others. Sam decided to back to the ship and see Alpha.

"Alpha. You around here?" she called,

"Right here Sam. What can I do for you?" he asked,

"Oh nothing just came to see you. Alpha do you think. Nevermind."

"What is it Sam?"

"Well, I am starting to become friends with everyone but... What if something happens to them? I tired of having to make knew friends and then having to move on."

"Don't worry. I think you will find that this can be a home that you can be proud of you just have to give it a chance." Leo heard them talking and couldn't help but listen.

"Sam if you had the chance to go back to earth would you take it?"

"If you had asked me before I probably would say yes."

"And now?"

"Now I don't think I want to be away from..."

"From Leo." Alpha guessed, Sam looked at him with surprise.

"I see the way you look at him. You like him more than a friend. Why don't you tell him?"

"You know why. Besides why would he be interested in some one like me?" Leo was going to say something but than thought he better not he didn't want her to think he was spying on her.

Leo walked in the park thinking why would she say something like that. Sam is a warm and caring person. Anybody would be lucky to have her. Someone must have burned her in the past. He hadn't known her long but from the first moment they met her felt something he has never felt before. And it was a wonderful feeling he was falling in love with her. No matter what it takes he will protect her and show her that she could trust her heart to him. Now he just had to figure out how to prove to her that she could trust her feelings for him. As Leo was walking he couldn't help smiling as he thought of her. Just then the Dredlock appeared in front of him.

"When I get done with you there will be nothing to smile about." he shot a beam at Leo and it drained him of his powers. Leo yelled, "What did you do to me?" trying to stay on his feet but he kept falling. But the dredlock vanished One by one he stole the others powers. Until the only one left was Sam.


"What is it Sam?"

"The others are in trouble I can feel it. You have to locate them." Alpha began a scan just then the others walked in very weak. They told her what happened. Alpha ran an analysis of the monster.

"I found his source of power it's the amulet around his neck. If you destroy it your powers will return."

"Alright I guess it's up to me then." Sam insisted,

"No! I'm going with you. You can't fight him alone." Leo demanded,

"No you're to weak. Besides if I destroy the amulet you can join me then. If you came you'll get me killed I don't want to have to worry about you Leo... And the others of course." Leo wasn't listening he was not going to let her go alone.

"I'm going weather you like it or not."

"Well then you leave me know choice." Sam knocked him out with a right cross.

"When he wakes up tell him I'm sorry but I couldn't let him get hurt."

"If you go morphed he will sense you. I suggest you morph only if you have to. And remember he's has the others power now so be careful."

"I got it wish me luck." so they all did.

Sam searched the area Alpha's scan turned up and spotted at the bottom of the hill in the park. She decided to wait until the time was right and take him by surprise. She started to think about Leo and thought to herself I hope Leo isn't mad at me for hitting him but I didn't want him to get hurt stop thinking about Leo the others are counting on you Leo is getting into my head too much what is wrong with me I have never thought so much about one person how come he's so important to me? Sam was about to make her move Well it's now or never.

Meanwhile Leo was coming to. "What hit me a truck?"

"Leo you're awake. Sam didn't want you to get hurt."

"No matter how much she doesn't believe it she can't do this by herself. She needs our help. Even if we just distract the monster we have to help her."

"Well I'm convinced." Kai agreed as did the others and they headed out.

Sam jumped out to the monster and tried to fight him but he was tough he grabbed her and drained her power. Not before she scratched his face. "You'll pay for that!" he held her down with his feet and was preparing to slash her with his sword. "Leo I'm sorry I let you down." she said as the sword started to come towards her. Sam closed her eyes but nothing happened she opened them when she heard a noise. Leo was standing over her.

"Could you use a hand?"

"Leo what are you doing here?"

"Saving your butt."

"Excuse me. I could have handled it by myself."

"Where were you two minutes ago oh. That's right getting you but kicked." The dredlock yelled, "Hello! Are you forgetting something?"

"Do you mind we are having a conversation." Sam said as she kicked him back.

"You know you have a real short temper." Leo added,

"You know you are really getting on my nerves. Shall we finish this fight or were you planning to talk him to death." the monster charged them again this time walking right into Leos fist. This time when he hit the ground the amulet fell to the ground. As Sam and Leo continued to chatter the others noticed the amulet and made an attempt for it.

"You're the one fooling around." just then the monster knocked Leo off his feet.

"LEO!...Are you OK?"

"Yeah but let's finish him before he finishes us." Kai reached the amulet and smashed it their powers began to return. The dredlock was in shock and began attacking Leo rose to his feet and yelled, "GO GALACTIC!" the fight was on he may have taken them by surprise be fore but now it was on. "LIGHT OF ORION ACTIVATE!" they all yelled together. Sam attacked with full force using her power to slam him against a brick wall the others powered up and destroyed him.

"Everybody all right?" Damon asked.

"Yeah. " Kai answered as did the others. Leo and Sam just kind of looked at each other.

"And another one bites the dust." Sam added.

Part Six

Sam was sitting by lake like she usually did thinking. About nothing in particular. She often found herself thinking about Leo. She never thought it was possible for her to feel that way about anyone. It was starting to unnerve her.

At the other end of the park Leo was jogging. Trying stay in shape for upcoming fights. Leo stopped to catch his breath when he spotted Sam.

"Hey Sam what are you doing?"

"Nothing just thinking." he looked thirsty so she handed him some of her water.

"Thanks." he took a few sips and continued, "So what are you thinking about?"

"It's not important. So I see you're taking this jogging thing seriously."

"Why do you do that?"


"Act like you're not important."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Whenever some one asks what is on your mind or how you feel you say it's not important. But it is you can't hide yourself away forever. People do care about you."

"Well nobody asked 'em to I'm out of here." Sam began to walk away and started to think to herself. I can't believe that guy who does he think he is. People do care about you. What crap? But his words stuck in her mind. Leo came behind her and added,

"That's another thing you do. If you don't like what you're hearing you just take off."

"Why does it matter to you so much?" Leo thought to himself well it's now or never. He was going to tell her how he felt about her but then sting wingers attacked them.

"Look out!" Leo yelled, and they began to fight them off. Blocking and countering there attacks. The other arrived to help and the stingwinger fled.

"What was that about?" asked Kai

"I don't know but you can bet it means trouble." Damon answered. While the others weren't looking one last sting winger appeared and blew some kind of dust on Leo he yelled.

"Leo!" Sam yelled and ran over to him while Kai took down the sting winger.

"Leo are you ok?" He could see the concern in her eyes.

"Yeah I'm fine. But I'm a little tired would you help me up." Sam offered her hand but when he rose to his feet he fell down and collapsed.

"LEO!" the others ran over and they took him to the ship and into the med bay. Sam just stood next to him watching him refusing to leave while the others examined him. Mike arrived and saw his brother becoming paler by the second. Sam held his hand and Mike thought he saw a tear come down her cheek. Alpha came in with test results.

"I'm sorry rangers but unless we find a cure he will die."

"He's not going to die. I won't allow it. What is the cure?"

"I'm still running a scan we should know shortly."

"Hold on little brother I can't lose you. I just got you back." the others left Sam and Mike with Leo.

"Leo wake up. Wake up." Sam said repeatedly.

"Don't worry we will find a cure."

"We have to. I don't want to lose him. I can't not again." Sam said remembering all the loved ones she has lost in the past. She never told Leo how important he was to her because she was afraid he would die to like she was to blame. Now she could lose him anyway.

"Do you think Alpha found anything yet?"

"I don't know let's go see." they stood in the hallway listening to the others talk.

"The flower is located on a planet called max7. But it is very dangerous. The sensors have found a monster in the center of town. If you don't stop him he will destroy Terra Venture I'm sorry but you can't do both." Kai took charge and said, "I'm sorry but we have know choice we have to protect Terra Venture." the others hesitantly agreed. Sam left Mike in the hall and went back to Leo Mike followed.

"Don't worry Leo I won't let you die I promise." she kissed him on the cheek and prepared to go to max7.

"What are you doing the others might need your help." Mike insisted,

"They can handle it till I get back."

"All right but I'm going with you."

"Aren't you the one who said the others need help?"

"Leo is my brother. And besides who knows what we will encounter on Max7."

"Then we better get a move on." Sam and Mike knew they had known time to spare so they headed out. The others began their attack on Trakeena's latest monster.

On their way to Max7 Sam and Mike talked,

"What's on your mind Sam?"

"Nothing for you to worry about."

"Leo is right you have a problem talking about yourself."

"I can't believe him sometimes. When he's better I'm gonna let him have it."

"You know it's all right to care about people. Leo cares about you."

"You sure he not just concerned about a fellow ranger?"

"No it's more than that. We're coming up on Max 7. The flower should be right by the lake." Sam and Mike approached the lake it seemed quiet.

"You get the flower and I'll keep watch." Mike said. Sam walked towards the flower she went through the water to get to it. There was a row of the flowers that she needed so she picked one. As she began to head back something grabbed her and she went under.

"Sam. SAM HOLD ON!" it was like an invisible wall keeping her from the surface. Mike grabbed a long stick and it penetrated the water he pulled her to shore.

"Thanks." she said while still trying to catch her breath.

"No problem. We better get this to Leo." Sam and Mike headed back.

Sam tore off a leaf and tried to get Leo to swallow but he was still out cold.

"What do we do now?"

"Mike go help the others they need you. I'll keep trying." Mike agreed and left.

"Leo Please swallow I need you. Please." Leo finally swallowed and came to.

"Sam. What's going on?"

"Leo your ok." Sam hugged him and Leo responded,

"I never knew you cared."

"It was just relief now come on the others need our help." Sam and Leo morphed and saw the others fighting some sort of lizard monster. The others looked like they were about to give up when Leo said, "You ready guys." they all nodded and yelled, "LIGHTS OF O'RION ACTIVATE." Sam slammed the monster against a wall with her power Leo said, "POWER UP MODE." and they annihilated the monster.

The next day Sam was heading to the lake when she saw Leo sitting where she usually does. "Leo what are you doing here?"

"I figured you would show up eventually. I wanted to say I was sorry about what I said before. And thanks for saving my life."

"I couldn't have done it without Mike. And as far as what you said you were right."

"I was."

"Yeah I have to learn to open myself to others. Maybe you could teach me."

"It would be an honor."

"BY the way I told Mike that we were going to have some words about you worrying too much."

"Uh oh now I'm going to get it." Leo leaned over to kiss her and this time there were no interruptions and she kissed back.

The End for now