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The Guardian Ranger
Who is the Guardian Ranger?

Moving On
Sam begins to adjust to life on Terra Venture.

The Capture
Sam becomes Trakeena's prisoner.

The Personality Switch
Someone is having a very bad day.

Sam begins to doubt herself as a Ranger.

The Change

"Stand Alones"

Christmas Blues
Karone goes to work on Sam.


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The New Kid
Adam's in love.

Destroyed Dreams
Or is King Mondo behind it!

Sad Confessions
It's confession time, or is it!

We Need To Talk
A broken heart???

The End: The Beginning
A trip to Paris spells trouble. . . .

Tool Time
A Home Improvement Parody.

Cold One
A strange visitor causes trouble for the Rangers.

Murder of Innocence*
A new Ranger shows up, but she's not on the side of the Rangers.


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Mighty Saban Slicing Ranger
Sentai Silliness.

Adam's in Love!

Power Rangers Turdy
A turbo parody with bite!


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"Defenders of the Universe"

Andros finds out what really happened to Karone.

Fitting In
Karone takes Ashley's place at Angel Grove High for a day.

Karone remembers Zhane.

Operation Zhane
The rangers' master plan takes effect.

Unseen Transmissions
Karone reads her missing child profile.

The Hardest Thing
Karone and Zhane make some decisions.

Fishy Genius
There's something fishy about Earth's new computer genius....literally.

Letting Go
Hard choices fall upon Karone when Rytan is attacked.

An uneasy feeling settles over the rangers.

Coming Together
Phantom returns with Zordon......just in time.

Tragedy Strikes
When the entire universe is under attack, two Rangers get lost.

The rangers regroup, with new Zords.

Old Friends
Some old friends come back to lend a hand.

Overcoming the Odds
Karone vanishes, and the rangers find out the truth.

Easy Come, Easy Go
Sometimes getting away is easy, but only sometimes.

Foreseen Shadows
More of Karone's visions come true.

A New Power
New Powers are needed, when the other's are destroyed.

Ultra Problems
Trey is alive. ..and Astronema is at it again.

No One Else Comes Close
Karone and Zhane take a trip to Rytan.

Don't Wanna Lose You Now
Darkonda, a Metallic Monster, 2 rangers gone...this can't be good.

From Defender To Slave
Karone is taken to her new home.

Finding Out The Facts
Karone learns startling facts about the day KO-35 was attacked.

White Awakening
Zhane awakens from hyper sleep, and not one minute too soon.

Daughterly Love
Karone finally reunites with her parents.

The Great Escape
Karone escapes Ioxin, and gets help.

The Rangers fight to free Ioxin, and re-establish KO-35.

Peanut Butter
KO-35 is finally free, but is it Karone's home?

An Ecto-Disaster
The boys are back in town.

Touched by Evil
Someone on the megaship is evil . . . but who?

Working For The Enemy
Jason gets his assignment from Dark Spectre.

Zhane and Jason have a confrontation.

Reversing the Spell
Can the Rangers save Jason before it's too late?

Judgement Day
The Psycho . . . who?

Final Destination
The Rangers must leave Angel Grove in order to save it.

Returning the Sanity
Astronema gets smarter, and a Ranger makes a return.

"Sweet Melodies Series"

All Star
Rocky has a weird dream.

Waiting For Magic
Karone thinks about Zhane.

A Ranger reunion.

"Zeo Love Saga"

Love At First Sight
Rocky meets a new girl, and the Rangers get a new ally.

Living In Danger
Is Abby safe. . .anywhere?

Blue Dreams
Rocky cast into eternal sleep, can anyone save him?

King Mondo has something planned for Abby.

"Trapped in Time"

A Minor Glitch
A time machine transports Tommy's future daughter to their time.

"Time Of Your Life"

A League of Good and Evil
How good and evil came to be.

"Stand Alones"

Cassie and Phantom are finally together.

Zhane helps Karone adjust to life on Earth.

A Silver Return
Zhane goes to Terra Venture to find Karone.


Bullet Danae Park Bullet

"Zeo Disaster"

Green with Envy
A new girl enters the rangers lives as some old
enemies return causing problems for both the Zeo
Rangers and the Machine Empire.

Green with Envy Part 2: Blue and Pink
Adam's life seems to be one disaster after another.

"A Rocky Life"

A Rocky Path to Take
But on the telephone line I am anyone I am anything I want to be
and you wouldn't know the difference Or would you?


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The Turbo Rangers Vs Aliens

Hope For The World

Set Controls To Outer Space Now


Bullet Adam Pearlman Bullet

"Silver Ranger Series"
The Earth has a new Silver Ranger to defend her.

Dark Awakening
Kimberly's cousin Scott is coming to Angel Grove, and
Zedd and Rita have plans for his arrival.

Lucky Seven
Zedd and Rita try their hand at an evil Ranger again,
and this time, they are much more successful.

"The New Rangers"

A New Beginning
Certain folk are chosen.

Crisis's and Crossovers
The adventure has just begun.

Missing Home
Home is missed.

Power Loss
Is one of the Rangers in Danger?

What is real?

"Stand Alones"

From Out of Nowhere
When the Power Chamber blew, someone else was there.

The End: Prologue
Time is a circle.

Prelude to the End
It can't really be the end, can it?


Bullet Prince Darien Bullet

"The End of it All"
The Sailor Scouts face the impending destruction of the world. . .

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

"The End of it All 2 - Familiar Faces"
The story of the struggle for the Love Star.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

"The End of it All 3 - The Sword of Darkness"
SailorMoon and the Sailor Scouts face off against a
new foe. . . with the help of the certain Vampire Slayer..!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

"The End of It All 4: The Shadows of the Knight"
Darien is in danger...and Serena faces her worst nightmare!

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

"Other Stories"

A Day in the Life of Zoisite
Zoisite is having one of those days...

Looking Through Your Eyes
Princess Serena and Prince Darien savour their final moments together.

A lone warrior of the Negaverse ponders his fate in
the aftermath of the battle between the Sailor Scouts and Queen Beryl.

"Nightmare of The Knight"
A dark, alternate view of the Sailor Moon Universe...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

The Thunder Rolls
An interesting Sailor Moon story based on a Garth Brooks song.


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"Power Ranger/Transformers Crossover"
Super Ranger Masterforce -

Episode 1: Transform Rangers!
The Power Rangers and the Transformers join forces!

Episode 2: Arise, Ranger Pretenders
Power Rangers becoming Transformers ? ? ? ?

Episode 3: The Decepticon's Manhunt
A former Ranger joins the new team!

Episode 4: Target: Kat!
It looks like Kat is the target of this next plan!

Episode 5: Birth Of The Headmaster Rangers
A new group of Rangers is born!

Episode 6: Beware! Demons Run Wild
Trouble is running around . . . Wild!

Episode 7: Infestation
Decepticons, and Barillian bugs, and Quantrons, oh my!!

"Power Rangers Celestial"
The Power Rangers meet the Sailormoon Team, and
new Power Rangers are created!

Episode 1
The Folding Hand
Throughout the world, Ryo and Kitta were gathering people together
under the orders of the Ancient to create a new Ranger team.

Episode 2
The Zord Factor
Avery is ordered to take down the Rangers and she hits them
were it hurts, at their new college. While the team settles in, Avery
delievers a trecherous assault on the team. To make matters worse,
she makes a monster grow. The Rangers must get a Megazord quick
for this giant monster is not stopping till the Rangers are dead.

Episode 3
Negative Attraction
Prisma wants Jason and will do anything to get him. Yet, Jason is
trying to rebuild his relationship with Emily who is not sure whether or
not to trust Jason again. Prisma finds out that Emily have Jason's heart
and she is not having that. It is up to the Rangers to stop Prisma's
Attraction to Jason before someone feels her fatal rage.

"Sailor Moon C"
This is the story of the appearance of Lord DreadLox and
the Moon Guardian . . . the senshi are taken out . . . one by one
who will be left to defeat the evil??

Story 1
Story 2
Story 3
Story 4
Story 5
Story 6
Story 7
Story 8
Story 9
Story 10
Story 11
Story 12
Story 13
Story 14


Bullet Symbolic Agony Bullet

There is no joy untouched by sorrow.

Dark Truths
What truths lie hidden?


Bullet Tammy and Jeff Bullet

Mirror Image
Can the Rangers destroy a monster without destroying themselves?


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