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Moving On
By Backlash

Sam was by her usual spot by the lake just taking in all that has happened recently. I canít stay stuck in this limbo anymore I have to find a way to move on. Sam thought to herself.

Trakeena was preparing a new monster to send to Terra Venture. It looked like a giant key. Trakeena was intrigued by him and knew he could destroy the rangers. Off course she always thought that so thatís nothing new.

Leo had been watching over Sam alot lately he was worried about her after what happened with her brother. He wanted to comfort her but anytime anyone approached her she suddenly disappeared. She would have a convenient excuse or she would just turn around and go in the opposite direction. He felt she was going into a shell and he didnít want to lose her. So he just watched over her from a distance.

Kai was on the mega ship with Damon making a few adjustments when they began to talk. "Maybe I should try to talk to her?" Kai asked,

"Arenít you the one you didnít trust her at first?"

"So, We arenít as close maybe it would be easier for her to talk to me."

"It might be." Damon agreed, then they returned to their work.

How do things get so complicated all the time? Sam thought. She heard some screaming and went to check it out. There were about ten sting wingers as a bunch of people ran. Well this is exactly what I needed. She was going to call the others but decided to handle it her self. Leo saw this and joined in they fought them off and then Leo turned to her.

"Why didnít you call for help?"

"For a bunch of stingwingers I can handle them easily."

"What are you talking about there were at least ten."

"itís good to know you can count." she smiled

"now isnít the time for jokes."

"OK Dad."

"You drive me crazy sometimes."

"and I donít even have a license." the both laughed.

"thatís very funny." he said sarcastically.

"Suddenly weíre mister series. Lighten up."

"Lighten up!. youíre the one you has been doing a disappearing act lately."

"Maybe I should have been a magician. Look at the time later." she took off.

"She did it again. Why doesnít she ever listen to me? Man she is going to be the death of me I just know it."

Sam was walking but couldnít help smiling at that whole weird conversation. It kind of made her feel better. Sam and Leo could always disagree about stupid things that she usually caused. Maybe being with friends would take the pain away.

Kai came up to Sam and said, "I know we arenít that close but could you use some one to talk to?" Sam looked at him and thought. Maybe itís time to get this out of my system before it destroys me.


"So Iíll just listen."

"you donít have to do this. After all I wouldnít want to bother you."

"we arenít that close but, I consider you a friend." They talked for two hours.

Meanwhile the others were on there way to the basketball court. Trying to think of a way to help Sam. "I donít know how to help her." Maya said,

"you know earlier when I was talking to her it felt like old times."

"She might have been doing that for your benefit Leo. Otherwise she wouldnít have just taken off again."

"hey check that out" Mike said. They all looked to see to figures playing basketball. They realized it was Sam and Kai so they went to check it out.

They were laughing and playing Sam said, "Hey Kai your shirt is ripped." when he looked she grabbed the ball and yelled, "Cike."

"Hey cheater." they continued to play. They saw the others and they were still laughing Sam said, "Hey guys want to play?" they couldn't believe how happy she looked they hadn't seen her smile in a long time. they played for a couple of hours and Sam and Kai seemed pretty chummy. Leo suddenly felt bad why could she talk to Kai and not him.

Later Leo went to see Sam. "Sam could I talk to you for a minute?" he asked,

"What is it Leo. You look bummed."

"Somethingís been bothering me."


"Canít you talk to me about stuff?"

"Of course you are the first person I would go to."

"Then how come you can talk to Kai and not me."

"thatís not true."

"Iím glad your feeling better. But it was Kai that helped you not me. I know that sounds selfish.."

"Kai just listened. But your the one who made me see what I was doing"


"Yeah you. After our little fight I felt better. Then Kai showed up and we talked. If you were the one to show up it would have been you. But I never would have gotten there without you." she smiled "now come let me see that million dollar smile of yours. After all you were the one to start that stupid fight."

"Excuse me. You were the one who went off half cocked per usual."

"hey I see bad guys I react. Are you my boyfriend or my mother."

"Itís a big job but somebodyís got to do it" the alarms started to go off and Leo and Sam looked at the screen to see the Key Master. Leo said, "Alpha contact the others" Leo turned to Sam but she was gone. "Not again dam that girl. Well here goes GO GALACTIC!" Leo morphed when he arrived the others were there too. Sam slammed the monster against the wall and did a front flip and kicked him. Leo went up to her.

"I suppose you think you can take him by yourself too."

"Of course not. besides I wouldnít want to rob you of the opportunity to show off."

"I donít show off. Miss run into danger without thinking!"

"Hey you go with what works."

"Theyíre at it again." said the green ranger,

"Yeah itís great isnít it?" asked The blue ranger.

"Just like old times," said the yellow. Then Sam said, "can we discuss this later we have a monster to fight."

"yeah I almost forgot." The keymaster grew to zord size so the others yelled, "GALACTA BEASTS ARISE!" and they transformed the fight was short but victorious.

Sam and Leo continued their conversation with a kiss.