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The Personality Switch
by Backlash

Sam was working out when Leo joined her looking not so happy. Sam didnít know what was wrong but something was up. "Leo whatís wrong?"

"nothing. Whatís that?" he pointed at a package.

"I donít know it just came. Itís addressed to both of us." Leo looked at it it was a pocelin staue of a unicorn. Leo held it and felt a little strange.

"wow thatís beautiful. Can I see it?" Leo handed it to her and she also felt strange.

Kai walked in as Sam placed it in her bag. "Hey guys whatís up?"

"not much ." Leo answered. Their communicators went off. Sam answered, "what is it Alpha?"

"Stingwingers are in the park with a unicorn monster."

"all right." Sam turned to Leo but he was gone.

"where did Leo go?" she asked as they ran towards the park.

Sam saw Leo fighting the monster all by himself.* That moron why did he run off to fight them alone. *Sam knew they would need a plan but she was furious at Leo and approached him when he hit the ground while the others showed up. They began to fight the monster.

"Leo what the hell are you doing?"

"Itís called fighting a monster."

"Oh is that what itís called it looked more like being thrown like a rag doll."

"I had him just where I wanted him. Whatís youíre problem?"

"My problem is you just donít run off and fight by yourself." By this time the monster had retreated and the others were just listening to this weird conversation.

"well itís not my style to just wait around."

"You are impossible why donít you ever listen?"

"When there is trouble I react I donít just wait around."

"You know what... just forget it.."

"FINE" they both yelled at the same time and went their separate ways. The others didnít know what to think.

Trakeena laughed while observing from her ship. "whatís so funny?" Diviot asked,

"I switched the guardian and the red rangers personalities. It was entertaining."

"But what was the point in that?"

"They will be in eachothers face so much they wonít know what to think. Each arguing on behalf of the others beliefs. They will be easy to defeat now besides it sure is fun to watch." they all continued to laugh.

Sam was walking in the park still steamed at Leo. Not paying attenion ran into Leo.

"Well if it isnít miss play by the rules."

"At least I donít just jump into danger without concern for anyone else."

"Yeah well you are not my father." Kai and Damon showed up as they yelled "FINE" again and went their separate ways.

What is going on Kai thought to him self and decided to call all the rangers to the ship for a meeting.

Kai brought Sam and Damon brought Leo practically dragging them. They both sat down but wouldnít face eachother. Let alone speak to eachother. Kai kind of just looked at them trying to figure out what to do. "Somethingís not right." Kai said.

" Kai why did you want to see us?" Maya asked,

"Sam and Leo are acting abnormally."

"I agree did you see them in the park? they were fighting but in reverse." Mike pointed out

"I think we should have Alpha do a scan on them. Maybe they are under a spell."

"I hope so." Mike answered Kai.

Alpha approached the two. "What are you doing?" Leo asked. the others explained to them their theory. They responded in disbelief. Sam responded, "There only thing thatís wrong with me is him."

"Itís not my fault. You are too slow."

"Slow! who you calling slow. Take the cotton out of your ears because you never listen. Donít come cying to me when you get yourself in trouble."

"Yeah right when did I ever go to you for help? All I hear nag nag nag."

"THATíS ENOUGH!" Mike shouted they were struck silent.

"Mikeís right you to love each other and youíre at each others throats." Alpha came over and said, "I have finished the scan."

"So whatís the verdict?" asked Mike.

"It seems that their personalities have been switched but, the more they argue the more they forget what they mean to eachother. We must find what triggered it."

"Well I donít think they will be any help."

The alarm went off and they viewed in the screen that unicorn monster was attacking again. They were going to have to wait on helping Sam and Leo for now. The monster could destroy the city if they didnít get moving. So they left leaving Sam and Leo on the mega ship. They monitored their friends from there. Alpha had told them they couldnít morph until they were back to normal. They somehow had forgotten what they meant to eachother. The others were being beaten and needed help right away.

"Thatís it they need help Iím not waiting anymore." leo said.

"then what are we waiting for?"

"What no lecture?"

"Are you coming or not?" they both left.

Sam and Leo arrived at the battle scene. They others were on the ground struggling to get up. Sam still had her back pack and set it down while they went to help the others but as they were about to join them stingwingers appeared. "It figures." Sam said. Sam and Leo were unable to morph so they had to take them out on their own. Sam grabbed a long sturdy branch to use as a weapon. She took it and hit the stingwinger that approached her. Leo delivered a right cross to the one that attacked him. They backed off.

"are you OK?" Sam asked.

"Yeah. Wait a minute what do you care?" Leo snapped. Those words stung her she was starting to see the big picture she just stared at him for a minute until he said.

"you know youíre right I just worry about you for know reason. Get off my back." As they were arguing the monster picked up Sam and threw her against the wall. Samís head was hurt badly. "SAM!" Leo yelled he realized that this was a spell and how much he cared for her. He was about to run over to her when the monster attacked him. Leo was on the ground the monster stood over him. Sam was thinking why was I so mad then she noticed the staue sticking out of her bag. It no longer was porcelain it was now stone. "Youíre the cause of this." she slammed it against the wall. As the pieces shattered a light shot out of it and suddenly Leo and Sam were restored to their former selves.

"Hey thorn head. Iím back and Iím gonna kick you ass." Sam yelled and continued, "Get away from my boyfriend!" Leo smiled and kicked him away then he flipped in the air and landed by Samís side. "Are you OK?" he asked. "Yeah. Iím sorry about before."

"Me too. But, I guess I have a knew perspective on things I know how you feel about the way you do things."

"so do I. Iíll try not to give such a hard time anymore. After all I take a few risks myself."

"Itís all right I like when we fight. Because then we have to make up." Leo put his hand on her cheek and kissed her. The monster became mad and said, "Enough of this mushy crap. I will destroy all of you." Sam and Leo laughed and Sam responded, "Get some fresh material." "You ready. GO GALACTIC!" they morphed. The others recovered and joined them. They yelled "LIGHTS OF ORION ACTIVATE!" Sam used her power and slammed him. "POWER UP MODE!" the others yelled. But he was still standing so they attacked him. The blue ranger leaped into the air and kicked him the monster fell back. The green ranger double punched him. The yellow and pink kicked and punched at the same time. The Magna defender slashed him with his sword. the unicorn pulled off his horn and threw it at The guardian she fell to the ground. "Youíll pay for that." threatened the red ranger. He powered up his saber and took down the unicorn.

Leo ran over to The guardian and they all powered down he asked, "Are you all right?"

"Yeah but this experience has taught me one thing."

"Whatís that?"

"Itís good to be me." They all laughed.

"Iím glad to see you guys back to your old selves." Maya added and they all agreed.

"Hey Sam Iíll race you back to the ship." Leo took off

"Hey. You canít beat me cheater get back here." she yelled as she tried to catch up to him. The others all said at the same time as they watched them "THEYíRE BACK!" Damon joked, "Thank goodness because I didn't know how much more of that I could take."