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By Backlash

Sam was running through the woods. Running and running trying to catch her breath but the persuer never stopping or giving her a break. She stopped for a moment to catch her breath but then had to continue to run for she could feel him getting closer if it was a him. She had no idea what was chasing her just that she was terrified of it. Sam had never experienced such fear. Sure sheís been scared before but not like this. Sam continued to run when she ran into Leo "LEO?" he pointed at her and then disappeared. Something grabbed her thatís when she woke up screaming. She finally caught her breath and said, "It was just a dream. THANK GOD!" it was still early but there was no way she could go back to sleep so she decided to take a walk in the park. It was five in the morning when she went out.

She sat next to the tree by the lake where she usually did for a moment. Then she got up and continued to wander. There was something she had to do but really didnít want to but knew it was for his own good. Sam spotted Leo and said, "Well I better get this over with." she approached him he was about to kiss her but she backed away.

"Leo we need to talk."

"Sam whatís wrong?"

"I donít want to go out with you anymore."

"What? we love eachother."

"I canít be with you anymore Iím sorry if this hurts but, I donít feel the way about you that you feel about me. I hope you have a good life." Leo couldnít believe what he was hearing as he watched her walk away.

Leo headed back to his quarters and laid on his bed just staring into space thinking. *I know she loved me she wasnít faking. Why would she suddenly break up with me. What we have is special why throw it away. She talked like we were never going to see eachother again. Why would she say have a good life we still work together. Itís not like I wouldnít see her around.*

Kai and Damon walked in and saw Leo they could tell something was wrong. Kendrix and Maya were also with them. They could tell something was wrong and Maya asked,

"Leo whatís wrong?"

"Sam just broke up with me." Leo said softly.

"But she loves you" Damon added.

"she says she doesnít ." Leo answered.

"Leo there as to be more to this. Iím going to go talk to her." Kai said then left.

"If you guys donít mind I want to be alone." he said as he left.

"Iíve never seen Leo so down." Damon said in a concerned voice.

Leo went to the park where he would always see Sam sitting when she needed to think. There was no sign of her around. He couldnít believe she just dumped him. Just two days ago they were telling eachother how much they loved one another. What could have happened to change that. She couldnít have just shut off her feelings could she?

Sam was walking and walking not knowing where just that she needed to keep her mind off what she just did.* I didnít want to hurt him but I canít be with him right now. But why does it have to hurt so much to be without him. I have to stay away from him or the hurt will intensify. I will only see him if itís power ranger business. Thatís the way it has to be.* Sam continued to walk with no pre determined destination in mind. Suddenly sting wingers appeared Sam said, "I am so not in the mood for this right now." Kai spotted her and jumped in to help. It was a short fight they retreated.


"no problem."

"So what brings you to this part of the woods Kai?"

"I was looking for you."

"Me? why?"

"I just saw Leo."

"I donít want to talk about that." Sam turned to walk away but Kai grabbed her arm.

"Sam whatís going on I know you love him."

Leo spotted the two of them talking and started to get close enough to listen. "I do love him but I canít."

"What do you mean?"

"He could have so much more. He deserves better."

"what are you talking about?"

"Just forget it. Itís getting late and Iím tired see you later." Leo watched the two of them walk in separate directions as he thought. *Whatís going on I know she loves me she just said so. Something else is going on.* Leo couldnít sleep so he went to go talk to Sam even if he had to wake her up he was going to get some answers.

Leo entered her room and saw her sleeping. She was trembling and starting to scream he new she must be having a nightmare so he tried to wake her. "SAM! SAM! WAKE UP" she woke up scared and she was shaking Leo held her and she held him back. Sam held him so tight it was like she was afraid to let go. After she calmed down she realized she was holding Leo she broke free and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"By the looks of it comforting you. Are you Allright now."

"why are you here we arenít together anymore."

"I know. Why?"

"I told you that I donít...." Leo interrupted

"I heard you tell Kai that you still love me now whatís really going on?" Sam got up and just left "SAM WAIT A MINUTE" but she was gone.

Sam started to think to herself.* Itís not just Leo anymore I have to distance myself from everyone. I have to leave Terra Venture before these dreams consume me. I donít want to go back to earth so I will have to find a suitable place. To live as the Guardian not to far away in case they need my help. But if I leave now I wonít know where there final destination is all I know is they are going to a new world. Maybe I should wait. Of course they were fine before I came maybe they would do fine without me. Oh I donít know what to do. Think Sam Think!*

"So Guardian having doubts?" Trakeena appeared.

"What do you want?"

"You donít need them join me."

"You must be going senile. Why would I ever join you?"

"I can stop those nasty dreams."

"Are you causing them?" Trakeena didnít answer.

"Maybe maybe not. They are only going to get worse. Think about what I offer."

"Why bother I am leaving this place I am no longer a threat to you."

"So the Guardian is leaving Terra Venture. To think all it took was a few bad dreams to get you to turn on your friends."

"Iím not turning on them. Look just leave me alone."

"you know I sense a darkness in you. Iíve tried to ignore it you being a ranger and all. But I feel the darkness that surrounds you." Trakeena started to circle her and continued."You can feel it canít you?"

"Yes... I..mean.. no" Sam was confused Maya and Kai showed up and took fighting stances.

"Remember what I said guardian." then she vanished. Kai new something was up but Sam just walked off. "I think itís time we have a meeting to confront Sam about everything." Maya agreed.

A couple hours later.... Everyone was gathered on the ship waiting for Sam and Leo to arrive. Leo arrived and they filled him in . He told them about the dream he walked in on. Sam walked in and saw everyone. They all just looked at her for a moment. "why are you all staring at me?"

"We want to know whatís going on?" Damon asked.

"What are you talking about?"

"You want a list. You broke up with Leo when you still love him. You were talking to Trakeena like you were friends. And you are having bad dreams." Sam looked at Leo like she needed him right now. Leo walked over to her and said, "Talk to us we can help."

Sam wanted to but something was holding her back. "I canít tell you."

"Sam we are friends. Arenít we?" Maya asked.

"Yes. Things are confusing right now. You shouldnít get involved." Sam started to head for the door but Leo cut her off and blocked the doorway. "Leo get out of my way."

"No. Stop running. You canít hide forever."


"you do not someone has planted that in your head. I know you and you are a good person. You piss me off sometimes but you are a ranger all the way." Sam was starting to lose her patients. she walked to the center of the room and sat on a chair. "What do you guys want from me?" she was finally willing to talk.

"what did Trakeena want?"

"So wants me to join her."

"you said no right?" Maya asked.

"I didnít say yes."

"but you didnít say no either." Maya stated.

"She actually made a good argument."

"Are you outta your mind?" Damon questioned.

"guys could we have a minute alone?" Leo asked the others left.

Leo went and sat on the floor and looked up at her. She wouldnít look at him in the eyes. "Sam....Sam look at me."

"I canít." she answered

"why canít you look at me?"

"I canít bear to see the disappointment in your eyes." leo touched the side of your face and pulled it towards him.

"Now do you see disappointment in my eyes." she looked at him.

"no I donít"

"What do you see?"

"Love. You still love me after all this?"

"Of course I do .Trakeena has put doubts in your head. Donít let her win. I love you more than ever." they kissed and held eachother. Sam still had doubts though. Their communicators went off "What is it Alpha." Leo answered.

"Thereís trouble in the park." Leo and Sam headed for the park.

The others were already there but there was no monster. Trakeena appeared behind Sam. "you rangers are predictable. So whatís it gonna be guardian?" there was nothing but silence. "Get a life." Sam said but Trakeena wasnít convinced and disappeared with her. "SAM ! DAM YOU TRAKEENA!" Leo was furious.

Sam woke up in a steel cell. Bounded by chains. It appeared to be in a cave but she couldnít be sure. She could here a stream or a lake near by she didnít see anyway out. Even if she got out of her chains the cell was still locked with a keypad. Why was Trakeena so interested in her was the question of the hour. She saw no guards she was alone for the time being. Alone just her and her thoughts not to mention her doubts. She had to overcome them if she had any chance of escape. Even if she did escape she would be of no use if she still had those doubts. Knowing Trakeena was behind the dreams for sure wouldnít help until she faced her inner demons.

Trakeena was aboard her ship. "Lets let her think by herself for a while. But post some guards outside the cave. Soon with the guardian on our side we will be unstoppable."

"Why not just make her evil with a spell?"

"Those pesky rangers would find a way to break . This way itís by choice and a great deal of convincing. Especially with those dreams I created for her."

Leo was scanning everywhere trying to locate her but no luck. "She couldnít have just disappeared from the galaxy."

"Donít worry Leo weíll find her." Mike assured him.

"Iím sorry Leo but it appears that they are blocking our scan. There is no way to find her." Leo stormed out. He he went to his room he started to throw things around. Then he fell to the floor tears running down the sides of his cheeks. he pulled out a picture of the two of them together laughing and holding eachother. He thought to himself. * I will find you no matter what it takes that bitch will not take you from me. I promise we will be together again just stay strong. Donít give in.*

Trakeena appeared in the cave. She looked smug like she had accomplished the impossible. "welcome to my cave of darkness." Sam didnít say a word. "Have you changed your mind yet?"

"I am not evil. Leave me alone."

"As you wish. But let me leave you with this thought. If you had surrendered to the darkness a long time ago your brother would be alive today. You would be together fighting side by side. Being a ranger brings you nothing but grief. Why be good and miserable when you can be bad and a lot happier. Being a ranger has brought you nothing but misery. Think about my words." Trakeena vanished but she new she was getting through to Sam.

Sam started to think to herself.* Is what she says true. My brother did want me to join him. Maybe if I had he would be alive today. We would be together now she wouldnít have killed him. Could she be right is there darkness inside me. I can get pretty angry at times. I have a bad temper when people donít listen to me I do it anyway. I gave up Leo just because of a dream. Maybe I wasnít meant to be a ranger afterall my powers donít come from the same place. They come from within me. The bracelet is just a conductor. I canít believe I am thinking this way. If I can think these thoughts I certainly could act on them. Or could I. But I never would want to be on the side of darkness. If I do have darkness in me how could I feel the way I do about Leo. Why would I care about my friends. Why would I miss the old rangers so much. Why would I have been sad when my brother died. Of course Trakeena is evil and was probly sad when her father died it really pissed her off infact. I just donít know. I really wish Leo was here.*

Leo was sitting in his now trashed room when Kai walked in. "What hit this place a hurricane?" Leo smiled.

"We have to get her back."

"We will. Sam has become my best friend we will find her."

"Trakeena put all those doubts in her before. What if she convinces her to defect."

"Sam is not now or ever will become evil. Everyone has doubts. We just have to convince her of that. First we have to find her."

Sam fell asleep and started to dream again. She was running and running this time when she saw Leo she stopped. "Enough. Who are you?" the figure approached her. The shadow stepped into the light. She was staring at herself. "All this time I have been running from myself?"

"Trakeena gave the dreams. But not the fears you have. You are not evil you are a caring person who puts her friends above herself. Trust me I know."

"Then why does what Trakeena say make sense to me?"

"Sure it would be easy to be evil. But you were never one to take the easy way out were you?" Sam smiled at her double and replied, "Nope I guess not. Thank you."

"No problem."

Sam woke up smiling with a sense of relief. She new she was on the right path. Nothing Trakeena could say would change that. Her life had pupose she was a ranger and a friend. And nothing was going to make her turn on her friends. Trakeena appeared and said, "Well whatís it gonna be?"

"Well let me think. OK I will join you."

"You will?"


"You will regret this. Take her to the cliff and throw her off." she ordered.

"At least I wonít have to hear your stupid lectures anymore."

"This is your last chance join me or die."

"You still havenít learned. Maybe you need a fashion consultant. Antenna head."

"Why you little...."

"Great comeback did you think of that all by yourself?" Sam laughed as the stingwingers took her to the cliff. Along with Deviot who was holding her bracelet.

"Rangers I have a fix on Sam." "Where?" Damon asked,

"Aiyiyiyi they are going to throw her off the cliff you must hurry." Leo didnít wait around he was outta there. "To think he used to complain when Sam did that." Damon said as they ran out of there.

As they were restraining Sam Deviot asked, "Any last words?"

"Yeah in my pocket I have some tick tacs take as many as you want."

"Nothing will save you now. You should have joined us when you had the chance. Now you will die."

"I donít know whatís worse being killed by you or being bored to death by your rambling. I would have to say the talking part just do it already. Thatís the problem with you bad guys you talk way to much. And thatís how you get defeated. All talk no action."

"Hereís some action throw her over." the stingwingers dragged her to the edge. Sam struggled but there were alot of them holding her . "Finally I have destroyed the guardian ranger." As they were about to push her off laser fire hit the stingwingers it was the rangers. Sam kicked her bracelet out of Deviots hands and Leo the red ranger caught it. Deviot like the coward he is retreated . Leo powered down and approached Sam. "It took you long enough."

"well there was a lot of traffic. By the way I think you lost this." he handed her the bracelet.


"I was worried about you. Are you really Allright?"

"Worry worry worry....You are gonna give yourself an ulcer if you keep this up." Leo smile he new she was now doubt free. Kai approached and said, "Glad to see youíre Allright."

"I am fine."

"Thatís too bad."

"What do you mean?"

"Now youíre not going to have an excuse when I beat you at basketball." he joked.

"You beat me I think not." they all laughed and started to head back.

"Leo Iím sorry I ever doubted..."

"Say know more we all have doubts from time to time. But there is one thing I will never doubt."

"Whatís that?"

"How much I love you." They kissed and held eachother. Then they caught up with the others.