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Authors note: this fic is not connected with the series it is a stand alone although the characters are the same except Karone is in this. I thought I would try something different. Donít let the title fool you this will be a happy story eventually. Sam and Leo are not an item yet?

Christmas Blues
By Backlash

Karone was so excited this was going to be her first Christmas as Karone. Before she was just Astronema evil. Now that she is good she couldnít wait to spend it with her friends. They had become like a family to her they just excepted her unconditionally . Even knowing about her past. Sure at first she was worried but the others have made her feel right at home. It didnít hurt to already have a friend on the team. Sam knew her before when she worked with the space rangers. Even though she was there when Karone was evil she excepted her anyhow.

Leo on the other hand was not excited about Christmas thoughts kept plaguing him. *I canít believe Christmas is almost here. I am so not in the mood for good cheer. Why? I have always loved Christmas even when it was just me and Mike. Sam is having a majorly bad influence on me. All I ever do now is think about her... OK Leo stop that..I wonder what sheís doing right now STOP IT! that girl is going to drive me nuts. Now where was I oh yes being depressed about Christmas coming..* Trying to think himself away to stop thinking about his feelings for Sam.

Mike walked into Leoís room and saw his brother staring at the ceiling and decided it wasnít the best time to chat so he continued on to see Karone. He had promised to help her decorate the ship for Christmas. "I wonder whatís troubling Leo." Mike finally said after a few moments of silence. "Why would you say somethingís wrong with Leo?"

Karone asked.

"I just saw him laying on his bed staring into space."

"Let me go see whatís wrong." Karone smiled and headed towards Leoís room.

Karone watched Leo from the hall. Karone was starting to see what he meant. Mike wasnít kidding Leo did look depressed. "Leo."

"Oh hi Karone."

"Whatís wrong?"

"Nothing really."

"If you donít mind Karone I really want to be left alone."

"Allright by Leo." Karone decided to leave him alone for now she thought she would go see Sam. Sam always knew how to make him feel better.

When Karone went to Sams room it was odd all her friends had decorated for Christmas even Leo. Not Sam her room was the same as it always was. Sam was reading a book at her desk. Karone wondered what the deal was she thought everyone decorated for Christmas.

"Hey Sam."

"Oh hi Karone."

"Something wrong?"

"Itís just that. I thought everyone decorated for Christmas how come you havenít?"

"Oh is it that time already? to tell you the truth I donít do Christmas."

"Why not?"

"Iím not into that mushy stuff. I usually just read and hope it passes quickly."

"This is strange first Leo then you."

"What about Leo?"

"Heís depressed I thought you could talk to him."

"Thatís odd he seems the type that would love Christmas. Allright Iíll go see what I can do."

"By the way Sam I guess since you donít do Christmas you wonít be going to the Christmas party."

"You guessed right." she said as she headed out the door.

*First Leo then Sam what is this contagious. I thought Christmas was suppose to be a happy time. Itís two days away tonightís the party I hope Sam can make Leo feel better it wonít be the same without them. Maybe Sam will change her mind and come. I get the feeling that there is a deeper reason then she just doesnít do Christmas.*

Sam watched Leo from the doorway.* Even when heís pouting he looks cute. Iíve been hanging around him to much. Listen to me Leo is cute though. Heís funny sensitive smart. Heís kind of like me when I just react. Why is he so depressed and how can I make him feel better. If this is the holiday blues I am not going to be much of a use cheering him up.* Sam approached him quietly and said. "Leo." he jumped out of bed and answered, "Donít do that. you almost gave me a heart attack."

"youíre to young to have a heart attack." she laughed

"Itís not funny.

"Yes it is." Leo started to laugh to then they sat together. Sam and Leo just laughed a couple of minutes then . Sam didnít like to see Leo sad he is generally such a happy person.

"So what brings you by?" he asked.

"I have been elected to find out whatís bothering you?"

"Nothing really just not in the mood for Christmas. What are your Christmas plans?"

"Is that all anyone ever talks about anymore Christmas."


"Donít worry about . So why are you so sad?"

"Whatís to celebrate I mean we havenít defeated Trakeena yet?"

"Well, Letís see weíre still alive you have the best friends and you have your brother back in your life. Not to mention that you have kept Terra Venture safe from Trakeena."

"I know but..."

"You miss Kendrix?"

"Yeah she was a good friend."

She was and I know weíll see her again. Wherever she is I know she is safe."

"I know."

"So then stop moping around. Go party dude."

"Allright already Iím going." Leo started to head to the bathroom when he turned and said "Sam.. Thanks." Sam thought to herself . *Good now that Leo is feeling better I can return to my room and hope Christmas passes quickly. Itís not that I have anything against the holiday I just never had a good one. Sam didnít know what the big deal was about Christmas anyway.*

"Well it looks like you cheered Leo up." Karone said as she approached Sam.

"Yep heís good to go."

"you sure you wonít come to the party?"

"Karone. Nevermind."

"Come on Sam why donít you celebrate Christmas?"

"Never gonna leave me alone till I tell you are you?"

"Nope now spill." Sam walked over to the table on the mega ship and sat down Karone followed. Sam felt as though she could tell Karone so why not . Why not release this burden. "Iím not allowed to. Or I mean I wasnít allowed to."

"What do you mean?" Leo was on the ship and started to listen in on the conversation.

"My foster father. He if you even mentioned the word Christmas you would be in trouble."

"Ashly told me a little about him. I wish you didnít have to live with such a mean man."

"No biggie. Christmas just isnít for everyone."

"But your not with him anymore you could have a good Christmas."

"I guess but not this year maybe next year I will ready." Sam didnít sound to sure.

Karone wasnít about to give up though she had two more days till Christmas to work on her friend. Karone didnít say anything in front of Sam but she saw Leo watching them maybe she could enlist his help. Karone knew about some of the bad times from Samís past but was sworn to secrecy. Karone and Sam had become pretty tight.

Sam starting thinking about the last time she had Christmas with her real family before they died. She could remember the warmth and the caring. How much fun they had just being with eachother. Maybe she just should give Christmas another chance. Thatís when she walked by the stores and saw people fighting over gifts shoving and pushing eachother to get what they wanted. "I think Iíll stick with my original idea." Look at these people shoving and pushing you would think it was the end of the world or something. I thought the idea of Christmas was suppose to be about being with your family. I guess I was wrong again. Sam thought to herself.

Trakeena was confused why the hell was Christmas so important to these people sure she knew what it represents but itís something she would have fun ruining. "Destroyer I want you destroy Christmas for the rangers. Lets just see how much they want to celebrate then."

Mike was on the bridge just being relieved when he ran into Kai. "Well tomorrow is Christmas. How come Sam wasnít at the party last night?" "Karone said she doesnít celebrate Christmas." "I always thought she would be the type that would." they continued to talk on the way to the Karone and Mayaís room. When they got there the place was wrecked. Karone was sitting on the floor crying. She had worked so hard to make everything perfect and now it was all destroyed. "Karone donít cry."

"It was a monster it teleported out when we got here."

"We?" Kai asked.

"Maya went to get a broom to sweep up the broken bulbs." Karone answered still crying. Mike put his hand on her shoulder. Sam entered and asked, "What happened here did we have a hurricane that I missed?"

"Trakeena." is all Mike said and all he had to. Sam kneeled down next to Karone and said.

"Karone. Itíll be all right."

"You probly donít care what she did since you hate Christmas. Now you wonít have to look at all this stuff."

"Karone. I know how hard you worked and would not want it destroyed no matter if I like Christmas or not."

"I know Iím sorry. Christmas is ruined."

"No itís not. Christmas isnít about decorations or presents. Itís about being with the people you love and celebrating the good things you have. Trakeena canít ruin whatís in your heart." Sam could hardly believe she was the one saying these things. "But I still donít do Christmas." Karone smiled she was starting to feel better.

"I suggest we find this creep before he does anymore damage." Mike added.

"Agreed." they all said in unison. They paired off and split up. Leo and Maya teamed up. As did Kai and Karone . Mike and Sam paired up. Alpha and Damon were on the ship trying to find the monster with the scanner.

*Sam didnít understand why Trakeena would want to ruin Christmas then again why did Trakeena do anything. I really want to hurt that bitch for making my friends so unhappy. I may not enjoy Christmas but they do. So much for the happiest time of the year.* Sam thought. Mike was looking at Sam every five minutes trying to figure something out. Finally Sam got tired of it and asked.


"Just wondering."

"Wondering what?"

"For some one who hates Christmas. You know the meaning of it pretty well."

"Great do I get a lecture from everyone of this subject or what?"

"You can fool the others but not me."

"I donít know what your talking about."

"The way you looked when you were comforting Karone. You canít hate Christmas and talk about it that way."

"I never said I hated Christmas."

"So you like it?"

"Yea.. No. I thought I did but I donít know anymore."

"Why not give it a chance?"

"you know now I know where Leo gets it."

"Gets what?"

"His cockiness." Mike smiled and knew he had her on the hook. Thatís when they spotted the destroyer the others were already there fighting him. Trakeena was watching from the sidelines. Laughing as the monster threw around the rangers. The rangers activated the lights of ORION and got him. "I guess they didnít need our help." Mike said.

"Yeah great they get to pummel a monster and I get a lecture." Sam started to walk away.

"Sam where you going ?"

"I have got a great idea for a present for Karone. She is going to have that great Christmas that she wanted." Mike smiled. "Not one word Mike." she turned and said as she was off.

Christmas Day

The others were on their way to the megaship were they were going to have dinner there. With Alpha and everyone. They didnít expect Sam to be joining them though. As they entered the ship it was so beautiful the ship was decorated there was a tree and presents . "Wow did Alpha do this?" Leo asked. "Look there is a card on the tree." Karone pulled it off and it said:

* Iím not good at this stuff so I will just get to the point

Merry Christmas everyone,

Love Sam*

"Wow she really went all out." Karone stated.

Sam was sitting on her bed reading relaxing from decorating all night. She still didnít know what she thought of Christmas anymore but she would do anything for her friends happiness. Hopefully they wonít make a big deal out of it. Then Leo came in. "Doesnít anyone knock anymore?"

"Not likely. If we took the time to knock you would never answer the door."

"What are all of you guys doing here?" she asked as the other entered her room.

"Oh come on Sam after doing all that for us did you really think you could escape?" Damon asked.

"Apparently not." she answered. They practically forced her to have fun but it started to grow on her. They brought her in the main part of the ship where the tree was. They were singing and just having fun being with eachother. "Youíre having fun. I caught you." Leo accused.

"Oh Allright I guess Christmas isnít that bad."

"Merry Christmas Sam." he handed her a gift. Sam opened it. A silver Locket it was beautiful she loved it.

"Thanks itís beautiful." she kissed him on the cheek then went to join the others. Leo started to blush he had gotten his Christmas wish a kiss from Sam is all he wanted. At least for now.