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Authors note: This is an unintentional sequel to "Doubts." It sort of just headed down that way so I just went with it.

The Change
By: Backlash

Today is Sam's birthday and she was on her way to the ship to see Alpha. She hadn't told the others of her birthday but, Alpha told Leo. Leo decided to get her something special. He spotted a ring that was beautiful it was a crystal. Quite expensive but she is worth it he thought. Deviot watched from a distance and thought The fool fell for it.

Sam was in her room writing in her journal about the events of the day. Not much happened today. She wrote *Well it was another slow day not many of those on Terra Venture. At least I got through another birthday another year closer to death. I wonder what Leo is doing right now. I know I know I think about him to much. He occupies almost all my thoughts. That's not a bad thing though is it? I never thought I would feel this way about anyone but it has happened. I caught the love bug. Who would have thought me in love? Before Leo I would have thought of it as a bunch of mushy nonsense. I used to think that love was useless but now, I can't imagine my life without it or Leo.*

Sam looked up to see Leo watching her. "What?" she asked then quickly closed her journal. "Nothing. Just admiring the scenery." Sam smiled to think some one sweat talking her and she not offended. Leo pulled out a small black box.

"What's that?"

"Happy birthday." he handed her the crystal ring. Sam thought, *Thank God it's just a birthday present.*

"Wow it's beautiful. Are you sure you want to give it to me it looks expensive?"

"You are worth every scent." he leaned down and kissed her. Leo left and Sam felt a little uneasy so she went for a walk. She walked and walked until she need to sit for awhile.

Sam put on her beautiful new ring. When she did she felt a burst of warm energy crawl up her arm. At first she felt a little light headed. Heat through her whole body made her feel nauseous. Sam though maybe some fresh air would help so she went outside. Moments later it felt like something was being ripped out of her then it suddenly just passed.

Sam was sitting in her usual place thinking and realized for the first time she felt content. She has a wonderful boyfriend good friends and a new life. Nothing from her past could spoil the goodness that surrounded her. No matter what happens from here on she new things would never be the same. That made her happy. No more doubts plagued her as they did before. No miss givings or feelings that she had to hide herself away. Trust has once again been restored to her. The feeling that she had to hide away and not trust anyone were completely gone she couldn't explain it she just excepted it. She relearned the art of teamwork an art she had long forgotten. She could actually imagine a future something she hadn't done since she was a child.

Sam still watching the water was lost in thought. *I have a great life . No longer am I restrained by negative emotions. I feel free. She just kept smiling it started to hurt she smiled so much. Odd that she felt so good. Why did she feel so content was this a real emotion or a manufactured one. Sam continued thinking Why am I wearing this outfit it's so dark and totally not me. I need something bright and cheerful this outfit is a downer. I know I'll go shopping.*

Sam was unaware what was really going on. She felt normal for the first time in her life. But something bad was about to happen. Sam felt as though something was missing and she was right. Nothing good could come of the whole situation.

Leo and Mike were talking Mike asked, "You gave her a ring?"

"What's wrong with that?"

"Well lets see I'm a girl in love. My boyfriend just gives me an expensive ring with a crystal on it. What would you think?"

"Oh, I see your point. I told her it was a birthday present I'm sure she didn't get the wrong idea."

"Whatever you say, little brother."

Leo was planning a special picnic to celebrate Sam's birthday and was still unaware of her situation or the trouble to come. Hell, Sam was still unaware of it. Soon it would be quite clear though to everyone concerned.

Sam started to walk back to the ship when she was ambushed in the park by some Stingwingers. "Time to take out the trash." she said. The Stingwingers surrounded her there were only three but they were circling her. One of them hit her in the chest and she fell. She hit back but it was a weak hit there was no power in her hit like there usually is. "Oh my God. I can't remember how to fight." so she tried to his her slamming power and nothing. "What the hell is going on?" They just stood there not making any moves against her. Then they retreated when the blue ranger showed up. He demorphed and approached Sam.

"Sam are you OK?" he asked, "Sam hello...."

"What...oh... Yeah I'm fine."

"What happened why weren't you fighting?"

"It's gone.."

"What is?"

"Everything... My powers... My fighting skills...everything."

"What are you talking about?"

"Kai something's wrong with me. I tried to fight but I couldn't remember how to fight or use my power. It's like it was erased from my head." Sam was confused. How could this have happened.

"Don't worry we will think of something." he put his arm on her shoulder. Trying to comfort her. She was worried. "Why don't you get some rest you look tired. I'll inform the others about the situation."

Sam agreed and headed to her room.

"This is perfect. It worked poor Guardian is out of the way." Trakeena laughed hysterically. "They don't even suspect."

"Why didn't you have the Stingwingers finish her?" Deviot asked.

"Don't you dare question me. I have other plans for her. Now with out her power she will have no choice but to join me if she wants her power back. She will soon realize that she is nothing without them."

Deviot didn't understand why Trakeena wanted the guardian on their side so badly especially after what happened last time but he went with it.

"What if she figures out that all she has to do is remove the ring?"

"She won't. Why would she it was given to her in love. And that love is what has brought her to my mercy. With any luck to my side, and she will swear her allegiance to me. I will destroy the Rangers with her help. If she doesn't agree I will simply kill her and she is to weak to fight back." Trakeena laughed in that I'm evil and no one can stop me way.

Sam sat in her room thinking. How could this have happened. What am I without my power? I can't just point my finger at evil and say bang! bang! you're dead. If I'm not the Guardian then who am I? I just can't sit by and do nothing when monsters attack I'm just built that way. Previous Rangers just went there own way after losing or giving up there powers but, I can't. Being a Ranger isn't what I do it's who I am.

There has to be a way to fix this. I am so damn useless like this. My condition could get the others hurt or worse I have to figure this out. To think just an hour ago I was feeling so good. No I won't except this there has to be a logical explanation. No matter what it takes I will get my powers back!

The others were in the guys quarters talking about the situation. Kai filled everyone in on the events he witnessed. "If Sam has lost her power this could be disastrous." Damon stated.

"Yeah now we are one Ranger short." Kai said.

"yeah but there is something worse." Maya remarked

"Like what?" asked Kai.

"Like she could be attacked at any time . She is defenseless. Not only did she lose her power but she doesn't no how to defend herself. Trakeena probably knows this now after that Stingwingers attack. Sam is very vulnerable." Leo said with fear in his voice.

"Don't worry we'll protect her Leo. We aren't going to let anyone hurt her and that's a promise." Damon stated and they all agreed.

Leo met up with Sam in the park and they went for a walk. "So I guess Kai filled you in on everything?" Leo looked at her and held her hands in his. He looked deep into her eyes and said, "Don't worry we will figure this out." Sam looked down and Leo held her chin and pulled it back up and added, "I promise I won't let you down."

"Leo no matter what happens. Even if I can't get my powers back you could never let me down." Leo smiled at her and then held her in his arms. Sam started to think *I'm the one who's going to let you down if I don't find a way to retrieve my powers. I can't believe this is happening I am so not ready to deal. *Leo was also thinking about the situation. No matter what happens I have to protect her with my life if necessary. Those bastards are not going to take advantage of the situation. I know this is hurting her more than she is letting on. She just wants to protect me from the truth. She doesn't want to worry me.*

Suddenly as they were in each others arms a monster attacked. Leo didn't have time to morph Sam tried but it didn't work. "Figures." is all she said they thrown apart by a blast. The monster just kept firing then he turned to Sam and was going to shoot her but, Leo jumped in front of her. "LEO! NOOOOOOO!" she ran to him the monster disappeared.

"Good work. With her boyfriend hurt it will add to her need to want her power back." Trakeena complimented the monster. "Everything is going according to plan. Now for the next step."

Sam watched Leo laying on a bed in the infirmary on the ship. She watched from the doorway as if she was afraid to approach him. Leo was Alright and the others left. They looked at her in disgust or that's how it appeared to her. She was starting to feel so alone. Leo stood up to put on his shirt. Sam started to back away from the door when he saw her, "Sam are you leaving?" she didn't answer she just looked at him.

"I'm OK so just put the whole incident out of your mind." Leo started to approach her. Sam jumped back.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME!" she yelled.

"Sam. It wasn't your fault."

"I think it would be better if I didn't hang around anymore."

"What are you talking about? your a Ranger."

"Not any more I'm not. Now I'm just a liability. You could have been killed and it would have been my fault."

"you didn't force me to take the hit. And you can't be mad at me for doing what you would have."

"Leo I'm not mad. I just think it would be better if I kept my distance for a while."

"BETTER FOR WHO?" then he continued " Not better for me and not for you and certainly not better for the others."

"You didn't see the way they looked at me. The looked at me with such disappointment in their eyes."

"It wasn't disappointment. It was concern. You can't keep running when something bad happens. People care about you don't throw that away."

"You're probably right." "Of course I am. I always am." she agreed with him. Sam smiled and they held each other.

Thought began to plague her the more she tried not to think the more she couldn't help it. *I can't have Leo risk his life for me when ever something bad happens. I have to find a way to beat whatever has done this to me. There is no way in hell I am going to let it defeat me. Before I was just gonna run away when Trakeena plagued me with those dreams full of doubt and fear. If I run now I will never stop and I am not willing to leave Leo and my friends. I can't fight I can't use my powers. I feel like a puzzle with missing pieces. I try to picture myself using my powers or defending a monster but the memory is just not there. STOP IT SAM! I just have to stop thinking about this before I drive myself mad. I guess I can either sit here and try to remember how to use my powers or I can try and do something about it. What I don't know? Even if I can't get my powers back I have to relearn how to defend myself. The others won't always be around to protect me and I wouldn't want them to. I have taken care of myself to long to start depending on others now.*

Trakeena was ready to put part two of her plan into action. "Alright now it's time for phase two. Deviot I want the Rangers captured but do it without harming them."

"What is the use in that?"

"Well with them captured. The guardian powerless she will have no choice but to way her options. She can either be helpless and watch them be destroyed or convert to my side and save them from an unfortunate fate. She will have no choice." Trakeena didn't think anything could stop her now. "The impaler will be perfect for this assignment. Go capture the Rangers one by one if necessary. Either way get them. Then take them to some place deserted and restrain them. Once we have them all we will begin the final showdown between the guardian and the impaler. She will either give in or be destroyed with the others." Trakeena laughed in that oh so evil way.

The impaler watched and waited to make his move. He had a strategy in mind already. He spotted his first victim. Kai was walking on his way back from his shift when the impaler grabbed him and disappeared.

The impaler then went after Damon and Kendrix who were riding bikes. As they were riding a rope appeared in front of them unable to stop in time the flew off their bikes. Kendrix was gone Damon looked for her. "Kendrix where are you ?" he called, The impaler appeared in front of him "The same place you're going." he captured him as well.

Then came Maya and Mike who were also taken by surprise. They had no time to morph and were taken prisoner. If only they had been paying attention to their surroundings they may have been able to take him. Each one of the Rangers were taken until all that was left was Leo and Sam.

Sam and Leo were in the park rollerblading. They were having a great time just having fun together. They decided to sit on the grass for awhile and have a couple of sodas. "Now that was entertainment." Sam commented.

"What was?"

"You eating my dust."

"What are you talking about I was so far ahead that I could have taken a nap."


"I don't wish I know ." Leo stated with a smile.

"Getting a little cocky aren't we?"

"You know me."

"I certainly do. You are so stubborn."

"Me well wha...." she was cut off by Leo's kiss. It was feeling like old times. Until their communicators went off. "What is it Alpha?" Leo asked, "We've got trouble you better get over here right away."

"got it." Leo and Sam jetted.

"Alpha what is it?" Leo asked as Sam and he entered the ship.

"The other Rangers have been abducted. Ahyiyiyiyi." Alpha answered.

"do we know who it was?" Sam asked.

"It was a monster called the impaler."

"It figures." Leo added. Then they both headed for the door when Leo saw Sam follow he stopped and asked, "Wait where do you think you're going?"

"Heelllooo? friends in trouble must help. What do you think I'm going with you."

"Are you forgetting you don't have any powers?"

"Oh yeah right."

"Just leave it to me."

"Be careful." Leo kissed her and said as he headed out the door. "Hey it's me." but that didn't reassure her.

Sam no longer had her powers but still knew that something wasn't right. This doesn't feel right. It has trap written all over it. I don't have to have my power to know that. What is Trakeena up to now. It I had my power and it was a Trap maybe a vision would tell me. My instincts say that it is.

Leo retraced the steps of everyone . Maybe he could find a clue to their whereabouts. But so far nothing. Suddenly the impala appeared. He attacked Leo in full force. "Where are my friends fang face?"

"You're about to find out little boy." He threw some in front of Leo and grabbed him.

Leo awoke tied to a pole in a deserted area. "It's about time you woke up." said a figure he looked over and it was Kai and the others all tied to a pole of their very own. "Are you guys all right?" he asked.

"Just peachy." answered Kendrix and the others agreed.

"Where are we?" Leo asked.

"I don't know one thing's for sure though. We're not in Kansas anymore." Damon answered. Deviot appeared to gloat.

"Well, well. What do we have here it looks like a pack of power brats."

"when we get free I am going to personally wipe that smile off your face." Mike said.

"I wouldn't count on that Ranger."

"We've faced worse than you." stated Leo.

"Yeah but you had help from your precious little guardian. Thanks to you Ranger she is helpless." he gloated.

"What are you talking about Deviot?"

"Well since your all tied up. There's no way for you to warn her I'll tell you. That little ring of yours I made it. It is blocking her powers. So I guess we owe all this to you." Leo was getting mad and he struggled to get free.

"When your little girlfriend comes to help you she will be helpless. She will either join us or die and it's all thanks to you." He laughed as he walked away. Leo ropes were loosening but still held his wrists in force but he continued to work on them.

Sam was pacing back and fourth waiting for some word from Leo. "What is taking so long? he should have been back by now." When Trakeena appeared on the monitor.

"Guardian if you ever want to see your friends again come here I am downloading the coordinates to you now." Sam could see the others in the background.

"So help me Trakeena if you hurt them I'll....."

"you'll what throw stones at me? I'm scared." then she disappeared from the monitor.

Sam went to her room to change clothes.. *How do I get myself into these situations. Well I guess all I need now is one hell of a plan. Think Sam think. The other are counting on me I had better think of something good I have to get everyone out safely. Wait a minute...*

*Damn Trakeena and Deviot he probably only told me of their plans to gloat. If they hurt even one hair on her head I will kill them all. Alright I have to continue working on these rope if I'm going to save my girl. Leo was having no luck thus far*. "Leo don't worry we will figure something out." Kai said trying to reassure him.

"I hope so I can't lose her."

"you won't Sam will think of something."

Sam began to approach the designated area. With no weapons to speak of only her backpack. It felt like she was walking in slow motion. *I hope this works* she thought to herself. Sam had a plan brewing in her mind it was a risky one but it just might work. Trakeena appeared along with the impaler.

"Well guardian you can either turn yourself over to me or watch your friends die. What's it going to be?"

"No." Sam simply responded.

"No? What do you mean no?"

"I forgot my dictionary at home. It means I am not agreeing but it's the opposite of yes."

"I know what it means."

"This is the deal. I will fight your monster. If I win you let them go. If I lose you will still let them go but you will get me."

"Interesting offer Guardian but you forget one thing."

"What's that?"

"You have no power. You are nothing but a shell of your former self."

"Then you have nothing to worry about."

"Alright I accept your terms."

Leo watched what was transpiring and couldn't believe what Sam had suggested. They were out of yelling reach so he couldn't just tell her to remove the ring. "What is she nuts?" Damon asked.

"Sam knows what she's doing Damon have faith." Mike said assuredly. Leo knew that they could hear her because of the speakers Trakeena put by them she wanted them to watch their friend turn on them. If only Sam could hear him he could tell her about the ring.

Sam knew what she had to do. The inhaler approached her without fear he knew she was nothing without her power. "You are a pathetic human this will be easy."

"don't bet on it. Lizard face."

"I will send you to hell!"

"Tell them the Guardian sent you." this infuriated him so he charged. Sam just stood there waiting for the right moment. Leo closed his eyes unable to watch this nightmarish event. Still working on his ropes they were stating to give. As the inhaler was only a couple of feet away. Sam reached into her pack pocket and pulled out a can of mace. When he got close enough she sprayed it in his eyes. He cried out in pain when he fell to the ground Sam knew she had to act quickly. She opened her back pack and pulled out a jar with what appeared to be gasoline. She poured it on him then lit a match. The impaler burned till final he just blew up. "I guess that extra chemical compound did the trick."

"Leo you can open your eyes. Look." Mike commanded. Leo saw The Impaler blow up and felt relief. Would Trakeena really keep her word not bloody likely.

"Trakeena I beat your monster. Now LET THEM GO!"

"Very clever Ranger. But no one makes a fool of me."

"Too late for that. You made a fool of yourself a long time ago."

"Stingwingers attack her." they started to run towards her. "This does not look good." she said. "So much for trying to out smart them." they surrounded her kicking and hitting her.

"Come on...I almost...there." Leo was free he untied Kai and said. "Kai you free the others I'm going to help Sam." Kai agreed and Leo raced towards Sam. Hoping he wasn't to late. He grabbed one off of her and she said. "What took you so long?"

"Well I was kind of tied up." he smiled. he went to her and pulled off her ring and then smashed it. "Hey! if you wanted it back all you had to do is ask."

"It was cursed. It's what caused you to lose your powers. Are they coming back yet?" then he was knocked down by a Stingwinger. The both of them were being pummeled.


"Oh right good idea." he said sarcastically. "Why didn't I think of that?.... Oh yeah because I'm kind of getting the crap kicked out of me right now. They have my hands restrained I can't morph right now." Suddenly Sam felt a pain go through her entire body she began to scream. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The pain was unbearable worse than anything she had ever felt. Yet it was a powerful pain it was her power coming back. She pushed off the Stingwingers that were holding her. Sam stood up and used her power to slam them. The ones holding Leo moved away from him and approached her she said in a wicked voice. "I'M BAAACKK!" they attacked her she kicked one and then another Leo joined her and finally they retreated.

The others joined them. Kai gave Sam a high five and said, "It's great to have you back."

"Well I was in the neighborhood." they all laughed then Mike said, "Let's get the hell outta here." they agreed.

Later that night Leo went to see Sam. He caught up to her watching the stars in the park. "Hey what's wrong?" she asked.


"Leo. Come on I know when something is troubling you."

"I'm sorry."


"If I hadn't gave you that stupid ring this would never have happened."

"Leo it wasn't your fault." she smiled.

"I know..but.."

"But nothing I don't want to hear another word about it. Well?"

"Well what?"

"Here I have a present for you." he handed her a necklace with a beautiful dolphin.

"I made this for you I know it's not much but.."

"It's beautiful..but.."

"But what?"

"That's not why I said well.."

"then why?"

"Men can be so ignorant sometimes. I almost get beaten I risk my life for my friends and my boyfriend doesn't even think to kiss me. What's this world coming to." Leo laughed then he kissed her and they watched the sun come up together.