Sad Confessions
by BAP

"One week of pure fun," yelled Rocky. "That is what I call a vacation."

"Calm down Rocko. We'll get there soon enough," laughed Adam. The rangers had decided that over Easter break they should take a vacation together. The group had decided on Rocky's family cabin up in northern California. The guys were loading up the two cars while the girls were getting the stuff they were taking.

"Do you think we're bringing enough food," asked Liz.

"We have enough to feed the neighborhood. I don't think we need anymore," joked Tommy. He threw his red duffle bag into his station wagon.

"You forget Tommy. We're bringing him along." Liz pointed at Rocky giggling her head off.

Rocky stuck his tongue out at her. "Very funny Liz. Ha ha." He shoved her in a playful way. Rocky and Liz had become somewhat best friends in the past few days, mostly because they had the same hyperactive personality. Plus, they both loved caffeine.

"I think that's about it," said Kat. She looked at the long list of supplies that they needed and then at the two fully loaded cars.

"Then let's go guys," yelled Tanya. Tommy closed the trunks and everyone began talking on how this would be the best trip ever. Liz hopped into the green jeep with Adam, Billy, and Rocky. Jason, Tommy, Kat, and Tanya were riding in the station wagon.

"Are you sure you want to be in this car with a couple of wild guys," teased Rocky. Liz shoved him as an answer. The two began in a mock fight making Adam and Billy feel a bit nervous, seeing as they both liked Liz, although Adam cared about her a lot more. Billy still had his heart believing that one day Trini would come back to him saying she loved him. The only strange part of all this was that Rocky liked Liz too, but he acted a lot like a friend mostly because Liz was the only girl he knew that got high on pop and loved to burp.

"Everyone ready," asked Billy. When a chorus of yes's came from the back seat the car pulled out of the driveway and on their way for a wonderful vacation of swimming, boating, and most important, relaxation.

* * *

"Whoa Rocky," whistled Adam. "Is that the cabin?"

Rocky nodded in reply to the three faces in awe, staring at the huge brownish-red cabin.

"How many rooms does it have," asked Liz.

"Uh, four bedrooms, a living room, den, kitchen, and two bathrooms. Not to mention the basement and attic."

"Good thing we have two bathrooms or us guys would never see one in the morning or at night," teased Billy. "I mean we're bringing three girls along."

"Oh ha ha."

The car pulled into the gravel driveway. Kat and the others were already there unloading the car and putting things away.

"What took you so long," asked Tommy. "Did you guys get in a traffic jam?"

Adam nodded and began to help them unload. Most everything was already done so the group planned to go swimming as soon as everything was in order. It only took a half hour.

"Let's go down to the beach now," exclaimed Tanya. Of course the group had come down for a peaceful week but there is always the biggest race in history on vacationing with friends; the race to the bathrooms. And this was no different. Tanya got into the downstairs bathroom while Rocky rushed into the upstairs one. The others could only wait patently for the next available one.

* * *

"C'mon Liz," Kat yelled, "everyone else is already on the beach."

"I'll be out in a minute okay?"

Tanya sighed and leaned against the bathroom door. She and Kat were waiting for Liz. Kat looked so calm but Tanya was a wreck. In almost every way she could tell Adam liked Liz but she still loved him. The only reason they broke up was because Adam didn't think that they were compatible. But she did. In a way you could say that Tanya was green with envy.

"I'm ready," exclaimed Liz bursting out of the bathroom like a bomb. She was in a white two piece suit which would surely get more attention than Tanya's plain yellow one piece. Liz seemed very jumpy and energetic, kind of like a short female version of Rocky. Tanya felt another pang of jealousy. She was now sure that Adam was out of her reach.

"It's about time," cried Kat. "C'mon lets go before Rocky eats all of our lunch."

Liz suppressed a laugh and followed Kat. Tanya dragged behind, lost in her thoughts.

* * *

"Good one bro," congratulated Jason. He and Tommy had started a one-on-one volleyball game. They had asked the others to play but everyone seemed busy. Billy was looking for shells and he wasn't good at sports anyway. Rocky was relaxing in the sun next to Adam who was working on a story for the Angel Grove High Weekly.

Jason was about to do another one of his great serves when suddenly his mouth literally dropped open. Tommy looked confused for a moment until he turned around and saw the girls. Kat looked wonderful.

Just a few feet away someone felt the same way about someone different. It was Adam. It took all of his self-control to not drool over Liz. His heart melted and splashed into his stomach. He felt woozy all over. "Just ask her will ya? You're giving me a headache," said Rocky.

Adam looked around to see Rocky shaking his head. "Am I that obvious?"

"You were practically drooling. Besides you had that 'heart splashed into my stomach' look."

"I can't. What if she says no? I'll be so embarrassed that I'll never go near another girl again."

"Ahh don't overreact. Why wouldn't she go out with you? I mean you are nice, fun to be with and you have your own fan club at school."

Adam blushed. "I do?"

"Yes you do. Now get it over with before someone does." He gave Adam a push. "Just tell yourself that nothing can go wrong."

* * *

"Hey! Look at that sunset," cried Tommy.

Everyone looked out the window to see that he was right. The orange sun reflected off the ocean waters making a very romantic scene. It was almost too beautiful to be true. Adam sighed. He had tried all day to ask Liz out but he had screwed up every time, yelling at himself once she walked away. The truth was he was scared. More than ever in his life.

"Anyone up for a walk," asked Liz. Her voice had broken Adams thoughts making him even more scared. Should he go along or chicken out?

"Uh," started Tommy answering Liz's question. "Jason and I wanted to workout some. Sorry." Jason nodded in agreement.

"I'm sorry too. Tanya and I have to do our hair up."

"Yeah. Sorry."

Liz looked over at Rocky. "Sorry I have... uh... homework. Yeah. I have to do my homework."

"And I'd better help him," added Billy.

"On a vacation?" Liz had no idea on what was going on but Adam did. The others wanted to get them alone. Especially Kat and Rocky. Neither of them could stand to see their friends gaping over someone. "Adam? Do you want to go?"

It was now or never. "Sure, I guess."

"Great! Meet ya outside." Liz bounded out the door smiling. Adam slowly followed, getting a thumbs up sign from Rocky as he walked out the door.

* * *

Adam climbed up some rocks on the path. He wasn't paying any attention to the scenery. All he was thinking about was telling Liz how he felt. He had to.

"Wow! Look at the view," sighed Liz. She was already at the top of the cliff. Her voice seemed to say that she was in a trance and Adam soon found out why. As he climbed over the last rock he saw the ocean, orange from the glittering sun. The cliff was sloped, reaching down to a beach, still clean as if no human had ever walked on it. The scene was breathtaking.

"This is like a Kodak moment," joked Liz, making Adam come back down to earth and remember why he was there.

"Listen Liz. I... I... I have to talk to you."

"About what?"

Adam paused. "I... I like you a lot but... uh... I want to be more than friends." Adam closed his eyes trying not to imagine what Liz would say.

"Is that all?"

"Yeah. I mean you are a nice friend but you aren't like any other girl I know. You stand out."

Liz's mouth almost dropped open but she caught herself. "Adam I like you too and all but... cogs!"


"Cogs!" Liz repeated pointing behind him. Adam turned to see that she was right. Cogs had surrounded them.

"It's Morphin Time!" Adam cried. Liz morphed automatically because her power was mostly mental but Adam clicked on his morphers. Before he could morph though cogs slammed him into a tree and stole them.

"Hey! Give those back," Liz yelled. Adam and Liz were caught in a kind of monkey in the middle game. The cogs kept tossing the morphers making it almost impossible for the two to get them. "I got it," cried Liz. Adam wasn't sure if she got them or not but he did know what happened next.

"Liz! No!" At the edge of the cliff Liz caught the morpher but lost her balance. She teetered for a moment before falling down the slope. The cogs held Adam back from helping her. Finally he did a low leg sweep and got free from the cogs. They disappeared but Adam didn't care. He just wanted Liz to be okay. Please let her be okay. Oh don't let her be hurt God please, he silently prayed.

Adam scrambled down the slope, tears running down cheeks. He tripped over a rock but quickly got up. His mind was racing so fast that he didn't feel the pain from the resulting cut. He could only think of finding her.

Suddenly he saw her. She was on the beach lying limp and Adam saw why as he came closer. Her head was against a rock and he saw a faint glimpse of blood. She didn't seem conscious which made him even more scared.

"Liz! Elizabeth! Can you hear me? Please answer." Tears ran down his face and he realized that he was sobbing. "Say something please." Adam gently lifted her head up. His hands felt wet and he saw that it was blood. He didn't care and kept on cradling her head. His whole life had just crashed before him.

"Adam?" Liz whispered so softly that she wasn't sure if he had heard it. She could hear his voice but didn't know what he was saying. Her whole body was filled with pain. She would get those cogs if it took her whole life. Suddenly pain shot through her head as she felt it being lifted. Then, everything went black.

* * *

Oh man. What do I do now? Adam didn't want to leave Liz but he had to get help, fast.She was bleeding pretty bad from her head. He had to do something. But what?

"Our communicators," Adam said aloud. He checked his wrist. Gone. But Liz, she must have hers. And she did.

"Tommy,Jason,anyone! This is Adam."

"Rocky here. What's up. You sound bad."

"It's the cogs. They stole my morpher and Liz tried to get it."


"So they pushed Liz off the ledge and she's unconscious and bleeding."

"Are you serious?" His voice had a tint of alarm to it.

"Yeah." Adam felt himself crying again. This had to be a nightmare. Yet it was too real. "Tell the others okay?"

"Right. I'll call an ambulance."

* * *

Adam sat down in the hospital waiting chairs. The doctors wouldn't let him see Liz because he wasn't family. It had been a half hour and he kept on worrying. They hadn't asked about what happened yet and he hoped they didn't. He couldn't say anything about the cogs and he didn't want to say that she fell because they might think he pushed her.

"It's all my fault," he whispered to himself. "I could have saved her."

"C'mon Adam," said Tommy sitting down next to him, "it isn't your fault. There was nothing you could've done. None of us could."

"I was there. I could have done something."

Tommy saw that his face was draped in tears. Tommy shook his head and whispered, "Don't hurt yourself over this." He then walked away without another word, remembering when Kim had been in the hospital. He joined the others in the cafeteria still wondering how he didn't crack like Adam when Kim had been hurt.

* * *

Liz got up slowly. She was in some sort of field that she didn't recognize. The sky was a sickening grey and crows stared at her from a ring of trees surrounding the field. The scene made her shudder. "Where am I? And what in the world am I wearing!?!" Liz had just noticed that she was in a pure white dress reaching to her ankles. It made her look like she was a medieval princess.

"Oh yuck! Whoever made this dress is a wacko thinking I would wear this. Oh my gosh!" She saw someone on a white horse in the middle of the field. Liz ran up to him only to find that the rider was...

* * *

"Are you okay?"

Adam looked up to see Tanya. Her face looked worried. The others had tried to cheer him up but nothing could convince him otherwise. They had been there for at least an hour and Adam was still upset.

"C'mon Adam. She'll be okay. You'll see." Adam shook his head. Tanya sighed. She had tried.

"Mrs. Maxwell," a doctor asked stepping out of Liz's room.

Adam stood up immediately with Tanya. Both were worried. "She isn't here yet,"said Tanya. When the doctor looked confused Tanya explained how they had been on vacation. Adam could only nod in agreement.

"Oh okay."

"Is something wrong? How is she?"

"Well to tell you the truth, she isn't that well. She may have brain damage although we're not too sure about that just yet. She is not in a coma though which is good news. Just unconscious."

"Can I see her," asked Adam.

"Sorry, only family at this point." The doctor walked off leaving Adam and Tanya just as worried as before.

* * *

The rider on the horse was Adam! His chocolate brown eyes gazed into hers. He was staring off into the distance as if she wasn't even there. Or if he did see her he didn't seem to care.

"Adam! Can you hear me?" She started to circle the horse but Adam still just looked ahead. "Adam I like you too. I was just going to say that I had wanted to tell you too." He just sat there coldly and Liz began to panic. She fell to her knees and began to cry. She didn't care if anyone saw her. That person looked like Adam but wasn't him. Not at all. She wanted the real Adam back.

Suddenly a flame burst out next to her. "Adam!" Her voice was a cry of despair. The boy on the horse made no movements whatsoever. Liz then realized she was in trouble as she saw...

* * *

"Where in the world is my baby," cried Mrs.Maxwell. She had just arrived at the hospital and was frantic with worry. A doctor led her into Liz's room. Adam sighed. He wanted to see her so much. The others had decided to join Adam in the waiting room mostly to cheer him up but so far nothing had worked.

"Adam are you okay," Kat asked for about the billionth time.

"I'll be fine."

"You don't look so good. Maybe you should get some sleep."

"No. I'll be fine. Really." Adam managed a half smile which Kat could immediately tell was a fake. She walked away and joined the others shaking her head no which meant he was still in bad shape.

* * *

Liz screamed as she saw a dragon come out of the woods. He was green scaly skin and glowing red eyes frightened her immensely.

"Oh my gosh! Ahhh!" The flame came only inches away from her face, making her feel the heat's incredible power.

Liz started to run as fast as she could. She felt another wave of heat as a flame just barely missed her. Suddenly she felt pain as she absentmindedly ran into a tree. Turning quickly she looked into the gleaming red eyes. She nudged up the tree in fright.

"I give up," she whispered. "I... I give up."

* * *

Adam felt like he had just been handed a one-way ticket to death. He wasn't sure if he had heard right. "Are you serious?"

"I'm afraid so. It's like she has just given up. There is really no hope. She slipped into a coma after she seemed to be so well and now there is no hope that she'll wake up. We think that turning off the life support equipment is the only logical thing."

Adam stared at the doctor. He was going to just let her die. His throat tightened up. He know it was the right thing, he just wouldn't bring himself to say it. "Can I see her?"

"Sorry. Only family."

The doctor felt bad as Adam sat back down. "But I think we can make an exception. Only you though no one else," he added pointing at the others. They nodded an okay.

Adam was surprised. Well, at least he could see Liz before they disconnected her. Once they did she would be gone.

* * *

Liz felt the dragon getting closer. She had just given up. What was there to live for? She couldn't talk to Adam, no one was around to help her and she didn't have much energy. There was nothing at all.

"Goodbye world. Goodbye rangers. Goodbye life." She stood almost absolutely still waiting for the fire to hit her.

"Please come back Liz. I can't live without you," a voice said out of nowhere. "Please don't give up."

Liz dodged a fire stream. She knew the voice. It was Adam. The person on horse back disappeared at the sound. Liz knew then that the voice was truly Adam. "Adam!" she yelled. "Where are you?Ahhh!" She ducked another fire stream and began to run. She had to find him. She just had to tell him that she liked him too.

* * *

"It's all my fault," sobbed Adam. "I could've helped you." He was on a chair next to her bed, crying. The world was at its worst and all the time he was still hoping that she would spring to life saying that she liked him too. But of course that was unlikely. She was dead. Or at least she would be. He couldn't stop hoping...

* * *

"It isn't your fault," Liz yelled. "Adam! Where are you? Please answer me!" She spun in a circle, her head to the sky. Liz began to run again as the dragon caught up with her. She stopped. Before her was a vast ocean, behind her, a fierce dragon. On the lake she saw Adam beckoning for her to come forward. What do I do?

* * *

Adam looked at Liz's face. She was so still that it made his blood cold. He took Liz's hand into his own and sobbed. This was the end. He wasn't sure how he would ever cheer up again. The girl of his dreams was dying and he would never know whether she liked him or not. Well, at least he told her. Her life was over and so was his. "I'll never forget you. Never. You made the biggest change in my life. I'll forgive the past. I just want your present. I'm sorry Liz. I'm so sorry."

* * *

Liz looked at the water. She was almost in tears. She had heard the whole thing. She had to make a choice fast. Either the dragon got her or she trusted the water. Liz looked at the dragon and then the water. She got ready to jump in....

* * *


Adam lifted his head. He swore he just heard someone say his name. He looked at Liz. Could it be possible....

"Adam?Is that you?" A sigh of relief escaped his lungs. It was her. She had awakened. He felt like laughing and crying at the same time.

"Will someone answer me!"

That's her all right, he thought. "It's me, Adam. Just stay put."

"Where was I planning to go?"

Adam didn't reply and rushed out of the room where he was met with surprised glares. "She... she... she's awake," he finally managed to stutter out.

"What!" everyone cried. Doctors rushed in like a heard of elephants and Adam got out of their way. He was happy that she was alive and well.

Rocky felt relief too, mostly for Adam though because his friend was making himself sick and Rocky couldn't stand that nor could the others. They were just as relieved to know that both of them were okay.

Two weeks later:

Adam skated past Tanya and Kat. They waved and he smiled back. It was the school skating party and almost all of AGH was there.

"How's it going my friend," said a voice in a Jamaican accent.

"Hey Rocky." Rocky sped up next to Adam which wasn't too hard considering how hyper he was. "I'm fine. What about you?"

"Two blisters already with a bruised knee."

Adam giggled and didn't bother to catch up with Rocky. He slowed down.

"C'mon Adam.You can go faster than that."

Adam whirled around to see to see Liz's bright blue eyes shining into his. "I thought you couldn't skate."

"Oh puh-leeze. After a week in the hospital and five days in bed I should be better."

Adam paused. "Listen Liz about everything that happened...."

"It wasn't your fault." Adam looked surprised until she added, "I could hear everything you said. And I want to thank you."

"For what?"

"I almost gave up until I heard your voice. So you saved me."

Adam blushed. "So do you like me or not."

Liz placed her hand in his and kissed him on the cheek. "Does that answer your question?"

Adam turned a deeper shade of red.

* * *

"Look at them," whispered Kat. The other rangers were behind them, watching the whole thing.

"They are so cute together," said Rocky in a mimicking voice. The others shushed him and began to once again spy on the two.

* * *

As a slow song played Adam and Liz inched closer together. They may have had a rocky start to their relationship but all that mattered now was that they were together. Their lives were complete.