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Tool Time
by BAP and her mom and brother

Tommy, Adam, Tanya, Kat, and Justin are sitting in some folding chairs in the park in front of a stage. Over the stage is a banner marked TOOL TIME.

Adam: I wonder why they decided to do a show here? Angel Grove isn't really that popular.
Tommy: I heard that the mayor asked him to do a statue for the park and he agreed when he heard that the Power Rangers had cars for Zords.
Justin: Just because we... I mean they have cars?
Adam: Haven't you ever watched the show? He adores cars.
Kat: He also loves machines.
Tanya: The bigger the worse it hurts. Remember when he was on the aircraft carrier. Boy, did that thing sail.
Justin: Shh! It's starting.
Heidi: (Walks out on stage...) Does everyone know what time it is?
Audience: TOOL TIME!
Heidi: That's right. Now here's our host Tim the Toolman Taylor!

Tim walks out on stage with Al following.

Tim: Hi everyone! My name is Tim the Toolman Taylor and you all know my assistant Al Borland!

Al salutes and people from the audience cheer.

Tim: So you guys like Al here too. Remember that Al is my assistant. He assists me. Anyway we have a special live show for you at Angel Grove, the home of the Power Rangers. Those superheroes with the really cool vehicles. Maybe I can ask them where they get the Zords. Today we'll be making a statue for the middle of the park...

The Rangers' communicators beep.

Tommy: (In a whisper) C'mon guys. We've got trouble.

The Rangers get up silently and head to a secluded area.

Tommy: We're here Dimitria. What's up?
Alpha 6: Yo-yo-yo! Rangers. We need down here immediately. Piranhatrons are heading for the Zord holding bay.
Tommy: All right guys lets go. Shift into Turbo!

The Rangers morph and teleport to the Zord holding bay.

Adam: You guys are toast!

He trips one and kicks another. The other Rangers join in and they get into the fight.

At the Power Chamber...
Alpha 6: Yo-yo-yo! Dimitria! Some Piranhatrons got into the holding bay and they totaled the Zords. What do we do?
Dimitria: Who can repair the Zords to normal state?
Alpha 6: I heard the Rangers talking about this Tim Taylor dude. They say he can repair machines.
Dimitria: Do you think he can do it?
Alpha 6: Got ya Dimitria! Teleporting him here as soon as I can get a lock.

Back to the Rangers...
Kat: They've gotten to our Zords! (Thrown against the wall...) We can't stop them!
Justin: Hi-yah! We have to try!
Tommy: (Throws a Piranhatron...) We can't let them ruin the Zords. Do we have anyway to stop them?
Adam: I don't think so. We gotta keep trying. We have to win. We always do.
Tanya: Then why aren't we?
Kat: Can't we ever have a normal day?

Power Chamber...
Alpha 6: Yo-yo-yo! Dimitria, I've got the guy on lock. Should I teleport? He's in front of a lot of people.
Dimitria: Would it help the Rangers?
Alpha 6: Gotcha! (Pushes teleportation buttons...) Teleporting NOW!

Tim Taylor teleports in in a flash of white.

Tim: Ohmigosh what was that? (Spots Alpha 6...) Who are you?
Alpha 6: Yo-yo-yo! My name is Alpha 6 and this is Dimitria. We help the Power Rangers win their battles.
Tim: The Power Rangers! Oh cool! So what am I doing here?
Alpha 6: We need your help. (The alarm sounds...) Yo-yo-yo! Dimitria! That Divatox lady sent a big ugly monster down to earth.
Dimitria: Do you think it would be wise for the Rangers to fight him?
Alpha 6: Gotcha. Rangers, teleport to the old abandoned warehouse to fight a monster.
Tommy: Right! Alpha, the Piranhatrons destroyed the Zords. What do we do?
Alpha 6: Don't worry I've got it covered.
Kat: If you're sure. C'mon guys lets kick some monster butt!
Tim: Why am I here?
Dimitria: Can you fix machines?
Tim: Yeah! I'm Tim the Toolman Taylor.
Dimitria: Then you know why you're here don't you?
Tim: What?!?
Alpha 6: She's trying to say that we need you to fix our Zords.
Tim: Oh cool!
Alpha 6: I'll teleport you to the Zords. (Quickly teleports Tim.)
Tim: This place is awesome. (Stares open mouthed at the Zords...) Oh my gosh this is a dream come true. Ten foot tall cars with real power. Hohoho! (Rushes to Red Lightning...) I wonder what it would be like to drive one of these babies?
Alpha 6: (From speaker on the wall...) Don't even think about it! Just fix them!
Tim: Aw darn! (Walks over to some frayed wires...) These look easy to fix. (Puts two wires together and gets an electric shock.) Ow! Maybe not.

Back at the Power Chamber...
Tommy: Alpha! We need the Zord pronto. The monster is giving us a huge problem.
Alpha 6: Yo-yo-yo! Tim are the Zords ready?
Tim: Uh... I think so (Gets another shock.)
Alpha 6: Good enough. Yes, Tommy the Zords are ready for combat. (Teleports Tim to the Power Chamber...) This had better work or else the Rangers will have my hide.
Tim: I can fix it so the Rangers can't touch you.
Alpha 6: Really?
Tim: (Unsure) Uh... sure.
Alpha 6: Then go ahead.

Tim opens up Alpha 6's back panel and rearranges some wires in him. The Rangers teleport in, upset.

Adam: I can't believe my Zord did that!
Kat: I know. Who fixed them anyway?
Tim: Hi guys. Boy, you're pretty young to be saving the world.
Tanya: Well we found our answer to why the Zords didn't work.
Tim: What happened?
Tommy: Our Megazord did the Macarena and the YMCA.
Tim: I thought I fixed it.
Rangers: Yeah right!
Justin: Hey, where's Alpha?
Tim: Oh he wanted me to fix him.
Kat: You didn't!?!
Tim: I did. (Grinning.) Meet the new Alpha 6.
Alpha 6: (Singing...) I love you, you love me, were a great big family...
Rangers: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tim: I swore I fixed him...
Justin: (Runs to control panel...) You've done enough change for one night. Time to get you outta here.
Tim: But look! (Picks up a TV remote...) He can sing other songs. (Pushes a button.)
Alpha 6: It's a small world after all...
Rangers: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justin: You're outta here (Teleports Tim out.)

Up in Detroit...
Tim: I swear I saw the Power Rangers.
Jill: Yeah right. You're just trying to make things more exciting than they are.
Randy: C'mon dad. Why would the Rangers ask you to fix their Zords?
Brad: Everyone knows your reputation.
Mark: And the Rangers would never be that stupid.

The four go upstairs still laughing at Tim.

Tim: I'll show them. (Takes a small engine out of his bag and inserts it on the engine of his riding mower...) The Rangers never missed this. Hahaha! Tim the Purple Ranger goes on to his lawn mower Zord, destined to beat the evil Bob Villa.

Tim starts up the engine and screams as the mower reaches 300 MPH. Within seconds, he is halfway across the state.