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Authors Note: Okay, this series has absolutely NOTHING to do with ANY of my other series'. This takes place in the Zeo era. Right after they get the Zeo crystals, BEFORE the gold ranger shows up and stuff. I saw my first episode of PRZ a few weeks ago and knew I had to write something about Rocky falling in love. :) That's right, basically this whole series will be about Rocky. He's my all time favorite ranger so; I had to write a series about him. :) Hope you enjoy it and as always, FEEDBACK IS WELCOME anytime at crystalmaiden@hotmail.com :)

Love At First Sight
By Crystal Maiden

"Hey Rocky, pass me a burger." Tommy told the blue ranger sitting across the table.

Tanya glanced at Rocky, who looked like he was staring off into space, "Hey Rocky, you in there?"

Rocky shook his head, clearing his thoughts, and looked around at the group, "Huh? What?"

Kat smiled, "You've been acting weird all day. Are you okay?"

Rocky sighed and handed Tommy a hamburger, "I'm alright, just thinkin."

"Thinkin about a certain girl named Jennifer Swanson?" Tanya asked him and smiled.

Rocky ignored her question and looked away.

Adam gave his friend a strange look, "Did everything go okay on your date last night?"

Rocky sighed again, but this time it was a heavy, depressed sigh and the others exchanged glances. He had been this way for a few days now, and they were getting worried. It wasn't like Rocky to be depressed and sad. He was always so happy and always joking around.

"Rocky, what's wrong? You've been sad for days now." Kat asked him concerned.

Rocky turned back towards the group, "It's nothing, really. The date went fine it's just--"

"She's not your type?" Tanya finished for him.

Rocky sighed again, "Yeah."

Tanya smiled and sighed with relief, "Well that's okay! There are tons of other girls that would want to date you!"

"Yeah man just, give it some time. You'll find that special person." Tommy reassured him and smiled.

Adam looked at his watch, then started to get up, "We better get going."

Tommy, Tanya and Kat also got up, and Tommy patted Rocky on the back, "We're gonna go help Mrs.Applebee plan the Valentine's Day Dance."

"We'll see you later," Kat smiled, and added, "Cheer up Rocky. Please?"

Rocky forced a small smile and the others walked out of the door.

He sighed and pushed his hamburger to the middle of the table. He hadn't been hungry in days. And for Rocky, well, that meant he was either insane or dying.

Ernie looked over at Rocky and raised his eyebrow. He too knew that something was bothering him, and decided he'd try and cheer him up. He walked out from behind the counter and pulled up a chair beside Rocky, and sat down.

Rocky sat up, "Hey Ernie."

"Hey Rocky, You okay? You haven't touched your burger. Or your fries. Or your shake. Should I call the paramedics?" Ernie joked, but the usual Rocky smile didn't show up on his face.

"Just, don't feel like eating today. Sorry Ernie." Rocky apologized, then looked over to where the gym usually was, but saw people moving band equipment into the room, "What's going on? Where is all the work out stuff?"

"Oh! We're moving all of that out. For the next few days, we're gonna have live music." Ernie said excitedly.

"Cool." Rocky mused, as he watched the band start to set up.

Ernie frowned, and patted him on the back, then walked back around the counter.

Rocky sighed again and continued to watch the band set up. The lead singer, a girl, talked about the group and the song she was about to play. But Rocky's mind was else where, until he heard the band start to play. He recognized the song immediately; it was one of his favorites. Sixpence None The Richer was playing at Ernie's. Their song 'Kiss Me' had been playing endlessly in his CD player, since a few weeks before.

The lady started to sing that's when he saw her. A girl walked through the entrance of Ernie's Juice Bar. Rocky's eyes never left her as she sat down at the counter and ordered something from Ernie, then turned her attention to the band. She was a little shorter than he was with curly brown hair and a perfect, even tan. Not too mention a perfect body. She was wearing a blue silk day dress, blue. His color.

*Who is that? * He asked himself, still staring at the girl.

She smiled and shifted to the music. She obviously liked the band a lot.

He hadn't realized it, but the song was over. Suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He spun around and Ernie put a fresh milkshake in front of him and smiled.

"Her name's Abby. She moved here a few days ago from Marietta, Georgia." Ernie informed him, grinning.

Rocky looked at him and smiled a little embarrassed that he had noticed him staring at Abby that long.

Rocky still sat there a minute, looking at the girl, until Ernie forced him to stand up, and nudged him closer to Abby, "Well, what are you waiting for?"

Ernie smiled at him again, and walked away, leaving Rocky within 3 feet of the girl.

He hesitated, but then figured it was now or never, so he walked up to her.

"So, you like Sixpence?" he asked casually. *Of course she does stupid! That's why she's listening to them! * His thoughts scolded him.

She turned her attention to him and smiled, "I love them. They're my favorite band." Rocky almost fell over. She had the softest and sweetest southern accent he'd ever heard.

"Mine too." He replied with a smile, and couldn't stop himself from looking at her.

Suddenly, a muscular girl burst through the doors. She wore an orange tank top and blue jean capri pants. And boy, did she look angry.

She stood in the doorway, and looked around. Almost like she was scanning the room for a particular person. Finally her eyes locked with Abby's.

Rocky looked over at Abby, confused, and felt her fear.

"What's wrong?" Rocky asked, as the girl in orange started walking towards them.

"What's the quickest way out of here?" she asked in a tone of urgency, standing up.

Rocky shot her another confused look, but by this time the other girl was face to face with both of them.

"Orange Zeo Ranger! It is time for you to pay!" the other girl growled at Abby.

Rocky's eyes almost popped out of their sockets, "What?!"

"Get these people out of here." Her southern voice whispered into his ear, "I'll take care of her."

Rocky snapped into action and got everyone out of the juice bar, including Ernie, who was not as eager to leave.

As soon as everyone was out, Rocky ran back into the Juice Bar and saw the girl pick up Abby and throw her across a table and slammed on the ground.

"Ow!" Abby moaned and rubbed her left shoulder, "That's probably gonna leave a mark!"

"You need to quit hiding from me Zeo Orange. Your little protector Zordon can't help you much longer." The lady snarled, and began walking slowly towards her.

Rocky ran over to Abby, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah but, what are you doing here? Leave now! Before you get hurt!" Abby pleaded with him.

"But I'm a-" Rocky argued, then saw a chair flying towards them, "Look out!"

Rocky pushed her out of the way of the metal chair that the other lady had thrown.

"That's it!" Abby slammed her hand on the ground and stood up, "It's morphin time!"

Her morpher appeared on her wrists and she yelled, "Zeo Ranger 6, Orange!"

A bright flash of light swept across the room then revealed an Orange Zeo Ranger.

She started fighting with the lady, and Rocky, still totally and utterly confused, decided to contact the others.

"Tommy this is Rocky. We've got a major problem at the Juice Bar. Teleport here immediately." Rocky said into his communicator and with a matter of seconds, the others were by his side.

"Who's that?" Adam asked pointing at the Orange Zeo Ranger.

Rocky just shrugged, and Kat said, "Whoever she is, she needs help."

"Alright, let's do it guys!" Tommy yelled, "It's morphin time!"

The Orange Ranger glanced over to the group of teens when Tommy said that phrase.

"Zeo Ranger 1, Pink!" Kat yells.

"Zeo Ranger 2, Yellow!" Tanya yells.

"Zeo Ranger 3, Blue!" Rocky yells.

"Zeo Ranger 4, Green!" Adam yells.

"Zeo Ranger 5, Red!" Tommy finishes and they are all fully morphed and ready for action.

The lady sends the Orange Ranger flying across the room to the feet of the others.

"We better get her out of here." Adam told them, and Kat helped the Orange Ranger up.

"What about her?" Rocky asked, referring to the mean girl walking towards them.

"We'll take care of her later. She seems to only be after the Orange Ranger." Tommy said and they all teleported to the command center.


As soon as they were all in the command center, they all took off their helmets. Abby walked up to Zordon.

"Zordon, I can't do this. It's impossible! She won't stop until I'm dead!" Abby said, frustrated.

"What's going on? Who are you and," Rocky paused, "Who was she?"

Abby shrugged, and Zordon began talking, "Rangers, the Machine Empire is growing stronger. In an effort to continue having the upper hand, I selected Abby to take back the Orange Zeo crystal."

"Who had the Orange Zeo crystal?" Adam asked.

"Ashryn. The Orange Zeo Assassin." Zordon told them, "The warrior that attacked Abby today. Only Abby, and Abby alone is the only one that can destroy her, and stop her evil legacy from continuing."

The Rangers eyes widened and they looked over to Abby, whose head was facing the ground sadly.

"I'm afraid I'm not a big help Zordon. Maybe you chose wrong-"Abby started.

"I do not choose wrong young Abby. I did not expect you to adapt to this new lifestyle right away. None of the other Rangers did either. Give it time." Zordon interrupted her.

"Zordon what are we going to do about the people that were in the Juice Bar? They know she's a Power Ranger now." Rocky asked.

"Abby will no longer be safe living on Earth. The citizens of Angel Grove are already aware of her identity." Alpha told them all and turned on a monitor, which showed an Angel Grove news broadcast.

They all listened to the reporter say, "Today at the Angel Grove Juice Bar owned by Ernie Campbell, a new Ranger was attacked by what looked like a civilian. Witnesses say a muscular woman, who remains unidentified, walked into the Juice Bar threatening a teenage girl. She accused the woman of being, The Orange Zeo Ranger. Sightings of an Orange Zeo Ranger began last week in Marietta, Georgia, were a similar attack happened at a neighborhood Karate Dojo. The Orange Ranger has been identified as Abigail Brockton, a junior at Marietta High School and teacher at the Dojo where she was attacked. Will we find out the true identities of the remaining 5 rangers? Time will tell."

Alpha turned off the monitor and the others looked at Abigail sadly.

"We're so sorry." Kat sympathized and walked over to put her arm around Abby's shoulders.

"Abigail will stay here at the command center, until we can think of something more long term." Billy told them.

By this time, all the rangers were fully unmorphed. They all looked at Abby with sympathy and pity in their eyes.

"Don't worry," Tommy spoke confidently, "You'll beat this assassin and we'll find some way for you to live a normal life on Earth again."

Abby smiled a little, "Thanks."

"It is getting late Rangers, you all need to sleep as much as you can so you will be ready for whatever King Mondo has planned next." Zordon instructed them.

"Contact us if there's any trouble." Adam told Billy, before they teleported away.

Everyone left, except for Rocky.

"Is something wrong Rocky?" Alpha asked concerned.

"No, I just thought I'd stay a little longer and, help Abigail get settled in." Rocky suggested, looking up at Zordon to see if he would approve.

"You are a true Ranger Rocky." Zordon smiled and nodded his head in approval.

Abby smiled at him, "Thanks." She suddenly remembered something and hit the palm of her hand on her forehead, "Alpha! I completely forgot! All my luggage is down on Earth. I don't have a thing to wear."

Rocky smiled at the sound of her Southern voice. He couldn't help but love it whenever she talked.

"Don't worry! It's not anymore!" Alpha chirped and pressed a few buttons, then 3 gym bags full of clothes appeared in front of her.

Abby shook her head and giggled, "I'm beginning to love this."

She picked up one bag, and then Rocky picked up the remaining two and smiled at her, "Let me take these for ya."


"So, you're a karate teacher?" Rocky asked, trying to start another conversation as he helped Abby clean out the guestroom she was staying in.

"Yeah, I have been for about 3 years now. The city wanted to tear the building down because no one wanted to teach there, so I volunteered. I didn't want the program to quit." Abby replied.

"What kind of program was it?" He asked curiously.

"It was a program which encouraged inner city kids to learn about Self Defense and Safety. It also served as a place where kids could go if they needed someone to talk to." She explained, dusting off a shelf.

"That sounds great!" Rocky mused; he had never met someone that was as eager as he was about teaching kids martial arts.

"It was. Until a couple of weeks ago, when they found out...." her voice trailed off sadly.

Rocky sensed the sadness in her voice, and hesitated to ask the next question but did anyways, "What did they do, when they found out you were a Power Ranger?"

Abby sighed, "The kids went crazy. They asked me a gazillion questions about if I would tell them the identities of the other rangers and if I had seen King Mondo up close. I had to leave after a few minutes of it. It was so overwhelming."

"That must have been scary." Rocky sympathized, he had no idea what he would do if he were ever in that situation, and prayed he never would be.

"It was." Abby agreed.

"Don't worry, we'll find out some way for you to get your regular life back." Rocky told her confidently.

Suddenly, Alpha burst through the doors waving his arms around the air excitedly.

"No need to unpack Abigail! Zordon has fixed the problem!" Alpha cheered.

"I don't understand." Abby admitted, and Rocky shot a confused look at Alpha.

"Zordon and Billy have released an Electro-magnetic memory sustaining wave over Earth, making people forget the identity of the Orange Ranger. Everyone now knows there is an Orange Zeo Ranger, but they don't know what her identity is." Alpha explained happily.

Abby smiled happily, "Alpha that's terrific!"

"Yeah! It's great!" Rocky agreed.

Abby looked down at her watch, "Oh my gosh! It's almost One o'clock in the morning! My mother will be worried sick! I've got to go."

"Yeah me too, my parents have probably sent out the police to find me." Rocky joked.

"Thank you very much Rocky for helping me." She thanked him and smiled.

"Anytime." He replied, and she teleported away.

Rocky stood there for a few more minutes, staring at the place she used to stand in.

Billy peaked his head through the door and laughed, "Rocky, she's gone."

Rocky shook his head, and looked over at him, "Who's gone?"

Billy laughed some more, "Abby. She's gone. She left 5 minutes ago."

"Oh." He replied.

Billy laughed again and patted his friend on the back, "You need some rest pal. Don't worry you'll see her in the morning."

Rocky smiled and teleported back to his house.


Rocky opened the front door slowly, so it wouldn't make any noise. He quietly walked through and shut it gently.

He started to tip toe towards the stairs when he saw a small glowing lamp on in the living room. Busted.

"Rocky, where on Earth have you been?" his mom demanded to know.

"Mom!" Rocky exclaimed, smiling; "What are you still doing up?"

"Rocky, don't avoid the question." His mother replied, crossing her arms.

"I'm sorry, but I met this girl and we met up with the others and hung out for awhile. I'm sorry I didn't call." That wasn't lying, he figured. It's basically true, from a certain point of view.

"It's alright just, call next time okay? What's this about meeting a girl?" his mom asked curiously. Her son hadn't sounded this excited about meeting a girl in, well, ever.

"Her name is Abby Brockton." Rocky told her. *Now let's see if this memory wave Zordon and Billy sent out works. * He thought to himself.

His mom sat there for a minute, then replied, "That's a pretty name. Is she from around here?"

Rocky let out a little sigh of relief, "Actually, no. She just moved here from Marietta, Georgia."

Her mother nodded her head approvingly, "Great. Bring her over sometime, I'd love to meet her. Well, I'm going to bed now that you've decided to appear. Good night son." She smiled and kissed his forehead then walked upstairs into her bedroom.

Rocky sighed heavily and sat down on the couch and put his feet up on the coffee table.

"What a day." He grinned and turned on the television.

So much had happened that day. He'd finally met a girl that he liked, a new Ranger appeared along with a deadly assassin, he had seen his favorite band live, and that morning he had finally finished his chemistry project that was due the next day at school. School.... School tomorrow.... In 6 hours.

"Whoa! I gotta get to bed!" He realized and ran up to his room.


"Mom! I'm home!" Abby yelled as she walked through the door of her new house.

"I'm in here Abigail dear!" she heard her mom's voice calling from the dining room.

She knew her mom would probably be up all night unpacking still. They had planned to move to Angel Grove long before she became the Orange Ranger.

She walked in and saw her mother arranging the dining room table.

"Well, did you have fun tonight? I have to admit I was getting a little worried about you. With all these monster attacks this city gets, I thought you may be in trouble." Her mom told her and Abby smiled.

"No, didn't run into any weird monsters out there. But, I did see Sixpence this afternoon, and I met a guy." Abby said, examining her mother's decoration work.

"A guy? Who is he?" her mom asked, extremely curious. Her daughter had never really been in love before, and love may not be the case here, but she could definitely tell whoever this guy was, Abby really liked him.

"His name's Rocky. I met him at the Juice Bar. He's really sweet." She told her mom, then added, "This place looks really great! Dad would love it."

Her mother nodded her head sadly, "Yes, yes he would."

Abby frowned and walked over to her mom, giving her a hug, "Don't worry mom. We're gonna be okay. Even though dad's not with us anymore, we're still gonna be okay."

Her mom smiled at her, "Yeah, Yeah I think we will be okay."

After a few more minutes, Abby retired to her bedroom.

She changed into her white pajamas with little orange flowers on them and laid down in bed.

*I never knew not wearing orange would make me feel tired. * She thought to herself skeptically, *I think that from now on I'll wear my orange clothes. *

*But then again, Blue is Rocky's color. * She smiled at the thought of him.

She couldn't believe it when Rocky had morphed into the Blue Ranger. She almost didn't believe her eyes.

*I had only known him for 5 seconds and he was so nice to me. * Her thoughts slowed, and she fell fast asleep.


"Kin Mondo, I am the Orange Zeo Assassin. A teenage girl has stolen my powers, and I must get them back. Can you help me?" The Assassin asked him kindly.

"We are very busy here. What will you do for us in return?" King Mondo bargained.

"I shall destroy the Blue Zeo Ranger. I sensed an attraction between him and the girl that stole my powers. If something happens to her, he will be weak." She told him with a wicked smile.

King Mondo nodded his head in approval, "I accept this deal. Now go, I expect the destruction of the Blue Zeo Ranger by the end of the week!"

The assassin bowed, and walked out.

"Finally! If we can destroy one of the rangers, the others will be weak, and then, we will crush them all!" King Mondo shouted.

The End