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Living In Danger
By Crystal Maiden

It was almost a completely perfect day in Angel Grove. It was only 7:00 in the morning and the sun was starting to shine and the sky was clear blue. It wasn't going to warm up very much, since it was February, but it was more than perfect for Abby who had lived in the south most of her life.

*Boy, If I'd been home right now, we would've been having snow! And here, it never snows! * She thought to herself excitedly as she walked through the front doors of Angel Grove High School.

It was her first day at a new school, and she already had 6 friends. 6 Power Ranger friends.

*I still can't believe I'm a Power Ranger. * She smiled to herself as she walked down the hallway looking over her schedule and scanning the lockers to find hers.

After a few minutes of searching, she finally found her locker. She tried her combination and pulled up on the lever. Jammed. She groaned in frustration and jerked the lever again. It wouldn't budge. She looked around and only a few other people were standing around talking. She turned around and leaned her back against her locker. Then casually, she took her elbow forward then struck it back against the locker, causing it to open.

She smiled and put her books and backpack inside.

"Hey Abigail!" she heard a guy voice yell at her from the stairs.

She turned her head and smiled at Adam, "Hey Adam!"

Adam walked down the stairs, "What classes do you have? Maybe you'll have some with me and the others."

"I've got Psychology first, and here's the rest." she said handing him the paper.

"Great! Kat's got Psychology first hour too. And looks like we have Math 3 together." Adam viewed the sheet happily. He was always glad to make new friends, and considering Abby was part of the 'team' now too, he wanted to make her feel comfortable around the group.

"That's terrific Adam thanks! But, could you do me a favor?" she asked.

"You name it!" he smiled.

"Where is the Psychology room?"


"So how was your first day?" Rocky asked as they all ate at the Juice Bar.

"Great! I never knew Angel Grove could be this fun!" Abby confessed happily.

"It's so cool that you have at least one class with all of us!" Kat couldn't believe it when Abby had walked into her Psychology class that morning. She hadn't expected her to come to school this soon.

"Yeah I know." Abby agreed and took a sip of her milk shake.

Suddenly Bulk and Skull walk into the Juice Bar in their police uniforms. They walked over to the group. "Hey guys! And how are Angel Grove's greatest police officers today?" Tanya asked, trying not to laugh. "We're trying to show Lieutenant Stone we're ready to take the final test that would make us real police officers. But we can't think of anything!" Bulk explained to them, taking one of the groups' hamburgers. Tanya laughed, "Maybe you should try doing your job instead of lookin' for trouble." It had only been one week since the rangers had to save the troublesome two from one of Mondo's monsters. Bulk and Skull exchanged serious looks, then burst out laughing. "Good one!" Skull laughed, and patted Tanya on the back. "We'll we better get back to the station for the 5:00 donut break." Bulk stood up and so did Skull, then they noticed Abby. "Who's this?" Bulk asked curiously. "Bulk, Skull, this is Abigail Brockton. She just moved here." Rocky introduced. "Well, nice to meet you Abigail. But now, we must go. Onward Skull!" Then they both marched out, with the others laughing. "Those two are crazy." Adam commented. "They sure are. But oh hey guys! We better get goin' if we're gonna meet Mrs. Applebee in the Fine Arts room." Tanya reminded them and she, Kat, Tommy, and Adam stood up. "This is our last meeting before we start decorating for the dance." Kat told them. "We'll see you guys later!" Tommy yelled as they walked out, leaving Rocky and Abby sitting alone at the table. They talked for about 30 minutes, and then Rocky suggested they take a walk in the park since it was such a pretty day. Of course she jumped at the chance to talk with him longer, so they got up and headed to the park. ______________________________________________________________________ "Wow, this park is beautiful." Abby said, looking around. The grass was green and the leaves were beginning to bloom. Rocky smiled at her. It's a good thing she hadn't noticed he'd been staring at her ever since she showed up at the Juice Bar, or he would've been totally embarrassed. They stopped and sat down at a park bench that viewed the lake. It was a scenic view, the lake was sparkling and she could see a family having a picnic on the docks. "Angel Grove is so-" She started, but a sharp wooden arrow shoot right past Rocky. "What the-" but Rocky was interrupted by a wicked cackling laugh from behind them. They both jumped up and turned around to face the Orange Zeo Assassin. They got into a defensive stance and Abby growled, "What do you want?" "For once little girl, I'm not after you, I'm after your little friend here." The woman laughed and started walking towards them. "It's morphin time!" Rocky yelled and their morphers appeared on their hands. "Zeo Ranger 3, Blue!" "Zeo Ranger 6, Orange!" "You might as well give up now Blue Ranger. I never fail on a mission, especially when I've made a deal with Mondo." The lady scowled and continued walking towards them. "This is between you and me, Orange Assassin! Leave Rocky out of this!" Abby threatened. "You are in no position to make threats to me!" The assassin kept walked towards them, and they kept walking backwards, trying to stall for time. "Get out of here and go get the others. I'll keep little miss assassin busy." Rocky whispered. "No way Rocky! She's after you! Don't you see, that's what she wants us to do! Besides, Zordon said only I can defeat her so I can get the full Orange Zeo Powers. Now go!" Abby commanded him and he hesitatingly agreed. "Alright. I'll be right back. Be careful." Rocky told her and teleported away. "Wait! Where is he going?" The Orange Assassin demanded to know and Abby smirked inside her helmet. "He's going to get reinforcement." Abby smiled, then turned serious, "Now, shall we do what the southerners call...oh what's the word?" "Kill the person that stole my powers?" The assassin growled. "No, I was thinking more along the lines of dancing the 2 step but destroying you would definitely be more fun." Abby retorted and the Assassin ran over and they started fighting. Abby delivered a sharp kick into the Assassin's stomach, and the Orange Assassin doubled over in pain. But then quickly knocked Abby's legs out from under her, sending her crashing to the ground. Abby could feel the power draining from her. Since she had not yet consumed all the Orange Zeo Power, she only had a limited time to be morphed. But she had not shared this information with the others yet. She suddenly demorphed, and the Assassin grabbed her neck and started choking it. "Say good bye thief." The lady gave her a wicked smiled. Abby started choking and kicking to get free. She tried knocking the Assassin's hand away from her throat but it was no use. She was too strong. Just as Abby was about to run out of breath, she heard lasers shoot and knock the Assassin to the ground. She rolled over onto her stomach and saw the others standing there fully morphed and ready for action. They all ran towards her and Adam and Rocky helped her stand up. "Are you okay?" Tommy asked worriedly. Abby coughed, "Yeah, I'm okay." "Are you sure?" Rocky asked concerned. Abby nodded her head, which was about all she could do. Her throat was still a little closed up. "Billy, teleport Abby to the command center." Tommy said into his communicator. "But what about her." Abby asked between coughs, still needing to have Rocky and Adam help her stand up. "Don't worry, we'll take care of her. You need to be checked out." Tanya assured her and before she knew it, she was in the command center and Billy caught her fall. ___________________________________________________________________ "I don't have any dealings with you rangers. Just the Orange and Blue." The Assassin smiled as she stood up. "News flash. When you mess with one of our friends, you mess with all of us." Tommy retorted. "Oh gee, I'm so scared. I mean after all, I've just been shot with a Zeonizer!" The Assassin laughed, "No weapon you people shoot at me will work! So give it up!" "We will never give up!" Adam shouted at her furiously. "I don't have time for this. See you soon, Blue Ranger." Then the assassin vanished and they rangers looked around, then demorphed. "What does she want with you Rocky?" Tommy asked. Rocky shrugged, "I wish I knew." "We'd better get back to the power chamber and check on Abby." Kat said and they all teleported to the power chamber. ___________________________________________________________________ It had been 2 hours since the last attack, and Abby was resting in the Medical room. After a long discussion about her powers with the others, they all retired to their homes for the day. It was only 7:00 at night, but it felt like it should be 1 o'clock in the morning to Abby. She sat down in a chair while Alpha and Billy checked her over one more time before she left. "Well, you seem to be healing fine. There was no major damage done." Billy reported happily. "You can go home now Abby, but be careful." Alpha told her and Abby stood up, her legs aching. "You'll probably be sore for a few days, after all you're pretty badly bruised." Billy told her, seeing the pain that was on her face from standing up. "As long as I'll live, I'll be fine." Abby smiled a little, then teleported away to the park. She would've teleported directly to her house, but she knew her mom would be planting the flowers in the front yard tonight, so she thought it best just to teleport to the park and walk home. A cold gentle breeze swept throughout the park and she wrapped her arms around her to keep herself warm. She looked around the park as she walked slowly towards the other end, her mind shifting back to earlier that day when Rocky had walked with her here. *He is so cute. * She thought and found herself smiling. She had found herself thinking about Rocky all the time. Even when she wasn't thinking about Rocky, she was thinking about Rocky. She knew she had a crush on him, but didn't want to admit it to herself. *What if he doesn't feel the same way about me? What if he just thinks of me as 'one of the gang' or 'a team mate'? * She asked herself. Suddenly she heard a deep evil laugh from behind her. She spun around and saw a wolf like monster standing behind her. "Who are you?" she demanded to know as she flung her backpack against a tree and got a defensive stance. "I was sent by King Mondo to destroy you! And that I shall!" The monster growled. "What is this? Pick on the Orange Ranger day?" she asked muttered. The monster jumped at her and she ducked and it flew over her and landed. "Alpha, Billy, Zordon, come in." Abby talked into her communicator, but heard no response. "Alpha, Billy, Anyone, come in! I need help in the park!" Abby yelled into her communicator. The monster got up and banged its arms against a tree, "I will get the Orange Powers from you girl! I will!" "Does everyone in this galaxy want these powers?" Abby asked, annoyed. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Klank and Orbus viewing the fight, she turned to them angrily. "Hey you two, this isn't a spectator sport so back off!" She shouted angrily. Klank just laughed and the monster grew enormous in size. "It's morphin' time!" she yelled and her morphers appeared on her hands. "Zeo Ranger 6, Orange!"

"Ha ha ha! You pathetic little ranger I shall destroy you!" The monster yelled at her and stomped it's foot on the ground, making it feel like an earthquake.

*Wait, Zordon told me to call on my zord when I got in trouble like this. * Her thoughts reminded her.

"I need Zeo Zord Power, Now!" she yelled and an enormous warrior vehicle with a Diamond emblem on it landed beside her.

Within a second, she found herself in the control room.

"I don't even know where to begin." She whispered, looking over the vast amount of switches and buttons, "Well, better start somewhere." She hit the middle red button and a fireball struck the monster dead center.

"Wahooo! This is pretty fun!" She laughed and moved the controls around so she was closer to the monster.

"Say good bye freakoid." She growled, then yelled, "Delta Diamond Power Punch!" The fists came off her zord and struck the monster, exploding it. "Alright!"


"Rocky! Come in here and look at this!" Rocky's mom yelled from the living room.

"What is it?" Rocky asked with a mouthful of sandwich in his mouth.

"There was an attack a few minutes ago by the park!" his mom told him and he dropped his sandwich and ran into the living room.

Rocky looked at the TV and listened to the reporter in total shock as he saw the Diamond Zeo Zord in battle.

"Just a few minutes ago a monster appeared in the Angel Grove Park. Luckily the Orange Zeo Ranger defeated it before it could do any damage. Questions have been rising about the new mysterious Orange Ranger. Some say she could be a serious threat to society." The reporter said looking into the camera.

He continued to talk about the Orange Zeo ranger but Rocky didn't listen to any of it.

*I've gotta go find her. * Rocky's thoughts determined, *And find out why Zordon didn't know about this. *


"A threat to society??!!" Abby exclaimed, "They're saying I'm a threat to society??!!"

"Well," Rocky stalled, trying to think of something to say that would make her feel better, "They're probably just twisting some stuff people say to get a good story."

"People are saying stuff about me??!!" she asked him incredulously. It was a good thing her mom went out that night instead of working in the garden.

*Okay that was the wrong thing to say Rocky, * his thoughts told him.

"People say stuff about all the rangers, it's nothing big. Trust me, this whole...Orange Ranger threat ordeal will be nothing by the next monster attack." Rocky assured her.

Abby slumped down in a kitchen chair and shrugged, "That's good, cause there sure seem to be a lot of people that are angry with us."

Rocky couldn't think of anything to say, so he shrugged to and sat down.

"Have you found out why Zordon didn't contact anyone?" she asked him.

"Alpha said they didn't get any kind of signal something was wrong. None of their censors went off until the attack was over." Rocky informed her.

"That's weird. Even if the monster didn't give off a signal that would trigger off their censors, they should have gotten my messages through the communicator." Abby said, trying to figure out what was going on.

"Billy is still looking into that." Rocky said.

"What am I supposed to do in the mean time?" she asked.

Rocky shrugged his shoulders, "Just don't go anywhere without any one of us. You'll be safe."

She sighed heavily and looked at him sadly, "How am I supposed to be safe when I'm living in danger all the time?"


"King Mondo!" The Orange Assassin growled as she burst through the doors, "Why haven't you gotten my powers back?"

"This will take time. The new Orange Ranger has gotten smarter. Why have you not destroyed the Blue Zeo Ranger?" King Mondo asked.

"He is always around someone. I'll have to strike when he is alone." She explained, "But the longer that little girl that has my powers is on the team, the more she will learn, you must get them and fast."

"I will get the powers when ever I please!" King Mondo yelled, "Even when I get them, they will not be returned to your possession until the Blue Ranger is destroyed. So, young Assassin, get to work!"

The Assassin bowed and left the room. As soon as the door shut she teleported back to the park to think.

"I've got to work smarter, not harder." She whispered to herself, "When is a person at their weakest?"

She thought some more, then out of the corner of her eye she saw a house. She looked through the window curiously and saw a child lying in a bed, fast asleep.

The assassin smiled to herself and continued walking.

"Tomorrow night I will strike." She smiled evilly and noticed she was in front of Rocky's house, "Sweet dreams Blue Ranger and remember this night well. For it will be your last."

To be continued...