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A Minor Glitch
By Crystal Maiden

Angel Grove, California 3:05 p.m.: May 29,1995

"Hey guys!" Kimberly greeted as she and Aisha walked to a table the others were sitting at in Ernie's Juice Bar.

"Hey Kim." Tommy smiled and pulled up two extra chairs, "Hi Aisha."

"So, how was your last day of school as juniors' in high school?" Adam asked.

"It was so cool. It's hard to believe that next year we'll all be seniors!" Kim gushed and Aisha nodded her head in agreement.

"Where have the years gone?" Aisha asked thoughtfully, then laughed.

"I don't know, but I'm glad it summer." Rocky said and grabbed a hamburger.

"Hopefully it won't be a busy summer, if you know what I mean." Adam implied quietly.

They all nodded their heads in agreement. Zedd had been attacking relentlessly the past few days. It had only been two days before that he had put the spell of irresponsibility on Rocky and made Ernie's Pachinco Machine a monster. They only wish they could relax on the days that Zedd didn't attack, but they knew all to well that the longer he didn't, the worse the next one would be.

"So what are you guys doing for the rest of the afternoon?" Aisha asked the group.

"Well, me and Rocky were gonna go to the park and shoot some hoops. Anyone wanna come with us?" Tommy asked.

"Nah I can't. I promised Mrs.Applebee that I'd help the Science Club with the last project." Billy said.

"Yeah, and I gotta go with him." Aisha pointed out.

"Me too." Adam added.

"I can come!" Kim chirped.

"Alright. See you guys later." Tommy said and he, Kim, and Rocky left for the park.

* * *
Angel Grove, California 3:05 p.m.: May 29, 2015

"Hey Ashton, can you hand me the magnetic strips again? I'm having trouble with the outlets." Eric informed his friend and she sighed, handing them back to him.

"Those outlets are giving us more trouble than we need." She sighed and put her welding helmet back over her eyes and continued working.

The two had been working all day on the T.T, which stood for Time Traveler. Their machine that was going to make them famous.

"I'm tellin ya Ashton. This machine will put us on the top." Eric yelled over her welding noise.

"What?" She yelled back, not hearing a word he said.

Suddenly, 2 teleportation glows landed a few feet ahead of them and Ashton quit welding and took her helmet off.

"Hey Shayla, Hey Derek. What are you guys up to?" Ashton asked as she picked up the piece of metal she had been welding and viewed her work.

"Not much. Alpha called us here. What do you think he wants?" Shayla asked and Eric and Ashton shrugged.

"Maybe he wants to take T.T on a test drive." Ashton suggested with a mischievous smile.

"Who knows." Derek said and Alpha walked into the room.

"I have been running diagnostic tests on Time Traveler today and I think it is finally ready to test." Alpha told them and they all walked over to it. It was a simple circular platform that laid on the ground.

"Well, who's gonna try it out first?" Derek asked.

"Shouldn't we wait until Barry gets here?" Shayla asked.

"Don't worry guys, I'm here!" Barry said as he ran over to them.

"So......" Eric said, "Who's it gonna be?"

No one said anything, but Ashton yelled, "I'll do it!"

"Are you sure it's ready Alpha?" Barry wanted to make sure.

"Diagnostics didn't indicate anything faulty. It should work perfectly." Alpha assured them.

Ashton nodded her head and stepped onto the platform.

"Here goes nothin'." Shayla said and pressed the big red button.

Ashton was suddenly surrounded by white sparkles, and then she disappeared when a blaring alarm went off.

"Ay yi yi yi yi!"

* * *
"Goldar! Get in here!" Lord Zedd shouted.

Goldar walked into the room and bowed, "Yes my Lord?"

"It is time we shut down the Power Rangers for good. And I think I have just the plan to do that." Zedd told him.

"Shall I inform the others about all of this--" Goldar started.

"No!" Zedd interrupted him quickly; "There is no need of notifying them. I will take care of this plan personally."

"What should I do?" Goldar asked curiously.

"Scorpina is visiting us for a few days. You two go down to Earth and wreak havoc. Together I know you will defeat the Power Rangers. Let's turn teamwork against them!" Zedd proposed.

"Excellent!" Goldar raised his sword to the ceiling; "Shall I send the putties down first to roughen them up?"

"Why not! Let's have some fun!" Zedd laughed, "Now, Power Rangers, I finally have you were I want you. And there's nothing to stop me!"

* * *
Angel Grove, California 3:10 p.m.: May 29, 1995

Tommy, Kim, and Rocky were walking through the park on the way to the Basketball court when they saw a huge, brilliant flash of light in the sky. They all dropped everything and looked up at the sky, when getting into a defensive stance.

"You think Zedd and Rita are up to something?" Rocky asked the other two.

"Who knows with--" Kim started, but was interrupted by a faint screaming that sounded like it was getting closer.

"What's that?" Tommy asked, and they saw an object falling fastly to the ground from the sky.

"Look!" Kim screamed as whatever it was hit the ground.

"Alright, let's move closer. But watch out, it could be a trap." Tommy said.

Kim and Rocky nodded their heads, and they slowly eased their way closer to the object. But, to their surprise, it wasn't an object. It was a person. They exchanged confused glances and started walking up to the girl. She looked around their age, and had brown hair that was tied up in a ponytail. She was dressed in ordinary teenage girl clothes, black Capri pants, and a white tank top. She looked completely normal for a person that just dropped from the sky.

"Are uh.... Are you okay?" Rocky asked the girl as she wiped the dirt off her pants.

"Yeah I'm--" The girl started then saw Tommy and her jaw dropped. "What...what are you doing here?"

Kim and Rocky looked at Tommy, who looked just as confused as they were. Before Tommy could reply though, a group of putties appeared behind the girl and they got back in their defensive stances, surprisingly, the girl did too.

"You better take cover." Tommy told the girl and she looked back at him crazily.

"Me take cover? What about you?!" She asked incredulously.

"Just do it--" Tommy insisted but Kimberly interrupted.

"Let's not argue with her. We don't have time." She told him and he knew she was right.

The Z-putties ran over to them and started fighting. Tommy kicked the first one that came after him just below the Z, knocking it out of his way. He looked over at the girl and surprisingly; she was fighting off the putties herself.

One ran up to her and she quickly kicked it square on the Z and it burst, then disappeared.

"So, you guys wanna follow me?" She girl muttered to the putties and Tommy heard her, now as confused as ever, "Well, I can take that!" She grabbed the monster's arm and flipped it onto its back, then punched her fist on the Z, destroying it.

The putties retreated, and Tommy, Rocky, and Kim regrouped.

They were about to ask the girl a question, when Goldar and Scorpina appeared.

"Rangers! How lovely to see you again!" Scorpina laughed, "But this time, is the last time!"

"Who's that?" Rocky asked, confused.

"Her name's Scorpina." Kim said and scoffed at Scorpina, "She is a fashion disaster, among other things."

Scorpina rolled her eyes, then looked to the girl standing by them, "Well, well, well, who do we have here?"

The girl remained in her defensive position and stared at Goldar and Scorpina fiercely, "Someone you definitely don't want to make mad."

Tommy, Kim, and Rocky both looked at the girl. They were beginning to think this girl was more than just a common citizen.

"Oh, really?" Scorpina asked sarcastically.

"Really." The girl replied.

"And just what is your name?" Scorpina asked.

"Ashton Oliver. The White Ranger." The girl stated and the others looked at her like she was crazy.

Scorpina and Goldar cracked up laughing.

"You stupid girl. Tommy is the White Ranger!" Scorpina said in between laughs, "Is this Zordon's master plan? Have someone else say their the White Ranger?"

"Oh so you uh....you want proof, huh? Well then, why didn't you just ask?" Ashton said sarcastically and now Tommy was about to speak up but she pulled something from her back pocket and held it in her hand. Kim gasped at the sight of the White Morpher in her hands.

"Tommy! She has your morpher!" Kim whispered but Tommy shook his head.

He reached behind his back, and pulled out the White Morpher, "But...it's right here."

"What's.....going on here?" Rocky asked, confused.

"I wish I knew...." Tommy replied.

"It's Morphin Time!" Ashton yelled and held the morpher out in front of her, a bright flash of white light surrounded them, "White Tiger!"

After the white light cleared, they were all staring at the White Ranger. The special shield was missing from the top, but nonetheless, she was the White Ranger.

"How can this be?" Tommy asked.

"There are two of them!" Goldar exclaimed.

"This, can not be happening!" Scorpina stomped her foot on the ground.

"Well it is happening. I have no idea how I got here, but I'm gonna make sure you're gone by the time I leave." Ashton growled and pulled out Saba.

"Let's see how well you fight." Scorpina said and ran towards Ashton.

"We've gotta do something!" Kim said worriedly.

"Right, It's Morphin Time!" Tommy yelled and Ashton stopped, and looked at him.

"What?!" She exclaimed, then Scorpina knocked her to the ground.

"Tyrannosaurus!" Rocky yelled and morphed into the Red Ranger.

"Pterodactyl!" Kimberly yelled and morphed into the Pink Ranger.

"White Tiger!" Tommy yelled and morphed into the White Ranger.

"Dad?" Ashton whispered and Goldar got in her face.

"It's time to take you down, Girl White Ranger!" Goldar growled, and Ashton, still looking at Tommy, kicked Goldar in the stomach sending him back a few yards.

Tommy said into his communicator, "Guys this is Tommy. We've got trouble in the park."

After a few seconds, to Ashton's surprise, Adam's voice replied over the communicator, "We're on our way."

"No one knows this frequency....." Ashton said to herself, then tapped on her communicator, "Alpha, Zordon, come in."

"Ashton. Please teleport to the command center. There is much we need to explain to you." Zordon replied.

"You're tellin me." Ashton commented to herself and saw the Blue, Yellow, and Black Rangers appear by Tommy, then she replied to Zordon, "I'm on my way."

As the others watched the other White Ranger teleport away Billy asked, "Who is that?!"

"I have no idea." Tommy shook his head, and then Scorpina and Goldar interrupted.

"We'll be back rangers! You can count on that!" Scorpina growled, then they disappeared.

They all demorphed and exchanged glances. "Does anyone have any idea who that was?" Aisha asked.

"She seemed to know Tommy." Rocky said.

They all looked at Tommy and he just shrugged, "I've never seen her before in my life."

Zordon interrupted their conversation by saying, "Rangers, please teleport to the Command Center."

"Sure thing Zordon." Billy replied and they all did.

* * *
"So you see Ashton, " Zordon was talking as the others teleported into the Command Center; "You are still in the exact same location, just not the same time."

"Zordon, what's going on?" Kim asked.

"I believe it is best for Ashton to tell you." Zordon said and they all looked to Ashton.

She sighed and stood up, "Well. My name is Ashton Oliver. I'm 16 years old and.......I'm from the year 2015."

The rangers' eyes widened at the year and she continued, "But um...that's not the weirdest part."

"What could possibly be more weird than that?" Aisha asked.

She glanced at Tommy; "I'm Tommy's daughter."

Their jaws dropped and they all looked at Tommy, who looked the most stunned of all.

"Wha...What?" Tommy stuttered, "But...But how can this be?"

"Well you see, in 2015, my team, meaning the team of Power Rangers I'm on, was developing a Time Traveling device. Today was the first time we were supposed to test it. And uh...I'm guessing we had sort of an umm.... Minor glitch in the program. You see, I was only supposed to go back in time 5 minutes. All I remember is stepping on the platform and then hearing the blaring alarm. The next thing I know I'm falling from the sky." Ashton explained, then turned to Zordon and asked, "Why exactly did I do that Zordon?"

"In the year 2015, your command center is a space ship, am I right?" Zordon asked.

"Yeah, it is." Ashton said, "And the time traveling device was on the ship. Okay, I get it now. Since I was on the ship when the machine started, and I went back before the ship was built, there's no way I couldn't landed inside the ship, so I just fell through space."

It seemed a little clearer to Ashton, but the others were still as confused as ever.

"So, how do we get Ashton back to her time?" Kim asked curiously.

"I'm afraid the only way to put Ashton back in her exact time is to build a Time Traveling device of our own." Zordon told them.

"And I haven't even begun working on the plans yet!" Alpha added.

"Ashton, how long did it take you guys to build the time machine?" Rocky asked.

"I don't know how many years, " Ashton said, then added, "They started it before I was born."

The rangers sighed in disappointment and Ashton followed them.

She leaned against the controls and crossed her arms sadly.

"What are we going to do in the meantime Zordon? What's Ashton supposed to do?" Aisha asked.

"Well, I suppose that Alpha could--" Zordon started but Tommy stepped forward and spoke.

"She can stay with me." Tommy said and the others smiled at him supportively.

Ashton was kind of surprised by that, but then again, she thought, *He is my dad. Well....sort of.*

* * *
"Mom? Dad?" Tommy asked as he walked into his house, with Ashton behind him. He heard no reply and he sighed in relief, "Good. They aren't home, they're probably --"

"Out at the Steakhouse. It is Friday night, isn't it?" Ashton smiled and Tommy looked at her curiously, "Something's never change."

Tommy smiled back at her and led her to the guestroom; "You can stay in here. I'll just tell my parents that your folks went out of town. They won't mind."

Ashton nodded her head. She was becoming a little more comfortable around him, but not nearly as comfortable as she normally would be around her father.

"Do you need anything else?" Tommy asked as he started for the door.

Ashton shook her head, "No...Looks like I'm all set."

Tommy gave her a smile, "Okay. You go ahead and get some sleep. I'll wait for my parents to get home so I can tell them your staying here for a while."

She nodded her head and waved good bye as he closed the door.

As soon as the door closed, he sighed and smiled, "Being a dad is too weird."

* * *
"Goldar! Scorpina! Get in here now!" Lord Zedd commanded and the two showed up, staring at the floor in shame. "You two are no better than the rest of the hired help around here!" Zedd scolded them furiously.

"We tried to defeat them Lord Zedd, but there are 2 White Ranger's now!" Scorpina exclaimed.

"Yes, I am now aware of this recent turn of events. What do you think I do all day? Sit on my throne and watch Downtown Julie Brown?!" Lord Zedd shouted sarcastically.

"Only from 3 till 4." Baboo snickered and Lord Zedd turned to him.

"Not a word out of any of you worthless beings!" He shouted, then returned to his throne angrily, "Next time rangers you won't be so lucky."

The End