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A League of Evil
By Crystal Maiden

65 million years ago, it was believed, and to this day still is believed by some, that all living creatures, the dinosaurs, on the planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy became extinct. Scientists have never been able to confirm what phenomenon caused such a catastrophic event, but all theories lie along the lines of an enormous asteroid hitting Earth, or a giant volcano exploding, thus destroying all inhabitants of the planet. Little did they know, they couldn't be farther from the truth . . . . . .

This is what really happened.

* * *

Inside a dull meeting hall, dictators of all the galaxies had been called, by Queen Specter, to a gathering that was publicly announced as something that would alter the face of humanity in the entire universe. With a topic like that, who could resist coming?

A man covered in metal carrying a staff with a Z on the top walked in the room and joined some other dictators already sitting at the long table.

"Lord Zedd." A purple ooze man nodded his head in greeting.

"Ivan." Zedd replied, also nodding his head in the formal greeting.

Zedd laid his staff on the floor and put his hands on the table, waiting for the meeting to get started.

Rita Repulsa waltzed into the room, smiling as always, and sat down by Lord Zedd, who mumbled something, she couldn't quite hear.

"What was that Zeddy?" Rita asked, flashing her eyelashes.

"I said quit bothering me woman, I will never like you!" Zedd grumbled and Ivan smiled.

Rita scoffed and turned her nose up, ignoring the two men.

A gold covered monkey entered the room and sat on the opposite side of the table as them.

"Goldar, how is everything?" Ivan asked his long time friend curiously.

"Couldn't be better." Goldar said, then turned his head to speak to the three of them, "You three wouldn't happen to know what the Queen wants to talk about, would you?"

"Who knows what the Queen of the Universe wants." Rita sighed.

Ivan shrugged his shoulders, and then they heard a loud trumpet sound and stood up.

"Looks like we're going to find out." Zedd said and all the people around the table stood up straightly in honor of the Queen's arrival.

They all turned, facing the enormous metal wall. One half of the wall looked like stainless steel, with an imprinted sun filled with red ruby jewels, and the second half of the metal wall had an imprinted moon, filled with blue sapphire gems.

Suddenly both parts moved apart and there stood the Queen, with 2 huge metal monsters standing beside her.

Queen Specter stood there and a teenage boy, who looked around the age of 16, walked up beside her and took her hand.

They started to walk down the 5 steps slowly and the Queens' long blue velvet robe swept across the floor behind her. She was a tall woman, probably somewhere in her thirties. She had long black hair and a square, serious look on her face all the time. The young man escorting her was her son, Dark. He was the prince of the universe, and the Queen's most prized possession ever since the King had died a few years earlier in an accidental explosion.

They slowly approached her throne and she stepped up onto it and sat down slowly. Dark sat down next to her in a smaller throne.

The Queen raised her hand, and slowly brought it down. As she did, the people sitting at the table sat down in their chairs.

The two metal monsters clunked their way to stand on opposite sides of the Queen and she cleared her thoat and spoke in a stern voice, "The meeting will begin now."

There were at least 300 dictators at the table, and the one sitting the closest to the Queen, stood up.

"My Queen," The man started out, and bowed to her, then stood up again, "We are all very anxious and curious as to why you have called us here." He nodded his head to her, then sat down again.

The Queen cleared her throat again, then began in the exact same stern tone, "This meeting has been called to discuss a new government."

Everyone gasped and she continued, "A new government, which will be more prosperous than ever before and unite all the galaxies into one."

"But Queen!" A man protested and stood up, "That is impossible! Shouldn't we leave the universe government policies alone? We've worked so hard to work together and have finally reached a peace--"

"Be quiet!" The shouted and the man sat down in terror, "I will not be spoken to in that manner! Our current government status is horrific! We cannot and will not continue to lead such a sloppy and irresponsible government!"

Everyone in the room fell silent and she smiled wickedly at the man that had just protested with her, "Besides Topin, I believe the last protest go one of your planets in trouble. What was it called again? Earth?"

Topin closed his eyes at the harsh remark. It had only been days that one of his earlier protests had gotten one of his planets, an animal planet of his no less, attacked by the government army.

"What exactly were those silly creatures on it anyways?" The Queen mocked.

Topin said meekly, "Dinosaurs."

The Queen burst into laughter, "Ah yes, dinosaurs. Well, there aren't any of those left now are there?" She watched Topin shake his head no sadly, and she grinned.

Everyone looked at Topin sadly. They all knew the Queen had hated the Milky Way Galaxy from day one. She single handedly ruled that galaxy out of all-important issues and classified it as 'space waste'.

The Queen looked around the table, then saw one chair empty near the middle, "Where is Euridice the dictator of the Utopia Galaxy?"

A young dictator stood up; "Euridice was unable to make it. Eltar is having the celebration of their independence today." He said, then sat back down and the Queen scowled.

"Independence day?" She scoffed, "Eltar is hardly a planet to praise over."

"My Queen, what is this with a new government?" One of the men dictators shouted out.

The Queen returned her attention to the issue at hand and said, "Ah yes, the new government will begin reign . . . right now."

Everyone looked at her shocked even her son, and she laughed, "From this moment on all of you aren't dictators, you are my servants."

Everyone at the table stood up and protested all talking at once.

The Queen lifted her hand, which was filled with a gold dust. She took a deep breath and blew it over the room of dictators, who all suddenly stopped talking and stood there.

"You will all be my servants, from this moment on." She said flatly.

They all turned to her, and saluted. Dark looked at her with wide eyes, wondering what his mother was doing.

The Queen sat back down on her throne and voice, "Now, as for the government. Here is what we are going to do for those who rebel . . . "

* * *

The sun was shining brightly over the space colony of Eltar.

*Or rather, Eltar's moon is reflecting the sun's rays very well today. * Zordon's thoughts corrected him and he smiled.

The blonde haired, perfectly tanned, teenage boy walked out of his family's house and put on his sunglasses. Wearing a black tuxedo, except with the jacket in his hand draped over his back he started walking down the sidewalk towards Dulcea's house.

*This isn't fair. I have to wear a tux because it's Independence Day, and no one else does. * He thoughts protested. But he shrugged the thought off. His mother was the leader of Eltar, not to mention the entire Utopia Galaxy, there were just something's he had to do whether he liked it or not. And dressing up on Independence Day was one of those things.

He walked up the driveway of the blue house and saw a teenage girl and teenage guy painting the garage door.

"Hey Tayte." Zordon greeted and walked up to the two of them, "Hey Dulcea."

They both turned and looked at him, grinning.

"Whoa!" Tayte laughed, "You gettin' married or somethin'?"

"He looks like he just stepped out of one of those fashion magazines." Dulcea commented on Zordon's tuxedo.

Zordon rolled his eyes and smiled, "Yeah, yeah. Enough about my clothes. Where's Chance?"

"He isn't here yet." Dulcea said as she dipped her paintbrush in a bucket of blue paint, "He just called to say he'd be a little late so me and Tayte are finishing the door."

Zordon nodded his head approvingly at the paint job; "You two have sure come a long ways from yesterday."

"That was not my fault! Tayte bought navy blue instead of--" She paused and looked at the paint label on the bucket, "Comforting Sea Blue."

Zordon shook his head and laughed at the two, who was now throwing paint at each other. They were brother and sister, born exactly a year apart, and they were two of his best friends.

He lifted his head when he heard a soft music playing, that he could barely hear, "Is Addie here?"

Dulcea and Tayte quit throwing paint, and looked at him.

"Yeah she's upstairs in my room." Dulcea said, "She's working on one of her new songs."

Tayte walked over to Zordon and grinned, "She's all dressed up to be you date today at the ceremony."

Dulcea laughed, "How long have you two been dating again?"

Zordon rolled his eyes and smiled, walking past the two of them to go into the house, "About 2 years."

"Whoa . . . " Dulcea commented, "That's a long time."

Zordon smiled to himself and pushed the door open, then closed it behind him.

He could hear the guitar and a soft girl voice a little bit better now and he walked up the stairs slowly.

Adelita, or Addie as she was called by her friends and basically everyone that knew better than to call her Adelita, was in his eyes, the perfect girl.

Just thinking about her made him almost run to the door to see her sweet smiling face. He opened the door slowly and saw her sitting on a small cosmetic stool in front of Dulcea's dresser.

She was facing him, but looking down at her fingers when she was playing. He closed the door and she looked up, surprised, then smiled at him and kept playing.

Ain't nothin' better
We beat the odds together
I'm glad we didn't listen
Look at what we would be missin'

They said, "I bet they'll never make it"
But just look at us holding on
We're still together still going strong

(You're still the one)
You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're still the one I want for life
(You're still the one)
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night

He listened to the rest of the song, letting the words seep into his heart. She looked up at him and smiled from time to time when she was singing. He knew that song was about them, and that made it his absolute favorite song . . . ever. She was always afraid that if she wrote any of her songs down, someone would copy off her, or steal the whole song entirely. He had finally convinced her to write this one down, just for him.

As the song slowed and finally came to a stop she opened her eyes and set her guitar beside her.

"That," Zordon smiled, "Was amazing."

She stood up and blushed a little, then crossed her arms, "You weren't supposed to be here for another hour."

He shrugged his shoulders and laid his jacket over the back of a chair, "So sue for wanting to see my favorite person in the world."

She smiled and walked over to him giving him a hug, when she pulled away he took her hands in his and stepped back to view her white dress. He grinned and bit his lip. She was wearing a white summer dress that had a lace covering.

"Wow." He said at last.

"It's just a dress." She laughed.

She stepped back now and looked at his tuxedo, "Now you," She nodded her head approvingly and smiled, "You are a work of art. Where did you get a suit? I've never seen you go shopping."

He shrugged his shoulders and smiled, "I have my ways."

"Your mom bought it for you didn't she?" She asked, seeing right through him.

"Oddly enough, my mom is my way." He said and she laughed.

"You," She smiled and put her arms around his neck, "Are too much."

He smiled back and slowly moved his face closer to hers and kissed her on the lips lightly.

She started to return the kiss, then they heard a loud bang on the window and Dulcea shout from outside, "What are you two doing up there in my room?"

They broke apart, but still with one hand, held hands and Addie rolled her eyes. They heard Tayte laughing heard someone in the hallway.

Dulcea and Tayte's mom opened the door and smiled, "Zordon, your mother just called. She said the celebration is going to start soon."

Zordon nodded his head and she closed the door.

"Ok this is my first Independence celebration thing so how do I look?" Addie asked, even though he had already looked at her.

"What are you talkin' about? You've been to the Independence Day celebration every year ever since you were born." Zordon pointed out.

She countered, "Yeah but this is the first one were I'm going as you date. I don't want to sit with all the senators and hear them talk about how bad the dictators-sons'-girl friend looks. It would have been my first time last year but with the attack and all . . ."

"You look perfect. You're the cover girl for beauty." He smiled, "What do you care what the senators think anyways?"

She explained, "I don't care, but actions speak louder than words. I mean, they see me look bad, they'll think your bad, which means your mom is bad . . . You know, the domino effect?"

"You don't look bad, so there's nothing to worry about." He said and he kissed her forehead.

She smiled at him then he remembered something.

"Oh I almost forgot," He said and walked over to his jacket lying across a chair and took a plastic box out of the pocket and handed it to her.

"What's this?" She asked.

"Open it." He said and watched as she opened it and then looked at him smiling.

"You didn't have to buy me a corsage." She said and he took the white rose corsage and slid it on her wrist.

"Hey, anything for me girl." Zordon told her then looked at his watch, "I guess we should get going." He held out his arm and she took it and they walked out the door.

They both stepped outside and Zordon put on his jacket.

Dulcea and Tayte were still throwing paint around.

Zordon put his sunglasses back on and Addie opened her white handbag and got out her sunglasses with pink shades on them and slipped them on.

"Watch out with the paint." Zordon warned, "We are going to be in front of thirty thousand people today.

"Thirty thousand?!" Addie exclaimed, "It's so nice of you to tell me these things. Now I'm really going to have to watch myself."

Zordon smiled and saw Chance walking towards the group.

"Well, if it isn't Chance Larison." Tayte said as he wiped the paint off him with a towel.

"Hey guys." Chance, the black haired guy, replied.

"No time to talk, me and Addie have to meet my mom for the special dinner before the presentation." Zordon said and Chance nodded his head in understandment.

"Tell your mom good luck for me. I'll see you two tonight." Chance said and they walked off to meet Euridice.

* * *

"Whoa, that dinner filled me up. They kept serving and serving and serving." Addie whispered to Zordon as they stood by each other in the dinner hall.

He laughed lightly and whispered back, "You should see how they are at a special occasion."

She smiled at the joke and his mother approached them, "Hello you two. Did you enjoy dinner?"

"It was great Euridice." Addie smiled.

"Yeah, it was terrific." Zordon added and Euridice smiled.

"Wonderful. You two can go to the curtain. They are announcing the senators right now for seating. You two will be called out right before me. That reminds me, I have to go over my speech one more time. I'll see you two out there." Euridice said and patted her son on the shoulder before leaving the two.

They walked over to a huge blue velvet curtain, where a line of men and women stood. They would faintly hear people's name called, and the person would walk through the curtain. As soon as they did they would hear the crowd clapping and shouting, applauding the person.

"We're on in a few minutes." Zordon informed her with a smile and he took one of her icy hands into his, "You're freezing!"

"I'm always freezing when I'm nervous, you know that." She reminded him and he nodded his head, "Okay so run the game plan over me one more time."

Zordon smiled and explained, "We go out of the curtain, thousands upon thousands of people applaud you and me just because we're probably the closest people to my mom, we walk to our seat in the front row, wave, then sit down. It's easy."

"Yeah, easy for you, you've done it since you were born." She retorted, then smiled to show she was joking.

They were now the next one's to be called and he gripped onto her hand tight, "It's ShowTime."

Faintly she heard outside on a microphone, "Zordon of Eltar, and Adelita Xavier."

With one last smile from him, they both stepped outside of the curtain and started walking down the carpet slowly.

They both walked casually, smiling and nodding their heads at the people right next to the carpet, and up high in the stands as well. There were people all around them, and Addie thought she could faintly hear Chance, Dulcea, and Tayte yelling at them.

They walked up the stairs and stood in front of their seats. Addie looked out for the first time and waved, seeing the thousands of people applauding them, smiling, and cheering them.

They sat down a few moments after that, and the crowd fell silent. All eyes turned towards the curtain for Euridice's name to be called.

"And finally, Euridice of Eltar!" The announcer exclaimed and Zordon's mom began walking and waving towards the podium they were sitting on.

All the senators, and Zordon and Addie, applauded and smiled at their planet, and galaxies' leader.

Euridice approached her speaking podium in front of Addie and Zordon, and braced both hands on the sides of it.

"Thank you all for coming today to celebrate this wondrous occasion." Euridice started her speech, "Every Independence Day, I'm reminded of everything I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for being the ruler of such a terrific galaxy like the Utopia. I'm thankful for having a wonderful son, who is supportive no matter what I do. I'm thankful for having such wonderful people inhabit this planet, and galaxy. But most importantly, I'm thankful for having a government that allows the people to chose the laws, and the rules that everyone must live by. I'm not only thankful for that I'm proud of it. We are more fortunate than some. The recent attack in the Milky Way has left thousands of animals extinct, never to be seen again. I won't go in to my opinion of that situation, but know this: Eltar is a free planet. And it will remain that way forever. Nothing will ever change that. So sleep well my people, and know that you will always be safe."

Zordon nudged Addie and she looked over at him. He leaned over and whispered into her ear, "You will always be safe with me." Before he took his head away, he kissed her on the cheek lightly.

She looked over at him, and when she did she saw the senator sitting next to him glare at her.

She returned her attention to Euridice and so did he.

The next few seconds seemed like forever, yet they were not. There wasn't any time to move no time to breathe, no time to react at all. There was a brilliant flash of orange light and a loud bang. A sound that was so deafening, it nearly burst everyone's ears.

And then, nothing.