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Operation Zhane
By Crystal Maiden

Karone looked around at the dark eerie hallway she was standing in.

She looked around some more but was interrupted by the voice of Elgar.

She saw a huge statue of Astronema in the corner and ran behind it.

Elgar and a quantron came walking down the hallway.

"You heard what Vixrothia said! Bring the Silver Ranger up to the Communications room. As soon as she re-boards the ship she is going to destroy him in front of the other rangers." Elgar said to the quantron.

The quantron nodded his head and saluted.

Elgar mumbled something else but Karone couldn't make it out. Then he left.

The quantron walked in the opposite direction of Elgar.

*Guess that's my guide, * Karone thought, then slowly followed the quantron.

The quantron led her deep inside the Dark Fortress, down a winding staircase to reveal the jail cells.

She saw the quantron open the secured lock door and enter the room.

She ran as fast as she could towards the closing door and slid under it just before it closed.

She slowly lifted her head and saw the quantron looking down at her.

The 5 remaining Astro Rangers were slowly exploring the surface, looking for Vixrothia.

"I don't see anyone." Cassie said looking around.

"She has to be around here somewhere. DECA just told me the Dark Fortress had landed around here 5 minutes ago." Andros declared.

"That's right Red Ranger. It did." Vixrothia said as she came out from behind a boulder. She had 15 quantrons guarding her.

The Rangers stood together.

"Where is Zhane?" asked Andros angrily.

"Oh.... Rangers. It's such a beautiful day. Do we really need to rush things?" she whined smiling.

"Where is he Vixrothia?" Andros asked again, getting more annoyed.

Vixrothia rolled her eyes, "Oh this is just boring. Quantrons! Attack!"

The 15 quantrons snapped into action and ran towards the Rangers.

After a few minutes the Rangers had all the quantrons down on the ground.

"Is that all you've got Vixrothia?" Cassie laughed.

Vixrothia stomped her foot, "I don't believe this!"

The Rangers laughed, "You're exactly like Astronema!" Carlos yelled at her.

Vixrothia glared at them; "I am not! I don't lose! Mongralite! I summon you!"

Suddenly, a large monster appeared.

"Mongralite has never been defeated!" Vixrothia boasted, "Let's see you beat him!"

"Let's do it guys!" Andros encouraged and they all ran towards the monster.

Vixrothia stepped away and a quantron got her a lounge chair, "Not this... I have to see." She smiled.

She smiled up at the quantron and stood up.

"You think we could.... Talk about this?" she suggested innocently.

The quantron responded by kicking her in the stomach.

She bent over, the re-composed herself; "I'm taking that as a no." She whispered and dodged a kick.

He lifted his leg and tried to kick her again but she grabbed it and flipped him onto his back.

He got up and swiped his arm to punch her but she grabbed his arm, kicked him in the chest and sent him flying to the ground.

He slid on the ground for a few feet, then fell down an enormous hole.

She looked around for the first time and noticed she wasn't in a jail. She was in an engine room. There was an enormous hole in the center. She slowly walked towards it and looked down. Boiling lava was stewing in the bottom.

She gasped and stepped backwards.

"Ok, calm down. Your mission is to rescue Zhane. Not worry about your fear of heights." She said to herself in a normal voice.

"Did I hear someone mention my name?" asked a voice from behind her.

Her entire body tensed and she slowly turned around.

She saw Zhane tied up around an extremely tall beam, his back facing her.

She quickly took the backpack off of her back and got the cutting laser out.

She ran over to him and noticed he was double locked. He had electronic handcuffs on and metallic wire around his hands also.

"Who are you?" asked Zhane trying to turn his head around, but didn't have any luck.

She put the cutting laser in her mouth, to free up her hands to untie the metallic wiring.

She tried to say "I'm gonna help you get out of here." But all that came out was a bunch of mumbling.

"Huh? Well... can I at least see what you look like?" Zhane asked.

She sighed and then reached her hand around and waved in his face, then continued working on the wiring.

Zhane nodded his head, "Oh so your a girl."

She gave him a funny look and took the laser out of her mouth, "How did you know that?"

"Well not too many guys I know wear purple nail polish." He laughed, "So, I suppose your my rescuer."

"You could say that." She told him as she continued working on the wiring.

"So, who are you?" he asked, wishing he could look around to the girl.

Before she could respond, she cut the wiring in two and it made a loud snap noise, which set off a blaring alarm.

A group of quantrons came running into the engine room.

Zhane turned to the girl, and noticed she looked vaguely familiar to him.

"So, now what do we do in your master plan?" Zhane asked as he tried to free his hands of the electronic handcuffs.

Karone glanced over at him, then to the quantrons on the opposite side of the room, "Plan? I didn't say I had a plan."

Before he could say anything, the group of quantrons were coming at them from both sides of the room.

"Spiral Saber!" Andros yelled and struck the monster in the chest, sending it to the ground.

The monster laid there, unmoving and Vixrothia stood up, "Don't give up that easily you fool! Elgar! Fire the satilasers!"

A few seconds passed and nothing happened, she stomped her foot on the ground, "I said fire the satilasers!"

Still nothing happened, "ELGAR!!! WHAT IS GOING ON IN THAT BLASTED SHIP?" she screamed.

A few seconds later, Elgar teleported off the ship and whispered something into her ear.

"Well, well power brats, it looks like you little rescue mission didn't work out how you expected." Vixrothia smirked.

The rangers looked at each other for a minute.

"Give us Zhane back!" Andros demanded.

"I don't think so!" Vixrothia scoffed and pointed her finger at the monster laying on the ground, "Arise!"

A light beam shot from her hand and the monster stood back up, looking more fierce than ever.

"Destroy them!" Vixrothia commanded and the monster growled.

They both ran separate ways and started fighting the quantrons.

Zhane fought 4 quantrons as best as he could wearing handcuffs.

He kicked one in the stomach, then hit one in the face with his tied hands.

On the other side of the room, Karone was kicking some quantron butt.

One knocked her on the floor, but she quickly knocked it's feet out from under it.

Another started to come after her, but she did a back flip and kicked one behind her in the stomach. She was getting closer and closer to the lava hole... which she was completely unaware of.

Zhane knocked 5 quantrons down and noticed a small key around one of their necks.

*This must be the key to open my handcuffs* he realized in his mind and quickly got the key off of the quantrons neck and unlocked his hands.

As soon as he got untied a quantron started attacking him, making him turn his back to the girl.

She shifted her attention to him, but a nearby quantron took that to it's advantage and sent a hard kick to her stomach knocking her over the ledge.

"Ahhhh!!!" she screamed and hung onto the ledge for dear life.

Zhane knocked the quantron to the ground then stood up. He knew that scream. He turned around and saw a small hand clinging on the edge of the hole.

"Karone!" he yelled and started running towards her hand.

He ran past all the quantrons and jumped to reach for her hand.

He slid to the edge and just as her hand slipped off of the ledge, he grabbed it.

"I've got you, don't let go!" Zhane reassured her and slowly lifted her up and over the ledge.

They both stood up and the group of quantrons were facing them.

"Let's Rocket!" Karone shouted and her and Zhane morphed into their ranger forms.

The quantrons looked at them for a moment, then retreated out the door.

"Well, that was easy." Karone laughed then looked over at him.

He walked towards her and picked up her hand and held it in his, "Are you okay?"

"I'm okay now." She said through her helmet, "Come on, let's get outta here."

He agreed and they both teleported out of the Dark Fortress.

After another few short minutes, the Rangers had Mongralite on the ground again.

"Oh please," Carlos laughed, "Please tell me you can do better than this."

Vixrothia growled, "I can't believe this! Mongralite, go away!"

The monster groaned and then vanished.

"I will return Ranger, and I will destroy you once and for all." Vixrothia declared sternly then vanished.

"Do you think Karone got Zhane out?" Ashley asked Andros.

"I hope so, come on. Let's teleport back onto the Megaship." Andros said and they all teleported back.

A flash of light appeared and Zhane and Karone looked over to their teammates who had just de-morphed.

"Are you guys okay?" Andros asked rushing over to them.

Karone glanced over to Zhane and smiled, "Well we had a close call but... I think we'll be okay."

"That's good. DECA, get us out of here." Andros commanded.

"Affirmative. Setting course to Planet Sentaur B." DECA responded.

Karone looked questioningly at Andros, "Sentaur B? Why are we going there?"

"To take Zhane back to help the rebels." Andros said then looked at Karone's elbow, "Your cut, I'll go get some Band-Aids."

They all left the room, leaving Karone and Zhane sitting there.

They both looked away from each other, not knowing what to say.

Karone broke the silence, "This is weird." She said nervously and laughed.

Zhane laughed too, "Yeah I know. I always thought that when Andros found you, I'd have so much to say but now... I'm totally at loss for words."

They stared at each other smiling for a while, then Karone looked away sadly.

"So...your...your leaving?" she asked trying to sound cheery, but ended up sounding sad.

"Yeah," he admitted sadly, but then touched his hand on her arm, "But it's not, forever ya know? I mean, I'll be back."

She forced a smile, and he could tell it was fake.

"There's so much I want to talk to you about," he started quietly, but Andros came into the room, "But... uh...uh.... I'm sure Andros could tell you about it." He covered. It wasn't what he wanted to say, but he didn't want Andros to overhear their conversation.

Andros sat down on a stool next to Karone and put a band aid on her elbow, "I could tell her about what?"

"Oh...umm.. about what's happened in the past...few...years." Zhane stuttered.

"Oh, I've already told her about everything that's happened," Andros said, then looked over at Zhane, who was glaring at him, "Oh! You mean, what's happened in your life. Oh ok... yeah sure I can."

"We have reached Sentaur B." DECA's voice said.

"Well friend, looks like we're saying good bye again." Andros said and gave Zhane a quick hug.

"Yeah well," he looked over at Karone, "I'm not going to be gone that long. I'm sure the rebels won't need me very much longer."

"That's what you said last time and you were gone for almost 4 month-" Andros started but Zhane was glaring at him.

Karone shot a worried look at Zhane, but then covered it with a smile.

"I'll meet you in the Gliding bay." Andros said and patted his friend on the shoulder before he left the room.

A few moments passed and neither of them said anything.

Then, Zhane softly picks up her hand and kisses the it.

"Now we're even." He said and smiled, then turned around and walked off of the bridge.

"Vixrothia! You have failed me!" Dark Specter growled.

"Oh, please your majesty! Give me one more chance!" she begged.

"Astronema has made more progress than you will ever make. I'm assigning her back to destroying the Power Rangers." He commanded.

Before she could say anything, Dark Specter zapped her with a lightening bolt and Astronema came out.

"Astronema, do what ever it takes to destroy the Power Rangers." He said angrily, "And don't take so long this time."

"As you wish Dark Specter, consider those rangers history." Astronema said sweetly.

The End