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Reversing the Spell
By Crystal Maiden

Karone sat by Zhane's now horizontal laying cryo tube and traced the outside of it with her fingers. She faintly heard in the background the cd that Ashley was playing on DECA's intercom system.

I'd like to watch you sleep at night,
To hear you breathe by my side
And although sleep leaves me behind,
There's no where I'd rather be
And now our bed is oh so cold,
My hands feel empty, no one to hold
I can sleep what side I want,
It's not the same with you gone
Oh if you'd come home, I'll let you know that
All you want, is right here in this room, all you want
And all you need, is sitting here with you, all you want

She knew the song continued from that point, but she just didn't seem to hear it. She felt . . . lost. Yet she knew exactly where she was. She was in the healing chamber, next to Zhane's cryo-genically frozen body. That is what was wrong. The fact that she was sitting beside him but he could not respond made her feel empty. Alone.

It would have been 7 months that day that she had been re-united with her brother Andros, and met their new team.

*And only a few days later I would meet Zhane. * Her thoughts finished. She had heard other people talk about love at first sight, but she never thought it would happen to her. Those sorts of things just never happened to her. But the moment she saw Zhane. Not when she had been reunited with him 7 months earlier, but when they were 4 years old and his family moved into the cottage next to her families.

She heard a scuffling sound behind her and she turned slightly to see Carlos standing there. He had an urgent look on her face and with one last glance at Zhane's frozen body, she got up and followed Carlos to the bridge.

As soon as the bridge came into sight she saw the other standing around a tactical map.

"What's going on?" Karone asked, looking at Andros.

"We think we've found out what kind of spell Jason is under." Ashley said.

Andros stepped up and elaborated, "We've been talking to Collier and he told us about this spell. It's called the Spell of Eternal Evil. It can only be cast by a sith. A sith is a person consumed by evil forces."

"A sith..." Karone's voice trailed off in thought, "Where have I heard that expression before?"

"The other universe." Andros told her, "When we got the repaired Thunder Zords in the other universe Zordon told us about the siths wanting to rule that universe."

"Anakin, the little boy that I met there, he talked about a big battle between warriors called the Jedi versus the sith." Karone said, then asked, "There's got to be a connection between Dark Specter and the sith. But . . . what is it?"

"Dark Specter was a sith." Zordon's voice boomed behind them and they all turned to face him confused, and he continued, "Many years ago. Before Rita Repulsa was unleashed. Before Ivan Ooze discovered this galaxy for the first time. It was a peaceful universe. In the universe the sith rule, which is called Akna 5, the sith ruled there from the beginning of time, and even now. Dark Specter was known as Darth Specter back then, and he fought along side some of the most evil people in all the universes. But that wasn't enough for him. One day he tried to over throw the current leader and he failed. He was forced to exile the universe never to return. He found this universe, which is known as Zephyr 19 and decided to take over it, one galaxy at a time. Some of his followers from Akna 5 followed him here and worked for him. That is how his legacy began."

"But, if he was forced into exile, then how does he still have ties with the sith in Akna 5?" TJ asked.

"Many centuries later the sith were destroyed, abolished when the Jedi council attacked them. They returned that universe into a just universe. But the sith never forgot and swore to hold a grudge for eternity against the Jedi. They needed help, and for that they turned to the one they exiled, the ex-sith now known as Dark Specter." Zordon explained.

They all nodded their heads, now understanding.

Karone spoke up, "So, basically they owed Dark Specter. And I guess his way of recollecting that debt was asking the head sith to place the Spell of Eternal Evil on Jason."

"Precisely." Zordon told her.

"But why would Dark Specter pick Jason? Why not one of us that is already a ranger?" Carlos asked.

"The power already runs through you. My hypothesis is that Dark Specter wanted to have the most evil person he could possibly get. And for that he would need someone that doesn't have the power. Since Jason is a retired ranger and he knows how to handle the power, and he was here, on the mega ship, he was probably the easiest target for Dark Specter." Zordon said.

"So, how do we reverse it?" Karone asked.

Ashley stepped up and showed Karone a piece of paper; "Collier sent us this. He said the only way to free Jason of a sith spell is for Jason to willingly break the spell on his own. It's like there is an evil entity inside of him. We have to show Jason all the good he has done, and the evil entity will separate from him. Then we'll have to destroy it."

Karone nodded her head and looked over the paper.

"Basically we show him highlights of his life. Call it the Jason Lee Scott Show." Carlos said with a smile.

"So when do we go?" Karone asked.

"Immediately. DECA picked up Jason's bio-readings on Earth. It's the same place he was when he attacked Zhane." Andros told her.

Karone set the piece of paper down and nodded her head in understandment.

"Are you sure you're up to this?" Andros asked, concerned. He knew his sister had taken Zhane's condition badly.

She looked straight into his eyes and said boldly, "I'm up for anything."

The five multi-colored teleportation lights flared as they landed on the beach. It was a windy day and the ocean air was very cold.

Ashley shivered as the wind swept over her and she rubbed her arms to keep warm. Her yellow cotton sweater wasn't keeping the cold air from her.

TJ flipped the top of his hand held scanner up and a beeping sound went off.

"Which way Teej?" Andros asked.

"The scanner is showing Jason's bio-reading about 50 feet due south." TJ told him and they all turned around to face the southern direction of the beach.

There was a cave at the southern end of the beach, and they could see the dark opening from where they stood.

Andros exchanged glances with the rest of them; they were all waiting for him to give the go ahead. "Let's go."

They slowly walked towards the entrance of the cave; all of them surveying the area to make sure it wasn't a trap.

They got to the entrance of the cave when they heard two feet hit the ground. The five twirled around to see Jason standing in front of the smiling.

"Remember guys, we can't hurt him." Carlos reminded them all.

They all nod their heads, then yell; "We need Ninja Ranger Power, now!"

"The Bear!"

"The Wolf!"

"The Frog!"

"The Crane!"

"The Ape!"

"Let's do this the easy way Jason!" Ashley yelled to him.

"We don't want to hurt you." Karone added.

Jason kept smiling and looking at them, "You don't understand. I will never join the side of good again. From now on . . . I am evil."

"We all know who you really are." Andros told him, "We know that you're the spirit of the Spell of Eternal Evil."

"And just what do you intend to do about it, Red Ranger?" The spirit inside Jason growled.

"Come on Jason, you have to fight it!" TJ encouraged.

"Yeah Jase, we know you can do it!" Karone shouted.

"You've got to remember, that's the only way the spirit will come out of you!" Ashley said to him.

"Remember all of the good times!" Andros yelled, then said into his communicator, "Alpha, start the projection."

Suddenly the sky went pitch black and Jason's eyes burned a deep, deep red.

"This will never work, no one can beat me!" The spirit changed Jason's voice into a deep, low growl.

Lightning started crackling all around them and the wind started howling.

"What's going on?" Ashley asked, looking at the sky.

Suddenly, in front of Jason, a rectangle holographic image appeared.

"What is this?" Jason demanded to know.

"Your life." Andros told him and the holographic image showed a picture of Jason, before he was the Red Ranger, joking around with his friends: Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Zack.

Jason clenched his fist and turned around, only to have the image follow him.

"What is going on?!" He yelled in fury. Every which way he turned, the image followed him.

"C'mon Jason, you've got to fight it! It's the only way to reverse the spell!" Carlos yelled.

The image changed and showed him standing in the Command Center for the first time, and Zordon telling the five teenagers about the power.

Jason began to growl, and Andros and Karone exchanged glances. It was finally beginning to work.

The picture changed again and it showed him fighting putties the first time outside of the Command Center.

Another image quickly replaced that one, this time of Jason meeting Tommy at the Karate Tournament. Then Tommy and Jason working out together at the gym. Jason finding out he had been picked to go to the Peace Conferences. Passing his powers on to Rocky.

The images kept coming faster and faster and Jason fell to his knees in pain. They watched as a sort of dark red creature began to separate itself from Jason's body.

"That's it Jason! You're doing it!" Ashley smiled.

Jason forced himself to watch the images, still. He saw himself entering the Power Chamber and accepting the Gold Ranger Powers. He saw himself fighting with the Zeo Rangers. And finally he saw himself give the powers back to Trey, and watch the ranger's defeat King Mondo.

The last image did it; the evil entity completely separated from him and Jason fell over on the ground, breathing heavily.

"Yes!" TJ whispered to himself.

The evil entity was slimy and looked much like the alien from the movie Independence Day in Ashley's eyes.

"I'll destroy you for what you've done!" The monster growled and raised its arms in the air and lightning struck them, and made him grow enormous in size.

The rangers ran over to Jason and helped him up.

"Are you okay?" Karone asked, concerned.

"Yeah, I'll be alright. I'm just a little . . . tired." Jason muttered, as he tried to walk.

"DECA, teleport Jason onto the Megaship." Andros said into his communicator and within an instant, Jason teleported away.

They all turned their attention to the monster towering over them.

Ashley sighed and folded her arms, "Looks like our job is only half done."

"Might want to mark your calendars, this could be the first time we've actually gone up against a monster/spirit before." TJ smiled.

"Well let's give him a nice welcome to Earth present, shall we?" Ashley smiled and they all nodded their heads in agreement.

"It's Morphin Time!" Andros yells.

"Yellow Ranger Power!"

"Blue Ranger Power!"

"Black Ranger Power!"

"Pink Ranger Power!"

"Red Ranger Power!"

With a bright flash of light, they all appeared in their armor.

"Let's get out the heavy duty artillery." Carlos said.

"We need Turbo Car Power, now!" They yelled in unison, "Auto-Megazord Transformation!"

They all raise one fist in the air and teleport inside the Turbo Megazord.

"Shields to 100%." Karone reports as she turns a knob around all the way.

"Weapons are online and operational." TJ tells Andros and he nods.

"Alright, full forward thrust. Watch out for the ocean line though. We can't get to close." Andros instructed.

The Megazord circled the monster, which was watching it's every move.

"Trying to get a lock on his weak spot. Approximate time until found . . . 2 minutes." Ashley reported.

"Okay, all we have to do is hold him off for two minutes, then we've got him." Andros says and he moves the zord closer to the monster.

"What's the matter rangers? Have I got you . . . scared?" The monster crackled when it laughed.

Ashley scoffed and rolled her eyes, "If he only knew what we go through everyday." She muttered and smiled, then said, "1 minute 38 seconds until weakness lock."

The zord continued circling the monster for a few moments, then the monster must have realized what they were doing, for he lunged at the Megazord, knocking it onto the ground.

"Damn!" Karone cursed and turned on the shield reader, "Shields at 70%! Another blow like that and we could be at under 50%!"

"Power generators are starting to over heat." Carlos said, then added, "They're still damaged from the zord battle the other day."

Andros controlled the zord to stand up and asked, "Ashley, how much longer?"

"One minute left!" She told him, "But a couple of more hits like that and radar will go offline."

"Carlos, switch to auxiliary power. Karone, transfer all the power we've got in the backup system to the shields." He commanded.

"Right." Karone agreed and putting the commands into the computer.

The monster backed up, then started running at the zord again.

"Oh no, look out!" Ashley yelled just as the monster was about to strike them.

"Turbo Shield!" Andros yelled and the blow from the monster was a little deflected by the metal shield that appeared in the Megazord's hand.

"28 seconds until target lock, call for the Turbo Sword." Ashley told Andros.

Andros called on it and the sword appeared in the other hand of the Megazord.

The monster came up behind the zord and knocked it down to the ground again.

"Ugh, why didn't we see that coming!?" Karone shouted.

"He disappeared off radar for a few seconds, then came up right behind us." TJ told them.

The monster kicked the Megazord in the side when it tried to get up.

"Andros you've got to get us off the ground, in 10 seconds we'll have target lock but if he kicks us again power will go offline." Ashley said urgently.

"Shields are down to 20%. One more kick and we're done for." Karone said.

"Power Generators are rupturing! We've got to do something now!" Carlos shouted.

Andros looked around the control panel desperately, then hit a big red button and the Megazord slowly got up.

"Turbo Sword, power up!" They yell and the sword comes down on the monster, just as it is about to his the Megazord another time, and it explodes.

The rangers sigh and smile as they sit back in their seats.

"That was a close call." Carlos breathed a sigh of relief.

"A very close call." TJ corrected.

"One more hit and we would've been goners." Ashley said.

"Yeah, but we stuck together." Karone said and smiled, "Nothing will beat us."

That night, Andros, Ashley, TJ, and Carlos walked to the guest quarters and knocked on the already open door. They saw Jason putting his clothes in a suitcase.

"Come on in." Jason smiled as he put a shirt inside his suitcase.

"What's going on?" Ashley asked, concerned.

Jason sighed and closed his bag, "I came here to help you guys . . . because you needed it. But now I realized that staying here, is only causing more problems."

Andros was about to interrupt, but Jason didn't let him.

"I got an apartment in Angel Grove. If you need me, that's were I'll be. It's not like I'm leaving, really. If you need my help anytime, just have Alpha contact me."

They all half-smiled and gave him a hug or a handshake.

After he had said goodbye to everyone, he looked around curiously, "Hey, where's Karone?"

"I'm right here!" She chirped as she walked through the door, "And I have someone I want you to meet."

Jason smiled and raised his eyebrow, "Someone? Oh no, what did I get myself into?"

Karone smiled, "Remember when I told you about me being in the Galaxy Alliance Military, and me and my best friend were the only girls there so we became really close?"

Jason nodded his head slowly, "Yeah . . ."

"Well, I thought you two would be perfect for each other. And I know it may be too soon for you to like anybody, I mean, since you just became good again. And she is from another planet so calling it a long distance relationship might be an understatement. But--" Karone started but Jason laughed and interrupted her.

"Karone, it's okay." Jason smiled, "So where's my dream girl, matchmaker?"

Karone smiled; "Well . . ." She walked to the door and motioned for someone to come in. A moment later a girl, about Karone's height walked through the door. She had brown hair that went a little past her shoulders and brown eyes.

"Everyone, this is Katrixcia Cranyson. Kat, this is Andros, my brother; Ashley, TJ, Carlos . . . and that is Jason." Karone introduced.

"It's very nice to meet you all. Karone's told me so much about you." Kat smiled.

Everyone said hi except Jason, who kept staring at Kat. Carlos grinned and elbowed him in the stomach and Jason finally regained his composure and said "Oh . . . yeah, Hi."

Everyone laughed, then Karone spoke, "Kat is on an assignment and she's going to be staying on Earth for a few months. Hey Jason, maybe you could show her around!"

Jason's eyes lit up at that and Karone almost started laughing, but bit her lip and held it back.

"Yeah, yeah I could do that." Jason stammered.

"Well why don't we have Alpha teleport you two down to Earth?" Karone suggested, "We need to start the repairs on the zords and I'm sure you two don't want to do any of that."

Kat and Jason agreed and they teleported off and everyone looked at Karone.

"That was really nice what you did." Andros said as he put his arm around his sister.

Karone sighed, "Yeah well, before Jason was turned evil I was talking with Zhane about getting Jason and Kat together. I thought I should at least follow through with something."

At the mention of Zhane's name everyone quieted and looked at the floor. No one really knew what to say. Ever since Zhane had been frozen again, there was no one to break uncomfortable silences with jokes.

Suddenly DECA broke the silence, "Incoming Transmission from Collier."

Everyone looked up and exchanged glances.

"Collier?" Ashley asked.

Andros looked to the camera, "Route transmission to the bridge main viewing screen. We'll be there in a minute."

"Affirmative." DECA replied and they all walked down the hallway and got on the mega lift.

"Mega deck 1." Andros told the lift computer and the elevator started up.

"What do you think this is about?" Carlos asks the group but everyone just shrugs their shoulders.

The mega lift door opened and they walked in front of the viewing screen where they saw Collier waiting patiently for them.

"Excuse us for the wait, Collier. Can we help you?" Andros asked.

"Actually rangers, it's can I help you?" Collier said.

"We aren't in any trouble . . ." Ashley's voice trailed off, not understanding.

"Rangers I am afraid that I have some bad news to tell you about your powers." He said and they knew immediately this wasn't good.

"What about them?" TJ asks.

"The powers you hold right now are drawn from all of the powers in the universe. But I'm afraid they are not a permanent power that you can use all the time. That is why your zords do not last long in battle, for they do not have a complete power." He explained.

"So, are you telling us that our powers are useless?!" Carlos asked incredulously.

"Not right now, but soon they will begin to fade away into nothingness. I felt the you use the power today and I have a feeling you are beginning to see it happening." Collier answered.

Karone nodded her head, "That's why the generators and the shields couldn't stay up."

Andros sighed and closed his eyes, then opened them again, "So what do we do about this?"

"You must get your Astro Morphers back, so you can balance the powers out again." Collier told them.

"But don't you remember? After a zord fight our Astro Morphers disappeared. We have no idea where they are. They could have been destroyed!" Ashley argued.

"We do not know for certain if they have been destroyed or not." He countered.

"And if they have been destroyed?" Andros asks.

Collier sighs, "As soon as your powers are gone and the if the Astro Morphers are destroyed . . . it will be the end of the power. There will never be any more Power Rangers."

The rangers sigh and shake their heads. This was unbelievable.

"I'm afraid I must go." Collier says but Andros stops him.

"No wait!" Andros yells and Collier looks at him, "How long do we have?"

Collier sighs and says, "It's hard to tell. Your zord battle is limited to about one more, and after that you'll have limited time to be morphed. And after that is up . . . your morphers will deactivate and never work again."

Collier cut the transmission and the screen went blank.

Everyone looked at each other, worriedly.

"Now what do we do?" Ashley asks.

Karone stares at a monitoring screen, "Guys we've got more bad news."

"What is it?" Andros asks as they all look at a small television like screen on the wall that is displaying the Angel Grove news.

They all listen to the reporter say, "Today at NASADA they released the plans for the future Space Colony, Terra Venture. Tomorrow at noon the first of 16 space shuttles will launch as the building of this twenty-one billion-dollar spacecraft begins. NASADA hopes to get the engines and platform complete within the next two years. The layout of the ship that you are looking at right now shows the engines as a pole, with a circular disc at the top which will hold the city that will inhabit thousands of people. Terra Venture is set to leave in 5 years."

"Oh no . . ." Ashley breathes.

"If they go out into space, they're going to be target number one for Dark Specter. Especially if they go into enemy territory." TJ says.

"And also, the building of this place is going to be a big problem for us too. Astronauts are going to be doing space walks constantly up here, what if they see the ship? They might get some ideas and try and get onboard or something." Karone elaborated.

"We can't dock on the moon, because they have already set up a space station there." Ashley told them.

"We'll have to find a secure place on Earth to put it then." Andros said and they all sighed as they continued to watch the report about Terra Venture on the television.

Deep inside the Dark Fortress Astronema, Elgar, Ecliptor, and Darkonda, all still angry they Dark Specter had taken Jason, had been working on a plan of their own ever since Jason showed up.

"Ecliptor, are they almost done?" Astronema asked sweetly.

"Yes, princess, we're ready to unveil them for you now." Ecliptor said and they all lined up in front of the curtain.

Darkonda pulled a cord and it unveiled their secret for destroying the rangers. Astronema walked up to them and smiled.

"This is perfect." She said.

Elgar clapped his hands together; "Those rangers are history!"

"We'll have them beaten in no time!" Darkonda added.

Astronema smiled brightly and laughed, "The Rangers just die when they see our little surprise."