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Fishy Genius
By Crystal Maiden

Ashley crept up to Andros's open door, and peaked her head inside. He was sitting on the lower bunk, deep in thought. She decided to leave him alone and turned around to leave. She saw Zhane walking towards her.

"Is Andros in his room?" Zhane asked.

"Yeah, he is." Ashley said, then added, "Zhane, do you know what's wrong with him? He hasn't acted the same since Karone left. He'll barely even talk to me, or anyone else."

Zhane patted her on the shoulder, "I'll find out what's buggin him. Don't worry."

Ashley smiled at him thankfully, "Thanks."

She walked away and Zhane knocked on Andros's door, then walked in.

"Andros.... you haven't talked to anyone in days. Are you okay?" Zhane asked him concerned.

"I'm fine." Andros told him, staring at the ground.

"No, it's not. Or you wouldn't shut everyone out like you have been." Zhane pressed, "Now what's going on? Is it because of that little incident with Karone?"

"It wasn't an incident...was it?" Andros asked him.

Zhane looked at the ground now and sighed, "No.... it wasn't."

Andros looked up at him sadly and stood up, "That's the problem." he said and walked out of the room.

Zhane sighed and leaned back against the wall, looking at the empty bunk in Andros's room.


"Hey look at that!" Carlos pointed as he and TJ walked into the Angel Grove Mall.

"Wow! That must be the new computer game everyone is talking about!" TJ said and they both walked towards the display case.

"I heard that the most famous computer genius built this game himself,"Carlos observed, picking up a box and looking at the back of it, "It says you feel like you're actually inside the game."

"Awesome! But... I think we come close enough to the real thing to believe something on a computer!" TJ laughed.

"Don't be so sure of that young man!" a weird male voice said from behind them, "You haven't played a computer game until you've played my 'Mind Snatcher' game!"

They both turned around and saw a man standing there in a white coat.

"You're Dr.Wiseman Fisheim? The Dr.Wiseman Fisheim?" Carlos asked unbelievingly.

"In the scales -- I mean flesh!" Dr. Fisheim joked.

"Wow! You created 'Worlds of the Ocean' Parts One through 6!" TJ marveled.

"Oh that," the doctor waved his hand passively, "That was done in my spare time! This" he said and pointed to the box Carlos was holding, "This is my best creation ever."

"I can't wait to try this out!" Carlos said excitingly, then looked over the box, "How much does it cost?"

The doctor smiled, "For only $367 dollars, you can go where ever you want in the world!"

Carlos's eyes almost came out of his sockets in disbelief, "367 dollars??!! For one game?!"

"Yep!" the doctor told him cheerfully.

Carlos looked hesitantly at the box, then over to TJ who was giving him an 'Are you out of your mind??!' look, and finally to the doctor who was smiling at him, "Well... ya know I guess I could get it..... and see what all the fuss is about."

"Excellent! I'll go ring it up for you! I'll be right back!" the doctor said and left.

TJ hit Carlos on the shoulder, "Are you insane??!! We can already go where ever we want! For FREE!"

Carlos shrugged his shoulders, "I didn't want to let the poor guy down."

"Yeah, we'll you're letting him down with your $367 dollars." TJ told him shaking his head.

Carlos just sighed.


Cassie sighed and leaned back in her chair. She had been scanning all afternoon for evil ships coming in, but no disturbances had been detected

*Why do I get stuck with all the yucky jobs?* she asked herself.

Then, she heard Carlos and TJ walk onto the bridge.

"Hey Cassie! Wanna check out the computer game Carlos blew his life savings on?" TJ asked her.

"Sure! It beats scanning for something that isn't here!" Cassie chirped and walked over to them.

Carlos inserted the disk into DECA's cd-rom drive.

"DECA, put the game on the main viewing screen." Carlos commanded.

A few moments passed, and suddenly the screen lit up with numbers and symbols all over it.

"Warning. Intrusion Alert. Program Infected. Disabling unique capture device." DECA hummed.

"What??!!" Carlos asked and walked over to the main computer.

"Disabled unique capture device." DECA confirmed.

"What, DECA... what are you talking about?" TJ asked.

"The cd Carlos inserted had a Capture Device attached to it. Whenever someone views the cd on a regular computer, it will capture their mind and put it into another dimension." DECA explained to them.

TJ shook his head, "Man... I knew somethin was weird about that guy."

"We should contact the others." Cassie said, then pushed the intercom button, "Guys, there's trouble. Come to the bridge as fast as you can."

Cassie raced over to the scanners, "I don't believe this! The scanners aren't showing any sign of evil life forms anywhere on Earth!"

"Maybe it's because the monster is in human form." Carlos suggested.

"Maybe. So we need to lure Dr.Fisheim out of the mall. But....how?" TJ asked.

Andros, Ashley, and Zhane run into the room.

"What's wrong guys?" Andros asked looked at the computers.

"There's a monster....or something in disguise on Earth that created a computer game that will capture people's minds and put them in a separate dimension." Cassie updated them.

"Alright. Let's go." Andros said and they all ran towards the glider bay.

"Let's Rocket!" Andros yelled and with a flash of light, they were on their way to Earth.


"Fishite! Get in here!" Astronema growled.

A fish-like looking monster ran into the room, "Yes princess?"

"The rangers are onto us. They know your plan." Astronema told him angrily.

"How did they find out so soon? Don't worry, I'll take care of them! No one will ruin my plans!" Fishite declared confidently.

"You better be right." Astronema told him and he disappeared.

"It's so hard to find a good monster these days," she whispered to herself.


"I don't see him." Ashley said looking around the alley just outside the Angel Grove mall.

"He'll be here." Andros said.

Suddenly a brilliant flash of light struck before them and revealed a fish monster.

"Ha ha ha rangers! I see you have found my true identity!" the monster laughed, "My real name is Fishite. Learn it well because it is my duty to destroy you!"

"Give it up Fishite! You're gonna lose this fight and you know it!" Zhane said pulling out his Super Silverizer.

"Tell us how to let those people out of the dimension now!" Ashley yelled at the monster.

"You wish Rangers!" The monster yelled and threw a ball of what looked like water at them. But when it crashed into the group, it caused an explosive reaction.

"How do you like my water bombs, rangers?" the monster asked as he started to throw another one.

"Let's get him! Astro Blasters!" Andros yelled and they each drew out their Astro Blasters quickly, "Fire!"

The fired multiple shots and the monster fell to the ground.

"I'm not done yet rangers!" the monster yelled as a glowing green beam hit him from above and made him enormous.

"We need Astro-Megazord Power, Now!" they yelled in unison and the Astro-Megazord appeared a few yards ahead of them.

"Mega Winger!" Zhane yelled and the Mega Winger appeared.

"Let's go!" Andros yelled and they teleported inside their zords.

"Shields online." TJ said.

"Weapons online." Cassie told Andros.

"Navigation's online." Ashley said with a smile, "Let's fry this fish."

"You said it!" Carlos said and Andros began pushing the Megazord closer and closer to the monster.

"I've got a clear shot." Zhane's voice said over the intercom.

They saw the Mega Winger fire at the monster, but it just deflected back onto the Mega Winger.

"Zhane!" Andros yelled, "Delta Megazord, Transform!"

The Astro Megazord transformed into the Astro Delta Megazord and Andros yells, "Flying power punch!"

The fists come off of the Astro Delta Megazord and race right through the monster, exploding it.

The rangers sigh with relief and sit back in their chairs.

Andros however, was still tense, "Zhane? Are you okay?"

There was a little crackling on the intercom, then Zhane's voice was heard, "Yeah. Yeah I'm okay, I just took a pretty hard hit."

"You better take it to the docking bay for repair." Cassie suggested as the Astro Megazord transformed back into the ship.

____________________________________________________________________ "Zhane, can I....talk to you for a minute?" Andros asked quietly as Zhane passed him in the hallway.

"Yeah, sure." Zhane said and they walked into the engine room so no one would hear them talk.

Andros turned around and sighed heavily, "I'm a terrible friend."

Zhane gave him a confused look, "What?"

Andros turned around to him with sadness in his eyes, "No, I'm more than a terrible friend, I'm a terrible brother, too."

Zhane shook his head, "No your not. Your a great friend. And a great brother."

"Don't try and make me feel better. It won't work." Andros told him and walked sadly around the room.

"C'mon Andros. You're my best friend. Why do you think you're a bad friend? And brother? Karone sure doesn't think you're a bad brother."

Andros stopped walking and stared at his friend sadly, "I'm the big brother. I'm supposed to make sure my sister is happy. And right now, she is the most unhappiest person that I know."

Zhane didn't know what to say, but Andros continued, "I don't know why I was so mad. I mean, you're both really important to me, and I want you to be happy. But.... I don't know I guess.... I guess I thought that maybe you would replace me....."

"Replace you? How would I do that??!!" Zhane asked, really confused now.

Andros looked at Zhane, ashamed of himself, "I thought that if you and Karone got together, she wouldn't really need a big brother anymore."

Zhane sighed, finally understanding why his best friend had been acting this way.

*He was scared that Karone would forget about him, because she was with me...* he thought.

"Look Andros, there is no way that Karone would replace you with me. You're her brother. She's always gonna need you. No matter what. No one can ever replace you in her heart." Zhane explained and put his hand on his friends shoulder.

"She moved away Zhane. All because of my stupid little fear." Andros admitted.

"She moved away, because she trusted you to make the right decision." Zhane said slowly.

Andros stared at him for a minute, pondering something, then said, "You.... You really like her don't you?"

Zhane turned around now, then looked back at his friend, "So much it hurts." He admitted sadly.

Andros turned around, "Then you should be with her."

Zhane turned to his friend, thinking his ears were playing tricks on him, "W..W...What did you say?"

Andros turned to him with a smile on his face, "I said then you should be with her. I never knew you cared so much for her, but now I do know, and I couldn't be happier for the both of you."

Zhane just stood there in shock, not believe what he was hearing, "You...You mean it's okay if me and Karone...like......date."

"Yeah. Just..take good care of her....okay?" Andros asked him.

Zhane put a big smile on his face and ran over and gave his friend a huge hug, "Of course I will. You are the best friend I've ever had!" Zhane said happily, still hugging Andros.

"Zhane?" Andros asked.

"Yeah buddy?" Zhane responded happily.

"Your choking me." Andros told him sternly and Zhane let go.

Zhane stood there like a little kid who just got unlimited toys for life.

"Zhane!" Andros yelled at him laughing.

"What?" Zhane asked him excitedly.

"Go get her!" Andros laughed at him.

Zhane looked at him confused, "Huh?"

Andros rolled his eyes, "Go get Karone! She's probably miserable!"

"Are you sure you don't want to go get her?" Zhane offered.

"I really don't think my sister wants to kiss me." Andros said and shoved Zhane out the door.


Meanwhile on Rytan....................

"Gather all squadrons! Send squad A over to Sector 4-B and squad C over to Sector 5-D." Karone commanded looking over a radar screen.

"Yes ma'am." The soldier saluted and walked away.

Thypan walked up to her nervously, "How many fighters are there?"

"Over 600. And they're all coming towards Rytan. Did we sign any treaties lately? Maybe we allied with one of their old allies and they're getting us back." Karone suggested.

"No. No treaties have been signed." Thypan told her.

"Well Dark Specter couldn't just one day decided to completely destroy Rytan now could he?" Karone snapped.

She saw the pain on his face from that remark and she quickly apologized, "Look, I'm sorry I snapped at you like that. I've just...been under a lot of pressure lately."

Thypan put his hand on her shoulder reassuringly, "I fear, it is only going to get worse."

Karone looked at him questioningly, "What do you mean by that?"

Thypan turned around and looked around the command center. It was buzzing with soldiers shouting out the latest readings of the enemy fighters, and Squadron positions. Papers were flying everywhere and the place looked like a disaster area. They were completely un-organized, and hopeless..........

Thypan sighed nervously, "The end of Rytan is near. We cannot hold on much longer."

The End