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Author's Notes: This story takes part in the Zeo Rangers series around the time of "Target Rangers."

Author's Note 2:After this episode my stories are going to drift away from the traditional timeline. Yes it looks like another Adam story, and I must admit I am slightly biased when I think he's the cutest Ranger, but it is going to be an action story as well as a romantic one, so please read on. This story is dedicated to my two best friends and their Ranger dreams.

Green with Envy
By Danae

Adam and Rocky were sparing out on the practice mats at the Youth Centre while Tommy, Tanya and Kat looked on. Distracted momentarily Adam let Rocky flip him onto the mats.

"Good move, Rocko" He commented good-naturedly, still distracted.

"What's up with you, one moment you're kicking my butt from here to the moon and the next..." Rocky forgot what he was about to say as his eyes followed Adams across the room to the entrance of the Youth Centre. "Wow" was the only word that his lips could make.

She was about five-five with medium length auburn hair. A lithe body was covered barely by a pair of denim short and a small baby T-shirt.

"Earth to Adam and Rocky" Kat waved her hands in front of the two guys. "Gee, it's as if they had never seen a female before" she muttered to Tanya darkly. It was obvious to Tanya from the moment she met Kat that she had a crush on Rocky. Unfortunately Rocky was naively unaware of this.

Adam snapped out of his daze and smiled sheepishly at his friends before looking at Rocky. Great, his smile dropped, if Rocky is interested in this new girl then I don't stand a chance. It didn't matter to Adam that he didn't know her name or anything about her, from the moment she walked into the room she was all he could think about.

"You think we should invite her over?" Rocky got nods of approval from the group before he headed over to the bar where she had seated herself. Adam shook his head at his own stupidity. Why aren't I more outgoing like Rocky? There is no way I'd ever be able to walk up to a girl like that. Before he could continue his train of thoughts Rocky was back.

"Danae, I'd like you to meet my friends; Tommy, Tanya, Katherine, Adam, and Billy." As Rocky pointed to the group one by one Adam looked closer at Danae and was mesmerized by her soft brown eyes.

"Hi" Tommy, Billy and Tanya waved at the newcomer.

Kat's "Hello" was slightly less enthusiastic as she tried to hide her already growing resentment towards Rocky's newest infatuation. A short sharp pain went through Adam as Tanya elbowed him.

"Who, What..." He started to look flustered. "Oh Hi" he finally said looking away quickly. Gee great going there Park, the girl of your dreams is standing two feet away and you sound like a blundering fool.

"Don't mind Adam" Rocky pulled out a seat for Danae. "He's a bit shy".


As she walked into the Youth Centre the young girl looked around. Moving to new places both frightened and excited her. There were weights and sparring mats set up in one corner, while over to the other side a large friendly looking man served drinks from behind the bar, where there were tables and chairs also set up. Returning her gaze to the sparring mats, Danae caught her breath as she saw him. Wearing Black pants with a green top his style of martial arts was much like her own, but it was his cute, obviously Asian looks and his winning smile that caught her attention. Now, just my luck he's got a gorgeous girlfriend, she conceded as she headed over to the bar. Before she had a chance to order she was interrupted.

"Hi, are you new around here? You seem to be looking a bit lost" She turned to see that the owner of the voice was that of the cute Asian's sparing partner.

"Yes, I just moved here. I'm Danae." The boy grasped her out held hand in his own.

"Rocky DeSantos, comic entertainment and rescuer of damsels in distress" He quipped as he took a staged bow causing Danae to giggle at his antics. Rocky was dressed in blue, tall muscular and very cute. If she had to guess Danae would reason he came from a Hispanic background. On any other day she would be flattered by his obvious attempts to win her over, but it's not every day she meets someone who stirs her emotions as much as his smaller Asian friend did.

"Would you like to come and sit with my friends?" Rocky queried.

A casual "Yes thank you, I always hate not knowing anyone in strange places." followed as they headed over to where the Asian guy was now seated along with two girls, one white and one black and another two guy.

"I know what you mean" Rocky stated "I only just moved here myself a year ago. Luckily I made some great friends quickly" he gestured to the cute guy and the people with him. "Danae, I'd like you to meet my friends; Tommy, Tanya, Katherine, Adam, and Billy."

Danae looked over the entire group trying to match names with faces. Tommy was the tall guy with his hair tied back in a ponytail wear a red T-shirt and jeans . Katherine standing beside him was tall blonde and pale skinned in a short pink dress. Her accent betraying her as being Australian. For a moment Danae thought that the blonde girl looked at bit annoyed but a quick smile made her believe that she was seeing things. Billy was the guy sitting quietly in the corner his glasses falling over the edge of his nose. Tanya was a medium height black girl with a welcoming smile, wearing a yellow shirt with a black skirt. Adam, so that was his name, was a lot cuter up close. His short dark hair was curly and as she turned to him she saw him quickly avert his eyes as if he had been staring at her. She blushed at the thought, and turned back to Rocky who was half way through mentioning something about Adam being shy.

Kat felt hurt at first, as Rocky turned all his attention towards Danae. After a few minutes, however, even she began to relax around the vivacious newcomer. It seemed to Katherine that no one could ever dislike this girl, she was warm, funny, and bright. Unfortunately that made the outcome look even worse for her. It was; however, she conceded her own fault. She had never told Rocky the way she felt about him, how could she. The Rangers spent all their time together, if he only saw her as a little sister she could ruin their friendship forever but telling him she felt more. That wasn't something she was willing to stake, no matter how badly it hurt her to seem him with other girls.


In the far corner of the moon two old enemies had returned to challenge the threat of the Machine Empire with the help of a new power given to them by Master Vile. Zedd and Rita looked down at the rangers with disgust. "Looks like the little Power Brats have a new friend" Zedd scoffed to his wife. Rita turned back to her telescope. She hated all this happiness it wasn't right. Then she noticed something that had almost slipped her attention.

"Look Zeddikins, it seems the little Green and Blue Power Brats both have feelings for the new girl." Zedd turned to the scene before him in glee.

"If we can use this girl we can break up Adam and Rocky's friendship for good, and destroy the Power Rangers before that imbecile Mondo" Zedd and Rita danced happily around their new Moon Base for a few minutes before calling to their long time henchman, or henchwoman as the case may be, Scorpina.

"As soon as this Danae girl is away from the Rangers, capture her, and don't mess this up" Rita screeched at her. "We had enough troubles when my brother, Rito, and that idiot Goldar disappeared."

"Yes my Queen" Scorpina sat down to wait for her perfect opportunity.


Tanya looked over at her best friend, Kat. Although they had only been friends for a short time, their common interests and the bond of their powerful secret drew the two girls together immediately. It hurt Tanya to see Kat like this. Tanya and Billy were the only ones who knew of Katherine's crush, if you could call it that. Tanya had a funny feeling it grew deeper than even Kat cared to admit. Even if Kat hadn't told her, the looks that she gave Rocky were ones that females could notice a mile away. At first it had seemed like she was after Tommy, according to what Billy had told Tanya. Soon though Kat saw how in love Tommy and Kim, her predecessor to the pink powers, were and Kat's interests there seemed to disappear. Rocky though was another matter. What had started out as infatuation had quite quickly turned to love and Tanya had no idea how to help her friend through this. Sighing Tanya tuned her mind back to the table. Rocky was telling another of his outrageous stories, as the rest of the table looked on in amusement. Adam's face looked a bit sad to Tanya as she made a mental note to talk to him quietly later.

"So is it true that Angel Grove is protected by superheroes in spandex" Danae asked her newfound friends.

"Most definitely" Billy spoke up from the end of the table and proceeded to tell her about the Power Rangers and the endless struggle of bad guys wanting to capture the earth. Although Billy's self-termed "techno-babble" seems to confuse many people, Danae just entered into the conversation with equal enthusiasm as she asked question after question about the Rangers. Tanya smiled a little secret smile. If only Danae knew that the very heroes they were talking about were the same people she was talking to.

Adam sneaked a quick look at his watch and stood to leave. "I've gotta head on home. I'll see you all tomorrow." He said in a quiet voice.

"Where about do you live?" Danae queried. Adam gave a startled look before composing himself enough to reply.

"On Madison Street, it's a few blocks from the park." Danae smiled up at the shy boy and he almost melted there on the spot.

"Would you mind some company, my house is in the next street?" Maybe she does like me. He thought to himself. Or maybe she just doesn't want to walk home alone after all those monster stories, the pessimistic side of his brain stated.

"Su-ure" he stammered as he allowed his face to go bright red. " Well I guess I'll see you all in school tomorrow. Thanks for making me feel so welcome" Danae turned to the rest of the group.

"Not a problem" Tommy replied.

Rocky followed up with "Hey, why don't I meet you out the front, at say eight, so I can help you get settled in." Adam stared in dismay at Rocky, as Danae replied. Her reply was lost to him as he just followed her out of the Youth Centre in a daze.


"Adam, are you all right" Danae looked at her travelling companion with concern. He had hardly said two words to her since they left the others.

"I'm fine. Sorry, I get a bit nervous around new people " Adam replied, blushing as he did so. He could hardly tell her that he hadn't said a word because he didn't want t say anything that made him sound stupid. All Danae could think was he looks so cute when he blushes like that. The trip across the park was pleasant and soon Danae had the shy boy talking as if they had been friends for ages. To both Danae and Adam it almost felt as if they had known each other forever. The more they spoke of, the more they had in common. They both liked horror movies, 60's music, and BBQ chicken pizza and they both hated history class, techno and most vegetables. Unfortunately when everything is going right, something is always bound to go wrong.

"Hello pathetic humans, it's been a while." A striking Asian woman dressed in Gold materialized in front of them, with around half a dozen humanoid creatures that Danae guessed to be putties from the descriptions the others had told her.

"Run, Danae" Adam had taken up a defensive stance ready to fight the creature who had deceived him once before.

"I'm not going to leave you here alone" She replied as the putties that sounded like demented turkeys attacked them. Adam barely let his shock register as Danae fought the putties with as much skill as he did.

"Hit the Z, it's their weak spot." Danae followed his advice and back flipped one of the putties into a tree.

"Well I'm guessing living in Angel Grove is never going to be boring." she panted as she helped Adam double team another of the creatures. Unfortunately neither of the teens noticed as Scorpina snuck up behind Danae, with her sword hilt raised, until Danae's startled scream cause Adam to turn his attention away from the putties in front of him. Scorpina was holding the now unconscious girl in her arms, as putties overpowered Adam.

"Let her go Scorpina, this fight has nothing to do with her" Adam hissed through clenched teeth.

"Actually, it has everything to do with her" The evil woman disappeared in a streak of gold with the putties as Adam fell to his knees in grief.

"Danae, no, It's all my fault."


"So what do we have here, don't tell me you managed to do something right for once Scorpina" Zedd sneered as he looked at his prisoner. The small girl looked back at him with defiance in her eyes.

"Do you have a staring problem ugly?" She retorted.

"My name is Lord Zedd and you are to bow down to me" Zedd swung his staff at Danae and cause her to double up in pain.

"What if I refuse" she replied through clenched teeth.

"You will die of course, but not until we have used you for bait for the Power Rangers".

Danae started to laugh "You have the wrong captive there stupid, I've never even met the Rangers, what makes you think they'd give up their powers for me".

Zedd's chuckle caused the girl to shiver as a feeling of complete evil washed over her. "I don't think, I know." He turned back to Scorpina. "Take her to the Dark Dimension." Scorpina bowed to her Lord smiling in anticipation. "But don't kill her, we need her alive for the Rangers". Zedd turned with a flourish as Scorpina dragged Danae down the corridor.

Danae fought as best she could but the scorpion lady had both size and strength over her, not to mention a weapon. She could feel her ribs crack as another well placed kick sent her back into the wall. She wasn't sure how much more she could take, but she wasn't going to go down without a fight.

"Hey ugly" Scorpina paused to listen. "You may have size over me but I have one advantage you don't" She forced herself to rise from the wall, pain hitting her with every move.

"And what is that you pitiful human?" Scorpina advanced on her prey.

" Great Shoes". With that she pulled her foot up and put all her strength into kicking Scorpina in the face with her extremely high heeled boots.

"You'll pay for that" Scorpina's voice took on a high pitched shriek, as she dropped to her knees.

"It sure as hell was fun though." She replied. With that Danae collapsed to the floor her body no longer responding as her world went black.


"We have to do something Zordon" Rocky was pacing the Power Chamber floor. All the Rangers had gathered there after Adam had told Zordon of the fight in the park.

"What I want to know is what are Zedd, Rita and Scorpina doing back" Tommy asked.

"I'm unsure Tommy, but it can not be good" Zordon agreed with the teens leader.

Tanya looked over at her younger teammate. Adam seemed years younger than when she had first met him, grief showing on his face.

"Adam it wasn't your fault" She consoled the poor boy. He looked up at her sorrowfully.

"I shouldn't have let him take her. I'm meant to protect the whole universe and I can't even protect one person". He moved away form her comforting arms.

"Adam" Zordon boomed from his tube. "This could have happened to anyone of the Rangers, it is not a burden you should share alone. Danae chose to stay and fight. There was nothing you could have done to prevent this."

Rocky scowled slightly at his best friend. He knew it was wrong to blame Adam but something inside of him kept saying that he wouldn't have lost her had he been in Adams place. Looking over at his friend he saw the hurt in Adams eyes as he realised his own feelings had been clearly shown on his face. Adam ran out of the Power Chamber just barely able to conceal the tears that were streaming down his face.

"Adam!" Rocky called after him "Shit" He followed Adam out the door as the others looked on in confusion.

Looking around in the hot desert sun Rocky could see Adam sitting out on an upturned rock. Adam didn't turn as Rocky came up behind him.

"I know what you think Rocky, I stuffed up again. No one else would have let Scorpina grab her. You don't have to tell me what a mistake I am to the Rangers. I'll go back inside and tell Zordon to find a new Green Ranger." The Asian boy sobbed. Rocky turned his younger friend towards him and put his arms around him tightly despite Adams weak protests.

"God no Adam, I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you like this. You did the best you could have out there man, and don't worry we will get Danae back." Rocky allowed Adam to compose himself.

"Look at me Adam, you're my best friend, and I love you. There is no-one I'd rather have as the Green Ranger by my side, What the hell gave you the idea that we didn't want you?" Rocky stared deep into the younger boy's eyes. "Billy has looked up to you from the moment we met him, he admired your courage and loyalty even before we became Rangers. Look at Tommy, he always turns to your advice before making big decision. Zordon and Alpha couldn't do without your help around the Power Chamber, and both Kat and Tanya adore you. You bring out the best in all of us."

Adam wiped his eyes before getting the courage to stare Rocky in the eyes. "Thanks Rocko. I just wish I had the same faith in me that you do" he whispered softly.

Rocky held out his hand to his friend. "Friends?"

Adam smiled slightly in reply "Always!" Then turned away slightly.

"There's something else isn't there Adam?" Rocky read Adams face.

"Danae" Adam barely managed to get the word out.

Rocky gasped out loud, "Of course, why didn't I notice it? You like her don't you Adam?" Adam nodded his head shyly. "I'm sorry Adam, I never even thought about the fact that you might have liked her too."

Adam lowered his head slowly "Don't worry about it Rocko, when we get her back I'll stay out of your way." Before the blue clad boy could reply Tanya came running out.

"Guys we have a transmission from Zedd and Rita".

Both boys ran into the Power Chamber.


"Rangers, by now you should know that we have a little friend of yours" Zedd's face filled up the viewing globe.

"What do you want Zedd" Tommy growled in response.

"Oh the usual, world domination, lots of slaves, absolute control, your Zeo powers" Tanya laid an arm on each of Rocky and Adams shoulders to curb their anger.

"And what if we don't want to give into your demands" Tommy retorted.

"Then your little friend will suffer even more pain" Adam gasped as an image of Danae chained to a dungeon wall filled the viewing globe. The young girl was unconscious and badly beaten.

Tommy paled visibly "The Dark Dimension." He remembered.

"You have one hour to surrender Rangers before we permanently send her to sleep" Rita cackled as the transmission ended.

"Dammit" Rocky hit the wall with his fist. 'What should we do Zordon" Billy turned to their mentor.

"It would be catastrophic to let the Zeo crystals fall into Zedd's hands Rangers but I can see no other way of saving your young friends life." Zordon replied solemnly.

"Zordon, if we were to channel our Zeo powers into the Morphin Grid would we be able to break a hole in the teleportation barrier that Zedd has around the Dark Dimension" Kat spoke up.

"It is possible Katherine, but only one without Zeo energy would be able to enter their stronghold without being detected."

Kat thought hard for a few moments. "What about our ninjetti powers?" She queried.

"That is a possibility, but all of you also hold Zeo Powers. If you were ninjetti without the attachment to the Zeo Power it might work as Rita and Zedd may well have forgotten that your Ninja powers did not leave you when the power coins did, but I can not be certain of that." Zordon ended sadly.

Katherine had the beginnings of a plan forming; all she needed was a few extra details. "Zordon I'll be right back" She disappeared much to everyone's shock. Two seconds later Kat re-appeared along with five familiar faces. Tommy was the first to speak up.

"Aisha, Jason, Trini, Zack, Kim!!!" He exclaimed as the five hugged.

"We heard you had a small problem Zordon so we're back to help" Jason smiled at Zordon.

"Too right Bro, the Zack man is back." Zack did a small dance.

"Couldn't have said it better myself" Aisha ran straight up to her two oldest friends and engulfed Rocky and Adam in her namesake 'Bear' hug.

Billy stood quietly on the edge of the group as Trini approached him "Hi Billy" she looked shyly up at her oldest friend. Billy drew her into a hug that was very much unlike Billy, as all the other Rangers looked on.

"Rangers it is good to see you all, but time is running short." Zordon stated as Kat stood away from the group and started to explain her plan. Five minutes later Adam, and Rocky stood aside as Zack and Jason took back their old positions even if the colours had been slightly changed.

"Now everyone knows the plan. You guys stall Zedd while we break into the palace. Billy has modified the suits so that you look and sound enough like us as long as you keep your helmets on. He and Trini are going to send signals to you when the cost is clear" Adam clarified. It had been decided that Aisha, Adam, Rocky and Kim make the assault on Zedd's base. This was due to the fact that the Stone Canyon threesome were the most familiar with ninja tactics and Kim was the only other Ninjetti ranger available as Tommy and Billy already had major roles in the plan.

Tanya watched the plan unfold and looked on happily as she saw Rocky's face chance from shock to pride as Kat took control. Maybe there is hope after all. She mused to herself.

"Ok everyone good luck" Tommy set off the charge. "It's Morphin Time!"

"Zeo Ranger 1 Pink" Kat started the call.
"Zeo Ranger 2 Yellow" Tanya followed.
"Zeo Ranger 3 Blue" Jason joined in.
"Zeo Ranger 4 Green" Zack smiled as the rush took over his body.
"Zeo Ranger 5 Red" Tommy finished.

"Red Ninja Power" Rocky was once again the mighty Ape.
"Pink Ninja Power" Agile Kimberly the Crane.
"Yellow Ninja Power" The Bear once again claimed Aisha.
"Black Ninja Power" Adam looked down at his symbol.

"I forgot about the Frog" he groaned. Everybody laughed before the five Zeo Rangers focused their power into the earth's atmosphere for a moment.
"Ok guys that should do it" Billy measured. "Lets go kick some alien butt" Everyone laughed at Billy's unusual outburst as he just shrugged.

"May the power protect you all" Zordon called as nine flashes of coloured light left the Power Chamber.


Danae tried to focus as she blurred back into consciousness. Her arms and legs were tied tightly and she felt nauseous due to lack of nutrients. As she managed to get her bearings she could hear sounds of a fight down one of the corridors seemly getting closer to her.

"Foolish Rangers, your end is near" she could hear Scorpina yell. Rangers? The Power Rangers? She thought to herself just as four figures burst into the room. They were all wearing loose flowing garments that covered their faces. The yellow one had a symbol of the bear on her chest, the black a frog, the ape for the red one, while the pink outfit showed the crane. This must be the ninjetti outfits that Billy told me about, but I thought they didn't use them anymore when they lost the power coins. Danae remembered the conversation she had with the smart boy about the Rangers at the Youth Centre.

"Black Ranger, go grab Danae, we'll hold them back" The Yellow one ordered.

"You've got it" Black replied with a series of back flips.

"Man these guys just don't know when to give up do they?" Red joked to Pink.

Danae's eyes widened as she recognised the voices as belonging to Aisha, Adam and Rocky. No wonder Zedd took her as bait, her new friends were the power rangers. Danae let this information sink in as she tired to unsuccessfully guess the identity of the pink ranger. Adam had reached her side and was undoing the chains that bound her.

"Don't worry miss, you're safe now" he tried to disguise the relief in his voice. She looked behind him to see Scorpina sneaking up on the unsuspecting youth.

"Adam look out" she shouted using the last of her energy before collapsing.

Adam turned to deflect Scorpina's blade, not even registering that Danae had called him by name. The other three came to his assistance as the teleported out of the dungeons leaving a very upset Scorpina behind.


In the meantime the other Rangers stood facing Zedd and Rita at the outset of the quarry. Neither group had said a word. Tommy took up the leadership role as he called out to the Rangers rivals.

"Where's Danae" Tommy yelled.

"She is safe, for now" Zedd returned. "Now hand over your power coins!"

The others all looked towards Kat as she shook her head to stall for more time.

"How do we know that you'll hand her over" Tommy glared at his former master.

"You don't, but that's just a risk you'll have to take, no isn't it" Rita gloated.

Kat received the signal from Billy back at the Power Chamber that the others had succeeded. Scorpina took that moment to teleport in.

"They've stolen the prisoner" she bellowed to Rita and Zedd.

"That's impossible, they have been standing here the whole time" Zedd glared at his servant.

"That's true we have" Jason smirked as he and Zack demorphed.

"Did you miss us?" Zack added saucily as all the Rangers teleported back to the Power Chamber.


"All right" Jason and Zack high-fived each other.

"Rangers, Danae is in a stable condition, but it is unwise to move her until we are sure that her health has been restored. To that extent you will all have to remain morphed while in the medical bay" Zordon interrupted their celebrations.

"Kat, you are to be congratulated on your quick thinking" he continued.

"Zordon" Aisha spoke up "I think it may be possible that Danae knows of our identities. While fighting the putties, Scorpina sneaked up on Adam, Danae called out Adam's name in warning" Adam looked in shock at his teammates revelation.

"Oh my God, she did" He groaned "I didn't notice at the time."

Zordon looked thoughtful for a moment. "We'll have to wait until Danae wakes up, until we can confirm this fact please keep your faces covered. In the meantime you should all go home and sleep, I will wake you if any changes occur." All of the Rangers said their good-byes and teleported out at Zordon's words. The former rangers had returned the Zeo Powers to their rightful owners and headed back to their new lives vowing to catch up come spring break.


An hour later Rocky teleported back into the Power Chamber. "Rocky, didn't Zordon tell you to get some rest?" Alpha chided the boy.

"I'm not really tired Alpha, you don't mind if I look over Danae for a while?" He started towards the inner door.

"Aie Aie Aie Rocky, don't forget to hide your face." Rocky slapped his hand to his forehead.

"Right Alpha thanks!" Rocky morphed then opened the door.

There were tubes and monitors hooked up to a bed in the middle of the room where the young girl was resting. As he started to sit down her heard her mumbling slightly as she began to stir. Rocky thought he'd wait a few moments before calling Alpha and Zordon in, too many unfamiliar faces might scare her.

"Danae, you're safe. This is the Power Rangers Power Chamber" She turned to face him as she woke up further.

"What's going on?" she sounded weak. "What happened?" A sharp pain ran through her as she tired to sit up.

"Shhhh, he pushed her back down. "You were pretty badly beaten..." She interrupted his explanation, as her thoughts became clearer.

"Wait I remember now. So what's it like to be a Power Ranger Rocky?" She asked him as he powered down, knowing that she fully remembered their identities.

"Pretty good, until new friends get kidnapped" he joked slightly.

"Where's everyone else" she looked around.

"Zordon told everyone to go home, I never was that good at following orders". She looked at him blankly.

"Who is Zordon?" She asked.

Rocky laughed at her bemused expression. "Zordon is our mentor, he gave us our powers, I'll call him in here once you're fully awake."

Danae pulled herself together as she tired to grasp all that had happened. Suddenly she called out, grabbing Rocky's arm. "Rocky, Adam, what happened to him, that lady was going to kill him" Rocky steadied her grip on his arm before replying.

"Scorpina's no lady, she's gone after Adam before. Don't worry, he was able to deflect the blade, thanks to your warning." She let go of Rocky in visible relief.

"You like him don't you?" Rocky asked her noting the look on her face.

"Yeah I do" she smiled softly remembering his smile, his touch. Then she turned to Rocky and saw a quick look of hurt cover his face. "Oh Rocky I'm sorry, this isn't going to hurt our friendship is it?"

Rocky forced a smile back onto his face. "Of course not, besides I've still gotta give you the DeSantos tour of Angel Grove" he joked.

"Yeah I know what that will be" Danae countered. "A tour of all the food in town." Rocky hit her lightly for that as a mock war of words erupted. Even after knowing him for a short time Danae already knew of Rocky's famous appetite.

After joking for about five minutes Rocky stopped his laughter before talking into his communicator "Zordon, Danae's awake and she remembers everything."

A booming voice echoed from his communicator. "Thank you Rocky, when Danae is able to walk I will have a talk to her, until then get her to rest carefully." Danae watched Rocky in amazement as the conversation took place.

"Well you heard the man, get lots of rest" Rocky tried to imitate Zordon causing Danae to laugh out loud despite the pain it caused her ribs. "Now lie down and Uncle Rocky here will tell you a story."

Rocky then proceeded to tell Danae the specifics of the plan to get her out of the dungeons. "No wonder I didn't recognize the pink ranger' She exclaimed after learning that Kim was the fourth rescuer. "Sounds like some plan."

Rocky looked wistful for a moment "It sure was." Danae couldn't help laughing out loud at Rocky's reaction.

"What's so funny?" he said in mock anger.

"You are" she replied. "All you have done the last fifteen minutes is talk about this wonderful plan without realising that what you're really talking about is the person whose plan it was!"

Realisation dawned on Rocky, as he understood what Danae was saying. Could it possible be true he thought, as Danae voiced both their thoughts.

"You are in love with Kat, and you never knew it." She giggled.

"You're right" Rocky groaned thinking of all the time he had wasted, oblivious to his own feelings. "But how could you see it if I couldn't?"

Danae looked up at the tall boy "Women's intuition" she stated seriously before collapsing into laughter again. "And if I'm right I have a funny feeling she feels the same way about you, so what don't you go talk to the girl".

Rocky looked hopeful "Do you think?" She impulsively hugged him.

"Go to her Rocky, before it's too late." Hugging the small girl back careful not to aggravate her wounds, Rocky placed a small kiss on her forehead.

"Thank you" he smiled.

Danae and Rocky both had a feeling they were going to become very close friends. As he stood to leave Rocky heard a noise at the door. Both teens saw Adam fleeing from the room, where he had been close enough to watch the scene unfold but not close enough to hear the words spoken.

"Adam" Danae choked.

"Don't worry I'll go get him" Rocky ran out of the room for the second time that day to hunt down his shy friend.

To be continued...

Author's Note 3: Ok so it wasn't much of a cliffhanger, but this story is mainly to set up the relationships in the group and introduce Danae. All comments are welcome at Danae_13@hotmail.com Please write back so I can have some idea whether people liked or disliked the story so far.