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Green with Envy Part 2: Blue and Pink
By Danae

Adam couldn't sleep. All he could think about was Danae. So after a few hours of tossing and turning he decided to head back to the power chamber.

"Adam, Danae is awake" Alpha greeted him as he teleported in.

"Great" he replied as he started to walk over to the Medical Chamber.

"Adam" Zordon boomed "Danae has indeed discovered the identity of the Power Rangers so you have no need to morph to visit her."

Adams smile brightened as he opened the door. His smile was quickly replaced however as he saw Danae in Rocky's arms. Frozen in shock Adam could only watch as Rocky placed a tender kiss on the pretty girl's forehead. As Rocky stood up Adam snapped out of his daze and ran from the room, not caring if they had seen him leave or not. In his mind this was a scene he had seen time and time again but in his mind there was still the slight hope that maybe Danae didn't like Rocky. Stupid Stupid boy he cursed himself. As if any girl would like you compared to Rocky.

* * *
"Adam" Rocky called out as he chased after Adam. Adam turned away pretending he couldn't hear his oldest friends voice. "Adam, didn't you hear me calling out to you?" Rocky paused to get his breath. Adam remained silent.

"Look man, you have it all wrong."

Adam looked up at Rocky. "Do I? It didn't look so wrong from where I was standing. Look Rocky we all know the best guy won. Now could you leave me alone."

Rocky stood still waiting for Adam to finish his spiel. "No I don't think I will leave you alone. I want to be here when you eat your own words" Rocky snapped back at his dumbfounded friend.

"Huh?" was all Adam could manage to say.

"Yes Adam I liked Danae, yes I tried to get her attention. But do you know what, the whole time she was around me all she could think about is you" Adam tried to interrupt but Rocky stopped him.

"No Adam you are going to hear me out. Do you know how many times I have sat there as girls fawned all over you and you were too shy to even notice? You are a great looking guy Adam and Danae can see this, I just hope can before you loose her. Now I'm going to go have a chat with Kat and you are going to march back inside and have a chat you should have had the moment you met that girl."

Adam started at Rocky in shock. "Yeah" Rocky laughed at his friend "It took a girl I was chasing to make me see what is right in front of my eyes. That is why I was hugging Danae, she gave me the confidence to realise that I have been in love with Kat for a long time, I just didn't have the courage to tell her." Rocky embraced his friend.

Adam, although slightly in shock returned his friends embrace fully. Rocky wasn't after Danae he loved Kat. Danae didn't like Rocky she liked him. Adam couldn't believe it.

"Is this a private hug or can anyone join in" A feminine voice called from the doorway.

"What the hell are you doing out of bed?" Rocky scolded in a fashion Adam now related to that of one Rocky used on his many siblings.

"Well you guys were taking your time and I was getting bored all on my lonesome" Danae pouted. Rocky and Adam both noticed despite her light language Danae was leaning heavily on the door to the Command Centre.

"You think you're all set to handle things here." Rocky whispered to his friend.

"Yeah, and thanks again" Adam patted Rocky on the back as he teleported out.

Adam moved shyly over to Danae's side. "Lets go inside, I have something I need to ask you". She smiled at him before collapsing into his arms.

"Ok Ok you don't have to tell me getting out of bed was a stupid thing" She stated as Adam swung her small weight up into his arms.

"Ok then I won't tell you, no matter how much I want to. Sheesh girl what would I have done if you had hurt yourself, you know I couldn't live without you in my life. You're everything to me." Adam chided before he realised what he had said.

"And I thought you weren't going to tell me off" Danae joked lightly as they made it back to the Medical Chamber. The young boy paled as he realised what he had just said. Smart move Park you all but said that you loved her, lets go for total rejection next time. Adam stumbled over his thoughts.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry Danae. Look we can forget it never happened if that's what you want" he stammered looking down at his shoes.

"Do you want to forget it Adam?" She asked, softly forcing the boy to face her.

"No" he looked into her eyes for the first time since he had poured out his heart.

"Neither do I" she murmured as he leaned in to give her the softest and sweetest kiss of her life. "Wow" she giggled. "I thought that you'd be a good kisser but, wow"

Adam grinned at Danae, his earlier shyness forgotten. "Wanna try it again?" He pulled her closer.

"Most definitely" she whispered as his lips once again touched hers. "Does this mean we're dating now" Danae broke the kiss.

"You'd better believe it girl, and I'm never going to let you go" Adam growled jokingly pulling her into his arms.

"Good" Danae replied as she laid her head on his shoulder. "Cause I don't ever want you to let go."

* * *
Bring Bring

Kat drifted awake to the sound of her doorbell. Although it was only 8:00 p.m. when she had left the Power Chamber the Rangers had had a long day and she had decided to head off to bed. Looking at her bedside clock she could see it was 9:30 p.m.

"Coming" She called while trying to get out of bed and shrug on her dressing gown all at once. Opening the door the pretty blonde caught a sight of her fellow Ranger and the object of her desires, Rocky.

"Rocky, what's up? Is everything ok at the Power Chamber." Kat stared in shock at the Hispanic youth.

"Everything's fine" he smiled sheepishly "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. I'll come back later." As he turned to leave Kat put out her arm to stop him.

"It's ok, come in" She turned to allow Rocky to step past her into her small two bedroom apartment.

Kat couldn't remember exactly when she had fallen for Rocky. It wasn't an immediate attraction like what she thought she had felt for Tommy only to find it was a residue of Rita's spell. It was more of a growing feeling. As each day passed her feelings of friendship turned to something more. People all could see Rocky the goof, but she had a glimpse of another Rocky, Rocky the smart caring boy, that always looks out for, and protect his friends and family without even a thought of himself. It was this Rocky that had stolen her heart. When he had shown his attraction towards Danae, Kat had thought all was lost, but now he was standing here in the middle of her lounge and Kats emotions were in a tangle.

"Kat, are you ok?" Rocky's concerned face moved into focus as Kat snapped out of her daydream.

The Australian blushed, her face a strong shade of crimson. "Sorry, I just drifted off there" She admitted. "Was there something you wanted to talk about?"

Rocky paused. God she looks so beautiful when she blushes like that. How could I not have noticed that before? "Umm... well...no... I mean yes..." Rocky stammered.

"Well which it is, yes or no?" She asked softly grinning at his confusion.

"Yes." The tall boy looked around the room trying to think of what to say next. "Danae woke up, we had a talk..." He trailed off. At the look of Kat's fallen face Rocky almost cursed himself outloud. Wrong way to go about it DeSantos.

"Oh, I'm happy for you both" Kat sighed softly trying not to let her tears of frustration show.

"No, it's not like that, we were talking about feelings and..." he tried to fix his mistake while only making things worse. Rocky stared into Kats eyes and before he could stop himself he blurted out "Ithinkiaminlovewithyou".

"What?" Kat whispered softly. She couldn't believe her ears. It had almost sounded like Rocky had told her he loved her.

Rocky swallowed deeply before continuing. "I love you, Katherine Hillard. I think I always have, I just never realised it till now."

"What about Danae?" Kat asked before she could fully comprehend what Rocky was saying. She dropped to the chair opposite Rocky.

"I won't lie to you, I am attracted to Danae, but that's as far as it goes. Danae actually was the one who helped me realise where my heart really belonged. Rocky knelt in front of Kat. "Please say that you'll be my girlfriend."

As Kat looked up into Rocky's eyes all she could see was love. "Yes" she murmured before he captured her lips with his own in a move much like one she had dreamt about time and time again.

A little while later Kat looked up at Rocky as the sat nestled in each other's arms on her couch. "Is this a dream?" She asked him softly.

"If it is, I never want to wake up" he replied kissing her sweetly. "I'd better go though, my parents will be wondering what happened to me." Kat walked him to the door.

"Pick you up for school tomorrow?" Rocky raised an eyebrow questioningly at his new girlfriend.

"I'd love you to."

* * *
One Week Later

Adam woke after the best night's sleep of his life. As his mind woke up fully he let out a shout of joy. Today Danae was coming to school, after being pronounced fit by Zordon, and he couldn't wait. To heal after being in the Dark Dimension she had to spend a few days recovering in the Power Chamber while the Rangers covered for her at school. Quickly getting dressed and having breakfast he looked around to make sure no one was watching and teleported up to the Power Chamber from his back yard.

"Hi Cutie" Danae greeted Adam as he arrived. "I've got a clean bill of health, thanks to Alpha and Billy's medical technology here, and I'm all set to go."

"Good because my mother's invited you over for tea tonight. My family really want to meet you" Adam held Danae's hand as they were about to teleport out.

"Oh God, what if they hate me" Danae froze.

"Trust me" Adam grinned. "They are going to love you."

"Danae, before you leave I would like to present you with a communicator in case you ever need us" Alpha handed a black and silver communicator to the girl as Zordon spoke.

"Thank you, I won't betray your trust." Danae smiled up at the inter-dimensional being.

"Ok lets go before we are late, you still have to sign in at the office." Adam spoke up.

"Yes mum" Danae giggled at her boyfriend.

"Mum?" Adam raised an eyebrow. "Great, now I'm your mother!"

"Oh I can see some subtle differences" Danae joked lightly "And I'd never think of doing this to my mother. Danae kissed the Asian youth as the teleported out of the Power Chamber.

"Zordon, why didn't we tell her?" Billy asked curiously, looking at Danae's medical records.

"I have contacted Trey of Triforia, Billy. When he arrives then all will be reviled. Until then Danae and the Rangers don't need to know what we have discovered."

Alphas only comment was a soft "Aie Aie Aie" as he and Billy turned back to the consoles.

* * *
Adam and Danae met the other rangers in front of Tommy's locker.

"Hey Danae, good to see you up and about" Tommy gave her a friendly hug.

"It's good to be up and about" Danae happily returned his hug.

"So what's your time table like" Kat asked the smaller girl. After her talk with Rocky, Kat had gone to see Danae and in the few days that had followed the two girls had become close friends.

"I've got Chemistry first, then Double English, History yuk, then Sport, Math's and last Japanese." Danae read off her list.

"Great" Kat beamed "We'll be in Chemistry, Sport and Math's together."

After looking through timetables Danae found that at least one Ranger was in all of her classes, Adam being in the most of them.

"Gee, looks like I'm stuck with young Mr. Park here nearly all day, what am I going to do?" Danae giggled.

Adam put on a wounded puppy dog look. "Don't you want to be in my classes?" Then started laughing as Danae turned to face him hands on hips.

"Let's get going, I don't want to be late on my first day" she waved goodbye to the other Rangers as Adam lead her to Chemistry class. Kat followed a few moments later after Rocky gave her a passionate goodbye kiss. The others just laughed and headed off to class already aware of the two new relationships.

* * *

Chemistry flew fast for Danae as Kat and Adam helped her quickly get up to speed. English was next. Adam showed her to the class as he headed off to his creative writing class.

"I'll see you in History" He smiled as she gave him a quick kiss and walked into her class. Tommy was also meant to be in this class, but in usual Tommy fashion he was late. Danae took a seat and waited for her friend.

"Well, what do we have here, I do believe an angel has invaded English class" Danae looked up to see a tall well built Caucasian guy standing in front of her.

"Hi I'm Tony, and you would be?" he held out his hand.

"Danae" she went to shake, but at the last minute he turned his arm and ended up kissing her outstretched hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet such a beautiful creature" Danae didn't know what to say to this obtrusive boy. He'd obviously thought a great deal of himself.

"I wouldn't say beautiful, although my boyfriend might want to argue that point" Danae countered when she finally found her voice.

"I'd be guessing a long distance relationship, as I know you only moved here a few days ago, hardly long enough to get a boyfriend already." Tony smiled like a shark circling his prey.

"How did you know I just moved here?" Danae asked suspiciously.

"When some pretty little thing catches my attention I make it my business to know."

"Well you didn't do your homework too well then. The boy in question goes here to Angel Grove High, you might know him, Adam Park?"

"That little dweeb, look gorgeous you could do so much better, just let me show you around town today and..."

Danae cut him off coldly "No thanks, and I'd appreciate it if you left me alone."

"Oh so an Asian guy is better than a real man" Tony's voice took on a nasty edge.

"Back off Preston, the lady asked you to leave her alone" Tony looked up and backed away a bit. "Whatever you say boys, he smiled then walked to his seat.

"Sorry about that, not everyone here are jerks, Tony's just got too high opinion of himself. I'm Bulk and this is Skull." Her two rescuers introduced themselves before asking if they could take the seats beside her.

"I'm Danae. Thanks for that, I didn't want to cause a scene on my first day."

"No problem. We heard you mention Adam. He's a good guy. We used to be a bit like Tony ourselves but Adam and his friends were nice to us and really helped us turn around" Skull added.

Tommy took that moment to run into class. "Sorry I'm late" he headed over to the seat on the other side of Danae.

"You found the class ok?" He asked her.

"Yeah Adam directed me here. I had a bit of a problem with an unwanted admirer but Bulk and Skull here took me under wing." Danae acknowledged the two guys.

"Thanks guys" Tommy nodded. Bulk and Skull sure had grown up since their days of trying to find out who the Rangers were. They were still clowns a lot of the time but joining the police force had matured them.

English moved quickly after that so did History with Rocky, Adam, and Kat. Danae didn't mention the incident with Tony to Adam, as she knew it would only upset him. Sport with the girls was next.

* * *
The boy's class was playing soccer while the girls had softball on the next oval. As Adam was changing after class with Rocky he could hear Tony Preston and his groupies at the other side of the locker room. Tony was as racist as you could get and Adam knew the boy only left him alone because of his martial arts talents.

"So this babe tells me, and get this, she's dating Adam Park. One day in school and that looser has already managed to snag her." Adam listened closely upon hearing his name.

"Bad luck man" Adam recognised Chet, Tony's main muscle guy.

"Bad luck, I don't think so, give me a week, and she'll forget whatever it is she sees in him." Tony's laugh echoed throughout the room as he left without seeing the two boys around the corner.

"Just ignore him" Rocky spoke softly to Adam. "You know Danae would never fall for his lines".

"Yeah I know, I just wish that Tony would just move states, or continents" He smiled sadly. "The only reason he dislikes me is because I'm Asian".

Rocky slapped his friend on his back lightly as they left the locker room. "Well I know of someone who happens to like that Asian charm of yours and she's heading this way."

Adam opened his arms to receive his girlfriend. "You smell like shampoo" he inhaled softly. "I heard you had the pleasure of meeting Tony Preston today" he continued trying to keep his tone light. Danae scrunched up her nose in reply.

"That's one way of putting it, it's a pleasure I could have lived without. Luckily two of your friends, Bulk and Skull, got rid of him." She played with Adam's hair absentmindedly.

Rocky coughed softly. "Sorry to break up this touching scene but I do believe you both have Math's class right about now, or to be more specific about five minutes ago". Rocky laughed as Adam and Danae ran down the corridor before heading to the library for his spare.

* * *
"Zeddy, it seems we might have a candidate for our new potion" Rita turned away from her telescope. "ZEDD!"

Zedd sighed before heading over to his screeching wife. "What is it?" He demanded gruffly.

"Look at this boy, he's perfect, tall, strong, and he has it in for the Green Ranger and his little girlfriend." Rita crowed happily.

"Good, get Scorpina to bring him to us" Zedd wandered back to his room.

"Scorpina, bring us the boy called Tony" Rita commanded of her servant.

"Yes my queen" Scorpina teleported out.

* * *
Tony was walking home after school trying to think of ways to get the new chick away from the Park boy. Suddenly a hole appeared in front of him.

"What the..." Tony took a defensive stance as a tall Asian woman all in gold stepped out of the hole.

"I am Scorpina, your presence is needed in the service of Lord Zedd." She stared at the boy.

"Well tell Zedd, whoever he is, Tony Preston only serves one person, and that's Tony Preston" He started to walk past her as she turned and threw a ball of light at him, knocking him out.

"That was an order, not a request." She stated before swinging the unconscious youth over her shoulder.

* * *
"How was the first day, Danae" Billy asked her as the Rangers joined him at the Youth Centre minus Tommy who had Karate classes to teach.

"It had it's ups and downs" she replied just as a small sound reached their ears. All of the Rangers, Danae and Billy looked around before heading towards the door.

"Yes Zordon" Rocky spoke up on behalf of the Rangers.

"There has been a sighting of Scorpina in the park. Tommy has been contacted and will meet you there." Zordon's voice boomed from Rocky's communicator.

"We're on it" Rocky signed off. "Danae, Billy are you ok to stay here" he looked around.

"Yeah, we'll be fine, you guys look after yourselves" Danae cautioned the Rangers.

"It's Morphin Time!"

"Zeo Ranger 1 Pink"

"Zeo Ranger 2 Yellow"

"Zeo Ranger 3 Blue"

"Zeo Ranger 4 Green"

The Rangers disappeared in a flash of colour as Danae and Billy headed over to the Juice Bar.

"Do you miss it" she asked the young genius.

"Being a Ranger? No. I used to at first, mainly the intense power increase the Morphin process produces, but I found that my particular area of expertise did not lay in the physical prowess. Rather I found I could fully utilized my involvement in the intellectual pursuit of technology to help improve my friends." Billy finished his rather long-winded explanation.

"I see what you mean. Danae nodded. "They would be lost without your technological genius helping Zordon and Alpha out at the Power Chamber."

"Hi kids, what'll it be" Ernie spoke to the two teens.

"Just a bucket of fries thanks Ernie" Billy replied for the two of them. Just after Ernie left to make their order his communicator went off.

"Looks like your expertise is needed right now" Danae laughed. "I'll be fine by myself' She continued before Billy could interrupt. "Go off and save the world." Billy just nodded and left the Youth Centre.

Ernie returned with the food. "Where'd Billy go?" He looked around for the young scientist.

"Umm... he had a thing that he forgot about" Danae covered for her fried. Ernie looked down at her arm and noticed her communicator.

"Oh that kind of saving the world thing" He winked at the girl.

"You know?" she asked startled.

"Not much gets by me Danae, and when six of my best customers are all wearing the same watch you, and running off every time a monster is sighted, two plus two equals four. Don't worry I've known for a while now, I'm not going to start giving away the Rangers secret." Ernie went back to work and left Danae staring after him openmouthed.

"Hi Danae" She spun quickly to see Bulk and Skull approaching.

"Hi Guys, what are you doing?" She smiled warmly at the goofy pair.

"Just hanging" Skull replied taking one of Danae's offered fries. "Where's the group?"

"They had a project to work on" Danae commented as the three of them sat chatting while polishing off her fries. "I'd better head off, I've still got a fair bit of work to catch up on, I'll catch you guys tomorrow ok" She stood to leave while saying goodbye to her two new friends.

"Thanks for the fries" Bulk added as she headed out the door.

* * *
The 'group' as Skull termed them all entered the Youth Centre moments later.

"I don't get it" Tanya commented "One moment Scorpina had the upper hand, the next she disappeared."

Tommy nodded his head in agreement. There was something fishy with the whole deal, he just couldn't figure out what it was.

"Bulk, Skull, have you guys seen Danae?" Adam called as he saw the guys where he had left her.

"Yeah you just missed her, she was heading home through the park, if you hurry she might still be there" Bulk replied.

"I'm going to catch her up" Adam headed out of the Youth Centre after his girlfriend.

The others took up a table in the corner as Tommy and Rocky got ready to start some sparing practice.

Moments later their communicators chimed once again.

"Rangers go quickly to the park. Scorpina was just a diversion so that we couldn't detect Rita and Zedd's newest creation going after Danae." The Rangers wasted no time teleporting to the park, where Danae lay unconscious in an obviously wounded Adam's arms. A Ranger in gold and black was fighting what looked to be a giant wolf-man.

"It's Tony Preston" Adam called out "Rita turned him into one of her monsters. Watch out he has more intelligence and strength than the others because he once was human."

Turning back to Danae, Adam checked on his girlfriend, satisfied that the others could handle the monster.

* * *
When he had arrived at the park Adam found a werewolf like monster slowly crushing his girlfriends windpipe as he lifted her off the ground. Adam didn't think before charging straight into the monster causing it to throw Danae against the nearest tree, knocking the girl unconscious. Unfortunately that left Adam open to attack as the great big wolf slashed his claws across his back causing the young teen to cry out in pain and fall to his knees.

"Foolish human, now you will die" The monster growled in an almost familiar tone. "She had the chance to join me, but now she will die beside you." It advanced on Adam who could barely move. He couldn't even get up the strength to go for his Morpher. A moan from the semi conscious Danae stopped the monsters advance as he turned to her. "I was willing to give her the world, but she turned it down, for what? For you, Green Ranger. Love will be the end of you both." Adam looked up startled as he finally recognised the monster.

"Tony?" he called out weakly. "What did Zedd and Rita do to you?"

"They gave me power and strength. They made me invincible" Tony sneered as he once again forgot about Danae and approached Adam. Adam could do nothing but wait for the final blow. Moments before it happened a streak of gold filled the sky and a form stood in front of Adam.

"Try picking on someone else for a change" the figure turned towards Tony. Adam looked in amazement at what appeared to be a ranger outfit in Black and Gold.

"And who might you be puny Ranger?" Tony snorted.

"I am the Gold Ranger" the figure replied before taking a stance against the monster.

Adam crawled as fast as he could over to Danae. His back ached with every move as he tried to force himself not to cry out at the pain. Gathering the small girl up into his arms he contacted Zordon, hoping the other Rangers would get there soon.

* * *
"I'll be back to finish you off later Rangers" the wolf snarled as he teleported out.

Tommy turned to the stranger who had fought by their side. "Thanks man, you really did us a favour there." The figure in gold and black nodded before teleporting out. Everyone looked around in shock.

"Well that was weird" Tanya looked puzzled. Any further conversation was cut short by a groan from Adam.

"Adam, are you ok" Rocky went running to his best friend.

"No, I can't move" Adam replied through gritted teeth as the pain in his back increased. "And Danae's been knocked out." Tommy grabbed Danae from Adams arms as she started to come round.

"Whoa what hit me, actually on second thought I don't want to know." Tommy assisted Danae in standing as Kat took a look at Adams wounds.

"Oh God, Adam" She took a sharp intake of breath. The whole of Adam's back was covered with deep claw marks. Blood was dripping out of every scratch and from the looks of the amount spread everywhere he had already lost more blood than was healthy. "We have to get him to the Power Chamber, immediately!" She stood as Rocky helped her lift Adam without harming the boy further.

"Are you ok to stand" Tommy asked Danae. She nodded as she teleported with the Rangers with the banging in her head already starting to clear.

* * *
"Billy quick Adam's been hurt" Tanya called as Rocky and Kat laid the boy down on his stomach. Billy rushed over to start scanning Adam.

"I've managed to stop the bleeding but he still needs a blood transfusion. We have to get him to a hospital, and soon!" Billy cried out.

Tommy and Rocky quickly volunteered and teleported out, still in their Ranger uniforms, with Adam on a stretcher between them. The other Rangers demorphed then made sure that Danae had recovered from her concussion before teleporting down to the hospital also.

"We're here to see Adam Park" Billy told the nurse on duty.

"Yes he was brought in an hour ago." the nurse looked up at them. "Poor boy, caught up in a random attack like that. Luckily the Power Rangers were there to help him, otherwise he wouldn't have made it."

"So he's going to be alright?" Danae sighed as she gripped Kats arm tightly.

The nurse looked up at her. "He's in a stable condition at the moment, and his parents are with him. Luckily Adam's blood type is common so a quick transfusion was possible." Kat hugged her new friend while Billy and Tanya gave each other relieved looks. Rocky and Tommy walked in the door and headed over to the group.

"Sorry it took so long for us to get here" Rocky called then whispered "The police had fifty million questions for the Rangers who brought him in".

"Is it possible to see him?" Billy asked of the nurse.

"Sorry hon, family only." The nurse told him regretfully. Just at that moment Mr. and Mrs. Park walked into the waiting room.

"Rocky, kids" Adams mother hugged the Hispanic boy. "It's so awful, my poor baby" She looked over at Danae who stood back a bit. Rocky noticed her look and quickly introduced the two.

"Mrs. Park this is Danae" The older woman quickly drew Danae into a hug while Mr. Park looked on.

"Oh my Adam talks so much of you. You're even prettier than he said" Danae blushed as the older woman continued. "He will want to see you, come dear I'll take you to him."

Mr. Park waited for Mrs. Park to return chatting softly to the other youths. Soon after her return they made to leave the hospital not before making arrangements for Danae to stay the night there as the young girl refused to leave Adam's side. "I'm sure Adam appreciates you all being here for him" Mr. Park turned to Rocky "I just wish it had been under better circumstances". Clasping hands with the boys and receiving kisses off the girls they left.

"Guys, they're not going to let us in to see Adam now, so it's probably best if we all head off and get some sleep. Danae will call us if anything happens" Kat yawned softy. The others all nodded in agreement before heading off to their respective homes.

* * *
Danae walked into the small hospital room where Mrs. Park had directed her. A small bed stood in the center of the room with machines and equipment attached to it. She moved over and gave the sleeping figure, lying in the bed, a small kiss on his forehead.

"Why'd you have to do it Adam, why'd you have to go play hero" She started sobbing softly. She grasped one of his hands and looked up in shock as a hand squeezed her own. Adam opened his eyes and stared up at his girlfriend.

"Hey you" he smiled wanly. Danae threw her arms around him tightly. "There's no need to cry," he said as he wiped away her tears.

"I thought I might loose you" Danae tried to turn her head away so he wouldn't see the tears.

"No fear of that. You can't get rid of me that easily" Adam turned her head to kiss her softly.

"Don't ever scare me like that again!" Her sorrow turned to anger as she yelled at her boyfriend.

Adam just lay there, as Danae let loose a string of words he never knew she was capable of using.

"Are you finished yet" Adam grinned at the flustered girl.

"I've not even started Adam Park..." Danae trailed off with a yelp as Adam pulled her to him with all the strength he had and covered her objections with a kiss.

"Not fair" Danae pouted. "You're supposed to let me stay mad at you for a few minutes more."

"Sorry" Adam tried to look sincere.

"No you're not" She retorted but her eyes softened as she leaned in once again. Before she could go any further a flash of light caused both teens to cover their eyes.

"How touching" Tony's sarcastic voice floated throughout the room as he and Scorpina appeared.

"Keep away from him" Danae growled, stepping in front of Adam.

"Danae, no!" Adam struggled to get up, falling back helplessly on the bed.

"It's not him we want my dear girl, it's you" Tony stepped forward to grab Danae as she lifted her communicator to her lips.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" Scorpina purred and in a flash she had her sword at Adams throat, the young boy still too weak to stop her.

"Ok I'll go with you, just don't hurt Adam" Danae turned to face Adam with tears in her eyes as the evil beings teleported out with her between them.